Last updated on: September 26th, 2022

Betting On Rainbow Six Siege

In today’s esports landscape, betting on Rainbow Six Siege and games like have never been easier, or more inviting. Betting on esports has exploded in popularity, and one of the leading games in the competitive field is Rainbow Six Siege. If you are new to betting on esports, or even betting in general, here we will go over everything you need to know to understand the game, place informed wagers, and ultimately win money.

Since its release in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege has become one of the fastest-growing legal sports betting esports games across all competitions, featuring global tournaments with prize pools reaching over $500,000. There is a huge market for betting and winning big on Rainbow Six Siege competitive matchups. On this page, we will go over how the game is played, and everything you need to know to win money betting on Rainbow Six Siege.

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What Is Rainbow Six Siege?

Before we start throwing money on any online competition, it’s important to first learn a bit about the game, and how it is played at the highest professional level. Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person, tactical shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and released worldwide for XBOX, PlayStation, and PC on December 1st, 2015.

The game revolves heavily around the element of environmental destruction and players working together to accomplish a goal, such as infiltrating a building, rescuing a hostage, or eliminating targets. Each player takes control of a specific class of attacker or defender, each with their own unique weapons, abilities, and equipment.

Because of this popularity, the company partnered with the ESL (Electronic Sports League) to make Rainbow Six Siege an official esports game. Across all online platforms, there are over 45 million online registered players for Rainbox Six Siege – which means there is a lot of online esports betting going on.

Where Can I Bet on Rainbow Six Siege?

As esports continues its rise in the mainstream, more and more online sportsbooks are including games like Rainbow Six Siege in their bet offerings. Sportsbooks around the country may offer esports betting but every state will have set different regulations. Checking with the local sportsbook may be the way to go but for the widest selection of betting lines on Rainbow Six, head to a reputable online sportsbook.

It is important to check out your online sportsbooks esports page for updates and odds on these gaming competitions often, as sportsbooks are becoming more and more aware of this new form of betting at a rapid pace. Don’t forget to always compare your odds between books and to check the form of your matchup teams.

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How Do I Bet On Rainbow Six?

Match Winner / Moneyline
Moneyline bets are simple bets deciding who you think will win the particular matchup. These are some of the most popular and straight forward bets. As the name states, bettors simply wager on which team they think will win the specific match.

Map Winner
For this, you are betting on a particular team to win on a specific map in the game. This is similar to the match winner bet, just on a smaller scale. This would be like betting on a single game of tennis.

Region Winner
These are tournament based bets where you wager on the region that you think the winning team or player will be from. For example, in an upcoming global tournament, you could bet on the overall winner being from the European region.

Group Winner
Similar to the match winner, except for this bet you are specifying who you think the winner of the group stage of the season or tournament will be.

Tournament Finalist
This is a bet on a certain team to reach the final round of a tournament. Usually has more options than an outright winner bet, and can be combined with other picks to make a profit.

Correct Score
This is a bet on the specific game score of a match. Scores will vary based on the number of team members that survive or the number of objectives captured. These kinds of bets can require a bit more in-depth knowledge of the game.

How these bets work is that certain maps will give more challenges to either the attacking or defending team. The handicap bet will try to offset these natural disadvantages, and make the betting field more even for underdogs.

Can I Bet On Rainbow Six Siege From My Phone?

Any Rainbow Six Siege player knows the value of some good technology. The same rings true when it comes to betting on Rainbox Six from your mobile device. Thanks to the development of technology in recent years, many of the international online sportsbooks are now able to receive bets from mobile devices. Just by logging in to your sportsbook account through your device’s internet browser, you will have access to the full betting suite of the platform right at your fingertips. There is no need for an app download, as these sites work entirely within your phone or tablet’s internet browser. All you need is an internet connection to be able to bet on Rainbow Six from anywhere with mobile sports betting.

How Is Rainbow Six Siege Played Competitively?

There are a good amount of Rainbow Six Siege events, leagues, and tournaments, which presents plenty of betting opportunities for the esports fan looking to get some action. The professional arena for Rainbow Six Siege is divided into tiers to allow players and teams with different experience levels, and from different regions, to compete together on the same virtual playing field. The most important events that we will be covering are the invitationals, majors, and pro league.

Where Can I Watch Rainbow Six Siege?

After you place your bets and you want to watch your action unfold in real-time, you have two major options when it comes to watching Rainbow Six Siege competition: YouTube and Twitch. Just head over to these sites and do a quick search for Rainbow Six Siege esports and you will be directed to their official channels, which will have plenty of content for you to immerse yourself in all competitions that are being played throughout the year.

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The Rainbow Six Siege Invitationals take place throughout the year. These events consist of 6 days of continuous action and competition, including 3 days of live gameplay. Traditionally, 16 teams are invited to compete, all chasing a $500,000 prize pool and the title of World Champion. This year, the latest world championship was awarded to PENTA sports.


The Rainbow Six Majors, known simply as “Six Major”, began in 2018 with a large scale competition held in Paris. The majors saw again 16 teams from different regions come together to battle in group stages for their chance at a $350,000 prize pool. After the teams make it through the group stages they are placed into specific brackets that compete over the 3-day event. The Six Major takes place annually, with the location set to change every year.

Pro League

As of 2022, the Leauge is more regionalized with the four main regions North America Europe, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific. All of the four regions will run across four quarters with a major for every top team in the first three quarters. The final quarter has the race to the regional finals and determines relegation with the world champion crown out the Six Invitational.