Legal UFC Betting

Legal UFC betting on mixed martial arts fights has a growing audience. The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a rapidly growing company showcasing high-level mixed martial arts talent from a variety of backgrounds all over the world. The UFC has been around since 1993, and after years of putting on spectacular fights, it has now made it into the mainstream culture on ESPN. The sport had humble beginnings with its first fights featuring “no rules” style matches. Wrestling specialists fighting jujitsu specialists in a cage with no mouthpieces or a structured rule set. With jujitsu practitioners largely taking the wins in most of those matchups along with fast strikers like Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort. The sport was seen as barbaric to some but over time the sport of MMA evolved and so did the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

In today’s day-and-age the UFC showcases some of the most well-rounded and skillful fighters on the planet. While there are still other fight promotions with exceptional fighters, the UFC still has its own stars. The company now has a structure rule set which can slightly change depending on which commission oversees the fight. (Some commissions allow knees to the face while the opponent is upright with only one hand on the ground and another may prohibit this.) Overall the sport has grown tremendously. There’s a new “10 point” scoring system in effect, fighters mostly have well-rounded skill-sets instead of only one, and USADA (The United States Anti-doping Agency) drug tests fighters on the UFC rosters to help ensure a clean and fair sport for all competing. The UFC features one of the most exciting sports in the world, and you can bet on it. We’ll show you how to bet on a sport that could go 25 minutes of war, to one that could last 13 seconds. We’ll cover different types of wagers and other legal betting options as well, so you’ll be ready when the first triangle choke or jumping side kick to the liver takes place.

Is It Legal To Bet On UFC Fights In All 50 States?

It is legal to bet on the UFC in all 50 states. Nearly two dozen states have launched their own regulated sports betting markets, and the remaining states have access to online sportsbooks that host UFC odds. Regardless of where you are in the USA, there are betting lines available for players to get in on the action. Every UFC fight, fighter props, and major events will have betting lines posted online. Sports betting fans will be able to play to win anytime a major matchup takes place. Both retail sportsbooks and online and mobile betting apps host odds and UFC betting fans can cash in big on these betting odds.

The Difference Between Land-Based & Online Sportsbooks

Land-based and online sportsbooks namely share one thing in common: they are sportsbooks. Outside of that there are some differences we should mention. For starters, the land-based sportsbooks are only available in states that have either legalized sports betting or have state-tribal agreements for tribal casinos to offer sports betting in the area. Land-based sportsbooks also may only be available in a select few cities within those states.  Online sportsbooks are available to you either within the state’s borders (if you live in one of the handful of states with online sites) or almost anywhere in the world if you are using an offshore online sportsbook. You don’t have to worry about that crazy line or getting a busted tire on the way to betting for that middleweight grudge match fight either. Online sportsbooks can have a larger array of betting options as well, with various sports betting options only a click away instead of a walk. Using the internet also makes it easier to shop lines, with better value typically found offshore.

Daniel Cormier vs Stipe Miocic

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Current UFC Odds

The next major UFC matchup is the December 4th main event between Rob Font and Jose Aldo in the Las Vegas Apex Arena. This is a fight in the bantamweight division between two closely ranked male fighters. Rob Font has a 19-4 record and has won three straight matches. A win over Aldo will likely bring him that much closer to getting a title shot against bantamweight division champion, Petr Yan. Jose Aldo is just 2-3 in his past five matches and was decimated in his previous title shot chance against Petr Yan. These fighters seem to be headed in the opposite directions which makes siding with Rob Font to get the victory over Aldo a smart choice.

The UFC And The Coronavirus

The UFC was the first sport back during the pandemic, and has been the first major sport to open up its doors to the fans as well. UFC 261 had 15,000 involved, and they did have to sign a waiver stating they were ok with potential COVID consequences, and that the UFC was not liable should anything like that happen. One can only imagine the level of excitement around the UFC when vaccines are more widespread, and fans won’t need to worry about possible COVID infection. Things are looking up for the UFC.

Signing Up At Legal UFC Betting Sites

Signing up at legal UFC betting sites has never been easier. You’ve got a whole smorgasbord of options depending on if you use a state-licensed or offshore book. At overseas sites, signing up is a simple, straightforward process and it’s free. You just click the join now button, enter your contact information, and then enter your payment information as well. It’s just that simple. Once you’ve made an account, you can bet on sports instantly with your preferred offshore online sportsbook. The online sportsbooks that we’ve mentioned are completely safe. Bovada, for instance, keeps their bettor’s cash in a secured escrow account so it will be safe. These books are known for their trustworthiness and would not have lasted over ten years on the web if they were not a safe place to place bets on UFC fights. State-licensed online sign-ups can only be completed within state borders, and you must meet the minimum gambling age to wager. State-licensed online sportsbook apps geofence your location to make sure that you are physically located within the state. The minimum betting age and type of bets that can be placed depends on the specific legal online sports gambling requirements for the given state.

Shopping Lines At UFC Sportsbooks

If you want to make the most money on a single fight, you need know what shopping lines at UFC sportsbooks really is. We recommend a good number of different online offshore sportsbooks for you on this page and all of them have excellent odds on UFC fights. But they all do not offer the same odds on these fights. The odds on Bovada will likely be different than the odds you will find on BetOnline. If the odds on BetOnline is +600 for a fighter but Bovada has +650 odds on that same fighter, you will want to bet on Bovada. The reason for that is because you will earn more money for the same bet you would have made on BetOnline. Don’t get us wrong, BetOnline could have more profitable odds the next day. The point is if you sign up for both sportsbooks, which are both free, then you will not miss out either way.

Making Your Sportsbook Deposit

We want to make sure you make the best choice with your sportsbook deposit. Offshore online sportsbooks can have a variety of deposit options depending on which online sportsbook you choose. Bovada only offers three types of deposit options while BetOnline offers over ten. You’ll have to pick and choose which sportsbook’s deposits options will work for you. For each sportsbook deposit, there are the minimum betting amount and maximum betting amounts. Some of the more popular offshore sportsbook deposit options are things like credit cards, bitcoin, and bank wires. While the first two deposit options mentioned have a maximum deposit limit, bank wires have no cap. This is where high rollers can benefit from making one large transaction rather than multiple small ones.

State-regulated online sportsbook’s have a few different deposit options to choose from. They have options like PayNearMe where you can go into a convenience store and fund your account, but also basic things like credit cards as well. In most instances, you can bet on UFC fights using cash by depositing the money at a physical sportsbook. There are also options like PayPal, which is not offered when betting with an overseas online sportsbook.

Picking The Right UFC Betting Bonus

Offshore online sportsbooks offer a nice selection of sportsbook bonuses to their players. You can benefit greatly from these bonuses if they’re used wisely. Some sportsbooks offer a larger portion of bonuses than others and are designed to either welcome new bettors or keep existing customers coming back. A bonus could be something like a 50% Welcome Bonus where you get an extra 50% added onto your sports betting bankroll after making a deposit. There are other deposit bonuses like lifetime member bonuses where you can get a certain percentage back after making a deposit. You’ve got various bonuses specifically for bitcoin as well. You’ve got mobile free play bonuses and many other types of bonuses depending on which site you use. Most of these bonuses have a rollover requirement as well. Make sure not to deposit more than you can afford to lose. These bonuses can increase your winnings if used properly.

How To Bet On UFC Fights

Unlike some other team-focused sports where you can bet on the overall scored points for a team or something team-related, UFC fights are one versus one. There is a team atmosphere but, in the end, it’s the fighter versus his opponent under the lights. We’ll explain the standard UFC wager types and give examples as well, so you can be ready to bet on your favorite fighters. Mixed Martial is very different than team sports, and while the sports itself may be complex the betting side is fairly simple and straight forward.


The most common type of wager on mixed martial arts and betting on UFC fights is the moneyline wager. This means that you are betting on who will win the fight. There’s no ‘who will transition into full-mount first’, or ‘the first women to do a single leg takedown’ – just the winner and the loser. The moneyline wager has an underdog and a favorite. 

– Jon Jones -300
– Daniel Cormier +200

Let’s say it’s Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier for the UFC heavyweight championship. Jon is the favorite at -300 and Daniel is the underdog at +200. You would have to bet 300 dollars to win 100 if you bet on Jon, and bet 100 dollars to win 200 if you bet on Daniel. This type of bet can go both ways in a heartbeat though with the unpredictable nature of fights. The fighter winning the first three rounds off points doesn’t matter if he gets slept in the middle of the fourth. 

Method Of Victory Betting

Method of victory betting is when you place a bet for how the fight will end. There are three options for how a fight ends in mixed martials arts in the UFC: KO/TKO (Knockout or Technical Knockout), Submission, and Judges Decision. You can bet on one of the three to predict how the fight will end. Let’s say you’ve got Jon Jones winning via KO by an axe kick at +125. Here’s an example.

Jones and Cormier are both in the clinch with Cormier pushing Jon against the fence, using his dirty boxing and strength to control Jon on the fence and score points. He’s landing punches and while they aren’t hurting Jon, they are landing, so he’s scoring and dominating the action. Jon reverses the position, breaks free and they’re both in the center of the octagon again. Jon throws an axe kick while Cormier tries to rush in and close the distance. Boom, Jon pops him. Heel to Cormier’s temple, and he drops. The ref stops the fight. TKO win for Jon, and $125 for you if you had put down $100. 

Round Betting

Round betting is when you are betting on which round the fight will end. Depending on the length of the contest, the over/under on rounds will vary. Typically, the bookmaker will set the line at 1.5 or 2.5, though it depends on who’s fighting and their expected performance.

Betting On UFC From Your Phone

If you’re in too much of a hurry to make it to your nearest land-based sportsbook to place a bet, or you simply want to get the best lines, then you can always bet from your mobile device. With offshore online sportsbooks and a smartphone, you can log onto the sportsbooks mobile website and bet on a fight from your browser. All you have to do is pull up the sportsbook’s mobile website, enter your account information to log in, and you can start placing bets immediately. The benefits of betting on your phone being that you can buy the pay-per-view on Friday night and place bets from your phone at the same time. No hassle and since the online sportsbooks that we’ve mentioned all work through a mobile browser instead of an app, you don’t have worry about the confines of an app store. You are free to bet with your Apple phone or Android (or any other mobile device).

Live Betting On UFC

While a mixed martial arts fight can end in a flash, live betting is still an option for fans eager to watch the biggest fights on the world’s biggest stages. If you use an offshore online sportsbook, you can bet on the sport live while it’s happening in front of you. You can watch a guy’s mouthpiece flying through the air after he’s hit with a hard hook. You can wager on various props throughout the matchup to keep things entertaining. Live betting for UFC fights will be much shorter than another team sporting event like football for instance. At the highest of levels, a championship UFC fight only lasts five minutes a round with a minute break in-between. That’s only 25 minutes of fighting. There is always the option to bet on multiple fights on the same fight card, which gives you even more opportunities bet live and win big.