DraftKings is set to take over operations from the Oregon Lottery as the state’s sole online sports betting provider. The transition will begin on January 18.

  • DraftKings and the Oregon Lottery have reached an agreement for DraftKings to take over operations of the Oregon Scoreboard App as the sole online sportsbook operator in Oregon.
  • The transition will begin on January 18; however, until the transition is complete, the Oregon Scoreboard App will continue normal operations under the supervision of the Oregon Lottery.

SALEM, Ore. – The Oregon Lottery is preparing to relinquish its operation of Oregon’s Scoreboard App – the sole state-regulated mobile sportsbook in the state – to DraftKings, according to a statement made by the company.

The move will make DraftKings the lone provider of state-regulated online sportsbook services, a role that was originally assigned to the Oregon Lottery.

DraftKings And Oregon Lottery Set For Transition

According to the company’s press release Wednesday, the transition will begin on January 18. Bettors with an active Scoreboard account will be able to create a DraftKings account and transfer their Scoreboard App balance to the new application on that date.

Until the transition is complete, the Scoreboard App will continue its usual operations. Once the transition is complete, however, most of the app’s features will be discontinued. Several features will remain for six months after the transition: transactional history, account information, and withdrawal services will remain, and any open bets on the Scoreboard App will stay active until settled.

DraftKings’ deal with the Oregon Lottery is not the first legal sports betting exclusivity agreement the company has scored – they are currently the sole state-regulated, online New Hampshire sports betting provider, operating under a similar deal.

What Does This Mean For Oregon’s Sports Bettors?

Users can expect an improved experience compared to the state-run Scoreboard App.

“We’re excited about the improved experience for our players – including the ability to make same game parlay bets. DraftKings is a premier provider in the US,” said Barry Pack – Director of the Oregon Lottery – in the press release.

While the newly-offered same-game parlay bets are a welcomed addition to Oregon’s sports betting menu, bettors are much more concerned with a different restriction:

Oregon currently prohibits wagering on any college sports, including two of the nation’s largest betting attractions – college football and college basketball. At launch, Oregon will be the only state in which DraftKings is active that does not permit wagering on college sports.

While DraftKings’ press release did not address this restriction, both the state and the company are leaving a large source of income off the table. Considering that sports betting is the second-largest income source in Oregon, removing the restrictions on college sports betting should be of high priority to lawmakers during the upcoming legislative session beginning February 2.

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