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BetOnline Sportsbook Review – Legal For US Players

BetOnline is one of the most reliable and popular online sportsbooks in the US, and this review will show you how and why it has become one of the best websites for legal sports betting in the USA. This full review of BetOnline will show why they earn our designation as one of the premier platforms in the industry through their efficiency and reliability.

BetOnline is one of the oldest, and most well respected international online sportsbooks available to both American and international bettors. On this page, we’ll review what makes BetOnline a legal sports betting site, as well as what American players should expect after creating an account with the site. Not only does BetOnline have one of the most illustrious online sportsbooks in the world, but it also contains a horse racing betting site, casino, and virtual poker room. This jack of all trades gambling website provides some of the best legal betting opportunities around.

Along with legal sports betting, we’ll go over any questions you might have about BetOnline itself. That includes deposit and withdrawal methods, mobile and live betting, and what exactly this site covers. Everything you need to know about this legal sports betting and gambling site is going to be right here, on this page.

BetOnline Sports Betting

Established: 2011

License: Panama City, Panama

Phone: 1-888-426-3661

Banned States: NONE

Bonus: 100% To $1,000

Payout Times: 1-5 Days!

Mobile Platforms: iPhone, Android devices, iPad

Deposit Methods: bitcoin deposit methodmastercard deposit methodvisa deposit method

Payout Methods: checking deposit methodwire transferpayment methodbitcoin payment method

Accepts USA Players?

Players from every state in the US are accepted at BetOnline!

Betting Limits:

Bet anywhere from $1 Up To $25,000 on your favorite teams.

Best Payout Method:

Bitcoin is your best option for quick payments on your winnings.

Is Legal In The USA?

BetOnline Super Bowl Betting​​While sports betting law in the United States continues to evolve, BetOnline’s sportsbook is entirely legal for US residents to use due to a few different reasons. One of the main reasons why BetOnline’s sportsbook is legal because of its location. While sports betting is experiencing a massive boom in the US, there are still some dated legal restrictions that prevent online betting retailers from operating completely free within the US. As an overseas business, BetOnline falls outside of the jurisdiction of the United States government and is able to provide players with a safe, lawful sports betting experience. BetOnline is licensed and regulated by the gaming commission in Panama City, Panama, and has been providing safe and reliable service to US customers for over nine years.

BetOnline received its remote gambling license when it first opened its doors in the early ’90s. Since then, they have maintained a high level of excellent customer service and top-notch betting opportunities, which is a large part of what has kept them in such good standing with the gaming commission. Their up to date security features and quality standards finish it out, making this sportsbook the best place for legal sports betting.

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Is It Legal For BetOnline To Operate In The USA?

BetOnline is one of the bigger mobile sportsbooks in the US and is indeed legal to operate in most states. BetOnline can legally operate in multiple markets because they are headquartered overseas, allowing them to offer odds regardless of a state’s regulations. In markets that have yet to regulate sports betting, BetOnline is one of the favorite choices for bettors. BetOnline is available on the go as well, since there is no regional lock on the mobile sportsbook which is commonplace for regulated mobile operations. This means if you are betting on sports in one state, but plan to travel to another and still want to continue wagering, BetOnline allows bettors to do so. The online sportsbook continues to be a huge legal choice for bettors all across the country with major sporting events being available all year long. It is indeed legal to bet on your favorite sports teams, sporting events, and athletes at BetOnline sportsbook in the USA.

Are There Any States That Are Not Accepted At BetOnline?

BetOnline is available in all 50 states whether they are states with regulated sports betting or markets that are not as of yet regulated. This is the reason that BetOnline is one of the main choices for bettors in the US market. There are odds available for bettors in markets that have not yet passed any legislation, passed legislation but have yet to launch, and markets that have no plan to launch in the foreseeable future. Nothing is stopping US betting fans fr om getting in on the action.

BetOnline is able to legally provide odds in all markets, even those like Hawaii and Utah who have strict gambling laws. This is because BetOnline has not been outright banned in these states so no legal ramifications will come to those who bet at the legal online sportsbooks. BetOnline is also available across state lines, meaning bettors in New York can bet on their favorite sports even if they cross the bridge to New Jersey without the need to create a new account. No matter wh ere you are, BetOnline is available to provide odds.

States That Are Banned At BetOnline

Players from all 50 States are accepted at BetOnline Sportsbook!

How To Sign Up At BetOnline

Signing up at BetOnline is a simple process that takes less than ten minutes. There are three simple steps to create your account. First, head over to BetOnline and select join. You will then input some basic user information in order to establish your secure account. After that, you will create a password and a security question just as you would on any other site. From there you will input an address. BetOnline only asks for an address in order to certify that you are playing within the USA and to prevent users from stealing your account. Once you hit submit, your account is created. You will now be able to enjoy the full slate of offers at BetOnline as well as gain the ability to deposit funds into your account.

Welcome Bonuses at BetOnline

BetOnline Sports BettingAfter creating your account at BetOnline, you’ll need to make a deposit and get in on the perks. One of the best things about using BetOnline for all of your legal sports betting needs is the insane sports betting bonuses you become privy to. For example, when you make your first deposit at this book, they’ll match it by 50%, up to $1,000. That’s not all, though. For every subsequent deposit you make, you can use the lifetime bonus guarantee that BetOnline offers. This will match each deposit by 25%, up to $1,000. No other book is going to offer you such a generous deposit opportunity. Here are some of the current promotional offers, along with bonus codes (note: promos are subject to change so check back frequently):

  • Welcome Bonus: 50% matching up to $1,000 (one time) CODE: BOL1000
  • 1st Time Crypto Bonus: 100% 1st Time matching up to $1,000 Crypto Bonus CODE: CRYPTO100
  • Lifetime Guarantee: 25% matching up to $1,000 CODE: LIFEBONUS
  • Crypto Reload Bonus: 35% matching up to $1,000 CODE: CRYPTO35

How To Make A Deposit At BetOnline

Making a deposit at BetOnline is actually quite simple. The hard part will probably be choosing which deposit method works best for you. There are 14 different deposit methods available, 10 of which are available to US bettors. When you choose the method that works best for you, head to the cashier tab at the top, right-hand corner of the screen, and you can follow a step-by-step guide to making a deposit with your selected method. Below we’ll list the minimum and maximum deposit limits at BetOnline.

Method Min Max Processing Time
Cryptocurrency $20 $25,000 Instant
Visa/ MasterCard $25 $5,000 Instant
American Express $25 $2,500 Instant
Money Orders $300 $9,000 Immediately after receipt
Person to Person $100 $600 Immediately after receipt
Check $1,500 $15,000 2-5 Business days
Bank Wire Transfer $1,000 No limit 1-3 Business days

Payout Methods At BetOnline

BetOnline’s banking methods are incredibly varied, and they offer nearly as many withdrawal methods as they do deposits. BetOnline offers one free payout every thirty days. You will be charged a fee for any subsequent withdrawals. Each fee is dependent on the method of withdrawal you choose. Bettors also need to fill out a quick verification form (for account security) before any payouts will be processed, so many prefer to submit this prior to when you need your funds.

Method Fees Min Max Processing Time
Cryptocurrency None $20 $10,000 Within 48 hours
Bank Wire Verify with cashier $500 $24,900 Within 15 business days
Check $50 $500 $2,500 Within 7 business days
Person to Person $26 to $101 $50 $400 Within 5 business days

Review Of BetOnline Payout Times

BetOnline was one of the first sportsbooks to adopt cryptocurrency as a primary, emphasized method of deposit and withdrawal. They did so because fast, convenient payouts have always been a cornerstone of their business. Even with slower, more conventional methods of transferring money like wire transfers and courier’s checks, BetOnline prioritizes the fastest possible delivery for their players. Withdrawal requests can take up to 48 hours to process, but once they are processed, cryptocurrency withdrawals are handled instantly.

A courier’s check will take five days to deliver on average, while a wire transfer can take as many as 15 days. When you go to cash out your winnings, you will be asked to fill out a security form to confirm your identity. This is why we recommend using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin in order to have the quickest and safest form of money transfer on BetOnline. It is recommended that you do this as soon as you can so you don’t face unnecessary delays in collecting your winnings.

Using Bitcoin To Bank With BetOnline

One of the newest aspects of the BetOnline payment process that bettors need to know about is how to use Bitcoin for legal sports betting. The overwhelming reason is that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general is probably the most secure and fastest way to deposit and withdraw funds. Before you can begin conducting transactions with Bitcoin, however, you’ll need to create a Bitcoin wallet and purchase Bitcoin. There are several different types of BTC wallets, with most secure being a hardware wallet. This is a device that connects to your computer and protects the contents from malware and spyware, giving you a more secure way to hold on to your funds. The most popular Bitcoin wallet is a virtual wallet, like those hosted for free at sites like Coinbase. This is the most common way and is also a perfectly safe way of buying and selling BTC.

On the virtual wallet website, you will be able to purchase Bitcoin to use for sports betting at BetOnline. When you use Bitcoin to bank with BetOnline, you’re not only getting a secure way to conduct transactions. You’re also getting an extra layer of privacy, as Bitcoin is almost completely anonymous. Many people enjoy this aspect, as it allows them to fund their accounts without having to put personal information online. Legal sports betting has never been easier or safer than when using Bitcoin to bank with BetOnline.

Wager Limits At BetOnline

BetOnline Sports Betting​The Wager limits at BetOnline vary from sport to sport and wager type to wager type. You can find all of the varying wager limits at BetOnline’s sportsbook page, under the Useful Links tab. We’ll go over the basics here. The great thing about the wager limits at BetOnline is that they can be adjusted if you contact the book. They have also enabled bettors to lay the same bet every 61 seconds, so if you can’t get the line adjusted to exactly where you want it to go, you can just lay multiple bets on the same thing.

Wager limits for NFL Spreads run up to $25,000. Moneylines and totals betting limits are set to $15,000. NFL betting limits at BetOnline are going to be the highest ones you’ll see. NBA and MLB totals are both limited to $5,000 per bet, as are NBA moneylines and MLB runlines. MLB Moneylines have a limit of $10,000, as do NBA spreads.

NCAA Basketball games have a spread betting limit of $3,000, moneyline limit of $1,500, and a totals limit of $1,000. NCAA Baseball maxes out at $500 for moneylines and totals. NCAA Football spreads have a maximum wagering limit of $15,000 and a $5,000 betting limit for moneylines and totals. Props, parlays, and futures will have varying betting limits based on what they are and when they are made.

BetOnline Super Bowl Betting

The Sports Covered By BetOnline

BetOnline covers one of the largest selections of sports worldwide. From the major professional and collegiate sports in America to the most popular sports leagues around the world, BetOnline’s legal sports betting site allows you to bet on whatever event you’re looking for. Below is a list of the events covered at this online sportsbook.

Basketball – Hockey – Soccer – Tennis – UFC/MMA – Golf – Baseball – Football – Cricket – Boxing – Politics – Horse Racing Futures and Props – Motor Sports – Softball – E-Sports – Rugby League – Rugby Union – Snooker – Darts – Cycling – Volleyball – Pool – Aussie Rules – Handball – Entertainment – Futsal – Lacrosse – Table Tennis – Winter Sports – Olympics

Betting On The NFL At BetOnline

With the Super Bowl steadily approaching, BetOnline is the best place for NFL bettors to get in on the action. BetOnline offers some of the best odds for NFL betting throughout the regular season, playoffs, and on Super Bowl Sunday. For Super Bowl 56 betting, BetOnline even collected Twitter hashtags to show where people were betting and how they were talking about the teams. This type of effort is exactly why betting on the NFL at BetOnline is worth it. There are betting odds available for every game, major player props, live betting options, and BetOnline is available on most mobile devices.

Betting On College Football At BetOnline

When it comes to BetOnline, there are so many different games and sports that players can put their money on and collect winnings. None however take the cake as much as college football betting action at BetOnline. Between player props, futures, and CFB game lines, BetOnline has you covered from the start of the season through the conference games. Bonuses will also be here as well and the age requirement is only 18 years old to get started. As fans prepare for the 2022 College Football Championship Game, there is no better time than now to find college football game lines, spreads, player props, and futures bets at BetOnline.

NBA Lines At BetOnline

Welcome NBA betting fans! The season is approaching its most exciting time and so the betting options for everyone at BetOnline are also more intriguing than ever. They have all the NBA betting options up for players including live in-game betting on the NBA. So when the Lakers and Clippers fight for the Western Conference title (presumably), NBA betting lines at BetOnline will cover the games, series, props, and more. This season, bettors can find extremely valuable odds on who will win the NBA Finals via BetOnline’s futures odds. With the Brooklyn Nets flexing their new lineup, their odds have shortened to become the new favorite. This means bettors are capitalizing on some of the reams in the midrange like the Utah Jazz, Miami Heat, and Philadelphia 76ers. No matter what NBA game you want to bet on though, BetOnline will have you covered.

College Basketball Betting At BetOnline

The college basketball season is back and so are the betting lines at BetOnline. College basketball betting is available all season long at BetOnline and includes all the biggest and smallest games from around the country. College basketball is such a popular betting sport due to the high volume of games that take place usually every day of the week. Parlays are popular and available at BetOnline, as well as futures odds for the NCAA Tournament. Come tournament time, the BetOnline CBB odds only get better, with tons of special bets and props surrounding the tournament. Odds are already available now for who will win the 2022 March Madness tournament.

Political Betting At BetOnline

While the November election has come and gone, the political betting season never stops at BetOnline. Users can find political odds constantly posted and updated at BetOnline for a variety of political elections and outcomes. Even odds for the 2024 Presidential Election are available, with names like Ivanka Trump, Mark Cuban, and Elon Musk popping up on the boards. It is never too early to get in a valuable wager, and BetOnline provides users that opportunity every day of the year.

Betonline eSports Coverage

With their ascension into global popularity, it should come as no surprise that eSports have also found their way into the online sports betting world. BetOnline has begun to lay odds on major League of Legends tournaments taking place around the world, giving you the option to win money off of your favorite teams and players. eSports are just one of the newest forms of legal sports betting. So why not take advantage of your knowledge of these games and get in on some action throughout the year with legal Esports betting?

  • League of Legends
  • Counter-Strike
  • Dota 2
  • Overwatch
  • NBA2K
  • Rainbow Six

Sports Betting Contests at BetOnline

Sports betting contests at BetOnline are one of the best ways to begin placing wagers at the online sportsbook. The contests are wide-ranging covering a variety of sports from the NFL to esports, and some contests are free to enter. The betting contests feature real cash prizes that are awarded based on the player who has the most points or has the most correct bets. The potential prizes for the sports betting contests can be as large as $100,000.

For March Madness in 2022, BetOnline is offering a fantastic contest. For a $25 entry fee, bettors can register for BetOnline’s $250,000 Bracket Madness Contest; the top 700 brackets will win a cash prize. The overall winner of the contest will be awarded with $75,000. Also, for a limited time, bettors will receive $10 in free play funds if they register for two entries.

BetOnline Sports Betting Contests

  • NFL (Super Bowl, Playoffs, NFL Draft)
  • Horse Racing
  • UFC
  • Esports
  • College Basketball

BetOnline Mobile Betting App

BetOnline mobile betting is probably the most convenient way to use this premier online offshore sportsbook. While BetOnline does not have a dedicated app that you download, they do have a fully-functional online version of their sportsbook that can be accessed through any mobile device internet browser. Most of the time when you use a mobile version of any website, the mobile site is usually missing some key features or it is organized poorly. Additionally, most of the state-sponsored retailers force you to download their app, which uses up valuable data space on your mobile device. There are plenty of complaints out there for mobile sites, but BetOnline does things right. You will be able to bet on the same lines and odds as you normally would on the mobile version just like if you decided to use the desktop version of BetOnline. The best part is that BetOnline will give you $50 in free play on your first bet when you use the mobile version of the website. It is a great way to test the grounds with the mobile version. With this in mind, you can freely take BetOnline anywhere you go thanks to mobile wagering.

Live Betting At BetOnline Sportsbook

One of the best things that online sportsbooks can offer is live betting. This feature allows players to bet on the game while it is in progress, bringing them as close to the action as possible. At BetOnline, you can participate in this form of wagering on both the computer and from your mobile device. Daily live betting odds will be listed on the sportsbook homepage, under the flashing live betting tab. There, you’ll also find a calendar of the upcoming games and matches that will have live odds. This is one of the best ways to really get into legal sports betting at an online sportsbook.

Customer Service at BetOnline

BetOnline provides three easy to use methods of communication when it comes to getting in touch with a customer service representative. First, you can email. There are four email addresses available, based on what service you’re using.

General Email:

Poker Email:

Casino Email:

Skill Games Email:

If you would prefer to speak with someone, there is a toll-free number that you can call. 1-888-426-3661. You’ll answer a few prompts before being directed to the representative that is most qualified to help you. BetOnline provides both English and Spanish speaking customer representatives.

Finally, you can get in touch with the book through their live chat feature. This is an instant messaging device that allows you to contact someone directly through the website. You will receive prompt, helpful answers as soon as you open the IM tab. The Customer Service at BetOnline is beyond reproach.

BetOnline Sports Betting

The Casino At BetOnline

BetOnline CasinoWhen you’re ready to take a step away from the odds and want a night on the town but don’t actually feel like leaving the house, head over to BetOnline’s casino. There, you’ll find a fully stocked, 24/7 floor full of all of the games you love, plus hundreds of new ones just waiting for you to try them out. BetOnline’s casino has slots, blackjack, roulette, craps and more specialty games than any other online casino.

If you’re already a member of their sportsbook, then I’ve got some great news. You’ll be able to use your same account to access the casino – no new signing up necessary! The casino at BetOnline provides players with some of the best gaming opportunities, and some of the best bonuses to play with. When you use your account to bet at the casino, you’ll be able to add free play credits and thousands of dollars in match bonuses in order to play all of your favorite casino games.

Poker At BetOnline

BetOnline Poker​BetOnline also has a fully equipped poker room available for its members to play at. You can download the software to both your MAC or PC, BetOnline provides compatible downloads for both. From Texas Hold ‘Em to Omaha, you’ll find all of you favorite games at BetOnline’s poker room. You can choose to play with an RNG dealer or a live dealer, and there are a number of different tables with varying limits, so everyone is sure to find the right fit for themselves. There are a number of tournaments that you can join as soon as you download the poker software, so get going.

BetOnline Racebook

BetOnline Racebook​Is legal online horse betting more your speed? Well, when it comes to reviewing BetOnline’s racebook, you could say it truly leads the pack. This racebook covers both the American and European horse racing circuit, guaranteeing punters twice the amount of action. You’ll be able to see all of the upcoming horse racing events that the book covers in their racebook. There, you’ll also find useful handicapping information and a plethora of straight and exotic wagers that you can make. BetOnline’s racebook is one of the absolute best to use because it covers more races around the world than any other online book.

BetOnline FAQs

Is Sportsbook Safe
The simple answer is yes, as you’ve learned from this review of BetOnline it is one of the safest online sports betting sites that anyone can use. This is because they offer a number of security features that protect your private information, as well as the high-quality standards that they are held to by the regulatory commission in Panama. As a licensed and registered gambling site, BetOnline is one of the safest places to bet online.
Is Sportsbook Legit?
BetOnline has been providing online gambling opportunities to American players since 1991 without incident, making it one of the most legitimate gambling sites around. You’ll be able to play for real money and receive your payouts in a timely manner when you gamble at BetOnline. Not only is this a legal sports betting site, it is also a legitimate racebook with ties to tracks around the world, and a highly respected casino and poker room.
Can Sportsbook Be Trusted?
BetOnline employs the latest in security technology, including the most up to date SSLs. You can trust this sportsbook with all of your private information, and never have anything to worry about. But, if you are still concerned about putting private information online, you can call the book and speak with a customer representative to work things out or use a digital currency to bank with the book, which provides a more private financial arrangement.
Is BetOnline Sportsbook Rigged?
Nothing could be further from the truth. BetOnline routinely undergoes quality assurance testing, which includes making sure that the RNG technology that its casino and poker rooms are using is working properly, as well as making sure that oddsmakers are doing their job properly. BetOnline is not rigged and is one of the most reliable online gambling sites you’ll come across.
Where Is BetOnline Sportsbook Licensed?
BetOnline is licensed by the gaming commission of Panama. They are regulated by the laws that have been passed in the country, and because of this, are able to offer their services around the world, through the use of an online forum. BetOnline has never had their licensed revoked.
How Secure Is BetOnline Sportsbook?
BetOnline is just as secure as any other online retail company. They employ the same security features, like SSL technology, and use the same protection protocol when processing payments and withdrawals. BetOnline is extremely careful with your information and makes sure that everything is always top of the line and up to date.
Can I Trust BetOnline To Keep My Personal Information Safe?
Yes, you can trust BetOnline to keep your personal information safe and secure. As we have stated above, they use the most up to date software in order to keep everything safe from prying eyes. They also offer a number of banking options that allow you to further protect your identity, like prepaid cards and digital currency. You can trust this book to keep your personal information safe, whether you’re participating in legal sports betting or online poker playing.
How To Contact BetOnline Sportsbook
BetOnline gives its customers myriad different ways to contact them. There are four email addresses that can be used, one for each of the four betting forums that are offered (legal sports betting, horse racing betting, casino gambling, and poker playing). They also have a toll-free phone number, and a live chat feature. Each form of communication is open 24/7 and will yield a prompt, friendly, and well-informed answer.
What Is The Legal Betting Age At
To create an account with BetOnline, you need only be 18. However, if you live in the United States, you will need to first check your state’s legal gambling age. Most states have set this to 21, so if you’d like to avoid trouble when withdrawing, we suggest waiting until you are old enough to legally gamble in your state before creating an account with BetOnline.
Does BetOnline Sportsbook Have A Mobile App?
BetOnline does have mobile betting, but it is not accessed through an app. Instead, BetOnline has a mobile betting site that has been designed especially to work on smartphones and tablets. The site is compatible with both Apple and Android products, as well as anything in between. Mobile betting has never been easier than at BetOnline’s new mobile betting site.
Does BetOnline Sportsbook Take PayPal Deposits?
BetOnline does not accept PayPal as one of its deposit methods at this time. If you enjoy using the eWallet format, however, you can try using Neteller or Skrill if you are located outside of the United States. For US bettors who enjoy that style of transaction, we suggest using Bitcoin or litecoin. Wallet transactions are handled similarly, and you can still enjoy the added level of privacy and anonymity associated with virtual wallets.
Using Prepaid Visa Gift Cards At BetOnline Sportsbook
Visa gift cards and prepaid cards are processed the same way that credit and debit cards are at BetOnline. You’ll just need to make sure that the card is equipped with online and overseas purchasing capabilities before you attempt to use it to fund your account. In addition to Visa gift cards, BetOnline also accepts MasterCard prepaid and American Express prepaid cards as well.
Why Does Ask For My Social Security Number?
When requesting a payout, BetOnline will ask you for your SSN. This is to verify your identity and make sure that you are who you say you are. Inputting your SSN is needed to fully process your withdrawal request, so you will need to give it to the site. Your information is fully protected by the book’s security measures. If you are still uncomfortable with this, you can contact the customer service line and speak with a representative to get everything sorted out.
Are There Any BetOnline Scams Going Around?
As of right now, there are not any scams going around regarding BetOnline or their account holders. If you do get a suspicious phone call, email, or piece of mail, you should contact the book immediately. The Representative will be able to let you know if what you received is a legitimate offer or a scam. Remember not to give out any personal information – the book already has your account information, so you shouldn’t have to give someone credit card numbers or other financial paraphernalia.
Will BetOnline Be Shut Down By The US Government?
BetOnline is a company based in Panama, and as such, does not fall under the authority of the United States. Because of this, they will never be shut down by the government. Their overseas status is why we suggest them for things like legal sports betting and casino gambling because they are not subject to the US government.
Can I Bet Real Money At BetOnline Sportsbook?
Yes, you can bet real money at BetOnline. This gambling site will allow you to play its casino and poker games for free if you choose, but will also allow players looking to gamble real cash to make deposits. They’ll also provide speedy payouts when you win your bets. BetOnline reviews will backup that they are one of the best real money betting sites around.
Is BetOnline Sportsbook Legal In My State
BetOnline operates in all fifty states, but there are several states, however, that have passed legislation that technically prevents the use of online gambling sites. Most do no target the bettor, but rather the operator of the site. Because BetOnline is located outside of the states’ authority, it is still technically a legal betting site. Regardless, we want you to be aware that if you live in Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Montana, Utah, Washington, or Wisconsin, using an online gambling site is strictly done at your own risk. No one has ever been arrested in these states for using online sportsbooks or casinos, but again, it is at your own risk if you would like to gamble online.