Last updated on: June 28th, 2022

Legal Australian Rules Football Sportsbooks

Betting on Australian Rules Football, or commonly referred to as just Australian Football is made easy at online sportsbooks. These sites host betting lines and wager types for every game throughout the Australian football season. Odds for the Sydney Swans, Collingwood football club are the most sought after by fans of the league, but all teams are available for bets. You can find lines and prop bets at a seemingly endless rate. The best part is, the right operators are available to everyone as they are legal in all 50 states.

Betting on Australian Rules Football is different than betting on U.S. football, however. There are many aspects of the game that differentiate itself from what U.S. based bettors might imagine and that will have to be taken into account before putting any money down on the sport. The Australian rules betting odds will also need to be read with these rules in mind. Once those are understood the last thing will be knowing how to make deposits and withdrawals into legal online sports betting sites which we will cover. Here you will find everything you will need to know to make your betting experience as smooth as possible.

Is It Legal To Bet On Australian Football?

Yes, it is legal to bet on Australian football. Certain online betting sites can legally provide sports bettors in all 50 states with betting action. Since these sites are not located on US soil, they are not affected by sports betting laws in each state. The only laws that are strictly enforced by online sportsbooks are the legal sports betting age by each state. You will not be permitted to make an account at any legal online sports betting site if you are unable to provide legal documentation proving you are old enough to bet on sports. Other than age, everyone can bet on Australian football in the US.

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How Does Australian Rules Football Work?

Like other sports, the goal of Australian Rules Football is to score more points than the opposing team. Each team has 18 active players on the field at a given time. There are two goalposts located on opposite ends of the field. Players can only score by kicking the oval ball into the opposing team’s goalpost. Players are able to pass the ball to one another only by either kicking or punching the ball. Players are not allowed to throw the ball.

A player who catches the ball is able to make a play without interference. Defending teams can tackle the offense in order to impede their progress, making it a real physical game of back and forth. Teams earn 6 points for each goal scored with the ball not being touched by the opposing team and the ball going between the two goal posts. If the ball is interrupted by a player, or only passes one goal post then the team is only awarded 1 point.

What Bets Can You Make On Australian Rules Football?

Betting on Australian Rules Football is no different from taking action on any other sport. You will find betting lines for every game as well as prop bets for key players and events. You will be able to bet on the Moneyline, spread, over/under, and even be able to pool all these bets together into a parlay. Betting on the AFL is simple but filled with options for players, making online sportsbooks some of the best providers of AFL betting.

Moneyline: Betting on the Moneyline is essentially betting straight up. You are simply taking action on which team you think will win. Online sportsbooks will provide odds to players that will indicate how much the player can stand to win, as well as which direction sports bettors are leaning. For example, if the Richmond Tigers are -150 favorites over the West Coast Eagles who are +115 underdogs, then if you bet on the Tigers you can win $100 from a $150 wager. If you, however, bet on the longshot Eagles, you can win $115 on a $100 bet. You always win more betting on the underdog because the risk is higher.

Spread: Betting on the spread is a way to make more money on a straight-up bet by increasing the risk. Essentially, you are not just betting on who will win but on how much they will win by. In other words, the team you are betting on has to cover the margin of victory presented by the bookmaker in order for it to be a winning bet. If the GWS Giants are 7.5 point favorites, they not only have to win the game but the must win by at least 8 points in order to cover the spread.

Over/Under: Betting on the over/under, or totals is a wager type where you are betting on the total combined points in a game to go over or under the set amount. It is also worth pointing out that the odds are usually set at a standard -110 for both the over and under. For example, if you were to be wagering on the total points scored in a game between the Brisbane Lions and the Geelong Cats, the betting line could be set at 48 points. In this example, you will choose whether you think the combined score from both teams will go over or under 48 points.

How To Make Money From Australian Football Betting

Online sportsbooks provide a variety of deposit and withdrawal options to ensure players are able to find a financial situation that suites them. You can win real money betting on Australian Rules Football thanks to the slew of options at your fingertips. You can deposit using debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and many other ways. Online sites pride themselves in the number of different ways players can get in on the action. These sites also provide deposit match bonuses to players as well, encouraging sports bettors with real money.

You can also withdraw your winnings in a number of ways. Many players use cryptocurrencies as these are the fastest methods to collect your money. Some use bank checks as well for convenience, but this is one of the slowest withdrawal options. You can also collect your winnings via Money Gram, Western Union, e-checks, and so much more. You will find no issue in discovering a financial method that is good for you.

Current Australian Football Odds

Australian football odds are available to you not only every week throughout the season, but also during the offseason as well. From the moment one season ends, futures odds for the next season are already posted. The main league to bet on for Australian Football is the AFL and in 2022, Melbourne is listed with the heavily favored odds to win the title.

Odds to Win 2022 AFL Premiership

  • Melbourne +175
  • Brisbane +500
  • Fremantle +750
  • Geelong +1000
  • Sydney +1000
  • Richmond +1400
  • Carlton +1500
  • St. Kilda +1500
  • Western Bulldogs +2200