Legal Real Money Sports Betting Sites

There are a lot of options available for legal real money sports betting sites. From regulated online and mobile sportsbooks to international licensed sportsbooks, players all over the country can bet real money on sports and play to win big. With real money betting, players can wager real-world money to win real-world money. This is legal, safe, and constantly growing more and more popular as sports betting continues to grow in different markets. Thanks to online sportsbooks that offer real money betting options, players can even wager real money from the comfort of their homes or while on the go. These sites offer multiple payout methods as well, making it easy for sport betting fans to collect their winnings. Legal real money sports betting sites offer some of the best ways for betting fans to get in on the action.

Real Money Betting On The NFL

Betting real money on the NFL is the premier way to play. These real money betting sites offer odds for every NFL game each week of the season. There are also options to bet real money on futures bets and player props as well, giving even more options for playing to win big. The NFL is the most wagered on sporting event in the US so real money sportsbooks constantly host odds for the season whether they be live betting, Moneyline, spreads, parlays, and game props.

Is Sports Betting For Real Money Legal?

Due to the somewhat confusing status of sports wagering in the US, many bettors are left to wonder if sports betting for real money is even legal. The overall answer is “yes”, however, there are still certain details that you should be aware of. In 2018, the door was opened for all states in America to regulate their own sports betting industries. States like Delaware, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Mississippi, were quick to offer legal real money sportsbooks but that ability now extends to over 30 states.

Still, most folks can’t get to these states or their sportsbook venues. In that regard, the other way to bet real money on sports is by using an online sports betting site. These licensed legal sportsbooks have fewer restrictions when real money sports betting as they follow license guidelines outside of the USA. There are no federal laws that prohibit residents from using foreign-based online sportsbooks making them legal to use.

Best Real Money Sports Betting Sites

These are the best real money sports betting sites. The top real money betting sites offer a multitude of options for fans across the country. These sites host betting lines for all major sporting events as well as more niche sporting events. Whether you are looking to bet on the Wimbledon or take action on the annual hot dog eating contest, there are odds available at these real money sports betting sites. These sites accept many different unique ways to pay real money to bet on sports. Players can wager using their credit and debit cards, using cryptocurrencies, or by using PayPal and bank wire transfer services like Zelle. The options available at these real money sports betting sites are seemingly endless.


Bovada Sportsbook

Real Money NFL Betting

Bovada is one of the best places for betting on the NFL as the popular sportsbooks on the market. Bovada hosts odds for all forms of NFL betting whether you are looking for futures betting, player props, game lines, and parlays. All first-time real money betting players at Bovada during this NFL season gain access to the $250 Welcome Bonus. This is a 50% deposit match for all first-time depositors.

Rating: 5 Star Rating

  • Credit Card Deposits
  • Bitcoin Deposits
  • Mobile Betting
  • Cryptocurrency Withdrawals
  • Various Payment Methods

BitcoinVisaMastercardAmerican ExpressZelle


BetOnline Sportsbook

Real Money Sports Betting In All 50 States

BetOnline is one of the best real money sports betting sites for US players, and they have been in the industry for more than a decade. The site offers legal sports betting options to residents all 50 states. You can bet on football, basketball, baseball, tennis, hockey, and tons more when you join the BetOnline sportsbook. When you sign up, you can rest assured that all the banking methods are 100% secure and safe for real money sports betting. Bitcoin, which has become the leading banking method for US sports bettors, is now accepted by the cashier at BetOnline, as are various other cryptocurrency altcoins (Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH, etc.). You can deposit anywhere from $20 to $25,000 and your funds are guaranteed to be posted to your account almost instantly.

Rating: 5 Star Rating

  • Reliable Banking Options
  • Strong Backend
  • Proven Track Record
  • Plenty of Odds
  • No App Mobile Betting

VisaMastercardBitcoinEtheriumWire Transfer


MyBookie Sportsbook

Get $1,000 For Signing Up!

If you are talking about the best real money sports betting sites, then you can not do so without talking about MyBookie. This is one of the best new legal sports betting sites for US players and they are quickly becoming one of the most popular. When using real money for sports betting, it is important to have a quality site that has the things you want, and MyBookie should meet that criteria. Players that sign up here will find that they have some awesome features that you will enjoy. You will find that they have more betting odds then almost any other website. On top of that, they also have some of the biggest bonuses, fastest payouts, and customer service that is there to help you through everything.

Ratings: 5 Star Rating

  • Great Bonuses
  • CompetitiveOdds
  • Anyone Can Use
  • Fast Live Betting
  • Legal In US


Real Money Deposits At Online Sportsbooks

Real money online sportsbooks for USA players will only have the most reliable and legal sportsbook deposit options available. Before joining a sports betting site, you will be able to view its Cashier page to make sure that there are suitable deposit options that actually meet your needs. The best real money sports betting sites will have instant deposit options where funds are transferred electronically, such as Visa or MasterCard. That said, we recommend using Bitcoin, which is the fastest and most dependable deposit option for US sports bettors who want to load up their accounts with large sums of money. Other deposit methods offered may include MoneyGram, Western Union, and cashier’s checks. For high roller sports betting, bank wire transfers are the only method with no maximum deposit limit. The site’s cashier will disclose any additional fees on applicable deposit methods, though these are usually negligible or nonexistent.

Making A Withdrawal At A Real Money Sports Betting Site

One of the biggest fears for most sports bettors is that they will make a deposit, earn money, and then never actually get the cash. At legitimate real money sportsbooks, this is never an issue. You will be able to request a legal sportsbook payout at your convenience, and you can always count on your funds being delivered. Bitcoin is the best real money withdrawal option because the cash is 100% guaranteed to arrive quickly, often within just a few hours. There are also no withdrawal fees when you cash out in Bitcoin, and the payout limits fit the needs of nearly every bettor. Checks are a more traditional withdrawal option, with funds being delivered to your mailbox in a week or two. Bank wires and person-to-person methods like MoneyGram can typically be requested, as well, though these also have multi-day wait times. In order to get the most cash to your wallet, many online sportsbooks will offer payout discounts where associated fees are waived or reduced for their regular customers. You can find out the specifics by looking through your site of choice’s FAQs or speaking with a customer service representative.

Bonuses At Real Money Betting Sites

One of the main benefits of using a real money sports betting site is that the bonuses are humongous. Nevada sportsbooks simply can’t compete when it comes to instantly increasing your bankroll before a single wager is placed. Most sites will have a welcome offer that will match your initial deposit by a certain percentage. The match percentage will often range from 25% to 100%, and the maximum bonus amount can sometimes clear $2500. You can also take advantage of free bets, refer-a-friend bonuses, and seasonal offers on events like March Madness and the Super Bowl. Bonuses can be quite advantageous – just make sure to read the terms and conditions. You will have to meet a rollover requirement before making withdrawals associated with any accepted bonuses, but these are generally easy to meet, especially considering that real money sportsbook bonuses can be used on any sport and wager type offered.

Betting Real Money On Super Bowl 56

Real money Super Bowl betting sites offer odds all year long. Fans can wager months before the Big Game on who they think will win, and long odds are available for every team. Closer to Super Bowl 56, player props, odds on exact Super Bowl matchups, Halftime Show props, and more will be there. There are even odds for which team will win the coin toss. Betting real money on Super Bowl 56 is the best way to play.

Mobile Betting at Real Money Sportsbooks

One of the biggest benefits of betting in today’s technological landscape is the introduction of real money mobile betting. Many of the licensed sportsbooks in the US will have dedicated apps that are available to download. These apps have everything you need to bet real money from your phone, tablet, or other devices. Those using the international online sportsbooks are able to bet on the go as well. While these sites don’t have dedicated apps, they offer their full real money betting suite right from your device’s internet browser. Simply log on to the sportsbook website from your phone, and you will be instantly taken to the mobile version of the online sportsbook.

Sports Betting For Real Money FAQs

Is Sports Betting For Real Money Safe?

Sports betting for real money is completely safe. There are no federal laws that ban using offshore online sportsbooks, and the majority of states do not have Internet betting laws of any kind on their books. You should always verify your state’s laws, but even the few states with sports betting legislation focus solely on penalizing operators rather than bettors. The sites that we recommend for real money sports betting are all licensed and regulated for your protection. You can feel confident when using a trustworthy sports betting site to bet real money on sports.

Can Real Money Sports Betting Sites Be Trusted

The real money sports betting sites that we recommend can be trusted. There are other sites, but the safest choice is to bet real money on sports at online sportsbooks that have been vetted and have a strong following already. These sites have 24/7 customer service, tried and true fast and easy payout methods, and have multiple ways for players to deposit into their betting accounts. Players can comfortably bet on sports at these sportsbooks without risk as they have players logging in every day who always collect on their winnings. Betting fans will not have to stress the legitimacy of these sports betting operations.

Can I Win Money Betting On Sports Online?

With the right betting strategy and handicapping, anyone has a chance at winning real money betting sports online. The key is to be sharp enough to win the bet, using a combination of stats, player insights, and historical data to make the best bet possible. Stay on top of injury reports and all other news that could potentially impact a wager. Though winning is never guaranteed, there are plenty of bettors that are able to successfully make money with online sports betting. In fact, all it takes to become profitable with your sports wagering is that you win about 53% of the time. The best pros make a great living winning only 58% to 62% of their wagers.

Are There Any Real Money Sports Betting Apps Available?

Yes, nearly every real money betting site has a mobile betting app – or at least a mobile site that works just as good as an app. With these apps (or “web apps”), you can make deposits, claim big bonuses, place wagers, and make withdrawals. You can still access special features, such as live betting lines and live statistical streams of major games. The convenience and flexibility that mobile sports betting sites offer is unparalleled. Most mobile sports betting apps require no download whatsoever. You can simply visit the real money betting site from your smartphone or tablet. Bettors can log in with the same account that would be used for the desktop site, and the sites all run like butter whether you have an iPhone, Android, or other modern mobile device.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet Real Money On Sports Online?

The age that you need to be to bet real money on sports will depend on the laws in your state, but we can assure you that you have to at least be 18 years old. Some states have set their own sports betting age requirements, which should always be adhered to. (Most states in the US, however, have no such sports betting limits.) For example, if your chosen online sportsbook accepts players at 18, if your state law mandates that you be at least 21 to bet on sports, you should definitely err on the side of the law and wait. Otherwise, you are at risk of getting in trouble for underage sports wagering, even if that outcome is extremely rare in practice.

What Does It Mean To Shop Lines?

Shopping lines is when you check multiple sportsbooks to compare odds in order to find the best possible odds available. This is one of the best benefits of using online sportsbooks as you can easily compare odds across multiple books. The goal is to find the odds that will equal the best returns. Most sportsbooks will have odds for the same events, especially for major events like the Super Bowl or NBA Finals. With line shopping, you are able to find the biggest returns on a wager. Odds vary from sportsbook to sportsbook so it is always good practice to line shop when you are partaking in online sports betting.

Can I bet on sports without spending real money?

For players who just want to try their skills at sports betting without losing money, there are different free to play games available online. The online sportsbooks we feature are all real money books and will not allow you to play for free. Free players should check out daily fantasy competitions or any of the other free-to-play offerings available.