Paypal Sports Betting Sites

PayPal sports betting sites are some of the most sought-after sites in states with legal sports betting. The digital wallet service has long established itself as a secure payment option for so many online transactions and the same can be said for funding your mobile sportsbook account. As more states start to legalize online sports betting more and more sports fans will want to try their hand at putting down a few dollars on the next big game. The biggest aspect holding many newcomers back is the issue of safety when it comes to their money. However, having a buffer such as PayPal between your bank account and the online sportsbook is the best way to know that your funds are in good hands.

While many people may have previous experience using PayPal to buy items from eBay, many are still completely new to the concept. After a high amount of research and experience with using the service, we feel well equipped to speak on the pros and cons of using the service for all your sports betting needs. Throughout this guide, we’ll show you how PayPal sportsbooks handle deposits and withdrawals, what types of bonuses you can expect, and most importantly the legal perspective of sports betting sites that use PayPal.

The Legality Of PayPal Sports Betting Sites

The legality of PayPal sports betting sites comes with a bit of an interesting story. PayPal was one of the first ewallet services to fill the needs of US sports bettors that were using online offshore sportsbooks. However, shortly after the company was bought out by eBay, PayPal was targeted by a federal investigation for processing payments to unregulated sports betting sites. They were forced to pay a fine of up to $10 million dollars in 2002 and after that PayPal ceased handling any transactions with offshore sites that accept U.S. players.

But, now that the federal landscape for US sports betting has changed, PayPal sports betting sites are alive and well. The many online and mobile sportsbook apps in New Jersey and Nevada all use PayPal as a means to accept deposits and handle withdrawals. PayPal will only handle sportsbook transactions for websites that are licensed and regulated in the territory of which they are operating. That is why Nevada and New Jersey are the main two states that have sports betting sites with PayPal.

How PayPal Sports Betting Sites Work

If you’re trying to figure out how PayPal sports betting sites work, you have to first sign up and make an account with PayPal. Doing so will require many of the basic bits of information you use for any online service. This means putting in your basic personal information such as name and address, as well as some sort of banking information in order to fund your account. You cannot use someone else’s account if you’re trying to deposit into your PayPal sportsbook. If you choose to use a credit or debit card to fund your PayPal account you will be charged 2.9%. While this may seem like an inconvenience, the added protection of your money is worth it.

In order to collect your winnings from a PayPal sports betting site, you will have to have made your deposit with PayPal. The methods in which you collect your earnings can be through an electronic check or a check by mail. PayPal even has a debit card that can be used at an ATM if you are trying to receive cash. Withdrawals can be a little slower than other competing ewallets, but the reputation of PayPal in the online payment industry speaks for itself.

Betting Markets + Wager Types At PayPal Sportsbooks

PayPal sportsbooks have all types of betting options. Because sportsbooks that use PayPal are mainly found in Nevada and New Jersey, you’ll be able to access moneyline, spreads, totals, futures, props, and other types of bets. The one betting market that you may not be able to find if you’re using a PayPal sports betting site in New Jersey are bets on NJ-based college sports teams or college sporting events taking place in NJ. That is not because of a rule instilled by PayPal, but rather it is one of the sports betting laws in that state. Sports betting sites with PayPal in other states don’t have to worry about this rule. Here are some of the common betting markets at PayPal sportsbooks:

Football Basketball Baseball
Hockey Soccer Tennis

Bonuses At PayPal Sportsbooks

Bonuses that are offered at PayPal sportsbooks are pretty similar across the board. If you live in New Jersey or have visited there you have most likely downloaded the DraftKings, FanDuel, or 888sport mobile sports wagering app. Each of these sports betting sites use PayPal. First-time users of DraftKings are eligible for a 50% deposit match bonus that’s worth up to $500 dollars. New sportsbook customers for FanDuel are also eligible for a $500 risk-free bet on the first wager they place on the site. The 888sport welcome bonus is almost identical to the one offered by DraftKings. Each of these promotions are based on sportsbook deposit bonuses and depositing to a PayPal sportsbook is extremely easy once you’ve made an account

Live Betting At PayPal Sports Betting Sites

Live betting at PayPal sports betting sites is arguably the most fun way to bet on sports. Period. Live betting, in general, allows you to place bets on events that are happening within a game as the game is playing out in real-time. Odds are updated constantly so you have to make quick and decisive choices for these betting lines. This also requires that you are able to make deposits into your account quickly. If you’re using a PayPal sports betting site then you will have this opportunity because payment processing through the service is instant and seamless. Be sure that your PayPal account is set up with your sports betting website before the big game just in case you need to make additional deposits while live bets are still up for grabs.

Customer Service At PayPal Sportsbooks

Of course, specific customer service options will depend on the PayPal sports betting site that you are using. You will most likely have the option to reach out by telephone, email, or live chat. Agents will be available to answer questions about your account, wagering options, banking inquiries, and just about any other issue that might arise. Of course, if its a concern related to your PayPal account specifically, reaching out to the company directly is also an option. Aside from the number listed below, there is also a web form in their Resolution Center. 

Telephone: 1 (888) 221-1161