Last updated on: March 28th, 2023

Legal Tennis Betting

Legal sports betting on tennis is a year-round activity that has become very popular for high-volume sports bettors. Billions of dollars are bet on tennis through legal sports betting sites every year, and there has been no indication that will change. Tennis odds will be available on all grand slams, but the best tennis betting sites will offer odds on all ATP, WTA, and ITF events as well. For legal betting on tennis, bettors can live bet on events, and place future wagers all from a mobile device.

Wimbledon and the US Open are two of the grand slam events, and are very popular for legal sports betting. For the men, Novak Djokovic has been dominating and has a total of 22 grand slam titles for singles in his career, and will be looking to expand that number in the future. In women’s tennis, Ashleigh Barty shocked the world by announcing retirement at 25 years old, leaving Iga Swiatek as the favorite for most of the upcoming tennis events. However, it should take some time for them to catch up to Serena Williams’ 23 Grand Slam titles.

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Bovada Sportsbook

$250 Tennis Betting Bonus

At Bovada, while you have tons of online tennis betting odds to take advantage of, they have some of the best bonuses as well. New users that are just signing up for an account have a chance to make up to $250 that they’ll match on your first deposit. Along with their bonuses, they have one of the easiest to use platforms in which you can log in and place your bets in seconds from anywhere you are.

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BetOnline Sportsbook

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BetOnline is one of the most crypto-friendly online sportsbooks on the market with 17 different cryptos that you can choose to deposit and withdrawal with. The best part about this is that they make it extremely easy to do so as well as you can link your crypto wallet directly to BetOnline and move funds within seconds. You can also bet on all of the tennis majors way in advance as they are available all year round.

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MyBookie Sportsbook

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Using MyBookie comes with one of the best tennis betting bonuses that you could ask for as they’ll match your first deposit by up to $1,000. That goes for all deposit methods that they accept as well. Tennis betting doesn’t have to be just futures odds with MyBookie either though. They have tons of tennis prop bets and gamelines as well. Some of which you can only find on MyBookie.

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Is It Legal To Wager On Tennis In The US?

It is indeed legal to wager on tennis matches in the US. All US residents have access to tennis odds either via local physical sportsbooks or legal online sportsbooks. Online sportsbooks are the more prevalent options across the country. Fans can wager on tennis legally at top-rated legal sports betting sites and find odds on all major tennis matches. These sites are completely legal, safe, and host some of the best odds on the market for tennis betting. There is no legal barrier preventing tennis fans from placing action on events like the US Open, Wimbledon, and the French Open.

Betting on the Grand Slam Tennis Majors

The biggest betting events in tennis every year are the Grand Slams. Each of the Grand Slams brings the best players from around the world together, just as is does tennis bettors. Legal online tennis sportsbooks will offer futures odds well in advance, some even a year out. Odds to win the tournament are available after each match, with other future player props available for how far they will get. Tennis bettors will also get individual match odds for each of the grand slams in the form of moneyline bets, total sets, live betting, spreads, and many more special bets. Odds frequently change before and during the tournament, so it is always best to get in early before potential payouts shrink.

The following four tournaments comprise the tennis majors, or the Grand Slam events:

Land-Based vs. Offshore Tennis Betting

The main difference between state regulated sportsbooks and internationally licensed sportsbooks, is the way that they are regulated, not the betting types that they offer. For the most part, these legal sports betting venues offer extremely similar wagers, with similar odds for Tennis events. Both will have odds for every match during the US Open, and all other grand slam events. However, states with locally regulated books, can offer land-based sports betting for tennis, but usually have more restrictions fit betting types. The legal age for betting on tennis does not depend on the sportsbook type, but the specific law in the state that somebody is betting from.

State Regulated Books

  • These books offer land-based options
  • Players can download sportsbook apps
  • No cryptocurrencies accepted for deposits and withdrawals
  • Available in 30 plus states

Internationally Regulated Books

  • Offers cryptocurrencies for deposit and withdrawals methods
  • Websites can be used on mobile devices
  • Odds offered for tennis tournaments all over the world
  • Available in all 50 states

Shopping Lines At Legal Tennis Betting Sites

Shopping lines is critical for sports bettors who want to maximize their bankrolls, and it’s the best immediate advantage you can get, regardless of the skill level of individual bettors. Bettors benefit from having some money deposited into each of their different accounts so that bets can be placed instantly, as soon as favorable odds are posted. If a particular book has Aryana Sabalenka as a +200 underdog against Iga Swiatek during the Women’s US Open, a different book could have the odds set as +275. If you’re going to bet on Sabalenka to upset Swiatek, you might as go with the latter book, which pays out almost twice as much for the same exact wager.

Bovada March Madness Betting

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Betting On The US Open

The 2022 U.S. Open came to a close with Carlos Alcaraz (+550) and Iga Swiatek (+425) coming out on top. This marks a career achievement for both of them as it is each of their first U.S. Open wins. Alcaraz opened at +550 and saw his odds shorten every round after that until he went into the final with -220 odds. Similarly, Swiatek saw her +425 odds shorten every round as well and was a -180 favorite in the final.

How To Bet On Wimbledon

Arguably the most prestigious Grand Slam, Wimbledon attracts the best players and tennis gamblers from around the world. Tennis sportsbooks offer odds year-round, while also offering a wide variety of betting options on individual matches once the tournament starts. 2021 was a great year for betting on the favorites, as Ashleigh Barty (+650) and Novak Djokovic (-135) both came in with the shortest odds and would go on to win. Djokovic won the Men’s Singles once again as the favorite in 2022, with -120 pre-tournaments odds. However, the women’s finals was won by Elena Rybakia with +1600 pre-tournament odds.

How To Bet On The French Open

The 2022 French Open came to a close with Rafael Nadal coming out on top for his 14th French Open championship since 2005. His +400 opening odds were also his longest opening French Open odds of his career. His odds even reached as high as +450 in the quarterfinals which were also his longest odds in the tournament as a whole in his career. If you were to bet $100 on Nadal to win the French Open in every round, you would have profited a total of $1,918.

Betting On The Australian Open

Novak Djokovic, once again was crowned the winner of the Australian Open and dominated as the favorite to win from start to finish with -120 opening odds. This is now his tenth Aussie Open championship in his career since 2008. It is also the third time that he’s won with opening odds under +100. In the women’s tournament, Aryana Sabalenka won her first Australian Open after going in with +700 odds. Those were her shortest opened Australian Open odds in her career and she capitalized on them.

FanDuel Sportsbook

How To Bet On Tennis Matches

Betting on tennis is a similar process to wagering on most other sports. However, there are a few different specifics to be aware of, and these apply to sportsbooks at both land-based and offshore venues. These specifics are largely semantic and have direct analogs to other sports, but if you’re going to wager, knowing the right lingo is always a benefit. The following five tennis wager types are the most common that you’re likely to come across, but they’re by no means the only betting varieties out there. When it comes to tennis betting, the sky really is the limit.

Other Betting Tennis Betting Types

When it comes to specific matches, legal sportsbooks typically have specific prop bets that can be wagered on, that allow bettors to have a unique betting experience, on a classic sport. Instead of simply wagering on the winner of a match, bettors can wager on exactly how that victory will unfold, resulting in longer odds, and higher potential payouts.

  • Number Of Sets Played
  • Set Correct Score
  • Total Games Over/Under
  • Any Set To Nil in A Match


Outright betting is just what it sounds like: You pick the player you think is going to win the tournament. That’s all there is to it. Because of the simplicity of outright tennis betting, it is the most popular wager in the sport.


Match betting in tennis is also pretty self-explanatory. Here, you are betting on the winner of a single contest within a tournament. After outright betting, match betting is a particular favorite amongst tennis bettors.


Handicap tennis betting is what you’d recognize as spread betting in other sports. With this type of wager, you’re usually going to pick a player to win a match by a certain number of games or sets. Most of the time, handicap bets in tennis are based on set differential rather than game differential.


This is a classic bet type in all sports. In tennis, the over/under (aka totals bet) requires you to wager on whether a match will go over or under a certain number of total games or sets.

Correct Score

Correct score betting simply asks you to pick the exact game or set score that will be posted by the players in a given match. If you pick Player A to win a set 6 games to 2, you can place that wager. These are hard to hit, so the payouts are always high if you do.

Prop Bets

Propositional bets, or prop bets, are bets that deal with certain events that occur in a tennis match separate from the winning outcome. In tennis, these can be things like the number of winners, aces, or unforced errors a player commits during a match.

Mobile Tennis Betting Apps

Mobile tennis betting apps can be accessed in all 50 states no matter if the state you are in offers regulated sports betting or not. You can bet on all of the tennis majors right and any other tennis tournament that comes to mind. Licensed online sportsbooks do not offer downloadable mobile betting apps, but as long as you can access the site from your web browser, you are free to bet on any tennis match.​

Live Betting On Tennis

Live betting is available for most tennis matches, regardless of where you bet. Live in-game betting on tennis is different because it allows you to wager on the games, sets, and matches in real-time as each is playing out. For tennis live betting, odds are updated constantly – in between games, points, and even rallys. In just a few seconds, the tennis odds can change. There are benefit with live betting. If your pick falls behind early, earn longer, more valuable odds for the inevitable victory.

Legal Tennis Betting FAQs

Does Every Sportsbook Offer ATP and WTA Tennis Betting Odds?

Yes, all of the sportsbooks on this page offer odds on both ATP and WTA tournaments. There are several odds that you could find on each of these sites such as futures, game lines, player props, and match props for you to choose from.

What Is The Easiest Way To Win Betting On Tennis?

While tennis betting can be noted as easy, there is never an exact science for winning. Some bettors like to take certain prop bets such as who will win a certain game during the match. With strong servers, this is almost easy money, but the reward comes with a high risk due to their dominant performance. Other bettors attempt to wager on the spread similar to what one would find on an NFL or NBA game. Whether betting the game spread or set spread, there always seen to be a few options that are safer than others. The best way to make money betting on tennis is to stay tuned in to the line changes before and during a match.

When Are The Grand Slam Futures Odds For Tennis Released?

Betting odds on the tennis Grand Slams are released well before the tournament begins. When the odds for the Australian Open or French Open are released, bettors are given plenty of time to get their wagers in. As the season progresses, these odds will constantly change in reference to a player’s performance, injury status, or general media outlook. However, the best time to bet on Wimbledon, the US Open, or any other Grand Slam event is just before the draw is released. While the risk is higher that your player will be in a tough part of the bracket, it also locks in some of your wagers before the opposite occurs as well.