Legal Florida Sports Betting

Florida moved one step closer in 2021 to state-regulated sports betting when Senator Jeff Brandes (R St. Petersburg) pre-filed Senate Bill 392, which seeks to “authorizing certain persons to place wagers on a sports event under certain circumstances”. Under the bill, the Department of the Lottery would set the rules for legal Florida sports betting and handle licensing for all of the state operators. This is a huge development given the current landscape of gambling in the Sunshine State and the views of 21.5 million people that live here. In the 2018 mid-term election Florida voters passed Amendment 3 by a substantial margin with almost 65% of the vote. Voters now control any future implementation of sports wagering by requiring a 60% majority approval to pass.

The amount of money that legal sports betting in Florida could generate has finally caught the eye of lawmakers, as states like Pennsylvania pulled in over $37,000,000 in tax revenue from sports betting in their first half-year of operations alone. Boasting the 4th largest state economy with a GDP over $1.1 trillion and attracting over 131 million visitors in 2019, the potential sports betting tax revenue in Florida is extremely high.

Until regulated books open in Florida residents have two options to place a legal wager. Travel to one of the many regulated states offering sports betting or use regulated and licensed online sportsbooks and mobile betting apps with odds on your favorite teams.

Florida Sports Betting And Gambling Laws

Many folks who have tried to research the topic know that finding specific Florida sports betting laws can be exhausting. Most of the state’s gambling laws can be found within the Florida Statute Title XLVI Chapter 849. This Statute covers aspects such as, which kind of gambling devices are permitted and who can use them, rules concerning the lottery, cardrooms and more.

If you’re curious about the laws regarding pari-mutual wagering and horse racing, those can be found in Title XXXIII Chapter 550. This statute even extends to include rules regarding the sport Jai Alai. However, it still does not include specific provisions for gambling on traditional sports. As a matter of a fact, with the passing of Amendment 3 back in November of 2018, it could take even longer for a bill to pass that would change that fact.


Bovada Sportsbook

Top Flight Florida Sportsbook

Florida’s many bettors don’t have state-sanctioned sportsbooks available to them, but luckily Bovada is here to fulfill their legal sports betting needs. Bovada’s website is well designed and easily accessible to bettors in Florida, and provides all sorts of intriguing odds and lines on events both upcoming and far away. You can wager on March Madness or the Masked Singer – whatever you want to put money on, Bovada has odds on it. In addition, they have a mobile-friendly website that also offers live betting, which can be very useful to those who wish to wager on the go. Make sure to check them out when you’re looking for a place to legally wager in Florida

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  • Exclusive player props
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Mobile friendly
  • Efficient payouts

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BetOnline Sportsbook

Florida’s Best Legal Betting Odds

BetOnline is a great legal sportsbook in Florida, which is good news considering that they don’t have a lot of other options. BetOnline is the best sportsbook at living up to its name and letting people place bets online. You can place nearly any wager at BetOnline, and browsing their website is just like looking at a sportsbook wager sheet with an enormous volume of odds and lines on it. BetOnline offers action on events that other sportsbooks wouldn’t even touch, and they take all action, so you know you’re in good hands. Make sure to check out their mobile and live betting offerings as well, so you can place wagers on the go on games that are in progress.

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  • Elite live betting suite
  • Stable connection

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MyBookie Sportsbook

Live Betting In The Sunshine State

Since Florida does not yet have any sportsbooks of its own, bettors are constantly trying to find out the best place to make their wagers. MyBookie has been a consistent and reliable provider for bettors looking for a legal online destination to bet on any event, from March Madness to Major League Baseball. MyBookie offers great mobile betting options, which can be paired with their live betting options so that you can wager on in progress games no matter where you are. They’re known for good prop betting, but they’re a great sportsbook across the board, so you can rely on them for good odds no matter the subject of your wager.

Ratings: 5 Star Rating

  • Premium live betting
  • Full mobile betting
  • Speedy withdrawal times
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XBet Sportsbook

Excellent Florida Sports Betting

XBet’s sportsbook is a great legal option for sports bettors in the great state of Florida, which means that it sees significant traffic. Florida is one of the most populous states in the country, and has no state-sanctioned sportsbooks, which means that wagerers often turn to the legal online sportsbooks to place their bets. With March Madness coming up, XBet is a great option for any Florida bettor. You can use their mobile betting section in order to place wagers on your phone, and their live betting section in order to place wagers on games in progress. Overall, they offer a ton of odds and a lot of great ways to bet.

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SportsBetting Sportsbook

Stellar Legal Florida Sportsbook

SportsBetting’s sportsbook provides Florida bettors with a safe and legal place for wagering on sports. As Florida does not sanction any sports betting, bettors are often forced to use sportsbooks like SportsBetting if they want to wager. Luckily for them, SportsBetting is one of the best options around. Their odds are competitive with any sportsbook on the planet, and they offer a bunch of different ways to wager, from prop and straight bets to teasers and pleasers to parlays and more. You can even use their website on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets when wagering.

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Florida Sports Betting Outlook For 2021

The 2021 session in the Florida Legislature runs from March 2 to April 30 and a number of bills have been filed with the state to be heard in front of lawmakers to legalize sports betting for Floridians. Gambling on sporting events is a daily occurrence in the Sunshine State with millions upon millions wagered using mobile sportsbooks every year. The Legislature is aware of this which is probably why so many different legislative measures are being drawn up for the industry’s legalization.

Senate Bill 392 would have the Florida Lottery offer sports betting at retailers across the state.Governor Ron DeSantis is advocating for a legal sports wagering market in the Sunshine State because every day without having one is money left on the table that the economy of Florida could benefit from while also giving sports bettors a world of consumer safeties in the process.

House Bill 1317,  House Bill 1321, and House Bill 1319 are a packaged deal of bills to make sports betting legal. House Bill 1317 is the main bill of the three that would legalize retail and mobile sportsbooks for collegiate and professional sports at Tribal locations as well as professional sporting venues and a few other areas statewide. Mobile sportsbooks would be accessible for use throughout the state under this bill.

House Bill 1321 and House Bill 1319 have to deal with the fees and licensing structure of the market for FL HB 1321 while FL HB 1319 will deal with the taxes and how the revenue will be used should House Bill 1317 receive passage. There are no scheduled dates for hearings for any of these proposals as the session will not begin until March, however, due to it being a two month session in 2021, lawmakers will need to act quickly regarding legal sports betting legislation in Florida.

What Teams Can I Bet On?

Florida is one of the few states in the country with the luxury of having the amount of professional and collegiate teams that they do. From Miami all the way to Tallahassee, championships won on all levels are recognized not only in the state but throughout the country. Online offshore sportsbooks let those diehard fans bet for real money​ on all these teams and more. Many people who live in Florida aren’t originally from there and still cheer for their original home team, but sites like Bovada, SportsBetting, and BetOnline allow users to bet on them while still enjoying the Florida weather. But, even they can admit that placing wagers on Florida sports franchises can be just as lucrative which is why we’ve provided the most popular sports organizations FL residents choose to cash in on.

Popular Florida Teams

Miami Dolphins (NFL) Tampa Bay Bucs (NFL) Orlando Magic (NBA)
Miami Heat (NBA) Tampa Bay Rays (MLB) Miami Marlins (MLB)
Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL) Florida State Seminoles (NCAA) Florida Gators (NCAA)
Miami Hurricanes (NCAA)

Betting On The 2021 NFL Season In Florida

Those betting on the NFL in Florida this 2021 season have been able to cash in on their home team’s victories. Florida has three NFL teams here that are very big in their cities so having bettors here is guaranteed and there is a lot of them here. With the season still going even with the pandemic, most players will still place big bets on these games and there are always ways that they can bet on their favorite teams. Teams like the Miami Dolphins and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made huge moves moving forward this season and look to have a good ending to their season. While the Jacksonville Jaguars are still figuring things out, bettors can still find odds on legal sites like Bovada or BetOnline. The odds will be there for players to choose from and these online sportsbooks will have the best odds for all players. Online sportsbooks have mobile betting and live betting for all Florida fans so there will be many money options during the NFL season.

Now that the season has ended and postseason has begun, these same offshore internet sportsbooks offer Floridians ways to gamble on Super Bowl 55. There will be a number of bets up for the game and these platforms are 100% legal to use in the Sunshine State.

Is There Anywhere In Florida That I Can I Bet On Sports?

As stated before, there are no physical locations within the state that offer legal Florida sports betting. However, there are two alternative options that are quite popular with sports fans. The first being Victory Casino Cruises, which is located in Cape Canaveral, Florida. This ship has the ability to take you just a few miles off the coast into international waters, where US sports betting laws have no jurisdiction and offer you odds for all your favorite sports, as well as other gambling ventures like table games.

The second option is to use online offshore sportsbooks. While the internet is flooded with these types of sites, the ones we recommend are Bovada, SportsBetting, and BetOnline. All of their sportsbooks provide all the most popular wagering types, have proven to pay out, and have served American players for well over a decade. They also provide great bonuses all year round.

Florida Sports Betting Options

  • Physical Sportsbooks
  • Victory Casino Cruise

Where’s The Closest Place To Me To Bet?

The best place to bet on sports in Florida is honestly where ever you are. Thanks to online sportsbooks, you can bet on sports from anywhere in the Sunshine State. Florida does not have any land-based sports betting locales, but thanks to mobile sports betting, you do not need to travel anywhere to bet on sports. You will find the same full-service sports betting available at online sportsbooks that you would find at a physical operator. if you truly are looking for a physical place to bet on sports in Florida, then look for the casino cruise at Cape Canaveral. Here you can bet on sports in the middle of the sea.

Potential Florida Cities With Sportsbooks

  • Miami
  • Tampa
  • Hollywood
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Coconut Creek

Nearby Cities With Sportsbooks

  • Tunica, Mississippi
  • Biloxi, Mississippi
  • Bay St Louis, Mississippi

Mobile Sports Betting In Florida

Mobile sports betting in Florida has not yet been legalized by the state. There has been progress within the legislation that points to signs of hope where the pastime could become legal in the future. However, this does not mean Floridians are without options when it comes to finding legal mobile sports betting platforms. These outlets will not be state-affiliated but their location does not make them any less legal to use. Offshore internet sportsbooks are legal nationwide for sports bettors to use. These sites have some of the best odds and matches that span the globe. Signing up is easy, free, and, of course, completely legal. While the sports betting sites allow for 18-year-old members to participate in sports betting, Florida may be a state where they require you to be at least 21 years of age. Check state laws to see if sports betting via the internet and mobile applications requires gamblers to be 18 or 21 and then abide by the age requirement of the state.

Florida Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Florida mobile sports betting applications are currently non-existent. While legislators strive to make this a reality, offshore sports wagering websites accept players from the Sunshine State. These sports betting websites are licensed and regulated by the countries where they do business, making them completely safe to use. They offer a wide variety of sports and matches and general wagers of all kinds allowing for everyone to have something to bet on. Some of the top, most popular sites include Bovada, BetOnline, BetDSI, and Bookmaker. Each of these sportsbooks come highly recommended by their countless users. They are all legal and have everything a sports bettor could ask for. Their mobile betting applications make wagering extremely convenient because members can essentially bet 24/7 from wherever they are as long as they have internet access. And the promotions you will find with offshore sportsbooks are better than any promotions that a land-based facility would offer their customers.

Horse Racing Betting In Florida

Horse race betting is past time loved by many in the state. While the coastal cities usually have more traditional sports fans, those in the more rural area of the state know just how profitable horse racing can be. Places like Ocala, FL, are known in the industry for providing some of the greatest amounts of thoroughbred horses in America. Although, to see the best ones in action you’ll either have to travel to Miami, Hallandale, or Oldsmar.

Residents will also be happy to know that pari-mutuel wagering is allowed for harness racing, quarter horse racing, and of course thoroughbred racing. People that want to place their wagers can do so both at the track and online. Websites like Bovada, SportsBetting, and BetOnline come fully equipped with top-notch racebooks and even provide sports betting bonuses for first-time users.

Daily Fantasy Sports In Florida

State lawmakers have been trying to regulate Daily Fantasy sports for years now with no luck. The last bill that was filed to do so was FL S 374 which ultimately died on calendar and was indefinitely postponed from consideration. The biggest reason why is because Native American Casino owners claim that it would violate their pact, and because they provide so much tax revenue, state officials don’t want to jeopardize that relationship.

Even so, the top two DFS operators in the country have chosen to accept FL residents and operate unregulated. Draftkings and Fanduel provide folks in the Sunshine State the ability to engage in DFS and have proven in recent years to be a fun, safe, and alternate method to reach legal Florida sports betting.

Legal Florida Sports Betting FAQ’s

Can I Bet Real Money On Sports In Florida?

Yes, real money sports betting in Florida can be done with sports wagering websites like BetOnline, Bovada, MyBookie, SportsBetting, and XBet.

Is Online Sports Betting Safe In Florida?

Yes, online sports betting is safe in Florida when using a licensed and regulated operator. Websites like Bovada and others go above and beyond to provide a secure environment for Florida sports bettors to gamble on sporting events.

Will Sports Betting In Florida Ever Be Legal?

Florida inches closer and closer to a legal sports wagering industry with each year that bills are proposed in the legislature. Without knowing when it’s only a matter of time before the Sunshine State gets their own legalized sports betting market through one of the pieces of legislation that wish to make it so. In 2021, strides are being made to make legal Florida sports betting a reality.

Will I Get Arrested For Sports Betting In Florida?

No, there will be no arrests for betting on sports in Florida if using the proper legal channels to do so. International online sportsbooks are legal and therefore users cannot be arrested.

What Is The Sports Betting Age In Florida?

There has been some discrepancy as to what the legal age for betting on sports in Florida would be because to play the lottery, customers only need to be 18 but to enter a casino, patrons have to be 21+. To be cautious, it’s probably best to wait until you are 21+ before joining an offshore sportsbook in Florida.

Where Are The Best Places To Bet On Sports In Florida?

The best places to bet on sports in Florida are through online sportsbooks like the ones suggested on this page. There are zero legal retail sportsbooks in Florida at the state’s casinos nor are there state-sanctioned mobile sports wagering applications.

Is It Legal To Bet On Sports With My Friends In Florida?

Yes, there are no laws that state friends cannot bet with one another on sports. This is the definition of what is known as the ”friendly wager” which is legal in Florida.