Legal Delaware Sports Betting

Legal Delaware Sports BettingLegal Delaware sports betting used to be limited to lottery-style NFL parlays, as this was the extent of the state’s exemption from the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA, 1992). However, now that PASPA is officially eliminated and all states are allowed to establish their own rules and regulations for legal sports betting, Delaware finally offers full-service (aka single-game) sports wagering to residents and visitors. In fact, even though it was New Jersey that led the successful Supreme Court challenge against PASPA, it was Delaware that – on June 5, 2018 – became the first state post-PASPA to offer a full menu of sports betting to its residents and visitors, beating out NJ by 11 days.

That is to say that, outside of Nevada, the First State was the first state to offer legal land-based sports betting. And while it certainly won’t be the last, as legal Delaware sports betting has set a strong precedent for all other states looking to get in on this lucrative industry. Indeed, DE’s model of using their own state lottery agency to oversee and regulate sports wagering without any further congressional action or legislative assistance is a strategy that many other states may be able to use going forward.

Is Land Based Sports Betting Legal In Delaware?

Delaware is one of the growing number of states where land-based sports betting is legal. There are three physical venues in the state that offer sports wagering services, and these should be extended to their online counterparts in due time, thereby expanding the reach of legal Delaware sports betting. Perhaps in the future, DE will open more brick-and-mortar gambling venues for the estimated 150,000-plus sports bettors in the state, but for the time being, state law limits these options to existing gaming facilities.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Delaware?

Though online gambling is legal in Delaware, legal online sports betting has not yet launched in the state. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before it does so, given the dramatically increased number of bettors (and thus the dramatically increased revenue for the state) that online betting would generate. However, there is no concrete timeline for when this is expected to happen.

In the meantime, offshore legal sports betting sites and mobile betting apps for Delaware residents are free and safe to use. These trustworthy sites are regulated overseas and are licensed to accept players from the US. You can use these sites for legal Delaware sports betting and know that you are in a safe betting environment. Almost all the best offshore sportsbooks accept DE residents as customers, and with these services, you can always shop lines conveniently and easily, picking only the wagers that offer the best value every time.

Can I Legally Bet On The NFL In Delaware?

Delaware has regulated sports betting written in their current laws. This means you are very much allowed to bet on any major sports, including the NFL, with no issues. You will find NFL betting lines at any of the major land-based sportsbooks like the Dover, Harrington, and Wilmington. If you do not wish to travel to bet on the NFL, then you are also in luck as online sportsbooks offer some of the biggest sports betting opportunities available. You will find betting lines for every team and major players throughout the season, as well as prop bets for stats and the ability to pool several wagers into a parlay. Betting on the NFL in Delaware is easily accessible.

NFL Betting In Delaware

NFL betting in Delaware is a very popular activity thanks to the legal online offshore sportsbooks available to residents statewide. Some of the very best odds and wagers can be found on websites like BetOnline, MyBookie, SportsBetting, and XBET, which are all sites that are open to residents of Delaware. Gambling on the 2021 Super Bowl in Delaware can be done using one of these platforms as they’re filled with endless betting opportunities for the big game from the straight-up bet to limitless live in-game wagers and prop bets. There is nothing to be missed and everything to be gained when gambling on the NFL in Delaware using one of these operators. This is especially the case when betting on all of the action for Super Bowl 55.

Delaware Sports Betting Revenue and Taxes

Delaware was an early adopter of sports betting after the repeal of PASPA, opening its first sportsbooks in June 2018. Despite all the time Delaware has had to get ahead of the competition, the combination of a small population and exorbitantly high tax rates for sports betting operators have limited avenues for growth. Still, sports betting has undoubtedly been a boon for the state despite its limited scale. In 2019, Delaware handled $102 million in bets, earned $12.5 million in revenue and collected $6.2 million in taxes. With Massachusetts about to pass its own bill legalizing sports betting, Delaware could lose a key market demographic in the near future—out-of-state New Englanders who can’t place bets in their home state.

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SportsBetting Sportsbook

SportsBetting – Skip The Lines At Racetracks, Bet On Sports Online

Even though sports betting in Delaware can be found in the state’s racetracks, those venues don’t have an online presence. For the most convenient way to bet on sports in Delaware, SportsBetting is the answer. Not only are they able to serve up odds on their regular site, but they are also mobile-optimized so you can get the app feel by visiting them from your mobile browser. Best of all, you can travel outside of Delaware and still have access to your funds. If you don’t feel like making the drive to a racetrack you don’t have to. Check out SportsBetting in Delaware to see why so many others have already joined.

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BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline – Best Odds At Delaware Sportsbooks

BetOnline is perhaps the best sportsbook available to Delaware’s bettors. Delaware has some interesting laws regarding online sports betting, but that hasn’t stopped BetOnline, which is one of the best global sports betting websites around. BetOnline provides all the odds you can shake a stick at, from moneylines and parlays to futures bets and spreads. If you want to bet on the NFL, you can do that. If you want to bet on esports, you can do that too. Whatever you want to bet on, BetOnline is the hookup.

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MyBookie Sportsbook

MyBookie – Delaware’s Most Efficient Online Sportsbook

Since Delaware was one of the first states to get in on the sports betting wave, there are plenty of options throughout the First State for those looking to place wagers. However, those looking to bet from home, on their phones, or just get some better odds should check out what is available at MyBookie. MyBookie is one of the premier online international sportsbooks that has been serving Delaware residents for years. At MyBookie, you will find game lines, futures bets, player props, parlays, teasers, and so much more right at your fingertips. MyBookie also has some of the most competitive lines available, with odds updated every day for all the biggest games. Next time you are looking for a place to bet in Delaware, be sure to visit MyBookie to see what they have to offer.

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Xbet Sportsbook

XBet – Top Of the Charts, XBet Is For Delaware Players

Clearly, there are no better online sportsbooks than XBet. This sportsbook here has one of the best odds for all sporting events and they change for the better often. There are live betting options which means you can place your bets on specific parts of the game and still win big. Along with a live betting feature is the mobile betting feature that lets players get on their phone and place their bets as well. Most of the time players may be out somewhere and if that’s the case as long as you have your phone, your account is on your hip. There are refer bonuses that help both new players and current account holders as well.

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Where To Bet On Sports In Delaware

There are more than 100 places to bet on sports in Delaware. This is because the state offers their sports lottery at sportsbooks and numerous retail locations. Chances are, no matter which city you reside in, you will be able to bet on the Washington Redskins or the Baltimore Ravens (or any other team of your choice). You will find all of the current Delaware Sports Lottery locations here.

However, if it’s full-service sports betting you’re interested in, that is limited to only three DE locations: Delaware Park Racetrack, Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, and Harrington Raceway & Casino. It is conceivable that the Delaware Lottery – which runs the sportsbooks at these locales – will expand their offerings to everywhere that standard lottery tickets are sold, but this will likely take some time before going live, if it ever happens at all.

Where’s The Closest Place To Me To Bet?

Delaware is not one of the largest sports betting states, which means that you will most likely be able to find a place to bet nearby. All three of the full sports betting venues are located at DE racetracks, and they’re all one-stop-shops, meaning they provide horse racing betting, sports betting, and casino gaming. While the easiest way to bet will always be via your phone or computer with an international online sportsbook, some people prefer the brick-and-mortar betting experience. In-person betting is great in Delaware because of the condensed nature of the state. No matter where you live, you are no more than an hour away from your nearest Delaware sportsbook. Here are the currently operating Delaware casino sportsbooks:

Dover Delaware Sportsbooks

Race and Sports Book at Dover Downs Hotel & Casino

The Race and Sports Book at Dover Downs is an intimate experience, not yet fleshed out with all the amenities of larger casino sportsbooks. Thankfully, it is conveniently located in Delaware’s capital and features live harness racing at its racetrack.

Harrington Delaware Sportsbooks

Race and Sports Book at Murphy’s Harington Casino

Murphy’s Harrington Casino’s calling card is its state-of-the-art simulcast racing parlor. It also offers a full complement of betting options for professional sporting events all over the world and out-of-state college football and basketball games.

Wilmington Delaware Sportsbooks

Casino at Delaware Park Sportsbook

The Casino at Delaware Park is Delaware’s largest sports betting operator, offering full, Las Vegas-style sports betting with helpful tutorials for new players. It is also only an hour away from Baltimore, making it an excellent destination for Orioles and Ravens fans. 

Delaware Sports Betting And Gambling Laws

The Delaware sports betting laws clearly define what types of betting are permitted in the state. Article 2, § 17 et seq. of the Delaware Constitution permits lotteries, pari-mutuel wagering, and games of bingo in the state. Under the constitution, licensed racetracks are authorized to allow simulcasts of horse races.

Title 29 Chapter 48 of the Delaware Code further outlines lotteries in the state and specifically lays the framework for the sports lottery. Under the auspices of the now-overturned PASPA, DE was one of the states allowed by federal law to offer limited lottery-style sports betting. The Delaware State Lottery governed the limited NFL parlays that were permitted in the state, and it still serves this function to this day, despite finally being allowed to offer single-game sports wagering as well.

The Delaware Gambling Competitiveness Act of 2012 brought legalized Internet poker and casino games to Delaware. The law serves as an amendment to Titles 4 and 29 of the Delaware Code as they relate to state lotteries. The Act includes the application, operational, and consumer safety requirements of Internet gaming operators wishing to enter the state.

You will not find a specific law relating to full-service, single-game sports betting on the DE books, as the state determined that, with PASPA overturned, its Delaware Lottery agency already had the authority to implement and regulate sports wagering of all kinds. Thus, no legislative action was required to launch legal Delaware sports betting, allowing it to go live almost immediately after PASPA’s elimination.

What Teams Can I Bet On In Delaware?

Due to Delaware being in such close proximity to Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C., residents tend to share their fandom with these states. DE is one of 24 states without a professional sports team, which means you won’t necessarily be rooting for the home team. On a collegiate level, there is a local favorite, as the state’s homers tend to be diehard fans of the Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens.

One of the best aspects of using an online sportsbook is that they offer betting lines on just about every team imaginable. Though you have your options open when it comes to both professional and collegiate sports, here are some of the teams that Delaware residents bet on the most:


Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens (University of Delaware) Delaware State Hornets (Delaware State University) Maryland Terrapins (University of Maryland)


Washington Redskins (NFL) Philadelphia Eagles (NFL) Baltimore Ravens (NFL)
Washington Nationals (MLB) Philadelphia Phillies (MLB) Baltimore Orioles (MLB)
Washington Wizards (NBA) Philadelphia 76ers (NBA) Washington Capitals (NHL)
Philadelphia Flyers (NHL)    

Horse Racing Betting In Delaware

Horse racing betting in Delaware has been a staple in the state for quite some time. Pari-mutuel wagering was legalized in 1936 with the opening of Delaware Park. There are three different racetracks in the state: Delaware Park, Harrington Raceway, and Dover Downs. All three of these venues offer both live and simulcast racing.

Horse enthusiasts can also use online racebooks to bet on the ponies. With online racebooks, you can place the same types of horse bets that you would at the track. The difference is that you will have access to races all over the world, and you can get additional bonuses for using the horse racing betting site’s services. Other perks such as horse racing results, live horse streams, and daily rebates make online racebooks popular amongst horse bettors. Best of all, these racebooks are all located at the top offshore sports betting sites, so you only need a single membership to enjoy all the horseplay, casino gaming, and sports wagering you can handle!

Daily Fantasy Sports In Delaware

The legality of daily fantasy sports in Delaware has changed over the years. While the Delaware Department of Justice had at one point declared DFS to not be allowed in the state, lawmakers have worked to change this. On July 26th, 2017, Gov. John Carney signed DE HB 249 into law, which legalized daily fantasy sports in Delaware. The bill served as an amendment to Title 29 of the Delaware Code, permitting the regulation of DFS. Now, DE residents can play daily fantasy contests at the top DFS sites, including DraftKings and FanDuel.

Legal Sports Betting in Delaware – Outlook for 2021

Delaware has retail sportsbooks opened and that’s not expected to change. What is expected to change is the launch of their legal mobile sports betting platforms in 2021. Up until now, the roll-out of mobile sports wagering was seen as too much of an expense to the state despite it being a legal activity within the law. The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed the thinking of those in charge of sports betting in Delaware as now that expense seems to dim in comparison to the amount of money that was lost when retail locations had to close and no money was made for the industry during the pandemic. Revenue could have still been coming in if mobile and internet platforms for gambling on sports matchups were setup. The launch of online and mobile sportsbooks in Delaware is expected to happen in 2021 making the legal sports betting market in the state that much bigger.

BetOnline: Perfect Home for Delaware Sports Betting

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Sports bettors in Delaware will find BetOnline to be one of the best options for sports betting in the state. BetOnline hosts a slew of betting lines and odds for a wide variety of sports. From popular sports like football, basketball, and baseball to others like rugby, E-sports, tennis and much more. BetOnline has betting lines for almost every major sporting event keeping sports bettors busy throughout the year. The online sportsbook also hosts a bevy of bonuses for sports bettors to benefit from. For starters, BetOnline offers a welcome bonus that matches for first deposit by 50% up to $1,000. When creating an account, simply use promo code BOL1000 and you will get free money added to your betting wallets. For some of the best Delaware sports betting, log onto BetOnline.

XBet: Mobile Betting Made Easy

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Delaware residents looking for a sportsbook with a variety of payment and withdrawal methods will find XBet is one of the best places to do so. XBet accepts BitCoin, Master Card, Visa and allows for fast payouts. With XBet, you can collect your winnings as early as hours after withdrawing. XBet also offers some of the best bonuses for Delaware residents. When signing up, XBet will offer up to $300 on top of the original deposit, matching patrons 100%. Simply use promo code XB100 and you are well on your way to getting free money. This money can be used to wager on more betting lines or increase the lines you are already betting on. Sports bettors in Delaware will find no shortage of options when using XBet.

MyBookie: Popular Staple In Delaware

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MyBookie is one of the most popular online betting operators in Delaware, offering some of the best lines for sports bettors in the state. MyBookie is home to odds for a wide array of sporting events, including the Super Bowl and March Madness. With the variety of sports available at MyBookie, patrons will be able to continue betting throughout the week. Bonuses at my bookie is also a reason why Delaware sports bettors tend to choose MyBookie as a go-to mobile sportsbook. MyBookie offers a Welcome Bonus to all first-time patrons. This promotion gives sports bettors a 100% match bonus up to $1,000. Simply use the promo code MYB100 on the cashiers upon your first deposit.

Legal Delaware Sports Betting FAQs

Can I Bet Real Money On Sports In Delaware?

You can bet real money on sports in Delaware at any casino sportsbook or online sports betting site. The minimum and maximum wager requirements will vary depending on the sportsbook that you use. At land-based sportsbooks in DE, you can start betting real money on sports with a minimum wager of $2. Real money online sportsbooks have minimums as low as $0.50 with maximums of well over $5,000. Whether you are a casual bettor or a high roller, there are real money sports betting options in DE.

Is Online Sports Betting Safe In Delaware?

Online sports betting is completely safe in Delaware when using legitimate sites. With so many online sportsbooks to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start placing bets. Always use an offshore sports betting operator that is licensed to accept US players. You can verify reputability by how long the site has been operating and by looking at legal sports betting reviews. Some of the most trustworthy sports betting sites include SportsBetting, 5Dimes, and BetOnline.

Will I Get Arrested For Sports Betting In Delaware?

You will not get arrested for sports betting in Delaware because it is 100% legal. Sports fans can partake in legal Delaware sports betting at any sportsbook, retail location, or sports betting site. As long as you are not doing business as an unauthorized bookmaker, you will not get in any trouble for betting on sports in DE.

What Is the Minimum Sports Betting Age In Delaware?

Before visiting or joining a sportsbook, it is important to know that the minimum age for legal sports betting in Delaware is 21 years old. Once you are of age, you can visit any land-based or online sportsbook to bet on sports. Though the DE sports betting age is standard across all local sportsbooks, online sites may vary. Even if a sports betting site accepts players at a younger age (like 18, as the majority do), you will need to wait until you are at least 21 years old to join.

Are There Mobile Sports Betting Apps Available In Delaware?

Yes, you can use mobile sports betting apps in Delaware to place your bets on the go. Mobile sportsbooks bring all of the sports betting action to the palm of your hand. Deposit money into your account, choose from different sports, and start to make wagers with just a few taps and swipes. Most mobile sportsbooks in Delaware require no special downloads and can be accessed by visiting your favorite sports betting site from your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or other tablet device.

Where Is The Best Place To Bet On Sports In Delaware?

Delaware residents, and especially visitors to the state, want to know where the best place to bet on sports in DE is. This depends on what type of sports betting you are interested in. Dover Downs Hotel & Casino is the self-proclaimed “sports betting authority” in Delaware. However, many residents opt to use offshore legal Delaware sports betting sites for even more sports betting action. These offshore sites allow you to bet on more than just the NFL, with MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA betting lines, as well as all kinds of daily international action.

Should I Use A Local Bookie In Delaware?

When it comes to land-based sports betting, you should only use licensed sportsbooks – not local underground bookies. There are plenty of legal Delaware sports betting options that include both land-based and online sportsbooks. Unregistered and unregulated bookies are not permitted to operate, and while you won’t likely get in trouble for using one, there is absolutely no recourse if they skip town with your cash or get arrested and have their holdings (i.e. your money) confiscated.

Can I Bet On Sports With My Friends In Delaware?

With a lack of social gambling laws, it is not clear whether or not you can bet on sports with friends in Delaware. While some legal experts would say that you most likely can place friendly wagers, it is impossible to say with certainty. There was only one case where private gambling was found to be unlawful, and that was because the host was bookmaking along with collecting a rake from poker. Social gambling is generally acceptable as long as the host is not making a profit and the games are not taking place in public.

When Did Sports Betting Become Legal In Delaware?
Delaware was very first state to launch sports betting after the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). Sports betting officially launched June 5, 2018 when Governor John Carney wagered $10 on the Phillies, which is a bet that he won. At the current moment, mobile and online sports betting has not officially launched in Delaware yet. Even though it is legal to create online sportsbooks, none are currently available.
How Many Sportsbooks Are In Delaware?
Currently there are three retail sportsbooks that are available in Delaware. Delaware Park Sportsbook is located in Wilmington. Murphy’s Sportsbook is located in the Harrington Raceway and Casino. And finally, there is the Dover Downs Sportsbook as well. These three sportsbooks are the retail locations to bet on sports in Delaware. If you do not live near one of these sportsbooks, online offshore sportsbooks are available for you to use as well.