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2020 Presidential Election Odds – Odds To Win The 2020 Election

You have plenty of opportunities available for you to wager on 2020 Presidential election odds. Here is the fact of the matter, people love to bet on competitions. There is a reason why sports betting is so popular across the country. But there is a competition that arguably will have all Americans, and people around the world are focused on it. That is the 2020 Presidential elections. Politics these days are very polarizing. No matter how hard you try, you cannot escape it. So instead of trying to fight it, why don’t you make it for yourself and learn how to bet on the 2020 elections?

There are a lot of different things you have to understand before you go on and look up who has the best odds to win the 2020 election. Political betting laws are a bit different compared to legal sports betting laws. But there are some similarities between the two activities. Throughout this page, we are going to go over some of the things that make political betting what it is. We hope that by the end, you will have a better understanding of political betting and help you understand how you can get started on betting on the 2020 elections.

Legality Of Political Betting Markets In The US

The overall legality of political betting markets in the US is pretty simple to understand. Even though sports betting has taken the United States by storm, political betting is a completely different issue. Right now, all sportsbooks in the country are not allowed to take bets on the 2020 Presidential elections or any other election around the country. Most states specifically have laws against sportsbooks providing odds on any elections. But that could change in the future. With sports betting becoming more accessible in the US, states are having a more positive outlook on gambling as a whole. We believe it’s only a matter of time before political sports betting will hit retail sportsbooks. For now, only online offshore sportsbooks allow you to bet on your favorite candidate.

Current 2020 Presidential Candidates + Odds To Win The 2020 Election

With the 2020 Presidential election on the way, there are a lot of candidates who are looking to become the next President of the United States. Some have started to remove their names from running but others are dedicated to staying until the end no matter how poor their odds to win the 2020 election or polling numbers are. How do you know which one you should bet on? We cannot tell you how you should vote but the odds are there to help you decide who you should put your money on. Here are the list of current candidates and their election odds to win the 2020 elections.


  • Donald Trump: +120
  • Bill Weld: +12500


  • Joe Biden: +500
  • Bernie Sanders: +700
  • Elizabeth Warren: +1200
  • Pete Buttigieg: +1200
  • Michael Bloomberg +1800
  • Andrew Yang: +2500
  • Amy Klobuchar: +5000
  • Tulsi Gabbard: +10000
  • Deval Patrick: +15000
  • Tom Steyer: +25000
  • Cory Booker: +25000
  • Marianne Williamson: +120000

Types Of Presidential Betting Odds

Due to the nature of how election betting works, there are actually not many different wager types in election betting. This means that it is relatively easy to get into when you compare election betting to sports betting. Most of the time, you are just predicting who is going to win. Here are some of the different odds you can end up wagering on when you use an online offshore sportsbook to bet on the 2020 elections.

Odds To Win The 2020 Election

If you see odds to win the 2020 election on the betting page, to put it simply, you are just betting on who is going to win the Presidential election. The odds for this category change all the time. Some candidates surge while others fall from the top spot. With political events happening all the time, there’s no telling if any given candidate will still be in the running come election time. That being said, you should also try to jump on the best value before increasing popularity causes odds to shorten on a favorable candidate.

Odds To Become 2020 Democratic Nominee

Because of the fact that the current President is a Republican, there are a lot of Democratic candidates who are trying to take the President down. But they must first prove why they are the Democratic candidate to defeat President Trump. If you think one candidate is going to win out of all the others, put your money where your mouth is and bet on them.

How To Get Started With Political Betting

As we have said above on this page, you will not find political betting odds at retail sportsbooks. That is why online offshore sportsbooks are the best way for you to get started. You can sign up for your free account on sites like Bovada or BetOnline and you will be on your way to bet on the 2020 elections. Once you have signed up, all you need to do is find the political section of the sportsbook and you can easily make your bets on the elections.

Betting on politics is not just restricted to being on your desktop or laptop. Breaking news happens all the time, and you might want to bet on the elections when you are out traveling. On all of the online offshore sportsbooks we recommend, they allow you to bet on the elections using your mobile device. All you need is connect to the internet, look up your favorite sportsbook, and then you will be automatically redirected to the mobile version of the site. From there, you will be able to bet on 2020 Presidential election odds just like you normally would have if you were at home. 

US Presidential Election 2020 – Winning Party Odds

When it comes to US Presidential betting odds, the winning party odds is a rather simple category. All you have to decide is which party the next president will be a part of. If you believe that Trump will win re-election, you will want to bet on Republicans. But if you think a Democrat will unseat him, then you will bet on the Democrats. There is, of course, the chance that a third party will pop up. However, it has been historically proven that third party candidates have never really had a shot of becoming President. It is possible that our recommended online offshore sportsbooks will not have a third-party option because of that reason. 

Key Dates For The Upcoming Presidential Election

While the betting odds on the presidential candidates are bound to change, bettors can keep aware of when these changes are going to happen by knowing certain key dates. If a candidate performs poorly at a debate or loses a state’s primary, it can seriously affect their betting odds. Some of the most important dates to keep an eye on for betting on the election include:

  • January 14, 2020: Democratic Debate Number 7
  • February 3, 2020: Iowa caucuses
  • February 7, 2020: Democratic Debate Number 8
  • February 11, 2020: New Hampshire primary
  • February 19, 2020: Democratic Debate Number 9
  • February 22, 2020: Nevada Democratic caucuses
  • February 25, 2020: Democratic Debate Number 10
  • February 29, 2020: South Carolina Democratic primary
  • March 3, 2020: Super Tuesday primaries

Understand Election Odds Versus Campaign Financing

Most of the time, the favorites to win the presidential election are those who spent the most money on their campaign financing. While this is not always the case, it can give bettors a great example of who to bet one in regards to their spending versus the election odds presented. If a candidate who has spent a lot of money is polling well but their odds aren’t too favorable, it can lead to a smart bet that can be used to hedge later. Who knows, maybe the longshot with the highest spending budget actual pans out and pays you out unexpectedly. Through the third quarter of 2019 (fourth quarter to be reported at the end of January 2020), the top five Democratic candidates with the most cash on hand include:

  • Bernie Sanders $33.8 million
  • Elizabeth Warren: $25.7 million
  • Pete Buttigieg: $23.4 million
  • Joe Biden: $9 million
  • Andrew Yang: $6.4 million

Other Types Of 2020 Election Betting Odds

From time to time, there will be other categories that pop up during the 2020 elections. They usually appear when the Democratic party has a debate. From there, the sportsbook will display a number of props for the debate. They can be anywhere from who will have the most speaking time to will a candidate wear a tie or not.