Last updated on: July 22nd, 2024

2024 US Presidential Election Betting Sites

The best 2024 presidential betting sites offer odds on the winner of the election, the winner of the popular vote, who will be the running mate for both sides and much more. Betting on the winner of the presidential race is the most popular wager, with Donald Trump being the favorite. Joe Biden dropping out of the race did alter these odds, with Kamala Harris having the second shortest odds behind Trump to be elected afterward. Use this page to keep up with all of the current political election odds and props for the 2024 race. ​.

2020 Presidential Election

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Is It Legal To Bet On The 2024 Presidential Election In The US?

You can bet on the 2024 presidential election in the US only through legal sports betting sites that are regulated internationally. Right now, all state-operated sportsbooks in the US like FanDuel and DraftKings are not allowed to take bets on the 2024 Presidential elections or any other election around the country. Most states specifically have laws against their in-state sportsbooks providing odds on any elections. However, presidential election betting sites that take US players are international. So, they can offer odds on US elections with no issues.

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Bovada Sportsbook

The Best Online Sportsbook For 2024 US Presidential Election Betting

Bovada sets the standard for online sportsbooks and is easily one of the best legal betting sites on the market. Bovada allows bettors in the US to place wagers on who will win the Presidential Election. Offering legal Presidential Betting odds in the US separates Bovada from the crowded pack of online sportsbooks accepting players residing in the US and from traditional retail sportsbooks who cannot list odds on Presidential Elections. Placing political bets at Bovada can even be done from any mobile phone, tablet, or laptop as long as they’re connected to a stable internet source. With secure deposit and withdrawal options available to users as well as a 24/7 customer service team ready to assist when problems arise. It’s easy to see why Bovada has become one of the industry leading sportsbooks with US Presidential Election Betting Odds.

Rating: 5 Star Rating

  • Bet Election Specials
  • Easy Deposits
  • Senate/House Odds

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BetOnline Sportsbook

America’s Go-To Online Sportsbook To Place US Presidential Elections Wagers

BetOnline has long been serving US residents as a convenient way to place bets on the US Presidential Election. Accessing BetOnline is simple as the mobile friendly website can be visited through any mobile devices web browser since there is no downloadable app available. BetOnline’s mobile site brings the entire sportsbook featuring the most up to date Presidential odds right to your devices screen. BetOnline is a legitimate sportsbook that has never had any issues with paying players out on time while also having various ways to deposit and withdraw funds. If looking to profit off the process of selecting the next US President then BetOnline is the perfect place to do so at.

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How To Bet On Presidential Election Legally

  1. Sign up for Bovada – In order to create an account at a presidential election sportsbook, players will have to provide their full name, zip code, DOB, phone number/email address, and create password.
  2. Make a deposit – after signing up, head to the banking page of your sportsbook and choose to deposit with a credit/debit card, crypto, bank transfer, PayPal transfer, or other accepted payment options.
  3. Place your presidential bets – Now that your account is funded, browse the many different presidential betting odds and choose which lines and props you want your money on in 2024.
  4. Withdraw your winnings – After the 2024 Presidential Election is settled or any future political betting odds are settled you wagered on, there are many payout options. Choose to receive your winnings through PayPal, Bitcoin, Cash App, eChecks, bank transfers, or other methods.

What Are The Odds For The 2024 Presidential Election?

The odds for the 2024 Presidential Election have been all over the place in July, as Biden pulled his name from being re-elected for 2024. When this rumor first came out, Biden jumped to +1800 but found his way back to the favorite around +400 after the news settled. When he officially announced he would no longer be running and endorsed Kamala Harris, her odds jumped to +190. Through all of the changes on the Democratic side, Donald Trump has stuck as the favorite to win the 2024 election but these odds change fast.

What Are The Odds Of Each Party Winning The Presidency In 2024?

One great way of doubling down on your presidential election bets is by betting on which party will come out on top. The one thing about these odds is that they are typically posted before candidates from each party are even selected. That said, they usually open up offering great value and as the race heats up, the odds will begin to shift. Of course, the two main parties that are always favored are the Democrats and Republicans, however, odds on one of the smaller parties offer huge payouts which could be worth keeping an eye on if taken early enough.

Bovada Olympic Betting

Where Can I Legally Bet On The Republican Nominee?

Bovada and other political betting sites that are legal have odds for who would become the Republican Nominee at the top of the political betting section. After Donald Trump officially received the position in July, sportsbooks removed these odds. Trump was the heavy favorite soon after losing the 2020 Presidential Election.

How To Bet On 2024 Democratic Nominee Odds

Joe Biden had been the heavy favorite to be the 2024 Democratic Nominee for almost all of 2024 but Kamala Harris has always been close behind. After Biden dropped out, Kamala Harris became the heavy favorite but there are some wildcards that online sportsbooks think have a chance at going against Trump.

Where Can I Legally Bet On The Democratic VP?

The news of Biden stepping down also opens the door for the Kamala Harris to pick a running mate. Legal political betting sites like Bovada also have plenty of odds on who that person will be.

What Bet Types Are Offered At Legal Presidential Betting Sites?

To Progress Further

This type of presidential betting prop is pretty straightforward. Online sportsbooks offer head-to-head odds on two candidates and allow bettors to put money on who will advance further in the race. Before Trump was officially made the Republican candidate, legal sports betting sites had odds on him or Ron DeSantis to progress further in the race.

To Run For President

Before all of the candidates are set, legal betting sites offer odds on who will be running for president during each election cycle. There are odds for celebrities to run for president most years, especially after Trump ran and won in 2016. For 2024, Mark Cuban was one of the biggest names that sportsbooks took action on.


This is where you can bet on if specific politicians will endorse candidates. For example, sportsbooks have odds on if Robert Kennedy Jr will endorse Donald Trump. There would have been odds on if Joe Biden would endorse Kamala Harris but he did so immediately after dropping out of the race.

Exact Party Leaders

Exact part leader odds are offered early on in the presidential election cycle. For 2024, the most popular odds were on Donald Trump and Joe Biden to be the Democrat and Republican nominees The rumors of Biden dropping out (which ended up being true) shook up these odds dramatically.

Female President

There have been odds for when the first female president would be elected for many years. Players betting on this prop got the closest to winning back when Hillary Clinton ran against Donald Trump. Now that Joe Biden has dropped out and fully endorsed Kamala Harris for 2024, sportsbooks are getting a lot of action on the presidency being won by a female.

What Non-Election Presidential Bets Can I Make?

Betting On The President’s Approval Rating

BetOnline frequently offers betting odds on the President’s approval rating a few months in advance. Each month, they offer odds on what Biden’s approval rating will be at the beginning of the next month. This allows people to bet on Biden’s flagging approval – he’s one of the least popular presidents of all time. Part of this is due to how much support he’s lost within his own party, as compared to former president Donald Trump, who was consistently polling in the 90%s with Republicans. Biden is hovering around 75% approval with Democrats, and obviously is significantly underwater with Republicans. Keep in mind these will be at online books only, so trying any Vegas odds president 2024 will come up short.

Exit Date

These lines are in futures odds format as well and they are on when the president will leave office. The favored odds are usually on the year that the term is over with years before being listed with longer odds. Biden currently has -1000 odds to leave office in 2024 or after.

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Can I Bet On The Electoral College At 2024 Presidential Election Betting Sites?

While many bettors prefer to just bet on the overall winner of a given Presidential Election many legal online sportsbooks offer odds on which candidate will win the Electoral College in each state. Betting on the Electoral College is an alternative way to vote on the Presidential Election when the candidate is heavily favored to win the popular vote. The Electoral College is the one process that decides which candidate will win the Presidential Election and betting on each individual state is a good way to build a bankroll off the US Election.

Can I Bet On More Than Donald Trump’s Election Odds?

Political betting sites offer many ways to bet on Donald Trump outside of his odds to win the 2024 Election. For example, there are odds on the varying outcomes of the legal trouble he has found himself in since serving as the President of the United States. Most of these odds are surrounding Trump’s hush money case but there are also odds on if he and Melania will file for divorce in the next five years.

How We Pick The Best Political Betting Sites For 2024

All of the online sportsbooks with political betting odds that we recommend check specific boxes to ensure the best gambling experience. These boxes include secure deposits, fast payouts, big player bonuses, full security, and more.

Best Bonuses For Betting On Presidential Election Odds

All of the top Election betting sites that accept US players offer large bonuses but some work better for different players. These political sportsbooks offer to match your first deposit by a certain percentage and have a cap on how much money in bonus credits they are willing to give away. When choosing your bonus, it is also important to understand the size of the rollover that is attached. To make things easier, we have broken down the top five presidential betting bonuses for US players below:

  • Bovada: 75% crypto match for up to $750 with a 5x rollover
  • BetOnline: 100% crypto deposit match for up to $1,000 with a 14x rollover
  • MyBookie: 50% reload deposit match for up to $125 with a 6x rollover
  • SportsBetting: 50% credit/debit card deposit match up to $1,000 with a 10x rollover
  • Xbet: 50% deposit match for up to $1,000 with a 10x rollover

Best Deposit Methods For Betting On The Presidential Election

Making sports betting deposits to to bet on the Presidential Election comes easily and without any stress. You have plenty of options to choose from that including everyday options to other online banking methods. Depending on which betting site you choose and which method you choose on that site, you’ll need to follow the guidelines such as deposit limits, transaction fees, and processing times that all differ. In general, crypto is the best option for making deposits because there are no fees and transactions process instantly. However, some bettors like to skip the process of purchasing crypto and sending it from their wallet and deposit with their credit/debit card instead.

  • Crypto (BTC, LTC. ETH, ADA, USDT, APE, etc.)
  • Credit/Debit (VISA, Discover, MasterCard, AMEX)
  • Cryptocurrency
  • MatchPay (Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, CashApp, etc.)
  • Wire Transfer
  • Money order
  • Voucher

Fastest Withdrawal Methods At Presidential Election Betting Sites

Receiving sports betting withdrawals ​after betting on the Presidential Election is also a simple process to go through as there are some options that will have your funds back to you in moments. Similarly, to deposits though, there are guidelines to follow as well. You also should take note of though that you will not be able to withdrawal back to your credit or debit card, you’ll need to choose any other method that isn’t cryptocurrency.

  • Cryptocurrency
  • MatchPay
  • Check in the mail
  • Wire Transfer
  • Money Order
  • ECheck
  • Voucher

How Can I Bet On The 2024 Presidential Election On My Phone?

You have the option to bet on the election from anywhere with your smartphone or any other mobile device that has access to the internet. The great thing about these 2024 US Presidential election betting sites is that they do not have a downloadable application that would take up space on your device. That said, as long as you have a web browser on that device, you can access presidential betting odds. Some of the legal mobile betting devices that you can use include:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Galaxy Tab
  • Google Pixel

Can I Bet On Celebrities Running For President In 2024?

There have been many celebrities that have been linked previous presidential runs in the past and the 2024 potus odds are no different. There have already been several celebrities to have been rumored to the 2024 election including Tucker Carlson, Kanye West, Dave Portnoy, Mark Cuban, and many others. Before counting out any celebrity to win the upcoming election, you must not forget that Donald Trump paved the way for celebrities to run for president back in 2016. This is a common area where political and entertainment betting sites cross paths.

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US Presidential Odds Betting FAQ’s

Does DraftKings have odds on presidential races?

In the USA, you will not find any sportsbook with election odds. However, this changes in the Canadian sports betting market. DraftKings offers legal political betting odds in Ontario for the US elections. The US could look to add political odds but lawmakers and gaming regulators would have to be in agreement. For those in the US looking to bet on presidential races, consider using Bovada or BetOnline.

Can I Use Bovada In The US?

You can absolutely use Bovada in the US to bet on the Presidential election and more.

Does BetOnline Have Election Odds?

BetOnline will offer odds on the 2024 Presidential election any day of the week, any time of the day.

Is It Legal To Bet On The Presidential Election?

Yes, but only at international sportsbooks. US-based books are not able to offer election odds.