Legal College Football Betting

As fall approaches, pigskin fans are not only getting ready for some football, but they are also trying to find the best legal college football betting sites. Not that Saturdays need help being more exciting, as few things in life offer more in the way of pageantry and suspense, but when you actually bet on your favorite team, all the excitement of the weekend’s matchup is taken to the next level. When your team makes it to the College Football Playoffs, it’s about as good as it gets.

With only a handful of states offering land-based legal sports betting now that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act has been overturned, the rest of us may feel like our representatives have gone three and out. Of course, more and more states are working on legalizing sports betting, and it’s only a matter of time before the majority of the US offers the pastime. However, there’s no need to wait: With offshore online sportsbooks offering more betting lines and better perks than you’ll find at any local book, you can simply get on the Internet, sign up at one (or several) of these books, and start betting on your favorite NCAAF teams.

Current College Football Odds

The 2020 college football season was in serious danger following the events of the coronavirus that flipped the world on its head. Luckily, school and NCAA officials were able to come to an agreement to continue the season with modified schedules for most of the teams across the country. The SEC, Big 12, and ACC were the first to resume play, soon to be followed by the Big 10 and Pac 12. Many mid-major schools are also playing unique schedules to accommodate for the current situation.

With so many moving parts to work within this season, bookies had their work cut out for them in terms of offering college football betting odds. Nevertheless, there are tons of odds available each week for college football via the online sportsbooks. Current odds include futures wagers for the 2020 National Champion, the Heisman Trophy winner, and much more.

2021 College Football Playoff (CFP) National Championship

  • Clemson (#1) +120
  • Alabama (#2) +300
  • Ohio State (#5) +300
  • Georgia (#4) +1200
  • Florida (#10) +2500
  • Penn State (#8) +3300
  • Notre Dame (#3) +5000
  • Texas A&M (#7) +5000
  • Wisconsin (#14) +5000

2020 Heisman Trophy Odds

  • Justin Fields +350
  • Trevor Lawrence +350
  • Kyle Trask +400
  • D’Eriq King +600
  • Mac Jones +1000
  • Jaylen Waddle +1400
  • Stetson Bennett +1400
  • Sam Ehlinger +2500
  • Trey Sermon +2500
  • Travis Etienne +2800
  • Sam Howell +3300
  • K. J. Costello +4000
  • Najee Harris +4000
  • Devonta Smith +5000

Pac-12 Champion

  • Oregon (#13) +200
  • USC (#24) +200
  • Washington U +400
  • Utah +700
  • Arizona State +1100
  • Stanford +1800
  • Washington State +2000
  • California +2500
  • UCLA +2500
  • Arizona +3300
  • Oregon State +6600

Mid-American Conference Champion

  • Buffalo +260
  • Ohio +375
  • Miami Ohio +600
  • Toledo +600
  • Western Michigan +650
  • Ball State +900
  • Central Michigan +900
  • Kent State +1000
  • Northern Illinois +1400

2020 NCAA ACC Champion – Odds To Win

  • Clemson -700
  • Notre Dame +500
  • Miami Florida +700
  • North Carolina +1200
  • Virginia Tech +2000
  • Pittsburgh +3000

Mountain West Champion

  • Boise State -200
  • Air Force +450
  • San Diego State +450
  • Wyoming +1200
  • Colorado State +1600
  • Fresno State +2000
  • Hawaii +4000
  • Nevada +5000
  • Utah State +5000
  • New Mexico +10000
  • San Jose State +10000
  • UNLV +10000

Where to Find a Reliable Sportsbook

Outside of a just a few states (at least for now), you’ll need to go online to find a safe and reliable sportsbook to place your bet with. Most online sportsbooks have generally comparable offerings, with things like deposit bonuses and page layouts being the main difference between services. Before choosing a site, you should do some research and decide which aspects are most important to you. There are lots of good options out there, and the top sites – like Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, BetDSI, and BookMaker – have been offering lines on college football for ages.

In the meantime, though, Bovada is a known industry leader, delivering consistent and satisfying customer service within an easy-to-use interface and an award-winning website. They’re known for paying customers quickly, never missing a single payout to anyone, and being totally mobile friendly, whether you’re an iPhone or Android user. If you’re going to stop by a few online sportsbooks, you might want to check out Bovada first, as it comes widely recommended. Still, don’t let your search stop there. It is actually one of the best betting strategies out there to have memberships at multiple sportsbooks so you can always shop lines for the best odds and biggest payouts.

College Football And the Coronavirus

As the 2020 college football season looms closer, sports are still struggling to find solid ground in this socially distant world. College football finds itself in the unique position of being such a community sport in this country. There are so many people that love and care about college football in this country, and even more who depend on college football to support their businesses and markets. The uncomfortable reality is that this pandemic is not yet over, and the prospect of having fans in the stands seems highly unlikely.

If college football does happen this year, it will be very different than the game we know and love. The Big 10 and PAC 12 have announced that they will not play fall sports in 2020, including football. Additionally, the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 have all moved to a conference only schedules. Most major conferences have had to adjust their plan for the future, so additional changes like these will continue to develop.

The College Football Playoffs Battle Of Tigers

This past college football season saw the battle of Tigers in the National Championship Game. The Clemson Tigers came in 29-0 under Trevor Lawrence and were looking to win their 30th straight game. On the opposite side, the LSU Tigers were 24-3 with Joe Burrow at the helm but did not lose once in 2019. On Monday, January 13, 2020, the Bayou Bengals of LSU claimed their third national championship when they defeated Clemson by a score of 42 to 25.

These programs had only met three times in the past (LSU holding a 2-1 lead) with their last battle coming in 2012 when Clemson won by a single point. For the College Football Playoffs National Championship, LSU was favored by a touchdown and had a moneyline of -225. Clemson was getting +185 odds, which many saw as great value. The over-under for the game was set at 70 points, with the eventual total coming in at 67.

Placing a Moneyline Bet

A mandatory first stop for any list on betting types is the moneyline bet, which simply refers to a bet on the outright winner of the game. There are no handicaps or projections here, just betting line odds that indicate your potential winnings for a wager on either team. Placing a moneyline bet is probably the easiest form of legal college football betting possible.

These moneyline bets are a great place to start, as they take much of the complexity out of things; most folks’ first venture into sports betting takes the form of a moneyline bet. With college football, these bets are especially popular, since the sheer number of matchups makes it easier for anyone to find a pick they’re comfortable with. However, please be aware that given certain scheduling quirks in the college game, sometimes teams will be so lopsided (like when a national powerhouse plays an FBS scrub) that sportsbooks will not offer straight bets on the game.

How to Understand The Moneyline

Before placing any bets, you should understand the odds at play. So, let’s briefly explain betting lines and how to read them. Betting lines take the form of positive (+) or negative (-) lines. For a positive line, the number you see refers to the potential yield of a $100 bet. If the line is +250 for example, a $100 bet would win you $250. For a +450 line, you guessed it: the payout would be $450. Simple stuff, right? Almost always, a positive moneyline denotes the underdog in a matchup. The bigger the underdog, the bigger the moneyline, and the bigger the payout.

Now let’s tackle the other side of things. For negative lines (usually showing the favorite team), the number you see refers to the amount you would need to wager to win $100. So, for a -250 line, you would need to place a $250 bet to win only $100. Or for a -450 line, you guessed it again, you’d need to bet $450 to win $100. As you can probably imagine, negative lines generally correlate with action that is somewhat likely to occur, hence why you winless (and often much less) than you wager, not more. The bigger the favorite, the larger the negative moneyline and the smaller the comparative payout.

Betting the Spread in College

As with all sports, spread bets are extremely popular for college football. These bets rely on handicaps established by sportsbooks prior to the game, which are called spreads. These spreads are attempts to even out the action, enticing bettors to pick the underdog and thereby increasing the number of wagers placed. More wagers, after all, means more house take for the sportsbook. If it sounds complicated, don’t worry – it isn’t. Betting the spread in college football is a basic, easy process once you understand the scoring system.

For example, if your sportsbook has a team listed as a 7-point underdog (which would be shown with a +7 by the team’s name at your sportsbook of choice), you could refer to that as a 7-point spread. What that means, in terms of spread betting, is that the team would only need to finish the game within 6 points of the favorite to win the bet. Conversely, a 7-point favorite (shown as -7) would need to win by more than 7 points to win the bet. Obviously, these handicaps have no impact on the actual game – they’re merely applied conceptually when regarding spread bets.

Spread betting is so popular because it allows you to capitalize on matchups you feel will be closer than anticipated without having to claim an alternate outcome. In that way, spread betting widens your margin of error, allowing for more relaxed and enjoyable sports betting overall. Most spread bets carry a moneyline of -110, regardless of which side you’re betting on. That means that it costs $110 to win $100, with the book taking the remainder as its vigorish, or house take. (These are not betting minimums, however. Most legal college football betting sites will accept bets of as low as a dollar.)

How to Bet the Total (Over/Under)

Another favorite bet type among sports bettors, wagers on the total combined score (or over/under bets as they’re commonly called) are especially popular for high-octane college football games. Essentially, these bets task you with predicting whether the game’s actual final combined score will be more or less than the total projected by the sportsbook (set ahead of the game, similar to point spreads). But it’s not complicated. When it comes to how to bet the total, you simply choose high or low. If you reckon the actual combined score will be lower than the number posted at your book, you would be betting the “under”; if you think it’ll be higher, you’d take the “over”.

These bets are pretty straightforward, but they can offer much more excitement than moneyline bets. Also, they are unique in terms of not asking you to choose a winner; O/U bets relate exclusively to whether or not the game will be high-scoring (and to what degree). And as you can imagine, college football provides the perfect platform for that. With no shortage of high-scoring games, college football Saturdays are a rollercoaster ride for anyone betting totals.

College Football Player And Team Props

Online sportsbooks, while bringing betting lines for all the major games during the CFB season, also host a slew of a proposition or prop bets for players and teams’ stats. These props are specific wagers based on performance. For example, you will find betting lines for how many interceptions a QB will throw or how many rushing yards a team will have. These specific betting lines allow for more action during a game. There are even specific player props like will player x lead his team in rushing yards this game. Props like these are very common at legal sports betting sites.

Futures Bets For College Football

Futures bets for college football are, in effect, long-term props. Instead of wagering on the in-game performances of a single contest, futures let you pick winners way ahead of time. You can pick which teams will win their conference titles before the season even starts. You can also pick which player will win the Heisman and which club will win the College Football Playoff National Championship. The further out you make futures bets, the better the payouts will be, and most futures are available to wager on pretty much year-round. With most bets, when you see a line you like, you should probably jump on it. This is especially true with futures, as they can change substantially as the year wears on.

Pressing Your Luck with Parlay Betting

If you want to experience the full thrill that sports betting has to offer, (or simply think those other betting types are just too darn easy), pressing your luck with parlay betting may be just the thing for you. Designed to raise the stakes and multiply your potential winnings, parlay betting refers to the act of combining various single bets into one large “superbet,” which requires every one of your smaller bets to succeed en route to a much larger payout. In other words, parlay betting is the connecting of individual bets, wherein their fates become linked, but they also offer a more enticing yield. These bets should generally be reserved for those with great confidence in their bets, as a single wrong pick completely sinks your parlay.

Considered a more advanced style of betting, parlays do hold special significance within college football. Again, it all goes back to the vast array of teams that college football boasts. For example, a typical Sunday of football would grant you 16 professional match-ups to consider (assuming no bye weeks), while a typical college football Saturday may feature 3-4 times that amount. Obviously then, finding a nice string of safe bets would (or should) prove much easier at the college level, due simply to the sheer variety on offer. So, if there was ever a “safe” place to venture into parlay territory, look no further than collegiate football.

Armed with these basics, you can now venture boldly into the wide world of legal college football betting. With an unbeatable array of weekly matchups, college football takes the sports betting experience and expands it to include a seemingly endless roster of teams and – therefore – wager types at your sportsbook or sportsbooks of choice. What’s more, the commitment and level of tradition unique to college football enriches the thrill of every bet you place. So, go ahead, sign up at a sportsbook or three, and give it the old college try!

Live In-Game College Football Betting

Live betting, also called in-game betting, is among the newest sensations in the sports wagering world. Instead of having to have all your wagers in by kickoff of the game in question, live in-game college football betting lets you place bets as the game wears on. All of the top sportsbooks offer sophisticated tools and site designs that allow you to get instantly-updated odds after just about every play. These fresh odds represent the action as it unfolds, with moneylines, spreads, totals, and more constantly changing in accordance with the game’s flow. Just remember that if you’re going to participate in live betting on college football, you need to have your computer or mobile device out and ready to accept your wagers at all times, as you’ll often have just a few seconds to consider and place your bets.

Mobile College Football Betting Apps

Right now, there aren’t any official mobile college football betting apps available from the App Store or Google Play. However, you don’t actually need to download any apps to enjoy a full menu of mobile betting at any of the top sportsbook sites, as they have all developed iPhone and Android-optimized web pages that allow you to quickly browse the boards and place your bets with just a few taps and swipes. Additionally, unlike land-based betting apps that use GPS to only allow you to wager if you’re on a casino’s property or within the borders of a certain state, offshore sportsbooks are not geo-fenced. This means that as long as you have a mobile device and an active Internet connection (whether Wi-Fi or cellular), you can place wagers from wherever you are.

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7:30 PM

Arkansas State

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Friday, Oct 23rd, 2020

7:00 PM

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Ohio State

12:00 PM

NC State

N Carolina

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Ole Miss

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2:30 PM

Fl Atlantic


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3:30 PM

Notre Dame


3:30 PM

Iowa State

Oklahoma St

3:30 PM

Penn State


3:30 PM

Virginia Tech

Wake Forest

3:30 PM

Mid Tennessee


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3:30 PM



4:00 PM

Georgia St


4:00 PM

Georgia Tech

Boston College

4:00 PM

W Kentucky










4:00 PM



5:30 PM

W Virginia

Texas Tech

7:00 PM

S Carolina


7:00 PM

UL Monroe

South Alabama

7:00 PM

Utah State

Boise St

7:00 PM



7:30 PM



7:30 PM


Fresno State

7:30 PM



8:00 PM



8:00 PM

Louisiana Tech


9:00 PM



9:00 PM

New Mexico

Colorado St

10:15 PM

Texas State


10:30 PM


San Diego St

10:30 PM

Air Force

San Jose St

Legal College Football Betting FAQ’s

Can I be arrested for betting on college football over the Internet?

No, you cannot be arrested just for betting on college football over the Internet, as the act of placing sports wagers has not been explicitly criminalized. Plus, since all the best sportsbooks are located overseas and outside of US jurisdiction, they’re not breaking any laws bringing you the college football bets you crave.

Will there be College Football in 2020?

The SEC, Big 12, and ACC are all scheduled to play football in the Fall of 2020. Betting odds will be available for the games as well as future odds for the conference champions. Time will tell if football is able to be played during the pandemic.

Can I bet on every college team at legal online sportsbooks?

Though it would be great, not every college team is going to have odds at legal online sportsbooks. The reason being is that there are simply too many college football teams. When it comes to D2 and D3 teams you will be hard-pressed to find any sportsbook with odds for that team unless it’s a championship game. If you’re looking to bet on a D1 team that is in a power five conference you should be in good shape to do so. Even other D1 schools in lower conferences have a good chance of being featured in online sportsbooks.

How come some college football games don’t have straight bets available?

In college football, some games are so obviously lopsided that it wouldn’t make sense for the sportsbook to offer this type of bet. The sportsbook’s goal is to get an equal amount of sports bettors on each side of the betting line. If everyone picks the favorite, then they won’t make any money. When you have a team like Alabama playing a D2 school, the question isn’t whether or not they are going to win but how much are they going to win by. That’s why online sportsbooks may have a point spread for that game but won’t accept moneyline wagers. 

What is the legal college football betting age?

There is no specific legal college football betting age, though state laws that have set their sports betting ages to 21 should be adhered to. Aside from that, all the top sportsbooks only require their members to be 18 in order to sign up and play. Be warned, however, that if you sign up at any offshore sports betting site under the age of 18, you will have your account suspended and all associated funds forfeited.

Should I use Bitcoin to bet on college football?

Yes, you should absolutely use Bitcoin to bet on college football. Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) is the number-one way to wager on sports at offshore books. Crypto deposits are fast, the limits are astronomical, and there are no added fees. Transfers are guaranteed to go through, too, as Bitcoin doesn’t require any bank processing. Additionally, given that Bitcoin is the fastest way to withdraw and that you can only withdraw in crypto if you deposit in crypto, it makes that much more sense to get on the Bitcoin bandwagon for all your legal college football betting needs.