Legal Online Sportsbooks + Sports Betting Sites

Legal online sportsbooks are the best way to bet on all your favorite sporting events. These operations offer odds to all US players regardless of state regulations. This means players in markets that have yet to launch sports betting or only offer retail sports betting still have mobile and online options thanks to legal online sportsbooks. And yes, these sportsbooks can operate on most smartphones and tablets leading to anytime, anywhere, on the go sports betting. There are odds available for every sport throughout every season so betting fans will not run out of betting action at online sportsbooks.

Sports betting fans will find bonuses as well at online sportsbooks. These bonuses offer free money to be used by players. The way they work is that the sportsbooks offer a deposit match up to a certain percentage (varies from sportsbook to sportsbook). There are bonuses for both returning and fist time betting fans so all players can capitalize on the options at online sportsbooks. Betting on sports at legal online sportsbooks is the best way to play. The variety of options from betting lines to bonuses make this the prime way to get in on the action.

Legal Online Sportsbooks

As sports betting continues to spread to more than 30 states across the country, legal online sportsbooks still remain the best way to place bets. These legal sports betting sites continue to offer odds for players in multiple markets, making sure that sports bettors from everywhere have access to betting odds. These internet sportsbooks are mainly popular due to the strong mobile accessibility available as players can access the book from their smartphones and tablets and they are able to wager from anywhere at any time.

For markets that have yet to launch regulated sports betting, legal online sportsbooks allow players to wager anyway as they are able to offer odds. In markets that do have regulated betting but only retail sportsbooks available, legal online sports betting sites still allow those bettors to still bet. And in markets that have full retail and mobile betting, legal online sportsbooks offer even more variety of options for betting fans.

Betting On The NFL At Online Sportsbooks

Now is the best time to bet on the NFL at online sportsbooks, which have plenty of NFL futures betting odds. Players can wager on the eventual Super Bowl Champions, divisional winners, Conference Champions, and season-ending awards as well as game odds that available for preseason and playoff matchups too. Mobile and online sportsbooks offer odds for everything NFL-related even whether or not a given player will be traded. Believe us, you will not run out of betting options at online sportsbooks.

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2 BetOnline Online Sportsbook 50% New Member Bonus!Read Review Visit BetOnline!
3 MyBookie Online Sportsbook 50% Up To $1,000 Read Review Visit MyBookie!
4 Sportsbetting Online Sportsbook 50% Up To $1,000 Read Review Visit SportsBetting!
5 Xbet Online Sportsbook 100% Up To $300Read Review Visit Xbet!

Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada – Accepts All States Except NV, NJ, MD, And DE

Bovada continues to be one of the biggest legal online sportsbooks on the market. The bookmaker has been supplying odds for US players since the 90s and has a lot of respect from betting fans across the country. Outside of a hand full of states, Bovada is able to supply odds to all other US residents whether their local sports betting market has launched or not. Bovada accepts a wide variety of deposit options also, including Visa, MasterCard, and cryptocurrencies. Bovada also offers big bonuses, including the $250 Sports Welcome Bonus.

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BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline – Legal Sports Betting In All 50 States

BetOnline is one of the more popular online sportsbooks, as the site accepts players from all 50 states. The website has made a name for itself amongst US sports bettors, especially for their bonuses and promotions. BetOnline Sportsbook features deposit bonuses, free bets, contests, and other exciting ways to increase your bankroll. Best of all, USA sports enthusiasts can trust the online bookmaker to always pay out on time and offer an exciting sports betting experience.

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MyBookie – Live Betting For All US Residents

MyBookie is a name that is not quite as familiar as others, but it is still worth giving a try. MyBookie sportsbook has everything that the more established sites offer, such as big bonuses, a wide range of betting lines, and mobile sports betting. In addition, the online sportsbook has live betting on soccer, hockey, basketball, football, tennis, and certain sports that other books might exclude. MyBookie also allows bettors to cast and stream just about any live event from their members-only Reddit forum.

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SportsBetting Sportsbook

SportsBetting Sportsbook – Top Mobile Sportsbook For US Bettors

SportsBetting is considered one of the original legal sports betting sites for American bettors. With sports fans welcome from all 50 states, players of all experience levels have no problem joining the site. Unlike US-based legal online sportsbooks, SportsBetting does not restrict mobile wagering to certain states. You can bet from anywhere, anytime, using the mobile-optimized website. When you get started, you can even claim a $50 Mobile Freeplay just for trying out the convenient feature.

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Xbet Sportsbook

XBet – Legal Betting On MLB, NFL, NBA, And More

In terms of top-rated online sportsbooks, XBet is kind of the new kid on the block. They don’t have the same clout as some of the bigger guys but they do have the same great odds, sports to bet on, and customer service. Whether you’re looking to bet on NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, or even international sports and leagues, you’ll be able to do so at XBet. Signing up only takes a few minutes and making a deposit can be instant if you’re using BitCoin. For a new and innovative approach to online sports betting, check out XBet.

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Mobile Sports Betting Sites

Any legal sports betting site worth its weight will have a way for you to bet on your mobile device. In this day and age, almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet and it is often the first device you use to access the internet. It is because of this reason that each major online offshore sports betting website that we review has a mobile-friendly version of their site. This means that you can access the site’s sportsbook easily from your mobile browser and navigate through betting lines with just a few taps and swipes of your finger. The mobile sports betting sites look and feel similar to using an app, however, they do not require you to download anything from the app store and don’t take up memory space on your phone. The only thing you need is an internet connection and you essentially have hundereds of sports betting lines sitting in your pocket or purse.

Deposit Methods For Legal Sports Betting Sites

Deposit methods for legal sports betting sites that operate offshore are one of the biggest aspects that separate them from land-based venues in the U.S. While land-based venues will only accept cash or card, the legal sports betting sites we review at LegalSportsBetting offer so many other ways to fund your account. The two main ways are either through a standard Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card. However, one of the best features of these sites is the option to make deposits through money order, cashier’s check, person to person methods, or even through cryptocurrency. The most popular method for online offshore sportsbooks is Bitcoin. The reason being is that Bitcoin does not have to jump through the hurdles of traditional banking. It is also backed with blockchain technology so it makes it safer to send over to other country’s businesses. Perhaps the biggest feature is the speed, with transactions completing within minutes instead of days. It is important to explore all of your different options when depositing into an online sportsbook.

How Do Online Sportsbook Bonuses Work?

Online sportsbooks are famous for giving out various types of bonuses. However, one aspect of these sportsbook bonuses that seem to confuse users is the rollover requirement needed to actually earn the bonuses. For example, a common bonus you’ll see is the “Welcome Bonus” offered by many different online sportsbooks. They won’t give you the bonus right as you sign up because of the chance of people signing up, collecting the bonus, and then never using the site again. Instead, they require you to bet this bonus amount for a set number of times before you can collect it. This helps the site know that you’re a legit player and then will put the money into your account. Some sites will reward you more but require you to play through that bonus more times, while others take the opposite approach. While this may seem like a hassle to get your bonus, it actually helps you get more accommodated to using their site and more used to betting online.

What Kind Of Promos Do Legal Online Sports Betting Sites Offer?


Legal online sports betting sites offer a wide variety of promos and bonuses. All of the top sportsbooks offer a welcome bonus. This is a bonus that gives a deposit match to first-time players. These bonuses can be valued as high as $1,000 in free money to be used to bet on sports. Some sportsbooks do an up to 50% deposit match as well. BetOnline offers this promotion with the promo code BOL1000, SportsBetting offers its welcome bonus with the promo code SB1000, and Bovada offers its bonus without a promo code.

Another popular bonus available is the crypto bonuses. These promotions see sportsbooks reward bettors for depositing using cryptocurrencies. Players can see up to 100% match on their deposit with this. BetOnline offers this bonus if you use promo code CRYPTO100. There are also bonuses for reloading into your betting account using crypto or any other wager type.

Safety of Legal Online Sports Betting Site

The safety of legal online sports betting sites is of the utmost importance to those sites. If the site is deemed unsafe by one person then the entire online sportsbook could go up in flames. That’s why legal online sportsbooks come with certain safety protocols. The first aspect that makes the previously mentioned sites safe is that you don’t have to be worried about breaking any laws. These sites operate outside the legal purview of federal and US state governments. State laws also do not mention specific penalties for using these specific types of sites. Legal online sports betting sites that operate overseas also require that you submit personal information so that people don’t make multiple accounts and tamper with betting lines. These sites do not share this information, which means you can stay safe from any online hackers. The final aspect that makes these sites safe is that they allow you to use Bitcoin which comes backed with Blockchain technology. Your funds, your personal info, and your well being are all safe when using legal online sportsbooks.  

States With Legal Sports Betting Sites

The repeal of PASPA allowed for states to create their own regulated betting markets and now there are 17 states with legal sports betting that offer mobile and online betting. These markets vary in laws, as each individual state has its own regulations, however. For example, mobile betting in New Jersey has a full commercial market with state-wide betting and more than a dozen active sportsbooks. Meanwhile, mobile sports betting in Mississippi is only accessible from inside tribal casinos. Washington DC has mobile betting, but the commercial sportsbooks can only offer mobile betting within a two-block radius of the retail casino. Each state has its own mobile betting market which is why licensed online betting sites are still popular as these are universal countrywide.

Legal Colorado Sports Betting

Colorado Sports Betting

Betting in Colorado is one of the best states to wager in thanks to the wide variety of options available. Thanks to the advancements of laws in Colorado, mobile and online sports betting is now available in Colorado. Bettors can enjoy wagering on their favorite teams through state-sponsored platforms like DraftKings. These sportsbooks are available via their mobile apps or desktop websites. Bettors who are looking for an alternative to these big brand sportsbooks can still access online international sites like Bovada or BetOnline via their standard methods.

Legal Illinois Sports Betting

Illinois Sports Betting

The mobile sports betting market in Illinois is full statewide mobile betting. Betting fans have to physically travel to a retail operation in order to sign up for mobile betting. This will be in effect until 2022 as Illinois aims to aid local casinos in gaining a foothold on the market before the larger commercial operations take over. Currently, both FanDuel and DraftKings have bought local casinos in order to be able to operate in Illinois early as well as cashed in on remote registration which was available in a temporary capacity during the 2020 COVID-19 shutdowns.

Legal Iowa Sports Betting

Iowa Sports Betting

There are a handful of online sportsbooks available in Iowa, with all of them being tied to a corresponding retail casino. These online sportsbooks include some well-known brands like PointsBet and DraftKings, which have extensive experience offering online betting to people all around the United States, if not the world. Like Rhode Island, Iowa’s online gambling sites require players to register their account in person at a casino before they can play.

Legal Mississippi Sports Betting

Mississippi Sports Betting

Mobile betting apps are only available in Mississippi at retail Native American sportsbooks as there is no statewide regulated mobile sportsbook available. Legal sports betting sites are available in Mississippi and are the only true mobile anytime anywhere betting option for residents. Mississippi is still a thriving market despite this, as Biloxi is one of the most popular sports betting cities in the country.

New Hampshire Sports Betting

New Hampshire has officially partnered with DraftKings Sportsbook, which has begun accepting wagers from residents. Brick-and-mortar sports betting is also on its way in 10 cities. More online operators will eventually be added, but DraftKings won a bid for temporary exclusivity that should give them a decided advantage over their competitors. You can wager on any event besides college sports events involving New Hampshire teams.

Nevada Sports Betting

Nevada has of course offered online options via mobile betting platforms longer than other states. However, players must register in person to use mobile Nevada sportsbooks. In many instances, players also have to physically visit the sportsbook in order to pick up withdrawals as well. The age to bet from mobile apps in Nevada is 21 and up. Fans of UNLV should note that legal betting sites in Nevada take action on local collegiate teams.

Rhode Island Sports Betting

Rhode Island’s two casino sportsbooks also feature fully developed online betting platforms. Anyone located within RI can bet using these online platforms, but they must first register their account in person at either the Twin Rivers Tiverton or Twin Rivers Lincoln casinos. There are options for loading money onto an online account from either a retail sportsbook location or via e-wallet or traditional online payment methods, as these online sportsbooks are powered by William Hill.

Tennessee Sports Betting

Tennessee Sports Betting

Tennessee’s sports betting market is exclusively mobile and online betting only. There are no land-based betting options, but Tennessee has unlimited mobile betting licenses therefore the market will never be wanting. FanDuel, DraftKings, WynnBet, and BetMGM are all active in a Tennessee mobile sports betting market that has been active since November 1, 2020. The market is thriving, seeing up words of $200 million wagered monthly with sportsbooks seeing tens of millions in sports betting revenue.

Legal Washington DC Sports Betting

Washington DC Sports Betting

Mobile betting is indeed live in Washington DC, however, only one of the sportsbooks operating offers statewide mobile betting. GambetDC offers sports betting from anywhere in the city while the William Hill sportsbook only offers to bet within a two-block radius of the Capital One Arena. Mobile betting in DC is interesting since it is adjacent to two other markets in Virginia and Maryland which offer statewide mobile betting, which has led to constant poor revenue numbers in DC compared to other markets.

Delaware Sports Betting

Delaware offers mobile betting to all its residents. Sports betting has been regulated in Delaware since 2018 and has continued to be the most popular way locals get in on the action. Delaware also has no restrictions against licensed sportsbooks that are regulated outside the US, offering even more options for bettors to wager at these legal sports betting sites. Delaware betting sites are readily available for wagering. Whether one is looking for regulated mobile betting apps or some of the best online sports betting sites, there are options in Delaware.

Indiana Sports Betting

Even before having sports betting for a full year, Indiana sports betting developed into one of the largest and most lucrative sports betting markets in the United States, with full support for online betting. The state already features six fully-fledged betting apps and three more are on the way. The prevalence of online sports betting has helped Indiana quickly eclipse $150 million in monthly betting handle, and that number will likely rise even further as more bettors try out online sports betting during the quarantine.

Legal Michigan Sports Betting

Michigan Sports Betting

Michigan offers full state-wide mobile betting and there are several major sportsbooks that operate currently. Many sports betting entities such as PointsBet and FanDuel have partnerships with local teams like the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Lions. Michigan has truly embraced sports betting and it is apparent that many mobile betting apps and legal sports betting sites are at locals’ disposal.

Legal Montana Sports Betting

Montana Sports Betting

Montana offers mobile betting but these betting apps are geofenced to local sports betting operations. There are over 180 licensed sportsbooks in Montana including in bars and restaurants, but there is no true statewide mobile betting. Legal online sportsbooks do operate in Montana, however, and offer a lot of options for local betting fans.

New Jersey Sports Betting

New Jersey is dominating the market when it comes to legal online sportsbooks, with well over a dozen legal sports betting sites. The first mobile app launched in August 2018, just two months after land-based options. Bettors must still be at least 21-years-old before joining an online NJ sportsbook, and home-based college teams are off-limits. Most sites give players the option of physically visiting a cashier’s cage or making deposits entirely online.

Oregon Sports Betting

Oregon only has one online sportsbook — the Oregon Lottery-run sports betting app called Scoreboard, which provides geofenced sports betting to people all across the state. Brick-and-mortar sports betting is limited to tribal Oregon casinos, so the Scoreboard app is generally the most convenient way to bet on professional sports. Though college sports betting in Oregon is only offered at the tribal casinos, there are no real barriers to sign up for an account.

Pennsylvania Sports Betting

The first state-licensed online sportsbook became available to Pennsylvania residents in the summer of 2019 and bettors in the state haven’t looked back since. Betting in Pennsylvania is as easy as any state in the country thanks to the advanced laws passed by PA officials. Through approved apps and platforms like DraftKings, as well as heading to the physical Pennsylvania sportsbooks, bettors have access to almost too many odds. Add in the international sites like Bovada and BetOnline and finding the best odds on any given sport comes easy.

Tennessee Sports Betting

Virginia Sports Betting

Virginia offers full statewide mobile betting with more than eight active mobile books operating, including FanDuel, DraftKings, and BetMGM. Virginia launched mobile betting in 2020 and has seen consistent success ever since. Mobile betting has dominated Virginia and it has become the main way local betting fans get in on the action.

West Virginia Sports Betting

West Virginia also offers online sports betting sites, which are geofenced just like all legal online sportsbooks. Bettors just have to verify their identities with a government-issued ID via the mobile app, and deposits can also be done entirely online. Fund your accounts using PayNearMe at a convenience store or other in-app option.

US-Based Online Sportsbooks

Thanks to multiple states formally legalizing sports betting, there are a large number of US-based online sportsbooks popping up. Unlike offshore sportsbooks that accept bettors from most or all states, these online sportsbooks can only be used within the state they are based in. So, although they have some limitations, companies like DraftKings and FanDuel are providing sportsbooks for sports bettors. Down below is a list of US-based online sportsbooks that are actively taking bets right now:

Online Sportsbook FAQs

Can I Use Offshore Online Sportsbooks If I live In A State With Legal Sports Betting?

Yes, but it depends on which state. For example, in New Jersey, some online sportsbooks such as Bovada do not accept bettors from there. In other states such as Pennsylvania, you can still use offshore sites along with state-regulated ones. This could actually be a benefit if you want to bet on local teams because state-regulated sports betting sites could see weighted lines due to hometown bias.

Can I Join More Than One Sports Betting Website?

Absolutely and any sharp would tell you it’s actually a smart strategy to have multiple accounts. The reason being is that not every site will have the exact same odds. You may be able to find a better payout for a game or a team on one site then you do on another one. These differences may be small but they add up over the long-term. You could save hundreds over a calendar year from simply shopping lines.

Do I Have To Report Winnings From An Online Sportsbook On My Taxes?

Yes, and this is the case no matter if you are using a state-regulated sports betting site or one that operates overseas. Uncle Sam is going to want to see where your money is coming from and you will have to fill out your gambling earnings from sites like Bovada the same way you would from a land-based casino.

Why Do I Have To Give Proof Of Identity To Online Sportsbooks?

The reason for the required need for identification at online sportsbooks is for the protection of the patrons. For starters, its to ensure that you are only making one account. It is also to make sure you are legally old enough to bet on sports in your state. It is also to ensure that the sportsbooks are sending the money to the correct person. With confirming your ID, you will be able to correct the collect on your winnings. Although it may be somewhat of an inconvenience, it is still of the utmost importance that you confirm your identity at online sportsbooks.

Do Legal Online Sports Betting Sites Offer Live Betting/In-game Wagering?

Yes, they do and they do it effortlessly. Legal online sportsbooks will update their live odds according to the outcomes of events that happen within a game. For example, if a certain team goes up by three touchdowns in the fourth quarter, you will see their odds to win the game change dramatically. They may not have these live betting opportunities for every game, though. More often than not, in-game wagering is reserved only for the biggest sports matchups but you may find it in sports with smaller markets. 

Is It Legal To Use Online Sportsbooks To Bet On Events Other Than Sports?

Surprisingly, yes. State-regulated online sportsbooks tend to stick to sports, but legal online sports betting sites like Bovada venture out and offer odds for events in politics, entertainment, and more. These betting odds are found right in their sportsbook and offer payouts similar to any regular sports matchup. You can bet on who you think will get elected in the next presidential election and who will win an Oscar among other wagering opportunities.  

Do Legal Online Sportsbooks Have A Way To Reach Customer Service?

All the best legal online sportsbooks have a way to reach customer service in case you run into trouble with reading betting lines, making deposits, or making withdrawals. Sites like BetOnline have both a hotline you can call and an email you can contact. SportsBetting has an email you can use to ask questions but also has a live chat set up so that you can possibly get those questions answered instantly.