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Legal South Dakota Sports Betting

Legal sports betting in South Dakota will be available in one town, which is known as the gaming central for the state; the town of Deadwood. People in South Dakota voted in favor of legalizing sportsbooks for establishments in the city on November 3, 2020. This now gives both commercial and Tribal casinos the ability to expand and add sports betting to their gaming menu. The legalities and structure of the new sports wagering market of South Dakota have not yet been decided.

This will cause a delay in the launch of the new industry which looks to happen in late 2021 or 2022. Until then, residents will continue to have access to offshore mobile sportsbooks where they can legally gamble on any sporting event they choose to. Once Deadwood facilities open their doors, the people of South Dakota will be able to go to a land-based establishment to bet on sports matchups or continue using their offshore mobile platforms.

South Dakota Sports Betting And Gambling Laws

For whatever reason, South Dakota sports betting and gambling laws are quite a bit more convoluted than they should be considering the state’s history. Heck, Wild Bill Hickok lost one of the most famous poker games of all time right there in Deadwood in 1876. Of course, Deadwood had almost as bad a hand as Bill’s eights and aces, and gambling was outlawed there until 1989, when limited casino gambling was formally legalized. Poker, slots, and blackjack were all made available, but other casino table games remained banned.

Eventually, as tribal casinos spread through South Dakota in the early 1990s, Deadwood morphed into the state’s only commercial casino district. Of course, with nonsense like $5 maximum bet limits, it never really took off for serious gamblers and high-rollers. Even today, with the limit increased to $1000, Deadwood casinos remain squarely aimed at tourists and not hardcore players.

That said, Deadwood is taking baby steps towards embracing the gaming culture. In 2015, the state government finally allowed area casinos to offer roulette, keno, and craps, and Deadwood officials have credited the relaxing of gambling laws with the increase in tourism and community engagement.


Bovada Sportsbook

The Top Legal Sportsbook In South Dakota

With sports betting legal in South Dakota, bettors can use Bovada to bet on sports with no hesitation at all. With land-based sportsbooks now approved in just the city of Deadwood though, bettors now have the option of making their way there or sticking with Bovada. The reason for Bovada being one of the leading legal online sportsbooks is because of the amount of odds and prop bets that can be found on their platform for different sports. Bettors can find odds on sports teams in the South Dakota area such as the Minnesota Timberwolves and Vikings as University of South Dakota Athletics.

Rating: 5 Star Rating

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BetOnline Sportsbook

Offers Big Paying Bonuses

BetOnline offers South Dakota bettors a 100% legal Vegas-style sportsbook experience on their site as they have loads of different betting odds and prop bets to bet on as well. Their platform is arguably the easiest one to use as all of their odds can be found in just a matter of seconds. Just as easy as it is to find their odds, their promotions and bonuses are also easy to find as well. Speaking of promotions and bonuses, they have great ones not just for new users but for existing ones as well. For existing users, they offer a 25% reload bonus where they will match the deposit 25% up to $250.

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MyBookie Sportsbook

Plenty Of Interesting Prop Bets

Bettors in South Dakota can take advantage of many things on MyBookie as they are legal in SD no matter where you are. One major thing that MyBookie has and does so well with are their prop bets and futures odds on different sports such as the NBA and NFL. They offer odds for example, on if a player will return to that team next year and even prop bets on the game that is going on. They also have some of the best customer service for their users as well as they are available in the event of an issue around the clock. They also have great promotions for their users where they can get cashback on either a cash or Bitcoin deposit.

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1 Bovada Online Sportsbook 50% Up To $250 Read Review Bet Now!
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3 MyBookie Online Sportsbook 50% Up To $1,000 Read Review Bet Now!
4 Sportsbetting Online Sportsbook 50% Up To $1,000 Read Review Bet Now!
5 Xbet Online Sportsbook 100% Up To $300Read Review Bet Now!


XBet Sportsbook

Easy Mobile Betting Platform

South Dakota bettors have one of the best options here when it comes to sports betting as XBet is one of the premier legal online betting sites in SD that residents can use. They not only allow users to access their platform from a computer but also from a mobile device that way bets can be made right from your fingertips no matter where you are. Also, both their normal computer platform and mobile platform are simple and easy to maneuver around which is meant to give bettors a great experience here. Bettors can find odds on XBet for NBA, NFL, MLB, Hockey and soccer but can also find odds for the smaller market sports as well.

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SportsBetting Sportsbook

Offers Top-Quality Customer Service

On SportsBetting, they are trying to give their users the full in-person experience. That is great news for South Dakota sports bettors as land-based betting has been approved but has not yet launched. When it does launch though, bettors will only have one option which is to make their way to Deadwood which is the only city that was approved. As for the customer service that they offer at SportsBetting it is offered 24/7 to ensure a quality experience. One thing that they always have that retail sportsbooks do not have though are the promotions, up tp $1,000.

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Legal Sports Betting In South Dakota – Outlook For 2021

Legal sports betting in South Dakota happened by a majority vote in November 2020 where constituents weighed in with a final vote tally of 239,620 in favor of the market and 170,191 opposed. What became known as Constitutional Amendment B, would legalize wagering on sporting events in South Dakota in the town of Deadwood as well as Tribal gaming locations throughout the state.

On March 10, 2021, Senate Bill 44 was sent to Governor Kristi Noem’s desk for signature after passing through both chambers of the South Dakota Legislature. Senate Bill 44 allows for land-based sportsbooks in Deadwood and Tribal businesses in the state. No mobile sports betting is available and while professional and collegiate wagers are open to gamble on, all South Dakota school matches are prohibited from bets.

With the Governor’s approval, SD SB 44 will set the structure for the rules and regulations of legal sports betting laws in South Dakota which would enable an industry launch in June.

What Teams Can I Bet On?

If you’re interested in betting on local South Dakota teams, you’re out of luck, because there pretty much aren’t any. Overseas sportsbooks are not going to offer action on minor league hockey and roller derby matches. You might have better luck with the pair of NCAA teams in the state, but you shouldn’t expect much out them, either. Of course, just because SD doesn’t have any big-time pro teams of its own doesn’t mean that residents of the state aren’t fans of nearby clubs. The most popular major teams for SD sports bettor and fans are the Minnesota Vikings (NFL), Minnesota Twins (MLB), Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA), and Minnesota Wild (NHL). As you can see, South Dakota sports fans are very much Minnesota homers.

List Of Popular Teams In And Near South Dakota

Aberdeen Wings (NAHL) Brookings Blizzard (NAHL) Rapid City Rush (ECHL)
Sioux Falls Skyforce (NBA G) Sioux Falls Stampede (USHL) South Dakota Coyotes (NCAA)
South Dakota State Jackrabbits (NCAA) Minnesota Vikings (NFL) Minnesota Twins (MLB)
Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA) Minnesota Wild (NHL)  

Horse Racing Betting In South Dakota

Horse racing betting is legal in South Dakota and the state has two large venues for the pastime. The Stanley County Fairgrounds in Ft. Pierre and the Brown County Fairgrounds in Aberdeen are open during the summer months, with July and August pulling in the most business as tourists from surrounding states show up for some nice evenings out with the ponies. However, live horse racing only takes place on a few select weekends during this time, so you may want to book your stay in advance.

Overall, there’s not a tremendous amount of local action on live horse racing in South Dakota, but simulcast horse racing betting is available in several South Dakota casinos. There is also plenty of simulcast greyhound racing, though live greyhound races have been banned in the state for many years.

Daily Fantasy Sports In South Dakota

The legal status of Daily Fantasy Sports in South Dakota is debatable, but the state currently allows both major DFS operators to do business there. Additionally, state Attorney General Marty Jackley released a statement in December 2016 saying that there was an “ongoing debate on whether [DFS] wagering is predominately a permissive game of skill or an unlawful game of chance…” Jackley goes on to say that without a “clear directive” from the state, he will not instruct his office to pursue any felony indictments for DFS operators. DraftKings and FanDuel both offer their full suite of services to South Dakota residents.

Where To Bet On Sports In South Dakota

If you’re specifically looking to do so at a land-based storefront or in a casino, there is nowhere to bet on sports in South Dakota. While there are dozens of casinos in the state, none offers sports betting outside of horse and greyhound simulcasts. you could travel to other sports betting states, however, if you’re willing to sign up for free at an online sportsbook, you can bet on any sport you choose from anywhere in the state (or the rest of the country).

South Dakota Sports Betting Sites

The best South Dakota sports betting sites are, without doubt, Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and MyBookie. There are other decent online sportsbooks out there (like BookMaker and BetDSI), but these are the best in the business, and they each offer a variety of sportsbook bonuses, bet types, live in game betting, and unique perks. They even have casino and poker rooms to help you pass the time while you wait for the next ballgame to start. Each of these legal sports betting sites​ is reliable and reputable, and they’re dedicated to the fastest sportsbook payouts and stellar customer service. You can’t go wrong signing up with any (or all) of them.

Legal South Dakota Sports Betting FAQs

Can I Bet Real Money On Sports In South Dakota?

Legal South Dakota sports betting wouldn’t be very compelling or worthwhile if you couldn’t bet (and win) real money, so it’s a good thing you can. Whichever online sportsbook you go with, be aware that they have deposit and withdrawal limits for every method you choose to use. However, these are usually pretty high, so most users will have no trouble staying under these limits.

No matter how much or how little you deposit into your account to gamble with, remember to never bet more than you can afford to lose, no matter how much of a “sure thing” a given contest seems to be. The only sure thing in sports betting is that, if you believe in such a thing, you’re going to lose your shirt.

Is Online Sports Betting Safe In South Dakota?

Unless you’re picking results on your iPhone while wandering around in the middle of the Badlands without any water or other appropriate gear, then yes, online sports betting is safe in South Dakota. In fact, it’s probably one of the safest things you can do on the entire Internet, since all the best sportsbooks use strong encryption and state-of-the-art security methods to protect your private information and financial data. Add Bitcoin to the mix, and you can basically bet completely incognito, so nobody will ever know your business. A magician should never reveal his tricks, after all.

Will Sports Betting In South Dakota Ever Be Legal?

With this question, we are going to specifically talk about sportsbooks that are based in South Dakota. Sports betting is already legal and taking place in South Dakota because of our recommended online offshore sportsbooks. As for state-based sportsbooks, that is always going to be a possibility. The fact of the matter is lawmakers have introduced sports betting bills that would bring sports betting to the state. The only problem is that none of these bills have actually passed yet. But that does not mean it will always be like this. There is a good possibility that lawmakers are interested in trying again and will allow sports betting to happen in the state. This is especially true because surrounding states have shown interest or have already legalized sports betting. Lawmakers do not want to lose potential sports betting taxes to other states, so just give it some time and they will legalize sports wagering in South Dakota. 

When Will Sports Betting Become Legal In South Dakota?

Sports betting almost became legal in South Dakota in 2019 when the legislators looked to expand the gambling town of Deadwood. Running into a few problems though, one side of the legislative committee wanted no part of the expansion of sportsbooks while the other side was gung-ho about the possibilities. Neighboring Montana Iowa have legalized sports betting already so this may help expedite the process, as the state will watch tax money leave the state when gamblers use their platforms over the in-state ones.

How Many Sportsbooks Are In South Dakota?

Until legislators approve the notion that they want sports betting in South Dakota, the only options will remain through the use of offshore betting sites. However, if and when the state does move forward, expect a strong majority of them to be located in Deadwood. Here, you can expect to see anywhere from 15-30 sportsbooks, as the town is flooded with gambling establishments. Even outside of Deadwood, you will likely be able to find sportsbooks in South Dakota, as the handful of tribal casinos will likely offer the pastime as well.

Will I Get Arrested For Sports Betting In South Dakota?

Almost certainly not. There is no record of anyone ever being arrested for sports betting in South Dakota, much less prosecuted and convicted. There’s a first time for everything, but you’d probably win the state lottery and fill out a perfect March Madness bracket before ever being nailed for spending a few bucks betting on the Internet. As long as you don’t become some kind of gangland bookie, you’re in the clear.

What Is the Sports Betting Age In South Dakota?

There is no sports betting age in South Dakota as such, but the general rule in these instances is to go with the area’s age limits for its casino operations. In South Dakota’s case, that means 21, since that’s the age to gamble in the state’s many casinos. Technically, Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, and 5Dimes all require their members to be at least 18 years of age, but it’s best to err on the side of caution and wait until you’re 21 or older.

Are There Mobile Sports Betting Apps Available In South Dakota?

Unfortunately, there are no reliable mobile sports betting apps available in South Dakota. If you’re able to find an app on Google Play or in the App Store that claims to offer legal South Dakota sports betting, ignore it. These are scams, and they exist solely to separate you from your money. Instead, save that money to use at real online sportsbooks.

That said, if you really want a mobile experience to enhance all your betting, each big sportsbook offers a “web app” version of its desktop site. Just visit their page via your mobile browser, save the bookmark to your home screen, and tap that icon any time you want to place a bet. It’s not as fast or elegant as a native app might be, but until SD has concrete pro-sports-betting laws on its books, Google and Apple simply will not allow the big online sportsbooks to offer any official apps on their platforms.

Where Is The Best Place To Bet On Sports In South Dakota?

The best place to bet on sports in South Dakota is online at Bovada. If you’re only going to join one sportsbook, this is the one, as Bovada’s not only an industry leader but a stalwart on the legal end of sports betting, too. They’ve never missed a single payout, and their management has an incredibly player-friendly track record of world-beating customer service. Add all that to their comprehensive lines and slick user interface, and you’ve got a legal South Dakota sports betting paradise.

Should I Use A Local Bookie In South Dakota?

There are no legal local bookies in South Dakota, as the federal and state governments take challenges to their gaming monopolies quite seriously. If you are using a local bookie, just be aware that they – and therefore you – are likely under investigation, and getting caught up in an illegal gambling dragnet will more than wipe out all your winnings. Stick with legal online sportsbooks. They’re safer, faster, and far more convenient.

Do Any Casinos In South Dakota Have Sports Betting?

Outside of horse and greyhound racing, there aren’t any casinos in the state that offer legal South Dakota sports betting. Hopefully, this will change in the near-term future with new state legislation. But for now, if you want to bet on sports, you’ll need to use an online sportsbook like Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, or 5Dimes. Of course, by the time sports betting is legalized in the state, you’ll probably be so used to the current online system that you’ll hardly even notice.

Can I Bet On Sports With My Friends In South Dakota?

The South Dakota Codified Laws make no mention of social gaming or private gambling of any kind. However, this doesn’t mean that the practice is implicitly legal. Like South Dakota itself, this one’s a bit of a gray area. It is advisable that, if you’re going to bet on sports with your friends in South Dakota, you do so quietly and behind closed doors. Do not announce any gambling parties on social media, and don’t take the action out of your home or other trusted private locations.

When Will Sports Betting Launch In Deadwood?

Sports betting is expected to launch in July 2021. At this time, the people will be presented with the rules and regulations of the industry to which they will need to agree. However, during the time prior to July, venues can begin readying themselves for sportsbook expansions. After an agreeance, licensing should occur and then the launch. Deadwood and South Dakota residents will see legal sportsbooks available and launched in the Summer of 2021 and most definitely before the start of NFL season.

Will South Dakota Have Sportsbooks Outside Of Deadwood?

The current law lists Deadwood as the only town in the state that is allowed to operate sports betting venues and platforms. Of course, there is always room in the future to amend this and have a more spread-out area of sportsbooks available to residents of South Dakota. But for the foreseeable future, Deadwood will be the only spot in the state with legal sportsbooks. This isn’t something new for the people of South Dakota as Deadwood is their gaming center, being the first to offer legal casino games in the state and now sports betting.