Legal sports betting in South Dakota has been approved by the Senate.

  • Legal sports betting in South Dakota is one step closer to becoming a reality as the Senate voted in favor of it.
  • The measure will now go to the House for approval to see whether it will be placed on the 2020 ballot for residents to vote on.
  • Sports betting legalization has the potential to bring in millions for the state of South Dakota.

DEADWOOD, S.D. – South Dakota Sports betting bill SD SJR 501, a measure that would amend the Constitution in South Dakota to allow residents to bet on sports, has been passed by the state Senate on February 11.

The measure was passed by a vote of 24 YEAS and 10 NAYS which will now move it to the House for voting. Should the House vote to pass it as well, general voters in will see South Dakota sports betting legalization for the city of Deadwood on their ballots in 2020.

Changing The Constitution For Sports Betting

The people of South Dakota, as well as the government, are very comfortable making amendments to their Constitution for the purposes of gaming. In 1986, they voted to amend it so that the state could have a lottery. Then in 1988, the town of Deadwood received the vote to offer casino games in their city. Historically, Deadwood gets legal gaming started in South Dakota before it goes statewide.

That was two amendments to the Constitution for gaming. In 2014, the games of keno, roulette, and craps were added to the list of offerings for Deadwood and Tribal casinos by a third amendment that received a 57% vote of approval.

Should the House vote in favor of SD SJR 501 to put legal sports betting on the ballot, that would be a fourth amendment to the South Dakota Constitution for the sake of gambling.

When one place in the state receives approval to allow gaming or sportsbooks, all Tribal establishments also gain authorization through that approval. South Dakota has many Tribal casinos sprinkled throughout the state that would be allowed to expand their operations to include sports betting lounges should the measure pass and be voted into law in November 2020.

The Bottom Line

When the House votes on the measure, should they agree with the Senate and be in favor of putting legal sports betting on the ballot in November, sports bettors in South Dakota would have the ability to legalize sports betting.

If they choose to do so, residents would see sportsbooks in July 2021. The state and Governor Kristi Noem are ready for the new revenue stream that the gambling on sporting events could bring to the economy of the Mount Rushmore State.

The addition of legal sports betting lounges would not only bring in a new source of revenue in the range of millions annually, but it would also get residents into casinos. This could potentially spike casino game revenue as well as tourism in the state for sports betting enthusiasts that will have an incentive to visit.

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