Last updated on: December 5th, 2022

Advertising Disclosure

Here at, we practice full transparency in both the way we report our news as well as the business we do when it comes to advertising. We are not owned by any outside online gambling operator. We are our own, independent company. We do, however, get compensated by outside companies if our readers choose to sign up for one of the businesses that are featured on our website. Our site allows advertisers to purchase space in order to display their products and services to our readers.

Policies For Advertising On The LSB Network​:

  • In order to continue with our policy on full transparency to our readers, it should be known that advertisements are how we get paid to provide our services and all of our content to you free of charge without the need for paid subscriptions to access our information.
  • All banner ad-space advertisements are strategically placed outside of our content on our pages as they are separate from our own sponsorships.
  • We have no control over what is said on company sites that choose to advertise with us. In no way do we endorse any of the views or information that may be found on these websites.
  • To that end, we do not endorse companies for financial gain. We do not accept any money to write reviews or other endorsements for any business. We strictly provide ad space.

The concept of is simple; truth in advertising. Like the many pieces of legislation that states are trying to build their legal sports betting industries on, we also follow the guidelines of honesty, integrity, and transparency in regards to our readers. All reviews and recommendations found on our network are tried and true as they’ve been personally used by all of us here on staff. We would never want our readers to use a platform that we wouldn’t trust our families to use because our readers are like our extended family.

With that being said, advertisers simply purchase banner space on our pages. They in no way have any influence on any of the information found within the pages of LegalSportsBetting. Our truth in advertising policy extends into all of the information we provide on our website.

However, in order to continue reporting 100% free news on the current events that surround sports, sports betting, and the legalities revolving around the topic, we need the funding of our advertisers. But to reiterate, they in no way will ever influence the information found on our website. We take the trust of our readers seriously and only want to provide the best most factual and up to date news on legal sports betting.