Last updated on: January 23rd, 2024

Biggest Sporting Events To Bet On

The biggest sports betting events in 2024 are the most beloved events in the world. Many people tune into the Super Bowl to watch the high budget commercials. Others watch the World Cup every four years to see the team represent their home country. Events like the Belmont Stakes help high viewership for the majesty of horse racing. In all scenarios, there are legal sports betting sites that accept betting lines on 2024 sports betting events. For many, watching the events is enough. But some lock in due to the action they have on the games. The biggest events for legal US sports betting are the most profitable days for sportsbooks.

Top Sports Betting Sites For Events

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Bovada Sportsbook

Best Book For Super Bowl Betting

Being one of the biggest events for legal sports betting in 2024 for US players, Bovada offers wagers on the Super Bowl all year long. The legal sportsbook starts with preseason odds and then updates the odds every single day depending on trade rumors, injuries, live game results, and more. Bovada also offers future odds on the AFC and NFC Championship games, divisional odds, and other NFL betting props. As the Super Bowl approaches, Bovada generates hundreds of prop bets for the two teams that are meeting in the 57th Super Bowl. These bets range from the winner of the game to the color of the Gatorade poured on the head coach.

Rating: 5 Star Rating

  • Accepts USA Players
  • Great Selection of Odds
  • Easy Deposit Methods
  • Fast Payouts
  • Easy to Get Started

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BetOnline Sportsbook

Betting On The NBA With Crypto

BetOnline is one of the best sportsbooks for betting on the NBA with crypto, with over 17 different available coins for deposits and withdrawals. The legal sportsbook has odds for every NBA moneyline and also updates their NBA Finals odds every day. With the NBA season historically being unpredictable, there can be big payouts in betting on the Finals winner early on. BetOnline players can make crypto deposits up to $100,000 per single transaction with no fees whatsoever for legal NBA betting in the US. Bitcoin is the most popular crypto that BetOnline offers for NBA betting.

Rating: 5 Star Rating

  • User-friendly Layout
  • Current NFL Events Props
  • Wide Futures Selection
  • Game Breakdowns On Bets
  • Advanced Live Betting

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MyBookie Sportsbook

Big Bonuses For World Series Betting

There are new player and existing player bonuses at MyBookie that can be redeemed for betting on the World Series. Whether placing a future eager during the beginning of the regular season or placing a live wager during the postseason, MyBookie allows their players to boost their bankroll for every single deposit. The best bonus for betting on the World Series is their new player bonus which has no limit to how much bonus credit can be redeemed. This bonus takes the form of a 25% deposit match and all of the funds can be placed on the winner of the World Series.

Ratings: 5 Star Rating

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Football Events To Bet On

While it may not be the case everywhere in the world, in America, football is king, and there is always a game that becomes the next big sports event. In college football, every Saturday matters because even one loss could knock you out of the four-team playoffs. For the NFL schedule, a preseason and longer postseason means there are football events to bet on from August until February. However, in both cases, there are certain events that draw in the most action every year and we’ve listed those events below.

NFL Betting at Bovada

Super Bowl

Nothing is more popular than betting on the Super Bowl, as the event takes the most action in the US. This is partly because there are hundreds of ways to bet on the event outside of the moneyline. Some people will bet on the opening coin flip, others will bet on the length of the national anthem, and some will even put money on what color Gatorade the winning team will splash their head coach with. While NFL betting sites take a lot of action during the regular season, nothing beats the hundreds of props and lines generated for the Super Bowl.

College Football Playoffs

While the format seems to be constantly evolving, there are many legal CFP betting sites that take future wagers all year. The more games involved in the playoff is great for betting on college football, as it adds more action to get in on. There is no telling which conferences are going to make it in. There have been scenarios where two teams from a single conference have made it in, and there has even been the case of Notre Dame making it in having no conference. This gives fanbases across the country a chance to find college football sports betting sites that take US players on their favorite college football team during the playoffs.

Bet on NCAA College Football at MyBookie

Basketball Events To Bet On

The number of basketball events to bet on are staggering at both college basketball betting sites and NBA sportsbooks. Conference tournaments in college basketball extend seasons for more betting events while the seven-game series structure of the NBA playoffs also adds to the wagering opportunities. However, the best 2024 sporting events in the world of basketball are identified below.

Big 3

New to the NBA offseason is Ice Cube’s Big 3 basketball league. The league features former NBA and international basketball stars competing in a modified three-on-three basketball tournament. The league presents terrific betting options for basketball fans during the offseason. The season usually runs for eight weeks, with two sets of three games every week. The game featured modified rules, like a four-point shot, and features former stars like Stephen Jackson, Gary Payton, and Rashard Lewis.

March Madness

While almost everyone in the US has filled out a bracket in their lifetime, legal March Madness betting sites open the door for many different ways to bet and win big on the tournament. March Madness is one of the most unpredictable events to bet on in all of sports, but there is always bound to be a Cinderella story somewhere in the mix. This makes for the potential to have some very lucrative payouts if you pick the right Cinderella school to advance.

NBA Finals

NBA betting reaches its pinnacle each season when it comes to the NBA Finals. This is especially true when people put money down before the series begins. Picking the right time to win in the right amount of games could load your pockets well into next season. But, there is always the potential for injuries to affect each game and for buzzer-beaters to keep certain teams alive. Good thing it’s a seven-game series, so even if you don’t cash-in on the first game, there is always another chance with NBA Finals betting.

Baseball Events To Bet On

With over a hundred regular season baseball games each season, you’ll never run short of having baseball events to bet on. MLB betting is common during the dog days of summer when there aren’t very many other sports in season. But, there are two events specifically that are the high points when it comes to betting on the sport as a whole.

MLB Betting at Bovada

World Series

With constant action and opportunity to win big, legal World Series betting is popular among all MLB fans in the US and helps make October one of the most exciting months of the year. Based on the last few years, the World Series is expected to be one of the biggest 2024 betting events, as the league features all the greatest players from around the world. Whether it be players from Japan, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands or the US, there are always high-profile athletes that make for great player prop bets at sports betting sites that allow MLB wagers. Just like the NBA Finals, even though you may have a bad beat in the first game, you’ll at least be able to redeem yourself the next game.

College World Series

Hearing that your favorite college program is going to Omaha is a great feeling. It means that your team is in the College World Series and that they have a chance to bring home college baseball’s greatest prize. Even though legal college baseball betting is not as popular as other collegiate sports, betting on the College World Series is one way to keep you locked in for every pitch thrown in Nebraska during May and June.

The Final Korean Baseball Championship AKA Korean Series

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) or KBO League has its own World Series for baseball around the same time as the MLB, during the Fall months of every year. The Korean Series as it’s called is part of the post-season playoffs. While it’s the Championship for the league, the winning team will move on to compete in the Asia Series. The playoffs continue for the third and fourth place finishers in the Korean Series to properly rank who will be second place for the season and then third and fourth. Every bit of these series playoff games and the Asia series are available at legal KBO betting sites. Korean baseball is highly popular worldwide and is very similar to the way the MLB runs its organization.

Soccer Events To Bet On

Since soccer is the most popular sport in the world, the number of soccer events to bet on can actually overwhelm you. The English Premier League Title is a common trophy that soccer fans in America pay attention to. But just blink and you’ll miss your chance to bet on the UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, Euro Cup, Copa America, or even the CONCACAF. Don’t forget about MLS betting in the U.S. too. However, there is one event that is worth waiting every four years for.

World Cup

When you’re betting on the World Cup, you’re not just putting your money down on any regular team. Those players are in charge of representing their country in front of the entire world. With it comes high stakes and high payouts. This is true even for the group stage games in the early rounds. There have been plenty of upsets and even some of the most prestigious soccer-crazed countries have gone down in those games. As the World Cup only comes around every four years, it is the most popular form of legal soccer betting that can be found in the US.

Hockey Events To Bet On

Not just in the north, NHL betting sites have become extremely popular in the US. With two Stanley Cups in back to back seasons (2020 and 2021), there are plenty of hockey fans in as far south as Florida. Hockey is constantly growing in its popularity so most NHL sportsbooks accept wagers on each regular-season game. But, ask any pro sports bettor and they’ll tell you that there is only one real hockey event that grabs their attention.

Stanley Cup Finals

Betting on the Stanley Cup Finals is not to be slept on. NHL betting is one thing, but putting action on the final series takes on a whole new meaning. That’s because similar to the Super Bowl, there are plenty more betting lines for the event than any other single hockey game. The chances for you to actually come way a winner yourself are increased just by that fact. Who knows, maybe after you win your Stanley Cup Finals bet you will be able to buy a giant cup of your own.

Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments

For many sports bettors, a bulk of their money comes from legal tennis betting sites that are available in the US. This is especially true when it comes time to lay down a few dollars on Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments. While the big names in the sport usually come away from these tournaments victorious, there are always some new faces ready to make some noise during the top 2024 sports betting events.

  1. Australian Open Betting Sites
  2. French Open Betting Sites
  3. Wimbledon Betting Sites
  4. US Open Betting Sites

PGA Golf Tour

Believe it or not, PGA Tour betting sites takes a lot of action all throughout the year, with some of the biggest sports betting events in 2024 being the foir Majors. While some are simply taking in the beauty of the courses, those that have bet on the PGA Golf Tour are crossing their fingers for every drive and every putt.

  1. Masters Betting Sites
  2. PGA Championship Betting Sites
  3. US Open Betting Sites
  4. Open Championship Betting Sites


Only played once every two years, legal Olympic betting sites take a lot of action in the US, for both the summer and the winter games. This is the only time betting fans can wager on the many events available so a lot of betting fans jump on these odds. Every event will see betting lines and there are also future events for which country will get the most gold medals and medals overall. Individual Olympic stars will also see player props for them potentially breaking records or over/under on total medals, they will win. The Olympics see daily betting potential in online sportsbooks.

Biggest Sporting Events To Bet On FAQs

Is It Legal To Bet On Popular Sporting Events?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to bet on popular sporting events such as the Super Bowl or the Triple Crown. In fact, more people are likely to wager on events such as the NBA Finals more so than any other game in the NBA. The reason for that is because they are the biggest events of the year and people want to bet on who will be the champs. No sportsbook in the US or on one of our recommended online offshore sportsbooks will not take action on big events. The only exception is that if a state has specific laws against college matches within state borders or the like. But online offshore sportsbooks will always take action on big events, so do not worry.

Can I Use My Mobile Device To Bet On Big Sporting Events?

You can absolutely use your mobile device to bet on big sporting events. Unfortunately, life is busy and there is no guarantee that you will be home to watch the biggest games of the year. But that does not mean that you should miss out on the biggest bets of the year. Betting on your mobile device allows you to bet on sports no matter where you are and the action is always with you. Just access one of our recommended books using a browser on your mobile device and you are good to go. You will also receive exclusive bonuses for doing so, so give it a try.

What Are The Best Sportsbooks To Wager On Big Sporting Events?

Without a doubt, it has to be on one of our recommended online offshore sportsbooks. Super Bowl 53 is a perfect example of this. During Super Bowl 53, sportsbooks in Rhode Island lost a ton of money because the New England Patriots won. Although everyone in Rhode Island was betting on the Patriots, the payouts were really bad because no one was really wagering on the Los Angeles Rams. If they were to wager on online offshore sportsbooks, they would not have to deal with homegrown fans ruining the payout odds. This is part of the reason why we recommend online offshore sportsbooks to you.