Last updated on: September 21st, 2022

Betting On The French Open

International tournaments always make for great conversation and legal French Open betting is no different. This tournament is the only major tennis event that is played on clay, which makes the field even more competitive due to the tough nature of the court. With this, many upsets are common in Roland Garros and utilizing sportsbooks can allow you to make some money while watching one of the most revered tennis tournaments in the world. It does not matter if you are an experienced gambler or a first-time bettor, the information on this page will come in handy for all future events.

It is our goal to ensure you are knowledgeable about legal tennis betting and in particular, all things French Open. From the current odds to the laws behind sports betting, we will make sure you are ready to bet on Roland Garros. Included is a background of betting options when it comes to tennis and what to look out for with offshore sportsbooks in regards to their legality and promotions. Also, we look at the positive trend of mobile and live betting and even and discuss how bettors can win even more money by utilizing these great additions.

Legal French Open Betting

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Can I Legally Bet On The French Open?

Bettors have a few options when it comes to betting on the French Open. Over a dozen states have legalized sports betting in one form or another. While all of them do not provide active sportsbooks at this time, many are already open for business and accept action on the tournament. For those who are in a state that has not legalized, your best option (besides traveling to a legal state) is to use an offshore legal sports betting site.

These overseas operators have been in the game for many years and the reputable ones have had positive experiences for their customers. Just remember that in order for the site to be legal to use, it must be located outside of the country. Always make sure that the book is regulated as well, by some organization within their home country. Offshore sites are the most popular when it comes to betting on Roland Garros for a variety of reasons.

French Open

When Is The French Open?

The 2023 Men’s and Women’s French Open event will run from Sunday, May 28th to Sunday, June 11th, and will see some of the biggest players in the sport battle it out. The French Open is a multi-day event filled with winning opportunities for players. There are odds for futures bets on who will win the entire thing, as well as betting lines for each game. There are also live-in game betting options available throughout each match. Betting on the French Open is one of the biggest draws for tennis betting fans. It’s among to major Grand Slam events that happen every year. The best odds for the French Open are available at online sportsbooks.


Bovada Sportsbook

Best Odds For The French Open

When it comes to betting on the French Open Bovada has consistently been the go-to destination. The popular sportsbook provides some of the best odds for the French Open. From futures betting on who will win the Men and Women Open’s to live in-game odds on each match, Bovada is the perfect place to be for tennis betting fans. Bovada also offers parlay betting on the event, including player props as well. This means fans can build parlays using several matches on the French Open and potentially win major payouts.

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How To Bet On The 2023 French Open At Rolan Garros

Betting on the French Open is no different than placing the action on other tennis events. Sportsbooks host several wager types, including live in-play betting, and there are odds for each matchup. The Men and Women compete in a best of five series which is standard for all four Grand Slam events. Placing action on these head-to-head matchups is simple.

Spread Betting

In tennis, betting the spread is determining how many times one player will be favored over the other in terms of the number of sets won. In Grand Slam events, the spread line can either be +2.5, +1.5, -1.5, or +2.5. Take this example:

Nishikori is the favorite (indicated by the minus sign) and is expected to beat Tsonga by two sets or more. In order for Tsonga to win the wager for the bettor, he would need to win the match outright or lose by 1 set. The three-digit numbers in parenthesis are called the moneyline, or the odds for wagering.

Betting the Money Line

This is just a fancy way to say you are going to pick the winner, straight-up – regardless of games played, sets won, or any other aspect of the game. The only thing that matters is the winner of the match. Odds in any given scenario are a ratio representation of $100. For example:

For the favorite (Cilic), you would have to wager $215 in order to win $100. For the underdog (Dimitrov), you would have to wager $100 to win $175. Note how these flip when looking at the minus or plus symbol, as betting on the underdog gives you a higher payout and betting on the favorite (often) costs more money to lay down than you’d win back. Remember this is only a ratio, as you have the ability to bet as little or as much as you’d like (within the site’s limits). For example, betting $1 on Dimitrov would profit you $1.75. Betting $1000 on Dimitrov would profit you $1750.

French Open Futures Betting

Rafael Nadal won his 14th career French Open title in 2022 but did not open as the odds on favorite in 2023. That honor belongs to Novak Djokovic with his +165 odds. Djokovic has won the French Open twice and is the only player other than Nadal to win at Roland Garros since 2016.

Women’s French Open 2023

Iga Swiatek has opened as the outright favorite over the field to win the Women’s French Open in 2023 with -125. Swiatek is the returning champion and has won the event twice before. There have been no repeat winners of the Women’s French Open since Justin Henin won three straight from 2005 through 2007.

The Difference Between Land-Based & Online Sportsbooks

These land-based sportsbooks have regulations and taxes in place that they must adhere to in order to keep their state-issued license. Often, you will find that the local books offer similar lines across all of the state-run betting boards. This is why using an online sportsbook can be so much more advantageous. In sports betting, especially during an international event, the odds will drastically change with each sportsbook provider. As the offshore sites are independently run, you will find that one site will offer odds much different than another.

For example, when looking at betting on the 2019 French Open, take Stan Wawrinka as an example. By using one of the reputable sportsbooks named BetOnline, bettors would have locked in odds at +4000 for him to win the tournament. However, those who are signed up at Bovada (another site we recommend), locked in odds at +10000. One further, the ever-popular MyBookie had him listed at +5000. By signing up with and utilizing the differences of these online sportsbooks, you are able to shop lines and determine your best payout. BetOnline winners laying $100 would have seen a payout of $6,000 less than Bovada winners.

French Open

Other Ways To Legally Bet On The French Open

Those are the standard wagers you can make when it comes to betting on tennis, but as we have stated, there are many ways to enter into action. Parlays are a common style of wagering that allows for bettors to dream big about a large payout without putting much money down. A parlay is a single wager that is comprised of two or more betting lines. In order for the parlay to win, every single “leg” you selected must be correct and any one wrong decision will cost your entire betting slip. Though sportsbooks will (usually) allow you to put over a dozen teams in your parlay, we recommend sticking to those that involve less than a half-dozen choices. Your payout will still be large and your chances to win will be much higher as well.

Betting on the French Open can also be done so by selecting various prop bets. These are similar to futures bets, as they are betting on the outcome of a certain event – only these will not have anything to do with who physically wins the game, set, match, or tournament. Prop bets will ask you questions such as ‘Will Benoit Paire reach the quarterfinals of the French Open’, ‘How many aces will John Isner have throughout the tournament’, or ‘Which country will win Roland Garros’. These wagers can be alongside a number, which requires to you take the over or under, or have options, which range in odds depending on the likelihood.

Mobile Betting On The French Open

When it comes to sports betting, you betting make sure you find a site that has mobile betting. The good news is that every site we recommend offers mobile betting and any online sportsbook that doesn’t have this feature is one you should probably stay away from. Mobile sports betting makes everything easier, as you can access the same betting platform, options, and account features that you would find on their main webpage.

If using a state-licensed sportsbook that has mobile betting, you will find there are certain restrictions that will get in your way compared to the offshore sites. Locally, each state is under a federal law known as the Wire Act that states wagers cannot be accepted across state lines. The books will ensure they are following orders by using geolocation on your device before they accept the wager into action. Also, depending on the state, there may be restrictions on your exact location. Mississippi for example only will allow you to bet on your phone if you are physically present at the casino. Offshore betting sites do not have any of these restrictions and will accept players from all over the world.

Live Betting

Live betting in tennis is where the serious gamblers make their money. In a tournament like the French Open that lasts for two whole weeks, has hundreds of games, and plays on a specialized surface (clay) that many find difficult to stick with, gamblers love the betting options. Live betting allows bettors to access betting lines and odds from matches that currently underway, rather than betting before the match starts. While you can select who will the match during the event, the number of other lines will blow your mind.

In each match, expect to see a few dozen categories for what you can bet on. You will have the option to bet on how many games will be played (in each set and total), which player will get to a certain number of games won first, what the exact score of a set will be, what the exact result of the match will be, how many games are won by each player, and many more alternative lines. Keep in mind that these betting lines are always changing, as each point scored, each fault received, and each injury timeout granted can modify the current line in a matter of a second.

However, finding these differences is what sets the good bettors apart from the great bettors. Say Nadal is down 2-0 in the first set, but you have a feeling he will still come back to win it. This would be a perfect time to bet on him to win the first set, as the odds have shifted in favor of his opponent who holds the lead on the set. You can find odds around +400 at that exact moment, even though before the match started, Nadal would have likely been -250 to win the first set.

Legal Deposit Methods For French Open Betting

When it comes to funding your sports betting account, it all depends on the type of sportsbook you are betting with. For the land-based venues, you will generally be restricted to cash only wagering. Unless you are using one of their online platforms, cash is king in the land-based sportsbook world. Other possibilities include PayNearMe, credit card, and casino chips, which are all dependent on the book, their policies, and state regulations.

For the offshore betting sites, you will find that each site hosts a variety of sportsbook deposit methods. The most common way to fund your online account is with a credit card. Most of the times, these will carry a slight fee from your bank, especially if your card is not approved for international purchases. Instead, consider using an international prepaid gift card, a cashier’s check, wire transfers, or cryptocurrency. Nearly every legitimate and trusted sportsbook accepts Bitcoin, while many others are also accepting Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and more. Often, the max deposit amount is set higher with crypto and wire transfers as opposed to the lower limits set on credit cards.

Legal French Open Betting FAQS

What Kind Of Bonuses Do Offshore Sportsbooks Offer?

Every sportsbook will offer a welcoming bonus to new members. This is their first way to say thank you for joining their site. You will likely receive a match on your deposit of anywhere from 25% – 100%. Other bonuses include offering a risk-free wager, a free bet from your phone, or additional deposit bonuses. With the site you like, look through all of their promotions before signing up because some of them can only be used once and at a certain time.

What Are Rollover Requirements?

When it comes to cashing in on bonuses and promotions for offshore betting sites, it is always important to read the terms and conditions first. Some sites may offer up to $2500 in free play, but require you to bet $10,000 before you can make a withdrawal (without losing your free play). Rollover requirements are the standard amount of money you must bet in order to be free of the terms and conditions of your bonus. Expect most sportsbooks to have a rollover requirement of 1-5x your initial deposit. However, some sites can see rollover levels reach 15x.

What Is The Best Way To Shop Lines?

Because each of the sportsbooks we recommend are free to join, simply signing up is the first step. Once you have an account with these operators, simply login to their betting board and compare which sites are giving the best odds. Sometimes you will find that odds aren’t that different, but it is still important to find the best market price. Like shopping online, once you have found your best price, lock in those odds and watch the extra money roll in.

How Do I Receive My Money After Winning A Bet?

All you have to do is request a payout. The sportsbooks will have policies in place that describe exactly how much you need to have in your account before you can withdrawal or if there is a fee associated with your withdrawal method. Receiving a cashier’s check, for example, may come with higher costs and you will have to wait 2-3 weeks before you see your money. If you have Bitcoin, you may be able to have your money transferred to your crypto-wallet in hours and free of charge. Every site has a cashier or financials page so be sure to read through and determine which method is best for you.

How Do I Know If My State Has Licensed Sportsbooks?

Only about a dozen states have legalized sports betting, so it is likely you do not live in one that has. For more information, check out our webpage “states with legal sports betting” which will detail every state that has, is moving towards, or outlaws wagering. These are constantly changing, as sports betting is regulated on the state level, so knowing all of the details can make you feel more confident when looking to bet on the French Open.