Last updated on: January 13th, 2024

Fastest Sports Betting Payouts 2024

Though sports betting sites offer various withdrawal options, many bettors are specifically interested in the fastest sportsbook payouts 2024. The fastest payout options at online sports betting sites will differ depending on the online sportsbook that you use. The main contenders for the fastest sports betting payout methods are cryptocurrency, bank wires, and ACH deposits.

Furthermore, the methods will have varying minimums, maximums, withdrawal fees, and processing windows. Though US players will not have quite as many options as bettors from other countries, you will still be able to find speedy methods to meet your needs for betting on sports legally. If you are looking for where to find fast payout betting sites, you have come to the right place. Here, you can take a closer look at some of the payout options you might come across and also find out which sportsbooks offer the fastest payouts.

Top Sports Betting Sites for Fast Payouts

Rank Sportsbook Bonus Offer Play Now
1 Bovada Online Sportsbook Exclusive 50% Bonus Code up to $1000!Read Review BVD1000 in Cashier
2 BetOnline Online Sportsbook 50% Up To $1,000Read Review Visit BetOnline!
3 MyBookie Online Sportsbook 50% Up To $1,000 Read Review Visit MyBookie!
4 Xbet Online Sportsbook 100% Up To $300Read Review Visit Xbet!
5 Sportsbetting Online Sportsbook 50% Up To $1,000 Read Review Visit SportsBetting!



Fastest Payouts For NFL Betting

The best part about betting on the NFL at Bovada is the fast payout options available. Betting fans love to win and quickly collect their winnings so Bovada is the perfect sportsbook for this. Bovada accepts and pays out in Bitcoin which is among the fastest method of cashing your gambling winnings. Bovada also offers payment in bank wire transfers, e-checks, bank checks, and money orders; all of which have varying withdrawal speeds. Bovada is a reputable sportsbook that has built its reputation on paying out players quickly.

Rating: 5 Star Rating

  • Live Betting
  • Big Bonuses
  • Easy To Use
  • Mobile Betting
  • Best Odds

BitcoinVisaMastercardAmerican ExpressZelle



Receive Same-Day Payouts

BetOnline is known as one of the quickest online sportsbooks when it comes to requesting a payout. They have tons of different options when doing so that include different forms of cryptocurrency. A total of 12 different forms of crypto can be used to withdraw including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Stellar, and many more. All of these methods can be paid out on the same day that the payout is requested.

Rating: 5 Star Rating

  • Reliable Banking Methods
  • Strong Server Connection
  • 10+ Year Track Record
  • Huge Assortment Of Odds
  • No App Mobile Betting

VisaMastercardBitcoinEtheriumWire Transfer


SportsBetting Sportsbook

100% Secure & Reliable Payouts

Using SportsBetting to bet on sports has never been easier as you can use them from anywhere you may be and take care of all your banking needs right from your mobile device. That includes getting paid out as you can request payouts from SportsBetting right from your phone which makes it easier to track and manage your funds which are moving from different accounts. They also offer affordable payout options that do not require high fees at all.

Ratings: 5 Star Rating

  • Efficient Site Layout
  • Full Mobile Betting Suite
  • Available Customer Service
  • Trustworthy Banking Options
  • Fast Payout Times

VisaMastercardBitcoinEtheriumWire Transfer


MyBookie Sportsbook

Fast Cryptocurrency Payouts

Players that are looking for a fast payout from a legal sportsbook frequently choose MyBookie because of the site’s fast cryptocurrency payouts via Bitcoin. Using Bitcoin when requesting a payout from MyBookie means players’ requests will be processed and paid out in 72 hours or less, with “less” being the key. MyBookie leaves some wiggle room on their payout speeds, as 72 hours is simply the maximum amount of time a payout would take from them. The payout range for Bitcoin at MyBookie is $25-$50,000.

Ratings: 5 Star Rating

  • Huge Player Bonuses
  • Consistent Odds
  • Easy Interface
  • Rapid Live Betting
  • Legal In Texas


Bovada Sportsbook

What Is The Fastest Payout Method For Sportsbooks In 2024?

Cryptocurrency consistently acts as one of the fastest sportsbook payout methods you will find in 2024. The exact speed varies depending on the site. Each fast payout sports betting site will state a maximum time frame that cryptocurrency transactions are processed, but that time given is always a worst-case scenario reference. Cryptocurrency payouts are received within about two hours at nearly all times – and usually are instantaneous. Bovada and BetOnline both have maximum processing times of two hours or less and MyBookie has 48 hours. Those differences may seem massive, but that is just in case something goes wrong and they have to wait a day or so to send the funds. None of Bovada, BetOnline, or MyBookie charge fees on crypto payouts, meaning the only real difference between each fast payout betting site’s cryptocurrency payouts are the minimums and maximums, which each of those listed out below.

Cryptocurrency: Bovada Min-Max Payouts: BetOnline Min-Max Payouts: MyBookie Min-Max Payouts:
Bitcoin (BTC) $10-Unlimited $20-$500,000 $25-$50,000
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $10-$5,000 $20-$100,000 N/A
Litecoin (LTC) $10-$5,000 $20-$100,000 N/A
Ethereum (ETH) $50-$5,000 $50-$100,000 N/A
Tether (USDT) $50-$5,000 $20-$100,000 N/A
Ripple (XRP) N/A $20-$100,000 N/A
Dogecoin (DOGE) N/A $20-$100,000 N/A
Shiba Inu (SHIB) N/A $20-$100,000 N/A
Cardano (ADA) N/A $20-$100,000 N/A
Solana (SOL) N/A $20-$100,000 N/A

Pro Tip: Avoid online sportsbooks like FanDuel or DraftKings if you want to use crypto to receive fast payouts, as most state regulated betting sites do not offer the financial methods.

How Do I Withdraw With MatchPay At Fast Payout Betting Sites?

MatchPay is a service that makes requesting legal sportsbook payouts simple, for any bettor that has a P2P service account. This method is offered at Bovada Sportsbook, one of the top fast payout betting sites in the world, and connects two bettors and allows them to buy each other’s bankroll betting credits. For example, if one bettor was trying to withdraw, they would find somebody betting on sports with MatchPay that wanted to deposit. The two bettors would agree on an amount, and the bettor wanting to deposit with send their own money through the P2P service to the fellow Bovada player. After this money transfers over, Bovada will transfer the actual betting credits between the two accounts. Withdrawing with this method has a $20 minimum and $1,000 maximum. This service can be used with the P2P platforms below:

How Do I Withdraw With A Check At Sportsbook With Fast Payouts?

The alternative to all of these fancy electronic sports betting payout methods is the standard check by courier sent through snail mail. This is a physical check addressed to the bettor that is sent through the mail from the sportsbook. Sometimes, the old way can be the best way of doing things, but that is not true in this case, due to how long the mail takes to arrive compared to a fast payout method like Bitcoin. While it can take as long as 15 business days to arrive, payouts from check by courier sportsbooks is still a viable option. There is also the added worry of the check getting lost in the mail, or destroyed before you have the opportunity to cash it. When compared to other payouts like Bitcoin, check by courier is significantly slower, more complicated, and inefficient.

How Do I Withdraw With Western Union At Fast Payout Sportsbook Online?

Western Union is a person-to-person withdrawal method, and you can use it, along with other p2p withdrawal methods, to get fast sports betting payouts in 2024. Person-to-person payout methods allow one player to transfer some of their winnings directly to another player, usually with no additional fees. Popular person-to-person money services include Western Union, MoneyGram, RIA, and even one literally called Person-to-Person. These transfers can take up to five days to process, although they usually process in two to three. Minimum and maximum withdrawals tend to be roughly equal to other payout methods, although this varies depending on which sportsbook you use. You can also use person-to-person to have a sportsbook send your account funds to you through a participating retailer like Walmart, where you can withdraw said winnings in cash.

How Do I Withdraw With A Prepaid Card Quickly?

Withdrawing with a prepaid card is a popular – but not altogether common – method of receiving a fast payout at online sports betting sites in 2024. As credit cards cannot be used for payouts, prepaid cards are sometimes the best alternative. Oftentimes, an online sportsbook will provide their own prepaid card that can be reloaded as needed, or the cashier will work with select card issuers to offer other options. In either instance, the funds are sent directly to your card, which can then be used at ATMs and other locations. Prepaid card payouts are processed within 72 hours on average.

Types Of Fast Sportsbook Payouts

Online sportsbooks deliver payouts in two basic formats – electronically or via mail delivery. Generally, the fastest sportsbook payouts 2024 will be those processed and sent online. There is no wait for physical cash or checks to be drawn, and no trips to the bank are necessary. More traditional methods may take about a week to be delivered (bank wire, money order), but this is still relatively fast compared to methods that take two weeks or more (like courier checks). Most legal sports betting sites will have a processing window of up to 72 hours, with payout requests being accepted throughout the week.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fastest Sportsbook Payouts 2024

What is the fastest sportsbook payout method?

The fastest sportsbook payout method is usually bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, followed by bank transfers.

Why is crypto good for fast payouts?

Crypto is good for fast sportsbook payouts because there are no banks to go through, removing barriers to payment.

What sportsbook has the fastest payouts?

The fastest payouts are found at sportsbooks that offer crypto withdrawals, like Bovada.

Can I get fast payouts at FanDuel?

You can get fast payouts at FanDuel, but not with crypto, only with bank transfers, which can take time, and won’t always process overnight.

Is it legal to receive payouts from Bovada?

It is legal to use Bovada and receive payouts from the sportsbook in the United States.

Can I get fast payouts from BetOnline legally?

You can get fast payouts from BetOnline legally using cryptocurrency in most states.