Last updated on: September 30th, 2022

Legal Sports Betting Age By State

For many new sports bettors, the minimum age requirement for legal sports betting is one of the single biggest concerns. Even at legal sports betting venues in 2022, underage gambling is viewed as a major offense that can prompt heavy fines or even jail time for sports betting operators, so sportsbooks are extremely strict about who they allow to gamble. Federal law provides fairly extensive guidelines for most forms of gambling, but it has always left the specificity of legal gambling age requirements to individual states. International online sportsbooks are free to set their own limits, but domestic providers are subject to state age requirements.

Some states offer limited forms of gambling (bingo, charity games, etc.) starting well before the age of 18, but all states require that players be at least 18 years old to bet on sports. 35 states set their legal gambling age higher than 18, which is unfortunate for sports bettors. Thankfully, even in these states, legal sports betting is available to all players who are 18 years old as long as they use international online sportsbooks.

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Thursday, October 6th

8:15 PM

Indianapolis Colts




Indianapolis <span>Colts</span> vs Denver


Location: Empower Field at Mile High

Denver, CO


Forecast: Clear

Gametime:64.6° | Hi:72.9° | Lo:50.7°

Sunday, October 9th

9:30 AM

New York Giants


Green Bay


New York <span>Giants</span> vs Green Bay

Channel: NFL NET

Location: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

London, EN


Forecast: Sunny

Gametime:57° | Hi:65.1° | Lo:48.4°

1:00 PM

Pittsburgh Steelers




Pittsburgh <span>Steelers</span> vs Buffalo

Channel: CBS

Location: Highmark Stadium

Orchard Park, NY


Forecast: Sunny

Gametime:58.6° | Hi:59.7° | Lo:39.7°

1:00 PM

Los Angeles Chargers




Los Angeles <span>Chargers</span> vs Cleveland

Channel: CBS

Location: FirstEnergy Stadium

Cleveland, OH


Forecast: Sunny

Gametime:62.4° | Hi:66° | Lo:38.5°

1:00 PM

Chicago Bears




Chicago <span>Bears</span> vs Minnesota

Channel: FOX

Location: U.S. Bank Stadium

Minneapolis, MN


Forecast: Sunny

Gametime:70° | Hi:72.9° | Lo:44.8°

1:00 PM

Detroit Lions


New England


Detroit <span>Lions</span> vs New England

Channel: FOX

Location: Gillette Stadium

Foxboro, MA

Partly cloudy

Forecast: Partly cloudy

Gametime:61° | Hi:62.8° | Lo:41.4°

1:00 PM

Seattle Seahawks


New Orleans


Seattle <span>Seahawks</span> vs New Orleans

Channel: FOX

Location: Caesars Superdome

New Orleans, LA


Forecast: Sunny

Gametime:83.8° | Hi:84.7° | Lo:63°

1:00 PM

Miami Dolphins


New York


Miami <span>Dolphins</span> vs New York

Channel: CBS

Location: MetLife Stadium

East Rutherford, NJ


Forecast: Sunny

Gametime:63.5° | Hi:66° | Lo:48°

1:00 PM

Atlanta Falcons


Tampa Bay


Atlanta <span>Falcons</span> vs Tampa Bay

Channel: FOX

Location: Raymond James Stadium

Tampa, FL


Forecast: Sunny

Gametime:88.3° | Hi:90.5° | Lo:67.3°

1:00 PM

Tennessee Titans




Tennessee <span>Titans</span> vs Washington

Channel: CBS

Location: FedExField

Landover, MD


Forecast: Sunny

Gametime:66.6° | Hi:68.7° | Lo:42.4°

1:00 PM

Houston Texans




Houston <span>Texans</span> vs Jacksonville

Channel: CBS

Location: TIAA Bank Field

Jacksonville, FL

Patchy rain possible

Forecast: Patchy rain possible

Gametime:78.3° | Hi:80.2° | Lo:70.3°

4:05 PM

San Francisco 49ers




San Francisco <span>49ers</span> vs Carolina

Channel: CBS

Location: Bank of America Stadium

Charlotte, NC


Forecast: Sunny

Gametime:73.8° | Hi:74.7° | Lo:48.6°

4:25 PM

Dallas Cowboys


Los Angeles


Dallas <span>Cowboys</span> vs Los Angeles

Channel: FOX

Location: SoFi Stadium

Inglewood, CA


Forecast: Sunny

Gametime:79.7° | Hi:84.2° | Lo:69.8°

4:25 PM

Philadelphia Eagles




Philadelphia <span>Eagles</span> vs Arizona

Channel: FOX

Location: State Farm Stadium

Glendale, AZ


Forecast: Sunny

Gametime:90.5° | Hi:91.2° | Lo:73.6°

8:20 PM

Cincinnati Bengals




Cincinnati <span>Bengals</span> vs Baltimore

Channel: NBC

Location: M&T Bank Stadium

Baltimore, MD


Forecast: Clear

Gametime:56.8° | Hi:68.7° | Lo:46.9°

Monday, October 10th

8:15 PM

Las Vegas Raiders


Kansas City


Las Vegas <span>Raiders</span> vs Kansas City

Channel: ESPN

Location: GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium

Kansas City, MO

Light rain shower

Forecast: Light rain shower

Gametime:73° | Hi:86.5° | Lo:60.3°

Sports Betting Ages By State

Each of the states with sports betting is different, but the legal sports betting age by state is almost always 21, while the legal lottery and pari-mutuel betting age is usually 18 (except for Alabama, where all gambling ages are 19 for some reason). The following age minimums for sports betting are what you should stick to, listed alphabetically by state. (Note: The states with an age range indicate areas where there is a different limit for commercial vs. tribal casino gaming and betting, and you can typically err on the side of the lower age.)

NFL Bet Types

The three primary ones are moneyline, spread, and points total. These bets take most of the NFL betting action but there are several popular wagers when betting on the NFL.

NFL Point Spreads

Betting on the spread is the most popular way to bet on NFL games. The spread is an attempt by the sportsbook to analyze both teams and decide what margin a team will win by. For example, the Atlanta Falcons (+7) are playing the Buffalo Bills (-7). If you bet on Buffalo, they would have to win by more than 7 points. If you bet on the Falcons, they would have to lose by less than seven points (or win the game) for a successful bet.

NFL Moneylines

A moneyline bet is the simplest way to bet on the NFL. All a moneyline bet requires the bettor to do is choose the winner of the game outright. Each team is assigned odds which dictate the payout rate for a winning bet. The team with the negative number is the favorite, while the team with the positive number is the underdog. For the favorite, the number indicates how much would have to be wagered to win a profit of $100; for the underdog, it indicates the amount of profit the bettor stands to make when placing a $100 bet.

MyBookie Sportsbook

NFL Point Totals

Points totals, also known as the over/under, are another common NFL wager type. A points total bet requires the bettor to decide if the combined points scored by both teams will go over or under the se t point total. For example, if a game had a points total of 49.5, you just have to bet on either side of the line. Similarly to spread bets, the number in the parentheses for point totals indicates the payout rate for a winning bet. Typically, any overtime scoring counts towards the points total.

NFL Football Parlays

Parlays are multiple bets (referred to as “legs”) combined into one. This type of bet requires each leg to win in order to pay out. To balance out the greatly increased difficulty, the payout also increases exponentially. While seeing such a high potential payout can be tempting, parlays are notoriously difficult to hit, and get exponentially harder with each added leg.

NFL Football Teasers

Teaser bets are another popular type of NFL bet. A teaser bet shares many similarities with a parlay bet but adjust the lines to make each bet more likely to win. Each line is adjusted the same amount and always to the advantage of the bettor. Teasers commonly come in 3-point, 6-point, 7-point, and 10-point increments (though others may be available), meaning each team would be given additional points to their point spread. The drawback to teasers is that the payout is greatly decreased compared to a traditional parlay to make up for the decreased difficulty.

NFL Futures Betting

Futures bets, as the name indicates, are bets on outcomes of future events. These bets allow you to wager on the winner of the Super Bowl, Conference Championship Games, Division Titles, Most Valuable Player Award, Rookie of the Year Award, and more. Futures odds for the NFL are released following the preceding year’s Super Bowl and constantly updated to reflect roster, coaching, and personnel changes, injuries, and on-field outcomes.

NFL Prop Betting

Prop bets are bets that do not directly involve the final outcome of the game. This type of bet varies widely, but can be divided into two categories: player props and game props. Player props are bets typically in an over/under format. Most notable skill position players will have player props offered on things like their total yardage, touchdowns, and receptions, while defensive players will have props such as total tackles and total sacks. The odds for the over and the under can be significantly different, so be sure to pay attention to each prop bet’s specific odds.

Game props, on the other hand, concern team performance and specific game characteristics. The most common of these are team totals, which are functionally the same as traditional point totals but only concern one team. Quarter and half lines are another popular type of game prop: these can be moneyline or point spread bets, but only involve a specific quarter or half of the game. Other types of NFL game props include first score time over/under, longest touchdown over/under, and total turnovers over/under. Others are presented in yes/no format, such as: will a defensive/special teams touchdown be scored, will either teams score three times unanswered, and will either team record a shutout.

NFL Live Betting

NFL live betting has completely transformed the way that bettors can place bets on NFL games. Also called in-game or in-play wagering live betting involves the bookmaker posting real-time odds as the action unfolds on the gridiron. NFL live betting odds will change constantly making it a quick-decision type of bet. Live point spreads, moneylines, and point totals are almost always offered, while live player and game props are also offered occasionally.

NFL Playoffs Bracket Betting

College basketball fans are quick to fill out their March Madness brackets each year, but football fans have the same opportunity come football season. You can fill out your NFL Playoffs bracket just before Wild Card Weekend games kickoff and teams prepare for the postseason race. Smart bettors will pay close attention to seeding and even the Super Bowl futures odds for each of the twelve teams that make the playoffs. NFL Playoffs bracket betting is a fun way to increase competition amongst your group of friends and can be an easy way to win a few bucks depending on the contest prize.

2021 NFL Betting Trends

ATS – Whenever you see an ATS (against the spread) record, it indicates the team’s record against the points spread set by sportsbooks for each game. This record can say a lot about how well a team is doing compared to the sportsbooks’ projections.​

Best NFL Teams ATS 2021

  • Dallas Cowboys 12-3
  • Green Bay Packers 11-4
  • Detroit Lions 10-5
  • Indianapolis Colts 10-5
  • Tennessee Titans 9-6

Worst NFL Teams ATS 2021

  • Jacksonville Jaguars 4-11
  • Washington Football Team 5-9-1
  • Carolina Panthers 5-10
  • New York Jets 5-10
  • Chicago Bears 5-10

Over/Under – The Over/Under record indicates whether a team plays in high-scoring or low-scoring games compared to sportsbooks’ projections. Teams that play in more games that cover the Over will play in higher scoring games than their projections. Meanwhile teams that cover the Under play in games that were lower scoring than their projections.

NFL Teams Hitting The Over In 2021

  • Philadelphia Eagles 9-6
  • New York Jets 9-6
  • Minnesota Vikings 9-6
  • Los Angeles Rams 8-6-1
  • Indianapolis Colts 8-7

NFL Teams Hitting The Under In 2021

  • Denver Broncos 3-12
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 4-11
  • Seattle Seahawks 4-10-1
  • Detroit Lions 5-10
  • New York Giants 5-9-1


Bovada Sportsbook

Best Odds For NFL Betting At 18

Bovada is one of the best sportsbooks for NFL betting and they accept sports bettors who are at least 18 years old or older. Bovada hosts betting odds for every game each week, and hosts betting lines throughout the season for player props, futures bets, and many more. Betting fans can wager on the outcome of the NFL season as long as they are at least 18 years old right now even before the NFL season officially kicks off. There are odds for divisional winners, season awards like MVP, DPOY, and Offensive ROTY, there are also odds for who will win the NFC and AFC Championships. Additionally, there are already odds for who will be the Super Bowl winner at the end of the season. Bovada has betting lines for everything NFL and fans will not struggle to find winning potential at this top-rated sportsbook.

Rating: 5 Star Rating

  • 18 To Bet
  • Game Props
  • Good Customer Service
  • In-Game Betting
  • Bet Anywhere

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BetOnline Sportsbook

Crypto Betting At 18 Plus

BetOnline offers the most extensive options for crypto betting and all 17 of their crypto deposit methods are available for players 18 and up. The best currency available for players starting at 18 is Bitcoin but all of their crypto options have bonuses available and have no fees involved for deposits or withdrawals. When using cryptocurrency for transactions at BetOnline the processing time is typically instant but should never take longer than 24 hours at most. Crypto betting is the best way for BetOnline players over the age of 18 to fund the sportsbook.

Rating: 5 Star Rating

  • Crypto Bonuses
  • Crypto Betting In 48 States
  • No Fees With Bitcoin

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MyBookie Sportsbook

Best Bonuses For 18 And Up Bettors

Whether new to MyBookie, or a consistent player of the legal site, the online sportsbook has bonuses that can be redeemed from all players starting at the age of 18. New bettors of the site get the best deal through MyBookie’s first deposit bonus which is a 100% deposit match that goes up to $1,000. This bonus has a $50 deposit minimum and a 10x rollover and is a great way for new bettors over the age of 18 to jump into the action. All existing players over 18 have access to the 25% reload bonuses that has an unlimited number of redemptions.

Ratings: 5 Star Rating

  • Live Betting
  • Available In 47 States
  • 18 And Up Bonuses



SportsBetting Sportsbook

Bet From Your Phone At 18 Years Old

If you are one that is never home and watching sports from your phone or any other mobile device, SportsBetting has you covered with a top-tier mobile betting site that can be used from several devices. As long as your device has access to the internet, all you have to do is access their web browser and go to the sites URL and log in as normal as you would on a desktop computer. The great thing about their site as well is that they do not have a downloadable application that would take up space on your device.

Ratings: 5 Star Rating

  • Efficient Site Layout
  • Full Mobile Betting Suite
  • Available Customer Service
  • Trustworthy Banking Options
  • Fast Payout Times

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XBet Sportsbook

Safe Online Sportsbook

If safety and customer service are things that put online betting sites over the top for you, XBet should be your go to. On the safety side of things, they take it seriously with encryptions that not only protect your web browser and all of your personal information that is stored on it, but also their servers that way all of your funds are safe. As for customer service, any questions or concerns that you may have can be answered throughout all hours of the day given they run 24/7.

Ratings: 5 Star Rating

  • Worry-free Legal Betting
  • Exclusive Bonus Offers
  • Constantly Updated Odds
  • Premier User Experience
  • Full Mobile + Live Betting

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Legal Sports Betting Age At Land-Based Sportsbooks

Most land-based sportsbooks require bettors to be 21 years of age or older; however, some only require bettors to be 18 years of age. This factor is determined by state laws – unlike with online and mobile sports betting operations, all legal land-based sportsbooks are regulated through the state, requiring them to follow the state-prescribed age minimums. Some sportsbooks offer alcohol inside of their sportsbook; if that is the case, the minimum age for entry is typically 21 years of age, even if the state only requires individuals to be 18 years of age to bet on sports.

Legal Sports Betting Age At Online Sportsbooks

The legal sports betting age at online sportsbooks can be different depending on where you live. For example, Rhode Island, Oregon, and New Hampshire only require people who are using online sportsbooks to be 18 years old or older. However, in places such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, you have to be 21 years old or older in order to use legal sports betting sites. A general rule of thumb to follow is to check your state’s casino gambling laws as those are the ones usually used to define the required sports betting age.

When it comes to using online offshore sportsbooks, those sites usually require users to be 18 years old or older. However, if your state’s sports betting laws require bettors to be 21 years old or older than you will have to follow that guideline before using offshore options. This will ensure that you are totally safe when using these sites, otherwise, you may run the risk of running into trouble down the line. These offshore sites take underage gambling very seriously and those that are caught betting as a minor will have their winnings confiscated and their account terminated.

Betting Age To Bet On College Football

There is not a universal legal betting age for college football, with states having a minimum required age range of 18 to 21. Even if a state has regulated betting set at 21, there are online sportsbooks like Bovada that will accept wagers from college football bettors over the age of 18. No matter which type of sportsbook is being used, college football betting is one of the most popular forms of legal betting because of the moneyline and spread bets that are up for grabs.

How To Bet On NFL When 18 Years Old Or Older

With a packed 2022 NFL season, many online sportsbooks accept bettors over the age of 18 in the US. Online sportsbooks like Bovada and BetOnline are operated internationally and can legally offer sports betting for anyone over the age of 18. However, there are still some states that require 21 and up either way. Most bettors over the age of 18 will be able to use Bovada or BetOnline for game lines, prop bets, or future wagers for betting on the NFL all season long.

Betting Age To Bet On Basketball

Those looking to partake in legal NBA betting and are curious about the required betting age have come to the right place. NBA betting, like betting on any sport, depends on each state’s regulation. Most states require bettors to be at least 21 years old or older. There are a few markets that accept bettors who are at least 18, however. Checking your state’s legal betting age is the best way to know the legal requirement to partake in basketball betting.

Age To Bet On MLB Baseball

The minimum betting age for MLB betting is 18 but most state-sanctioned sportsbooks require patrons to be at least 21. Online sportsbooks that accept all US bettors usually set their age requirement to 18 regardless of the state so these popular books may be the best option to those looking to wager in a state that requires you to be 21.

The Risk Of Underage Sports Betting

There is a real risk with betting underage either at online sportsbooks or at retail operations. Because of the heavy fines brought down on operators by the government if discovered to be offering odds to underage bettors, these operators take the betting age very seriously. Bettors run the risk of permanent banishment, hefty fines, and forfeiture of betting funds should they be discovered to be betting while underage. It is recommended that no one attempt to place a bet while under the legal sports betting age.

Legal Horse Betting Age

Unlike sports betting, a lot more markets allow for 18-year-old betting fans to bet on horse racing as opposed to the 21-year-old requirement for traditional sports betting. Horse racing betting is usually done at a racetrack outside, so there are no bars that would restrict underage patrons from entering the way sportsbooks do. In fact, racetracks traditionally embrace the whole family coming and watching the events, so it’s understandable why many markets accept wagers from betting fans 18 years old or older. While most sportsbooks will still require you to be 21 years old at least, these states accept wagers from 18-year-old patrons.

Alabama – California – Hawaii – Kentucky – Michigan – Montana – Oklahoma – Oregon – Rhode Island – Tennessee – Utah – Vermont – Virginia – Washington – Wyoming

Why Is There A Minimum Age Limit To Bet On Sports?

When it comes to betting on sports inside of a casino sportsbook, there is often an age restriction because the sportsbook will serve alcohol on the premises. In order for the casino to keep their liquor license and comply with the federal law, everyone in their building must be 21 or older. Certain states, such as Rhode Island, have sportsbooks that accept bettors as young as 18 because the sports betting laws will allow them to. When it comes to betting on sports online most of the sites in the US will set their age restriction according to the state that they are based in. When using on offshore sports betting site, most of them will set their minimum age at 18 because that is the legal age to gamble in the country that they are based in.

How Do I Verify My Age To A Sportsbook?

With both land-based and online sportsbooks, you will need to provide legal documentation that shows you are legally old enough to bet on sports. This can be a standard government-issued ID. It is also a requirement at international sportsbooks, with online sports betting operations requiring ID in order to prevent you from making multiple accounts as well as ensuring they are sending the payments to the correct person. It is not a difficult process to prove your age at sportsbooks and if you are looking to bet on sports you must have documentation proving your age.

Is There An Age Limit To Go Inside Of A Sportsbook?

Yes, and as of right now, almost every legal land-based sportsbook in the US requires anyone trying to enter the venue to be 21 or older. Only Rhode Island, New York, and Montana will allow bettors as young as 18 to enter their sportsbook. Some casinos have their own betting apps or post their odds on their website so you can view lines from there, but in order to physically enter the casino or racino you must meet their age requirement.

Will I Get In Trouble If I Am Sports Betting Underage?
Yes, and the penalties range by state and by the sportsbook. If you are caught betting on sports underage at a land-based sportsbook you could, at the very least, be charged with a misdemeanor, forfeit your winnings, and pay a fine to the state. If you’re caught betting underage through an online offshore sportsbook you will forfeit any winnings in your account and potentially be banned for the site for life.
Where Can I Bet On Sports Under 21?

Currently, the states that offer land-based sports betting to those under 21 include Rhode Island, New York, Montana, New Hampshire, and Washington, D.C.

What Is The Legal Age For Horse Betting?

Most states have set the legal age for horse race betting at 18 or older. This includes betting on live races and simulcast races. However, there are a handful of states, such as Arizona, that require pari-mutuel bettors to be 21 or older. There are even some states that say you have to be 19 or older to bet on the ponies, so be sure to check your state laws. Most online racebooks will require their users to be at least 18 or older in order to bet on the races.

Which Online Sportsbooks And Betting Apps Do Not Check Age?
The answer is none, and in the off chance that you do find one that doesn’t check, we suggest that you steer clear of it. Online sportsbooks that do not check age show that they lack the care to abide by their countries laws and could be an outright scam. If you are under the age of 18 or 21 we suggest that you wait and study the industry so that when you become of the legal age in your state you will be well-versed in sports betting and ready to start winning.
What Is The Legal Betting Age At Bovada?

Bovada only requires that users be at least 18 years old, no matter what state they might live in. But, Bovada does not accept any players from Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, New York or Nevada. Players in all other states should still consult the betting age in their state and know if their age limit is higher. Though it is good to understand your local betting age, there has not been any reports of a single person arrested for underage gambling online. There are, however, consequences for someone who fails to meet minimum betting ages at Bovada or any other online sportsbook.