MyBookie Sportsbook Review – Legal US Sports Betting At MyBookie

MyBookie is one of the best sportsbooks that are available legally for US residents. In this MyBookie Sportsbook review, the important topics are covered, such as how MyBookie is legal, what states are accepted and barred from use, and how to sign up and get started. The background for signing up, making a deposit, and more importantly, making a withdrawal are also included, which details exactly how much you can transfer at one time. Of course, a MyBookie review would not be complete if there were no details regarding its customer support and establish a connection between you, the reader, and MyBookie. Outside of the MyBookie sports betting site, we will also cover other gaming options that are offered.

Offshore betting sites have been given a bad name from time to time with many people thinking their operations are against the law. This couldn’t be further from the case, but with a federal law known as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 threatening potential sports bettors, most were quick to turn their head on the industry. This law only prevents US banks from processing payments to unlicensed online sportsbooks and while it may hinder your deposit method, it in no way removes the legality of MyBookie.

MyBookie Sportsbook

Established: 2014

License: Costa Rica

Phone: 1-844-866-BETS

Banned States: Nevada, New Jersey, New York

Bonus: 250% To $1000

Payout Times: 24hrs to 1 Week

Mobile Platforms: Iphone, Android, Windows

Deposit Methods: bitcoin deposit methodmastercard deposit methodvisa deposit method

Payout Methods: checking deposit methodwire transferpayment methodbitcoin payment method

Accepts USA Players?

Players from all US states are accepted at Mybookie!

Betting Limits:

Bet as much as $2,000 on any single event.

Best Banking Methods:

Use Bitcoin to transfer funds for both deposits and withdrawals.

Is MyBookie Sportsbook Legal In The USA?

USA Players AllowedMyBookie is a legal sportsbook despite many states implementing their own sports betting laws. Despite not being in the United States or being a state-operated sportsbook, MyBookie is still able to operate within the US legally. Because federal and state laws hold no jurisdiction over international companies, there would be no issues that could arise. Besides, there are no federal laws that prevent the use of offshore sports betting sites. If MyBookie was located within the country and was an unlicensed operator, then and only then would it not be legal. However, this is not the case and never will be.

Which States Are Accepted At MyBookie Sportsbook?

MyBookie accepts bettors from every US state with the exception of Nevada, New York, and New Jersey. Some sportsbooks will limit the areas of the country that are not allowed to participate and these states only recently were added on the excluded list. However, unlike state-operated sportsbooks that only allow for bettors to place action while located inside that specific state, MyBookie users are free to travel anywhere they’d like and still submit a bet. Keep in mind that some countries are barred from using MyBookie so international travel is a different story.

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How To Sign Up At MyBookie Sportsbook?

To sign up at MyBookie sportsbook, it only takes a few seconds that may end up taking a whole minute. It is extremely easy and the online sportsbook is also free for all users. Click join at the top of the MyBookie webpages, which will open a prompt for you to insert your information. All that is needed is your name, email, phone number, birth date, full address, and a password to enter into your account. Verifying your account when you register is recommended, as you will not have to wait for verification when you are ready to make your first withdrawal.

MyBookie Sign Up Bonuses For Sports Betting

MyBookie SportsbookSports Betting bonuses for MyBookie require the user to manually insert a promotional code to receive the free play. Bonuses require a minimum deposit of $45 no matter which one you are after, and the max amount of free play you can receive sits at $1,000. The bonuses are held for recreational players only and said player is also required to meet a rollover requirement before requesting a withdrawal. When using the free play, you are able to receive odds as high as +20000 for any single wager but are only allowed to put down $500 in free play per selection.

The welcoming bonus for sports betting at MyBookie’s is quite the luxury. Most sites offer a 25 of 50 percent bonus; however, MyBookie welcomes new sports bettors with a 100 percent match up to $1,000. Enter the code MYB100 on the cashier page when depositing your first deposit, which must be $100 or more. This bonus comes with a 10-time rollover requirement, which is attainable but higher than some industry averages.

MyBookie Customer Service + Support

MyBookie SportsbookCustomer service is one of the biggest factors when choosing an offshore sportsbook. MyBookie provides an excellent standard of communication and honesty between the representatives and the gambler. Through toll-free calls, email, or live chat, bettors can get their problems solved in no time. If your concern is regarding a wager that was placed, there is only a one-week timeframe for making your problem known.

Toll-Free: 1-844-866-BETS (2387)
Live Chat:

MyBookie Sportsbook Deposit Methods

Funding your account is the first step in betting real money at MyBookie Sportsbook. Several different options exist but credit cards, cryptocurrency, and eChecks (ACH) are the most common. All of these come with different minimum and maximum deposit requirements and also vary in success rate. Increasing your maximum deposit is possible by asking the site but they will require documentation to prove you can afford it first. Also, some of the methods come with fees that you may be unaware of, such as an international processing charge from your bank if you use a credit card.

Credit Card

Because of the law mentioned in the opening paragraph, UIGEA, books may not be allowed to accept a credit card transaction. If this happens, simply call the cashier, notify your bank it isn’t a fraudulent charge, wait a minute, and try again. Also, using a prepaid international gift card can help you when you still want to deposit at MyBookie with a credit card. Only VISA and MasterCards are accepted in both credit and debit form. MyBookie is one of the top sportsbooks that accepts credit cards.


MyBookie accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin in the cryptocurrency realm. There is no maximum deposit level associated with Bitcoin deposits, as the funds are instantly cleared when submitting the request. Bonuses are often better with Bitcoin due to the decentralized currency being able to transfer that quick. Generally, those who deposit with Bitcoin will see their funds enter their account in less than 1 hour.


Echecks allow you to deposit as little as $100 or as much as $2500 at one time. Only one eCheck is allowed to be deposited per week as MyBookie, but the ability to increase your exists. Also, for any check that is over $250, MyBookie will request a photo of your bank statement and analyze the money in your account versus the money requested for depositing. If the amount in your account is not three-times your deposit amount, MyBookie will deposit half at the time of the request and the other half once the check clears.

MyBookie Sportsbook Payout Methods

MyBookie Sportsbook allows for three different forms of payment withdrawals. If you depositing with Bitcoin, you can receive the cryptocurrency back; however, any other deposit method will require either of the following options. Bank Wires allow for players to withdrawal more at one time, but e-checks come with a lesser fee. With the non-crypto transactions, your fee will increase as you increase your requested withdrawal amount. Before you are able to withdraw, you first must verify your account. Documentation such as valid photo ID and verification of your mailing address are required and we suggest getting this done immediately after signing up

Withdrawal Type: Bitcoin

Withdrawal Amount: $25 – $5,000
Time: 24 Hours
Fee: Free

Withdrawal Type: E-Check

Withdrawal Amount: $50 – $200, $201 – $750, $751 – $2000, $2001 – $3000
Time: 1 Week
Fee: $5, $15, $40, $100

Withdrawal Type: Bank Wire

Withdrawal Amount: $500 – $1999, $2000 – $4000, $4001 – $5000
Time: 1 Week
Fee: $75, $125, $160

MyBookie Sportsbook Payout Times

The MyBookie sports betting site offers fairly prompt payouts when compared to other sports betting sites. On a first come first serve basis, payments are processed within 2 business days and can be in your hand within two weeks in the extreme cases. Payments through the mail and through bank wires are sent only during the week and gamblers must have wagered at least 1x the deposit amount to request a payout.

Using Bitcoin At MyBookie Sports Betting Site

Bitcoin is one of, if not the best ways to transfer funds associated with your online sports betting account. For MyBookie Sportsbook, betting with Bitcoin is made easy, as all you must do is select Bitcoin as your deposit method. Insert your Bitcoin address, go to your Bitcoin wallet, and select the amount that you wish to transfer. Paste the wallet address into the MyBookie Cashier, hit send, and wait the short period of time it takes to see the funds enter your account. The benefit of using Bitcoin at MyBookie is that you can also receive your winnings through cryptocurrency, which won’t have you waiting one week to receive your cash. Keep in mind that any time you utilize Bitcoin on the MyBookie online sportsbook, you will be asked for your ewallet address. The site only keeps your information for 48 hours, so make sure to visit the Cashier page every time you want to make a deposit or withdrawal.

Sports Available To Bet On At MyBookie

The MyBookie online sportsbook offers pretty much any sport you can name within a ten-second span. From season-long super contests to March Madness tournaments, the induvial game and sports betting isn’t the only action you will find at MyBookie. As far as the sports offered at MyBookie to bet on, the list includes football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, MMA, disc leagues, esports, entertainment, motorsports, boxing, and more. There is no shortage of what to bet on here and if you want to entertain a wager but don’t see a line for it, send the company a message. Most times, they will offer a betting opportunity as long as they can analyze the outcome.

Mobile Sports Betting At MyBookie

Mybookie-MobileMobile betting is just another feature that MyBookie sportsbook offers. There is no download required to access this platform, as mobile betting is operated straight from the mobile-optimized browser rather than an app. Whether you decide to wager in your home, on the road, or throughout the country, your access will be granted. Any type of wager or information relating to your account can be found on the mobile betting platform, as the same setup is presented no matter how you access the betting boards for MyBookie.

Live Betting At MyBookie Sportsbook

When you sign up for an online sportsbook, making sure the operator has live betting is crucial. Forget placing wagers and waiting until the contest is over to see your return, using MyBookie for live betting can allow you to place multiple wagers on the same game, as it is unfolding. No additional app or download is needed for live betting, which can be accessed from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Be sure to place your bets quickly though, as MyBookie reviews the betting lines every tick of the clock.

MyBookie Betting Limits

MyBookie sportsbook offers wagers for you for as cheap as $2. On the opposite end of the spectrum, bettors can lay as much as $2,000 on any given event, but only $250 for prop and futures action. Parlay betting will allow you to increase your payout in terms of odds, but MyBookie caps the total winnings per parlay at $100,000. This is also the level set for the maximum winnings you are eligible to earn for one day. Increasing your limits is possible by contacting MyBookie. The player is usually informed within 12 hours from the moment they asked for the increase.

MyBookie Horse Betting

The online sportsbook is also a racebook as well. MyBookie offers action for horse racing from the three jewels of the Triple Crown to the weekly summer events within the country. Because MyBookie is an international sportsbook, it also offers odds on international races that are happening all over the world. Be sure to take advantage of the horse racing promotions and benefits, as they are completely separate from the sports betting ones.

Betting On Esports At MyBookie

Esports is the next thing in sports betting that many have not gotten into yet. Stadiums are filled with fans during these competitions, which made offshore sports betting sites like MyBookie feel obligated to offer betting lines on esports. There is head to head wagers available as well as futures for certain events. Between team and individual play, betting at MyBookie on esports like the League of Legends is presented in a variety of fashions.

MyBookie Casino – Download Or Play Instant Games

The online casino associated with MyBookie is one of the best amongst offshore sports betting sites. Not only are there live table games, featuring blackjack baccarat, and roulette, but there is also video poker, 3D slots, and progressive slots. This Las Vegas-style casino is authentic and the site even offers free play, slot rebates, and other benefits from using their casino aside from their sportsbook.


MyBookie Review FAQs

Is MyBookie Rigged?

MyBookie has been a trusted offshore sportsbook for many years now. There have been no legitimate concerns about the site being rigged, though some who have lost money using their services may tell you otherwise. With MyBookie being licensed, it would be very difficult to steal money or rig the system.

Where Is MyBookie Licensed?

MyBookie is licensed in San Jose, Costa Rica. Their gaming platforms are all tested to ensure fair play and use this license to support their claim as one of the best offshore sports betting sites. MyBookie would not be recommended by us if they were not licensed.

Is MyBookie Secure?

The security measures in place for MyBookie are atop the industry standard. Every bit of data is encrypted to prevent hackers from accessing bettor’s account and personal information. Even when calling in for support, players are required to verify themselves by answering a few questions. Many might want to use a VPN to increase their security; however, this is against the terms of conditions for MyBookie and can have the account permanently closed.

What Personal Information Does MyBookie Need?

MyBookie will only ask for your email, phone number, full address, and a password for your account to be created. You will also have to verify your address by providing a bank statement or utility bill before you can cash out. This information is kept in a vault that is encrypted to ensure its security.

How Old Must I Be To Bet At MyBookie?

MyBookie will only allow bettors that are 18 and older to participate on the site. While horse racing, sports betting, and some casino games may be eligible for some, the majority of US residents should wait until they are 21. Gambling ages are set in place by each state and MyBookie denotes that all players must adhere to their local laws. If you are unsure, ask a customer representative before placing your first bet.

Does MyBookie Use PayPal?

PayPal is not an accepted method of deposit for MyBookie. While it may be in the future, there have been no talks (that we are aware of) to suggest a change. If and when it happens, using PayPal for MyBookie deposits will make money transfers much easier, but with federal laws in place keeping an eye on gambling money transfers, it is unlikely it will happen.

Can I Deposit At MyBookie With A Gift Card?

Using a gift card is just fine but make sure the card is approved for international use. Unlike credit cards that aren’t approved for international use and just receive a fee from their bank, gift cards cannot be processed if they aren’t eligible for purchases outside of the US. Gift cards provide an excellent additional barrier of security for those who are still unsure about using their credit card.

Is MyBookie A Scam?

MyBookie is not a scam and has been servicing players from the US and around the world for many years. Any wager is questioned is settled by applying the rules of the Nevada Gaming Commission, so players can know exactly what to expect with wagering grading. They are known for promptly making their payouts and also allowing bettors to make legal wagers. No scam here.

Can The US Government Shutdown MyBookie?

The US Government has no authority to shut down an international business. Because MyBookie is located out of the country, federal and state laws do not carry weight over the sports betting site. While states can specifically ban the use of offshore internet gambling, this is highly unlikely as the country has seen a strong movement towards allowing sports betting all over.

Is MyBookie Legal In My State?

MyBookie is legal in every state with the exception of three. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are one to never leave your couch or if you are one to travel the world, MyBookie will still be operational except in New Jersey, New York, and Nevada. Keep in mind that some countries are barred from use, so keep your MyBookie betting to the accepted US states and countries.