Legal Entertainment Betting – Television And Entertainment Betting Odds

Legal entertainment betting allows wagers for both television and multiple entertainment performances and categories. These bets are listed in the entertainment section of any online sportsbook. To give members variety on what kinds of bets they offer, entertainment wagers make things interesting. If a user typically goes on their sportsbook to gamble on sports, they can switch it up and put some money on bets for television or movies. It’s the equivalent of adding french onion soup mix to sour cream; entertainment betting adds a whole new element of flavor to the betting game.

Odds and wagers will vary by sportsbook operator and it’s 100% legal for gamblers to be members of multiple platforms to find the best bets for the entertainment industry to gamble on. Simply click on the entertainment tab and a world of bets will open up to you from the entertainment scene. These wagers are completely legal nationwide despite their location being offshore. The reason behind this is that each operator is licensed and regulated to do so and all sports betting sites listed on this network are some of the best in the business with multiple features that can be used toward their entertainment bets.

The Law Behind Entertainment Betting

There is no particular law behind entertainment betting. Legal sports betting sites allow legal entertainment bets as well as all other kinds of bets. State-sanctioned betting platforms may or may not have entertainment bets but it’s just easier to find them through online operators. Not only do these sportsbooks have innumerable wagers for their members when it comes to the entertainment industry but they are also completely legal. So, if for any reason a particular state doesn’t offer legal wagers with their sportsbooks in the entertainment category, offshore online sportsbooks will always have legal entertainment bets for their customers to wager on.

Betting on the entertainment industry with these websites is just like any other type of betting by way of legality. It’s all legal. There are no laws to state otherwise simply because it’s a different area of bets that a sportsbook offers. While “entertainment” wagers are specific to movies and television and things that are seen as “entertainment” if we’re being completely honest, all gambling is “entertainment gambling” as all wagers hold that element of entertainment by those that are betting on them.

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Sportsbooks With The Best Entertainment Odds

There are numerous sportsbooks on the internet with great odds on entertainment. However, this network will list only the very best ones for readers to join. To be considered the “best” we take into account payment methods, bets offered, customer service, convenience, and overall satisfaction of the website. Bonuses and promotions are also something that help to make a site come highly recommended by its members. These online sportsbooks include ones like MyBookie, Bovada, and BetOnline for some of the top odds for entertainment betting.


MyBookie – Entertainment Odds On All Celebrities

MyBookie Sportsbook is a great operator for fans of the entertainment industry. Their website has a number of wagers specifically geared toward lovers of film, tv, and individual celebrities. Multiple bet types are available under the entertainment tabs of the sportsbooks. MyBookie offers its members bonuses and promotions that won’t be found at a regular casino and equates to free money for betting on anything available on the site. Their signup process is easy and they have mobile betting for the utmost convenience. Members can gamble on subjects like the Tiger King while on their lunch break at work with their cell phones.

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Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada – Television Show Odds On Reality Tv

BWith a wide-ranging view of entertainment, Bovada offers much more than just reality tv betting odds. They also feature betting on the weather, lottery, and countless other categories that keep them at the top of the gaming operators. Deposit with a credit card or cryptocurrency, but signing up is easy and enter into a free bonus just for signing up. With mobile betting options and the ability to bet on sports, at the online casino, or any other type of game Bovada offers, there is no reason to go elsewhere. Check out their entertainment betting section and you won’t be let down. 

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BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline – From National Events To Netflix Betting Odds

BetOnline Sportsbook has plenty of entertainment wagers for their members to bet on. The entertainment category is a huge section with every kind of bet imaginable. There are wagers on television, movies, awards shows, celebrities, and all of the above. These bets allow fans of pop culture and all things Hollywood a chance to gamble on their favorite subjects. With an easy sign up process as well as numerous methods of payment, becoming a member at BetOnline could not be simpler. Their mobile betting platform allows users to place wagers from their mobile devices at any time of day from wherever they are. And if all of that weren’t enough, they give their customers bonuses and promotions just for using their site. All of these things combined will match or even surpass anything that can be found at a regular brick and mortar establishment.

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Betting On Television

Big Brother Brazil:

Big Brother Brazil

Big Brother Brazil is a television show where wagers are offered on sportsbooks such as Bovada. The program centers around contestants cut off from the outside world for more than three months, all living in a house together where they are constantly videotaped. Bets include who the top two winners will be as well as the winner of the entire show.


Betting On Survivor

Survivor is a very popular show on TV where contestants are stranded on an island and have to survive which is where the creative title of the series comes from. Betting platforms like MyBookie list bets on the program for fans to take part in. Bets have to do with the individual contestants and who the overall survivor will be.

America’s Got Talent:

Betting on America’s Got Talent

America’s got talent is one of the top contest shows out there. Contestants go on the show and show off any god-given talent that they have whether it is singing, magic or crazy stunts. The winner of the show is based on the scores that they get from the judges give them. There are plenty of different prop bets that bettors can place on the winner and the type of talent that is performed.

American Idol:

Betting On American Idol

American Idol is a musical television reality series. Singers compete against each other to become the next “American Idol” meaning they’ll land a record deal. They sing and are scored by judges as well as public vote. Bets on MyBookie are prop bet style wagers on who the winner will be or things like which contestant will be the next to go home.

Masked Singer:

Betting On The Masked Singer

Masked Singer is a guessing game television show. Contestants, typically celebrities, go out on stage in costume and sing. Judges and viewers must then guess who the singer behind the mask is. MyBookie Sportsbook has various bets on which celebrity contestants will be singing on any given night as the masked singer for bettors to gamble on. These bets are fun prop bets for fans to engage in.

The Boys:

Betting On The Boys

The Boys is an actual TV show that isn’t reality based. It is set in an alternate universe and was originally a comic books series. BetOnline Sportsbook has bets listed for the various characters and what will happen with them as the series progresses. All of these wagers are prop bets listed under the entertainment category of the sports betting platform.

Betting On Award Shows

Academy Awards:

Betting On The Academy Awards

The Academy Awards is a huge draw from entertainment betting enthusiasts. All the categories for multiple prop bets are listed from winners of those that have been nominated to what they will be wearing. MyBookie Sportsbook always has a large number of wagers for their members to participate in for the Academy Awards Show.

Emmy Awards:

Betting On The Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards is one of the most popular award shows out there and draws a lot of attention in the entertainment odds boards. There are tons of bets that bettors can make based on the award being given. Odds are also listed for things like best actor and actress and even who the host of the show will be.

Betting On The Weather

Betting on the weather is semi-new to the gambling industry but it is part of the new heat wave of wagers being listed on sportsbooks. Bovada Sportsbook has a handful of bets regarding the weather within the entertainment section of their website. Whether bettors choose to listen to the bookmakers, the meteorologists or their aching bones, they can gamble on the type of weather they think will be happening on any given day.

Betting On The Money Market

Stock market share prices are new to the entertainment betting category. The closing prices of certain stocks are listed on Bovada Sportsbook for bettors to gamble on. This is a new offering by sports betting sites to entertain their members. Not only can people have money in the stock market, but they can also now place money on the stock market making it the Doublemint gum of entertainment betting.

Cryptocurrency prices are another entertainment style prop bet on Bovada Sportsbook. Gamblers interested in the cryptocurrency market can now wager on whether the value will go up or down. For all of those Bitcoin members, having the value go up is what bettors would like to see. Wagering with money on money is a whole new game and we have COVID-19 to thank for these creative betting options.

Commodity prices are a hot new commodity bet for members of Bovada Sportsbook. Silver and gold are some of the top wagers for this category in entertainment betting, no longer making that holiday silver and gold song the only thing in entertainment regarding these precious metals. Gamblers will bet on the closing price of silver, gold, and other commodities listed. These are fun prop bets because it’s interesting to see how the prices land.

Betting On The Lottery

Bovada Sportsbook allows members to bet on the lottery. This is a fast paced betting game that continues every two minutes. Bettors get a chance to pick the correct numbers that will pop up next. They can bet on one number or as many as they’d like but each individual number has its own set of odds. This will give gamblers a quick fix when they’re looking to place a wager. Literally, it’s less than two minutes to see whether they’ve won or lost.

Betting On The Royal Family

Betting on the Royal family is a lot more fun than it sounds because so many people are enamored by the Royals. Wagers are listed as prop bets in the entertainment section of Bovada Sportsbook’s website. Different bets include individual family member wagers and what they will do next depending on the current events surrounding them at the time.

Celebrity Death Pool Betting Odds

MyBookie Sportsbook has multiple morbid bets on which celebrity will die next. While it’s a bit sad, it’s also somewhat fun. It would have to be to be as popular as it is for bets. Of course, Betty White is a celebrity with the best odds along with others like Charlie Sheen. However, it’s clear Betty White will live forever, as she should so Charlie Sheen might be the way bettors choose to wager in this pool.

Betting On National American Events

The National Spelling Bee:

Betting On The National Spelling Bee

BetOnline Sportsbook has a number of bets for the National Spelling Bee. These prop bets include where the winner will be from, what words might be used, and when it comes time, which specific contestant will win. As surprising as it is, the National Spelling Bee is a National treasure as it is extremely popular not only to watch but to wager on as well.

The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest:

Betting On The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest is held every Fourth of July and BetOnline Sportsbook has wagers up in the entertainment section for it every year. These prop bets include how many hot dogs will get eaten with the gross watered down hot dog buns and which contestant will be named the winner. Joey Chestnut, a famous competitive eater, is always a top choice to win the contest with the best odds.