Last updated on: January 14th, 2022

Betting On WWE

Betting on World Wrestling Entertainment also known as WWE is a big sport for fans to put money on. The sport itself requires two parts from the wrestlers: athleticism and showmanship. Standard wrestling takes place but it also comes with an over the top performance and storyline to further entertain viewers and spectators alike. Some of the bigger names in wrestling like The Rock and John Cena have gone on to have very prolific careers as actors. WWE is what got them their start.

Wrestling is a very popular sport (which is how wrestlers get into Hollywood, there is a market for their persona) to watch and wager on. There are various types of betting that can be done on WWE with the use of online sportsbooks. These legal sports betting operators are licensed and regulated in other countries that allow them to offer their services to sports bettors in the United States legally. On this page you will find different information for all of the how-to’s of gambling on WWE events, covering the who, the what, the when, the where, and the how.

Is It Legal To Bet On WWE?

It is 100% legal to bet on any event with WWE. Sportsbooks will have listings for these matchups in advance to allow bettors time to place their bets. Even if the state where you currently reside does not offer state-sanctioned sports betting operations, residents can still participate in legal betting on WWE. This is done with the use of sports betting websites on the internet that are located in other countries. The top internet sportsbooks will be listed within this network for readers to join. There are no laws prohibiting people in the United States from using these sites to gamble on WWE and other sporting events.

What Bets Can You Make On WWE?

There are a number of bets that can be made on WWE with your favorite online sportsbooks. There is the gold standard of all bets in the moneyline wager also known in WWE as the outright winner bet. Any gambler knows that a moneyline bet is simply choosing the winner in a match. There is a 50/50 chance of winning when betting on the line online. After that, there are some pretty fancy sounding bets that can be made. But, it’s the WWE so it’s understandable that they would have such wager names to go along with their showmanship.

To start, there is the first-time winner bet. When a new wrestler joins WWE, a bettor can gamble on how long it will take that person to win the first match of their career. Then there is the longest ring-time bet. This bet can be made on any event outside of the Iron Man match that lasts an hour. Gamblers bet on which match up of the night will have the longest running time. Appearance bets are prop bets that have gamblers bet on whether or not a particular wrestler will show up to an event and make an unpublicized appearance.

The most popular of all the bets listed is the titles changing hands bets. This type of bet allows viewers to wager on whether or not someone will become the new champion or the reigning champion entering the ring will leave with their title intact. All of these bets are specific to WWE and wrestling in general. The outright winner (moneyline) bet is the most popular bet to place on these events but the second most popular is the title bet. Fans love to see bouts where a champion is dethroned or in this case debelted because it’s usually unexpected and can result in a really high payout since champions are typically the favored wrestlers to win the match by oddsmakers.

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Current WWE Odds

WWE will have odds listed by sportsbooks whenever an event is coming up. As with any WWE event, there are multiple matches that make up the night. Each of these separate matchups will be on sports betting sites with odds listed for WWE bettors to gamble on. It’s always a good idea to shop lines on a few different websites to be sure you use the site that has the best odds for the highest payout on the wagers you want to make with each WWE match. Below are current odds listed by BetOnline Sportsbook for the WWE Clash of Champions event on September 27, 2020.

WWE – Clash of Champions

Bayley (c) vs Nikki Cross

  • Bayley – (-400)
  • Nikki Cross – (+250)

Drew McIntyre (c) vs Randy Orton

  • Drew McIntyre – (-120)
  • Randy Orton – (-120)

Roman Reigns (c) vs Jey Uso

  • Roman Reigns – (-2500)
  • Jey Uso – (+800)

    Dealing With Money When Betting On The WWE

    Using sportsbooks to bet on WWE comes with various methods for funding accounts. Depending on what sports betting platform is used, members will have different forms of acceptable payment and withdrawal. The common denominators of accepted methods among all sportsbooks for deposits are debit and credit cards and cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. These are also the two most popular forms of payment as they are easily accessible. Other sportsbook deposit methods include bank wire transfers, money orders and prepaid cards.

    To receive your payouts, these platforms have withdrawal methods that may be different than what they accept for deposits. Cryptocurrency is one of the top methods of payout because it is fast, highly secure, and does not have any transaction fees, They also allow for the highest maximums. Other forms of withdrawal include money orders, checks, or bank wire transfers. Each of these methods has their own processing times, transaction fees, and minimums and maximums. Once you are a member of a sportsbook, check the cashiers’ page for more information on each method in order to choose which is best suited for you when betting on WWE.