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Betting On The XFL

2020 marks the return of Vince McMahon’s Xtreme Football League, known more commonly as the XFL. When the league first launched in 2001, it looked to fill the hole in the market created by the absence of a spring football league. Rather than following in the footsteps of failed spring football leagues like the USFL, McMahon instead elected to brand the XFL as a wrestling-inspired “extreme” alternative to the NFL. Despite lofty ambitions, the XFL’s first iteration ultimately lasted only one full season before folding.

Among many key differences between the original 2001 XFL and the 2020 relaunch is the explosion in popularity of sports betting in the United States. With 14 states now boasting legal sports betting, and sportsbooks traditionally facing a decrease in wagers after the NFL season ends, there’s potentially a huge betting market for a second football season. If the XFL’s return is as successful as McMahon anticipates, it could buoy a sizable increase in sports betting handle across the country. McMahon himself seems to anticipate such an event, as in January he signed a multi-year deal with Genius Sports to provide gambling monitoring services to protect XFL events against improper betting.


Is It Legal To Bet On The XFL?

It is legal to bet on the XFL with both domestic and online sportsbooks. Because of the Wire Act, XFL fans residing in states that have not yet legalized sports betting will not be able to place wagers with domestic books, but can still use offshore books. Be sure to check our comprehensive list of states that legalized sports betting, as well as information about different land-based and offshore sportsbooks.

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Current XFL Betting Odds

Given that this will be the XFL’s inaugural season, the current betting odds can vary widely depending on what sportsbook you are looking at. Odds are based on the perceived quality of the rosters and coaching staffs of each team, but without hard data to back up these perceptions, this XFL season represents a rare moment of uncertainty for top sportsbooks.

A perfect example is the changes in XFL betting odds after the first week of action. Despite the Dallas Renegades and Tampa Bay Vipers opening as two of the three clear favorites, these two teams were smoked in their opening week. This caused XFL betting sites to adjust the current XFL betting odds.

After the second week of XFL betting, the D.C. Defenders remain on top along with the Houston Roughnecks. Season-opening favorite, the Dallas Renegades, continue their descent in the current XFL futures betting odds. Also, there are now four teams with odds greater than +1000 to win the XFL. Per Bovada, current XFL championship odds are:

Team Open Wk1 Current
D.C. Defenders +350 +300 +190
Houston Roughnecks +600 +350 +225
Dallas Renegades +350 +500 +700
Tampa Bay Vipers +500 +600 +800
St. Louis BattleHawks +700 +600 +1000
New York Guardians +750 +600 +1100
Los Angeles Wildcats +700 +800 +1200
Seattle Dragons +1100 +1200 +1400

Betting On The XFL: Online Vs. Land-Based

If you live in one of the 14 states that have legalized sports betting, you can place XFL wagers with any state-authorized land-based sportsbook. The breadth of betting options varies from state to state. In New Jersey and Nevada, where sports gambling is a multi-billion-dollar industry, bettors can use sportsbooks at all major casinos or even place bets online or on their phones. In other states where sports betting hasn’t been embraced quite as readily, there might only be one or two sportsbooks accepting wagers. Each state has its own laws governing things like the minimum age required to place wagers, the availability of online sports betting, and the various types of bets available to consumers.

Online books are considerably more flexible than their land-based counterparts. Because they are not based offshore, they are not subject to the Federal Wire Act and can thus accept bets from anywhere in the United States. These books are instead subject to the laws of the country they are based in, which are generally more lenient than those in the U.S. Because of the lack of Wire Act jurisdiction, betting with online books is also completely legal, so they are a great alternative to XFL fans in any of the 36 states that have yet to pass bills legalizing sports gambling.

Regardless of which sportsbook you choose, the wagers will look similar. Until the league launches, there are a few publicity-getting prop bets about things like whether Donald Trump will buy an XFL team or whether the league will survive through the entire 2020 season, as well as the more popular futures lines on who will win the 2020 XFL championship.

Xbet Sportsbook

XBet Review – Offering Props And More On The XFL

One of the best places for XFL sports betting would be XBet. XBet is has a host of betting lines for every team and game throughout the XFL season that is sure to expand even further as the season persists. There are many wager options and betting lines available for sports bettors to get in on the action. However, you want to play, parlays, over/under, moneyline, or point spread, XBet is a great home for you. XBet also hosts a sign-up bonus for all new first-time bettors. When making an account, simply use the promo code XB100 and they will match your first deposit 100% up to $300. That is free money to use to wager on your favorite XFL team. For XFL betting, XBet is a perfect home.

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SportsBetting Sportsbook

SportsBetting Review – The Fastest Payouts For XFL Bettors

SportsBetting is a great home for XFL sports bettors. They are host to the most up to date odds and a wide array of betting lines that are sure to increase as the season proceeds. Whether you want to bet on the moneyline, point spread, over/under, or even wish to combine multiple bets into a parlay, SportsBetting has options for you. SportsBetting also has a host of payment and withdrawal options. Whether you are using your debit or credit cards, prepaid gift cards, cryptocurrencies, and even wire transfers, there is a bevy of payment options to suit your needs. Also, every time you deposit funds, you are able to get a 50% matching bonus valued up to $1,000. Simply use promo code BOL1000 and the bonus is yours.

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Depositing Into An XFL Betting Account

Your method of depositing money into an XFL betting account will depend on the sportsbook you select. Each book has its own rules about what payment methods will be accepted, minimum and maximum deposits, and promotional deposit bonuses. Land-based books will usually accept all traditional payment options like cash, credit and debit cards, cashier’s checks, wire transfer, and sometimes even e-wallets like PayPal.

Online books (including those based in the U.S.) usually won’t accept physical sportsbook deposit methods like cash or checks because of things like difficult logistics and liability concerns, but many offer the option to deposit using cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are secure, accessible online currencies that can be stored in an e-wallet similar to PayPal. Unlike traditional payment methods, cryptocurrency is completely untraceable. If Bitcoin falls outside your purview, most online books still accept the same non-physical payment methods as land-based ones. Many online sportsbooks also offer promotions to match a certain percentage of your first deposit, which can be a great way to get an early leg up.

How Do I Withdraw Winnings From My XFL Sportsbook?

Withdrawing your winnings works much the same way as depositing money into an XFL betting account. At a physical land-based sportsbook, you simply take a winning ticket to a cashier’s window and then select from available payout options, usually cash or a check. These sportsbooks also usually accept winning tickets via mail (usually for futures bets that aren’t settled until after your trip). Tickets have mail-in instructions printed on the back. Winners may also select either a lump-sum withdrawal, where they collect all the money at once or an annuity, in which they receive monthly payments. For especially large wins, most casinos will require an annuity.

All online sportsbooks have a section of their website dedicated to explaining the various payment options available for both deposits and withdrawals. Like with deposits, every book has different rules regarding withdrawals, including minimum and maximum withdrawals for each payment method, wait times before winners receive their payouts, and the maximum number of withdrawals a customer can make in a given time period. If the payout method is especially logistically demanding—say, a check by courier—books may require that the user pay a flat fee.

Ways To Bet On The XFL

The XFL isn’t quite the behemoth that other major sports leagues are, but it still offers an impressive variety of different ways to bet.

Moneyline XFL Wagers

When you place a moneyline bet, you are simply picking which team you think will win or lose a game. Moneylines offer the simplest wagering experience, which makes them an attractive option for new players. When a sportsbook lists a moneyline, the favored team will have a minus sign in front of its line, while the underdog will have a plus sign. To use an early-season matchup as an example, a moneyline might look something like this:

  • D.C. Defenders -180
  • Seattle Dragons +145

These numbers are based on a universal standard wager of $100. The moneyline on the favorite indicates the required bet to earn a $100 payout, while the moneyline on the underdog indicates the payout on a $100 bet. In this case, a $180 bet on the Defenders would pay out $100 if they won, whereas a $100 bet on the Dragons would pay out $145 if they won.

Betting The XFL Spread

Bets against the spread are bets not on who will win a given game, but what the final point differential will be. These bets are very popular because they offer relatively even odds for both teams. The spread will always be listed as a number representing the number of points the favored team is expected to win by. If you bet on the favored team to cover the spread, they have to not only win but win by more points than the spread. If you bet on the underdog, they only have to lose by fewer points than the spread. To use the aforementioned week one matchup as an example, the spread might be listed like this:

  • D.C. Defenders -6.5 (-110)
  • Seattle Dragons +6.5 (-110)

In other words, D.C. is projected to win the game by 6.5 points. If D.C. wins by 7 or more points, they are considered to have covered the spread. If they win by 6 points or fewer, or lose outright, Seattle will have covered the spread. The numbers next to the spread indicate payouts similar to the moneyline bets mentioned above.

XFL Futures

Futures bets are fairly self-explanatory. They are bets on an outcome in the far future. For instance, you can currently place futures bets on who will win the 2020 XFL Championship. In more established leagues like the NFL, you can place more diverse futures bets on things like who will win the MVP award in the upcoming season or who will lead the league in various statistical categories. Because the information used to set futures odds is limited relative to in-season odds, the maximum amount of money you can place on future lines is limited.

Building XFL Game Parlays

Parlays are the riskiest type of bet, but also potentially the most rewarding. A parlay essentially combines multiple bets onto one ticket. All of those bets have to win for the ticket to payout, but the payout also scales to the odds of all of those bets winning. In other words, if you parlay twelve different bets and win on all of them, you might turn a $10 bet into $10,000 in winnings. But if you only win on eleven of twelve bets, you won’t get anything. Bettors can combine bets of different categories (e.g., NBA, college basketball, horse racing) onto one ticket, so parlays are a good option for people with expertise in a variety of sports.

Live And Mobile Betting On The XFL

The XFL is expected to offer the same live betting opportunities as other leagues. This will initially include things like live spread, moneyline and over/under bets for both individual halves and full games, and could eventually expand to include more niche offerings as the league grows in popularity. Growth might seem a shaky proposition to some because of the failure of 2018’s Alliance of American Football (AAF), but the XFL seems to stand on a more solid foundation after signing a joint TV deal with FOX and ABC.

The availability of mobile betting will largely depend on which state you live in and what sportsbooks you frequent. Some states, like New York, offer sports betting but do not yet allow mobile betting. Others, like New Jersey, offer a variety of popular sports betting mobile apps for betting on the XFL. If you want to place mobile bets with an online sportsbook, you can do so. Sportsbooks like Bovada and BetOnline offer fantastic, optimized mobile sites that allow bettors to place wagers from anywhere.

Land-Based Betting On The XFL

Right now, only 14 states have legalized sports betting, which means that the options for land-based XFL betting are limited at the moment. But the fact that the XFL has embraced sports betting in such a major way should encourage more brick-and-mortar sportsbooks to emphasize developing a fun XFL betting experience. We likely won’t know more about the success of the bettors and books until sportsbooks begin releasing financial data from the XFL season, but the foundation is there for betting on the XFL to turn into a popular new pastime.

Where To Bet on The XFL

  • New Jersey: BetMGM, bet365, DraftKings, FanDuel, PointsBet, SugarHouse, William Hill, et. al
  • Pennsylvania: DraftKings, FanDuel, SugarHouse, et. al
  • Indiana: BetRivers, DraftKings, FanDuel
  • West Virginia: DraftKings, FanDuel  
  • Iowa: PointsBet
  • Oregon: Oregon Lottery
  • New Hampshire: DraftKings
  • Rhode Island: Sportsbook RI
  • Mississippi: Land-based XFL betting only
  • New York: Land-based XFL betting only
  • Arkansas: Land-based XFL betting only
  • Delaware: Land-based XFL betting only

XFL Rule Changes

While the rules are largely the same as what you would see in an NFL game, there are a few key differences.


In the XFL, kickers kick off from their own 30-yard line rather than the 35, and the coverage team lines up on the opposing 35, five yards away from the return team. The coverage team can only move once the returner touches the ball, or after the ball has been on the ground for at least three seconds. Additionally, there are varying degrees of touchbacks designed to encourage more return attempts.


The XFL does away with placekicking PATs entirely. Instead of the traditional extra point, offenses line up on the 1-yard line for an extra point. 2-point attempts are placed on the 5-yard line, and there is additionally a 3-point attempt available from the 10-yard line. This rule is designed to introduce more scoring variance and interesting late-game comeback situations. The impact of these scoring rule differences can be seen in the spread of XFL matchups. Because extra points are far from a sure thing and there are more options for PAT attempts, XFL lines won’t be as heavily weighted toward traditionally linear football scoring differences (i.e., 3, 7, 10, 14).


Punting in the XFL is designed to strongly favor the return team, which the league hopes will disincentivize conservative play calling. Players in punt coverage cannot leave the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked, which allows for more opportunities to return punts. Punts that bounce into the endzone or out-of-bounds in the field of play are both moved up to the return team’s 35-yard line. The league believes this will encourage more fourth-down conversion attempts.

Double Forward Pass

To eliminate the clunkiness of the NFL’s requirement that the first pass of a double pass play must be backward, the XFL permits a second pass as long as the first is caught behind the line of scrimmage. This minor rule change encourages more innovative play design and should eliminate lengthy replay reviews.


Probably the least popular of the XFL’s rule changes, the league’s new overtime format is similar to a penalty shootout in soccer. Teams alternate one-play drives from the 5-yard line. This goes on for five rounds (five attempts per side), and whichever team converts more attempts wins the game. If both teams are tied after five rounds, overtime continues in a sudden-death format (i.e., keep playing more rounds until one team scores and the other doesn’t).

Clock Rules

The XFL aims to increase the pace of play and create more opportunities for excitement. Consequently, the league reduced the NFL’s 40-second play clock to 25 seconds. Additionally, on incompletions or plays out-of-bounds, the clock only stops until the ball is spotted.  The last two minutes of each half are deemed “comeback periods”. During these periods, plays that end in the field of play will stop the clock until the ball is spotted and five seconds run off the clock. Plays that end out-of-bounds and incompletions still stop the clock as normal. The league hopes that this will lead to more exciting finishes and comebacks.

XFL Betting ​ FAQs

Are XFL betting odds available in most sportsbooks?

Unfortunately, XFL sports betting is only available in 14 states, with just nine of those states offering regulated online and mobile sports betting. The XFL is still very new, and with time and exposure, the XFL will eventually become popular enough to be readily available in more states. For those out of the state-licensed states, online sportsbooks allow for XFL sports betting no matter where you are.

Do a lot of sports bettor’s bet on the XFL?

So far, the XFL has exceeded expectations at major sportsbooks. This bodes well for the future of sports betting on the XFL. Many sports bettors are playing bets every week and as the season progresses, that is sure to increase. There should be no shortage of odds and betting lines for sports bettors to benefit from.

Do sportsbooks offer XFL bonuses?

With the popularity of the XFL, sportsbooks host multiple promotions surrounding the league. Many sportsbooks will give sing on bonuses and match bonuses for sports bettors who wager on XFL games. If you are a first-time sports bettor and want to begin betting on XFL games, bonuses are a great reason to sign up and start getting in on the action.