Last updated on: July 7th, 2023

Table Tennis Betting Sites In 2024

Sports betting sites that offer odds on table tennis and accept US players have become increasing popular throughout the country. Table tennis leagues in other countries have started to join the fray which has resulted in even more table tennis betting odds. Table Tennis has been in the Olympics since 1998, and while many in the US have seen this as a recreational sport in the past, professional table tennis has become one of the most sought out sports in the country. There are plenty of legal online sportsbooks for table tennis that have odds for all of the events and tournaments taking place all over the world, through online sportsbooks and land-based sportsbooks. Even if bettors do not know much about the structure of table tennis, the sport is easy to learn about and get into, and offers great opportunities for legal sports betting.

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Best Table Tennis Sportsbooks

Table Tennis may not be the most bet on sport in the world, but that does not mean there should be a limited number of betting odds on it. Legal table tennis sites such as Bovada, BetOnline, and MyBookie offer odds on table tennis matches that are going on every day. With many table tennis leagues around the world, having a highly rated online sportsbooks that take bets on table tennis is vital. The sportsbooks with the best combinations of table tennis odds and trustworthiness can be found below:


Bovada Sportsbook

Best Legal Table Tennis Betting Odds

At Bovada, players get the best combination of betting odds and reputation available. Bovada has been providing players with table tennis odds since 2011, with those table tennis odds offering players the opportunity to bet on table tennis matches around the world. Some of the countries and leagues that Bovada is most known to offer odds on are the Liga Pro of the Czech Republic, the TT Elite Series in Poland, and the Setka Cup in Ukraine. Those leagues only scratch the surface of the table tennis odds that Bovada provides, as the top-rated table tennis sportsbook covers table tennis from all over the globe

Rating: 5 Star Rating

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  • Thousands of Prop Bets
  • Easy Deposit Methods
  • Fast Payouts
  • Easy to Get Started

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BetOnline Sportsbook

Biggest Table Tennis Deposit Bonuses

New players at BetOnline receive bigger bonuses than any other legal table tennis betting site. Cryptocurrency players receive a 100% match on their first deposit, while non-cryptocurrency table tennis bettors receive a 50% match on their initial deposit. Both cryptocurrency and non-crypto users are eligible to receive a maximum of $1,000 in bonus funds. BetOnline allows players to use those bonus funds for anything, and with the popular sportsbook offering live betting and futures odds on table tennis those extra funds come in handy.

Rating: 5 Star Rating

  • Simple Interface
  • Exclusive Parlay Offers
  • Browser-friendly Mobile Sportsbook
  • Reliable Customer Service
  • Instant Sign Up Bonuses

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MyBookie Sportsbook

Great Table Tennis Sportsbook

MyBookie has been providing elite table tennis odds since its creation back in 2013. The sportsbook offers odds on every Champions League and International Table Tennis Cup match, while also offering odds on any requested matches as well. MyBookie has continued to grow as a sportsbook over the years, as they have continued to increase their number odds on table tennis matches, their accepted cryptocurrencies, and even their cryptocurrency bonus has improved. New players at MyBookie receive $1,000 in free play that can be used to bet on table tennis when players sign up with cryptocurrency.

Ratings: 5 Star Rating

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  • Compatible With All Mobile Devices
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Is It Legal To Bet On Table Tennis?

Making a table tennis bet is completely legal and allowed in every U.S. if you’re using the proper sportsbook. Like the many other sports that online sportsbooks have to offer, you can bet on table tennis at any time with no hesitation at all. As long as the odds are posted and available to bet on, you are free to bet on them as much as you want. You can find these odds no matter where in the United States you are as online sportsbooks are permitted across the country. Even if the state you are in does not regulate sports betting, online sportsbooks that operate overseas are completely legal to use anywhere due to the fact that they don’t fall under the legal purview of state or federal betting laws.

What Bets Can You Make On Table Tennis?

Table tennis sportsbooks that take US players offer has several options comes to wagering. You can bet on the totals, spreads, futures, or straight up who will win the match. Table Tennis is also one of the biggest attractions for live sports bettors thanks to the unpredictable nature of each serve. Legal online sportsbooks make it so that bettors will never struggle to find variety in terms of wager types for table tennis. There are even futures bets for major tournaments happening all around the world. International betting sites tend to host several winning opportunities for sports bettors who wager on table tennis. Those same table tennis betting sites will even let you use table tennis odds as part of a multi-sport parlay bet, adding a little extra excitement to your bet.

Betting On Table Tennis Totals

Betting on the total of a table tennis game is not focusing on the winning outcome but more of the outcome of how many points will be scored in total by both people when all sets are done. You can bet on if both players combined will score over or under the projected total. For example, if the projected total for a match is set at 75.5 and the Under is favored at -120 while the Over is set at -115, that would mean that the game is projected to stay Under the 75.5 projected total. It also means that a $120 dollar bet on the Under would only net you $100 if the result ends that way. If you place a $100 bet on the over you stand to win $115 it match ends in that prediction. Bets with a higher probability of happening always cost more upfront and bets that are more risky are always awarded a higher payout.

Betting On Table Tennis Spreads

Making a bet on the spread of a table tennis game is simple, you are betting on how many points someone is going to win or lose by. Here you can place a bet on whether or not a player will win by a certain amount or more or if a player will lose by a certain number or more. For example, if Vladimir Sedin and Anar Aliev of the Ukrainian Setka Cup are playing against each other and there was a 2 point spread with -110 odds towards Sedin (-2) and +100 odds towards Aliev (+2), that would mean that Sedin is favored to win by more than 2 points. If you bet on Sedin and he only one by one point or lost the match outright, then a bet on Aliev would be a winner. If Sedin wins by two points exactly, then all original bets are refunded.

Betting On Table Tennis Futures

Table tennis futures bets are bets that you can make in advance before an event even happens. Futures odds that are posted on online sportsbooks are usually listed further being that the event is further away in time. An example would be betting on the Setka Cup Championship way before it is scheduled to happen. Another futures bet that you can make would be betting on which players are going to be playing in the championship match.

Betting On Table Tennis Straight Bets

Making a straight bet on a table tennis match is as easy as it gets. You are betting on who the outright winner is going to be. This bet does not look at the spread, total, over/under or anything. To win your bet, the player you bet on must score more points than their opponent and win the match. An example would be if Lucas Orsatti and Ito Enrique of the Brazilian Exhibition League faced off and Orsatti had -200 odds and Enrique had +150 odds. That would mean that Orsatti is the flat out favorite to win the match.

Current Table Tennis Odds

Since betting on table tennis has exploded in popularity, and given the nature of how some of these leagues work, table tennis odds are updated daily. On any given day, online sportsbooks could have singles matches listed with odds for them. However, there are futures odds for table tennis matches that will remain relatively stagnant in the near future if all players continue at their pace. Table tennis betting is still fairly popular.

How To Make Money From Table Tennis Betting

If you are new to betting on table tennis and online sports betting and are looking to deposit money into your account, you should know that you have different sportsbook deposit methods. Depending on the online sportsbook, you can use any credit or debit card that you own or even a money order. Also, if you are using an online sportsbook based internationally, you can use cryptocurrency like bitcoin. You will also notice that different online sportsbooks offer different promotions depending on your form of payment.

In terms of cashing out your sportsbook payouts, there are different options as well. If you used a debit card or money order of some point you can gain your winnings back by either a money order or you can get a check in the mail. If you use cryptocurrency though, you can get your money back directly to your cryptocurrency wallet.