Last updated on: January 13th, 2022

Betting On The Emmy Awards

When it comes to television lovers and gamblers, there is no better way of melding the two together than to have wagers posted for betting on occasions like the Emmy Awards. Each and every year, the red carpet rolls out for TV’s top stars to walk as they attend the awards show that salutes only the best performances of the year in TV. The very first show took place in 1949 and has been going strong ever since. It received its name from the word “Immy” a nickname for a cylinder camera device used to produce television programs. Emmy is basically the stage name for the “Immy” and a fitting name it is. Every September, celebrities come out to celebrate the accomplishments of their fellow entertainers with a night full of speeches, trophies, and after-parties.

With each category comes a wager category that sportsbooks will have posted within their entertainment section. Betting on entertainment has created a whole new breed of people coming together from both sides of the spectrum. Those disinterested in awards shows like the Emmys develop a sudden interest in what’s happening with TV because they enjoy a good bet and those that love TV but were not big on gambling have a newfound interest in the pastime. It’s a win/win for both sets of people. Betting lines for the Emmy Awards are created by sportsbooks for fans to engage in legal gambling. Lines and wagers coincide with the data received based on show popularity and viewership. No matter where someone lives in the US, they can legally bet on the Emmy Awards with the use of offshore sportsbooks and take part in tons of fun prop bets for the occasion among other wagers listed.

Is It Legal To Bet On The Emmys?

Yes, it is legal to bet on the Emmys in the jurisdictions where online gambling is allowed. All states except Connecticut and Washington do not have laws against online entertainment betting which includes Emmy Awards betting. The US does not have any federal laws against betting on TV series, movies, or any forms of entertainment. Most Americans are not prohibited from entertainment betting and can place wagers on the Emmys through internationally-based or domestic betting sites without fear of breaking laws.

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Betting Types Available When Betting On The Emmy Awards

The Emmys give bettors a great opportunity to bet on something interesting that involves many big-name stars and celebrities. There are different ways to bet on what will happen in the awards show. As the show gets closer, oddsmakers post odds of which programs and actors will likely win the award for each category. This typically occurs after the nominations come out for the year, which happens some time in July, giving people two months to choose a winner.

The Emmys are full of straightforward bets. There are no bets like points spread where you have to figure out exact numbers to bet on. There are future and prop bets that can be fun to wager on for the upcoming shows. Betting on who the host will be this year or who will be the performers and presenters will surely be available. Bets like this are interesting and allow bettors to be invested in more aspects of the show.

How To Make Money From Betting On The Emmys

When betting on the Emmys the number one goal is to make money and there are quick and easy ways to do so through domestic and overseas-based sites. There are no big differences in domestic and offshore deposit and withdrawal methods. When Depositing funds, you can use debit/credit cards, cryptocurrency, PayPal, bankwire, money orders, or gift cards. Debit or credit cards are the most common offshore but sometimes they may be blocked which is why you should know the other methods to deposit funds

Most online sportsbooks both domestic and offshore will process the sports betting payouts within three days and the request will be accepted throughout a week. Cryptocurrency will be the fastest option to receive payouts. Each sportsbook may have a certain minimum and maximum transaction amount and that is important when trying to withdraw money. For every sportsbook you choose, it needs to be a legitimate site so that your money is safe and secure.

Where To Find Betting Odds For The Emmys

There are not many domestic sportsbooks that are approved to post betting odds for the Emmys. New Jersey sportsbooks were allowed to feature odds for the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards that occurred on September 20, 2020. Both DraftKings Sportsbook and SugarHouse Sportsbooks posted lines for the Emmys. If not NJ sportsbooks, then bettors could place wagers online at a reputable overseas-based sportsbook to win money. Betting through these types of sportsbooks allows you to place your bets immediately by creating an account and verifying your email. Betting on the Emmys will likely take place mostly at the offshore sportsbooks, as this situation is likely to repeat itself.

Tips For Betting On The Emmys

The Emmys are voted on by the Television Academy and it is sometimes hard to know who exactly will win. The television critics are normally not the ones to depend on when wanting to bet on the award winners. Until the nominations are out and oddsmakers can post the bet lines it is a waiting game. Once nominations are out many blogs and magazines report on their predictions and preferences for the award night. It is best to do research from those blogs and websites before betting on the Emmys with real money.