Survivor 46

  • Kenzie Petty has the best Survivor odds to win at -300 ahead of Wednesday’s season finale.
  • Charlie Davis has great value with his +220 Survivor betting odds despite his recent impressive strategic plays.
  • Don’t fall for Maria Shrime Gonzalez’s desirable +350 odds as she’ll be a major target after publicly failing to blindside Charlie last episode.

LOS ANGELES – The Survivor finale is here but there can only be one sole survivor. Kenzie is the favorite to win (-300) at legal sports betting sites with Survivor odds.

With -300 odds to win, that means a player would have to bet $300 on Kenzie just to win $100. Instead, betting on a player like Charlie Davis with +220 Survivor betting odds offers more value and still a great chance to win Survivor 46.

Survivor 46 Betting Odds

  • Kenzie Petty: -300
  • Charlie Davis: +220
  • Maria Shrime Gonzalez: +350
  • Liz Wilcox: +500
  • Ben Katzman: +600

Kenzie’s social strategy has paid off well so far and will help her convince the jury she’s most deserving of the “Sole Survivor” title if she reaches the Final Three. However, Charlie has greatly strengthened his case for Sole Survivor in the last few episodes with strategic alliances and immunity victories.

Fading Maria, Liz, And Ben’s Odds For Survivor 46 Finale

The legal entertainment betting odds are longer for players like Maria (+350), Liz (+500), and Ben (+600), but that doesn’t mean they’re more valuable. Maria is likely the first person to be voted off once the three-hour premiere begins after her disaster attempt to blindsiding Charlie.

Her other sly moves also didn’t gain any brownie points with the jury, so a win for Maria would be far less likely than her +350 odds indicate. Liz has a more compelling case for the jury after enduring many hardships throughout the season, but her +500 odds are mostly because she isn’t responsible for any strategic moves.

Contestant Ben Katzman expects to lead Kenzie to victory as he served as her support character throughout most of the season. He could pull a move to propel himself to victory if he finds a hidden immunity idol, but his only chance of winning would be in a Final Three with Maria and Liz.

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