Last updated on: September 22nd, 2022

Betting On Cricket

People all around the world have been betting on cricket online for years. Cricket is similar to baseball in terms of the object of the game, which is to score more points than the other team by swinging and hitting the ball. But the equipment used and the layout of the field make it a unique sport of its own with a fanbase that stretches across continents. When betting on cricket you will find that there are different options of doing so.

The legal sports betting odds for cricket are reflected in the rules of the game which affect each team’s scoring capability. But before we get too deep in the weeds on that specific subject, we’ll quickly discuss if cricket is legal to bet on and where you can find cricket betting odds. After that, we’ll discuss what types of betting odds you’re likely to find and even provide you with the most current cricket odds. We’ll even touch on how to make deposits and withdrawals from an online sportsbooks so that you can cash in on the sport.

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Is It Legal To Bet On Cricket?

It is indeed legal to bet real money on cricket matches. Cricket is one of the biggest global sports for sports betting and online sportsbooks host betting lines for every major cricket event throughout the year. You can find betting lines easily for cricket and since these international sportsbooks are located overseas and are not affected by US regulation. So, it doesn’t matter where you are you can legally bet on cricket. Cricket is a game that allows for several wager types and live in-game betting is also a major draw for cricket bettors. You can bet on cricket legally so long as you use these types of sportsbooks.

What Bets Can You Make On Cricket?

There are multiple bets you can make on cricket the same way there are multiple bet types for other sports. You can find odds on different online sportsbooks so be sure to compare the odds and bet on the ones that you think benefit you the most.

Betting On Cricket Futures Bets

Making a futures bet on cricket is easy to do. You are basically betting on an event in the future, way in advance. You can bet on any future cricket event whether it is this year, next year or even the year after that. You will notice that you will earn a higher payout when betting here as even the shortest odds are pretty long when the event is far out. That is normal when making a futures bet. For example, you could bet on the Cricket World Cup for a specific year whenever you feel like it as they are already posted.

Betting On Cricket Over/Under

If you are looking to bet on the Over/Under of a cricket game, it is simple. There are many different bets that you can make under this category such as betting on how many points one team will score or betting on how many points will be scored by one player. Online sportsbooks will set a number for you to do your research on in order for you to make your bet. For example, if the South African team were playing, online sportsbooks could set their projected point total at 137.5 with the Over being favored at -300 and the under at +200. That would mean that they are favored to score over the 137.5 mark and would need to score 138 or more in order for you to win your bet.

Betting On Cricket Totals

Betting on cricket totals is not betting on who will win the game, but more about how many total points both teams will score combined. The two possible bets that you can make on the totals is that the teams will go Over the projected total or Under the projected total. For example, if the Australian and Indian national teams are playing and the projected total is set at 350.5 with the Under being favored at -200 and the Over at +100, that would mean that both the Australian and Indian team are favored to stay under the projected total. A $200 bet on the Under would then only net bettors a $100 return whereas betting $100 on the Over could net bettors a $100 return.

How To Make Money On Cricket Betting

When you are depositing money into your online sportsbook account to bet on cricket, you should know that you have plenty of sportsbook deposit methods to select from. You can make deposits into your account with money orders, credit or debit cards or even cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Once you create your account or if you already have one, all you have to do is insert the information needed to make the payments and you are ready to start betting on cricket.

Like depositing money, you also have options when you are going to withdrawal money and cash out. If you are using bitcoin or any other type of cryptocurrency you have the option of having that money go right back to your cryptocurrency wallet. If you are using a money order or debit or credit card, the funds can get to you either by check in the mail or by a wire transfer.