Last updated on: April 6th, 2022

Betting On Snooker Tournaments + Matches

Betting on snooker is widely popular in many countries and gives players a large number of ways to win and make money. Snooker is a cue sport that is played on a billiards table. This is a game that has been played for over a century all around the world. It grew in the United States in the early 1900s and is now a part of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association. Given that online sportsbooks have been featuring these odds for years, it has slowly entered the minds of sports bettors of all types.

Snooker has recently become increasingly more beneficial for those wanting to place wagers on the sport. There used to be long match tournaments that would last over a couple of weeks. Now, Snooker has a weekly seven-man invitational that is a weekend of one-frame knockout matches. This helps those who are interesting in legal sports betting on Snooker to win bets quicker and more often. The ways in which to watch the sport have also grown with the internet, giving fans a chance to see how their bets unfold in real-time.

Betting on Snooker

Is It Legal To Bet On Snooker

USA Players AllowedYes, It is legal for bettors around the world to place wagers on Snooker. For Snooker, there are multiple options to bet on any tournament or championship. The first way is through a state-regulated sportsbook whether it be one that is available online or in person. The second way is through an online casino that is legal ad regulated in a country overseas. These sites can accept Americans betting on snooker because they don’t have to adhere to US law. These sites provide a safe outlet to put action on snooker no matter where bettors in the US might be.

Ways To Bet on Snooker

There are many different ways to bet on Snooker through online betting sites. One of the most common ways is simply betting on the winner of the match, commonly referred to as the money line or betting straight up. The sportsbooks post who the favorite and underdog are of each frame and match. For the big tournaments such as the Premier League, Players Tour Championship, UK Championship, and the World Championship, futures bets are available so you can bet on the winner of those tournaments weeks in advance.

One interesting betting method in Snooker is Handicap betting for certain frames that seem like they will be one-sided. If an inexperienced player is going up against an elite player the oddsmakers will give the elite player a “handicap” to overcome to win. If a player is given a -2.0 frame handicap, they would have to win by at least two frames for that to win the bet. This may seem like a complicated or difficult way of betting on Snooker but it is a way the bookmakers can make the odds fair for frames such as these.

There is also an array of prop bets available for betting on snooker. They can bet on things such as the correct final score of a frame, how long a frame or match will last, who will have the highest break, or even which one of the 21 colored balls will be pocketed first. Bettors can even bet on nationality and predict what country the winner will be from.

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Current Snooker Odds

There are plenty of different odds for snooker betting fans to take advantage of. The biggest upcoming tournament is the world championship. Jedd Trump and Ronnie Sullivan are the notable favorites no matter the snooker event. Betting on these snooker favorites is generally a positive result to your bank account. There are also the Masters tournaments that will be taking place both in January and April.

How To Make Money From Snooker Betting

A huge part of betting on Snooker is knowing how to make money. The most popular and familiar sportsbook deposit methods are using debit/credit cards. Next are bank wire, PayPal, and money orders but these methods all come with a delay on how fast they will process. The fastest way to deposit funds and receive the payment is cryptocurrency. Options such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, etc can allow for the money to be received in less than a day.

Requesting payouts while betting on Snooker is the same idea as depositing money through these online sportsbooks. When dealing with bank wires, checks, money orders, etc.; these sportsbooks normally take about three days to process payouts and the request has to be accepted no longer than a week after. Similar to what happens with deposits, the fastest option to withdraw funds is the cryptocurrency method. There are also no fees when it comes to cryptocurrency and you can withdraw in 2 hours or less.