Last updated on: July 10th, 2023

Betting On Darts

Betting on darts has become immensely popular over the last few years, with massive tournaments and events that bring in thousands of viewers across the world. For those new to darts betting sites that take US players, there are many rules and formats of the sport that are important to understand before making any wagers. There are also some differences in markets and competitions when it comes to wagering as well as learning the skill to identify darts betting odds.

Betting on darts is a longtime hobby of those over in the United Kingdom, where the sport is at its most popular. It is not uncommon to head into a pub in England and see half the TVs showing darts, with a solid amount of invested viewers. Of course, the English are not the only people that get to watch and bet on darts at legal sports betting sites. Many of the best betting sites for darts take Americans. There a couple of prominent leagues and tournaments that draw in many fans from around the world, with more being added every day. We’ll cover everything you need to know to get started at online darts sportsbooks.

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How is Professional Darts Played?

Most professional darts competitions and leagues put two opponents head to head in a leg-based or set-based match. The most common scoring format is the 501 scoring system. Players attempt to lower their score from 501 to 0 before their opponent, by throwing and hitting the corresponding number on the dartboard. The first player to do so wins the leg, win enough legs and you win the set. Pretty straightforward stuff for most viewers to grasp even if it is their very first time with the sport.

What are the Biggest Darts Events?

The biggest darts events are played competitively throughout the year, but for the purpose of betting, there are a few major tournaments to take note of. These tournaments draw the very best players in the sport from across the world. Similar to golf or tennis, these are the major tournaments that decide who are the best players in the world every year.

PDC World Darts Championship

The biggest and most-watched tournament is the PDC World Darts Championship. The PDC Worlds take place in London at the Alexandria Palace. The tournament runs annually, starting in December and finishing up in January, and comprises the best 96 players in the world through a series of international competitions and qualifiers.

BDO World Darts Championship

Following the PDC World Darts Championship in January is the BDO (British Darts Organization) World Darts Championship. This is a slightly smaller tournament that is separated into men’s and women’s competitions. Typically featuring lower-ranked talent trying to break into the higher PDC rankings, this tournament is a fan favorite, especially for those locally in England, where the sport is most popular.

The Masters

No this isn’t the Spring classic in Augusta, it is the Masters of darts tournament held in late January/early February. The Masters is a knock-out bracket tournament held exclusively between the top 16 players in the PDC Order of Merit rankings. This tournament is more intimate due to its small entry size and allows for viewers to really learn about each competitor.

UK Open

Starting in March and referred to as the “FA Cup of Darts”, is the touted UK Open. Containing 160 players from the UK this tournament sees the hometown heroes and lesser-knowns go up against the very best of the best. Just like the FA Cup in English soccer, any entrant can be drawn against any professional, leading to some major upsets and interesting odds.

The Grand Slam of Darts

The Grand Slam of Darts is one of the only competitions combining players from both the PDC and the BDO leagues in one tournament. Due to this, it has become one of the largest and most competitive darts competitions of the year, with its final round being a best-of-31 legs epic battle. No other popular tournament boasts that same length for its final, making the matchup quite the spectacle for fans and bettors alike.

Premier League Darts

Premier League Darts is the highest running league in darts competition. Running from February to May, Premier League Darts features the best of the best in various competitions. This can be held in a variety of ways such as a singular tournament or multiple small events in succession, with the overall winner being the Premier League Darts champion.

Is It Legal To Bet On Darts?

USA Players AllowedLuckily for fans of the sport, it is completely legal to bet on darts. Even if you are located in the United States, betting on darts couldn’t be easier through the use of state-regulated betting platforms or legal online sportsbooks. Depending on what state you live in, just head over or log on to your sportsbook and you can legally bet on all the best darts action from around the world. With all these competitions to choose from, it is easier than ever to get into betting on darts.

What Bets Can You Make On Darts?

The specific bets you can make for darts can be a little confusing at first, but once explained, you’ll find there aren’t too many differences from wagering on other sports like the NBA or NFL. Betting on darts just takes a bit of time to understand the specific language and terms that apply to otherwise common forms of betting, but is similar by having wagers for the outright winner of a match, total score bets, and various prop bets.


Just like in any other sport, the moneyline bet is a straight up bet on who you think will win the match. Odds will be posted for both competitors, and bettors will simply have to decide which competitor will win. Odds will be listed next to each player, listing the advantage that the bookmakers are giving both competitors with the underdog offering a higher potential payout. Here is an example of a darts moneyline bet:

  • Danny Nopert -265
  • James Wilson +160

The numbers with a minus (-) indicate the bookmakers’ favorite to win the match. At -265, you would have to wager $265 in order to win $100. On the flip side, the player with the plus (+) number is the underdog. At +160 odds, you would receive $160 for a $100 bet. Easy to learn and easy to make, moneyline bets will always be popular, especially in the world of darts. Even if a bettor knows nothing about darts, betting the moneyline is the safest way to wager, by going with the favorite, or taking a chance on the underdog.


While technically a future bet, in the world of darts these are known as outright bets, referring to the outright winner. This is a bet on the player you think will win the overall tournament that they are competing in. Odds will vary from player to player, with the shortest odds being the oddsmakers favorite. Here is what an outright dart bet offer looks like:

PDC World Championship 2021 – Winner

  • Michael Van Gerwen +140
  • Peter Wright +600
  • Gerwyn Price +800
  • Gary Anderson +1200
  • Nathan Aspinall +1600

Leg/Set Handicap

While that title might be confusing, this is simply the darts version of a point spread bet. One player has a set number of legs or sets added or subtracted from their final score, which decides the bet, just like spread points in football or basketball. If a player had a -2.5 handicap, they would need to win the match by at least three legs to cash in the bet. The bookmakers are simply setting a handicap or spread based on how much they think a certain player will win by, and you are in charge of thinking they will be right or wrong. Here is what a line might look like:

  • Ian White -2.5
  • Jesus Noguera +2.5

This bet type can hold slightly more risk, because the player that was bet on could win the match, but result in no payout for the bettor. However, by betting on a player winning or losing by a certain amount, there are higher potential payouts, that can be great for bettors who understand or have researched the world of darts.

Leg/Set Over/Under

Similar to American sports over/under but slightly different, darts over/under bets have to do with the number of legs or sets a specific player wins in a match. In a darts over/under the player you bet on does not have to win the overall match for you to win your bet, he or she just has to win the appropriate number of sets or legs according to your wager. Here’s an example:

  • Jamie Hughes O7.5
  • Antonio Alcinas U7.5

These over/under bets can also be seen for the number of 180’s hit in a match, which is a combination from both players.

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How To Make Money From Darts Betting

Now that you understand the basics of the game of darts, what the major tournaments are, where to bet, and how to bet, you can begin the process of actually placing your wagers. This means depositing and withdrawing money from your online sportsbook of choice.

When it comes to depositing you have a few different options. One of those is via debit or credit card. While this is the most readily available option for most people, it usually comes with a bank fee and a deposit limit. Most sportsbooks offer the ability to deposit via cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. This method is completely safe and anonymous, requires no fees, and allows your money to be available instantly. Due to this, we strongly recommend cryptocurrency for all transactions.

Withdrawing is no different in that Bitcoin and BitcoinCash are still the easiest, fastest options to get you money. However, some websites offer the ability to withdraw via check by courier. This involves the sportsbook sending you a physical check via mail. With some sportsbooks, this can only be done a certain amount of times before major fees are introduced, and can take up to 10 to 15 business days. Again, none of these issues are prevalent when using cryptocurrency.

Final Thoughts About Betting on Darts

With the sport of darts growing rapidly across the world, so does the ability to bet and win money. Legal darts betting sites that accept US players will only grow more popular as bettors and fans alike both learn about the game and how it works. Betting on darts is quite simple once you begin to learn the way the game works, and it is only a matter of time before sportsbooks put more focus into darts. Be sure to check back here for any updates regarding legal darts betting sites in the US. Good luck!