Last updated on: November 8th, 2023

Best Betting Sites For Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest In 2024

As it is becoming more popular to wager on this event, we have compiled the best Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest betting sites for 2024. When you use our recommended betting sites, there are more props and lines than hot dogs on the grill for the Fourth of July event. Even though Joey Chestnut is the favorite to win the men’s event almost every year, there are many ways to win big outside of taking his long odds.

We’ll cover the legality of betting on The Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest and where you can find these odds. We’ll also show you what betting odds you can find on for the famous hotdog eating contest as well as get a rundown of how these odds work. Once you understand that, you’ll be ready to actually start putting real money down on the event at online entertainment betting sites.

Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest

Top Sites for Sports Betting

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Is It Legal To Bet On Nathan’s Famous Annual Hotdog Eating Contest?

Betting on Nathan’s Famous Annual Hotdog Eating Contest is completely legal to do and it is not unlawful at all if you’re using the right sportsbooks. This would include state-regulated online sportsbooks as well as sports betting sites that are regulated in other countries. US-based sites that are not regulated by your state are really the only options that are off-limits. The internationally based sites can offer odds on these events to Americans because they do not fall under the legal sports betting purview of US law.

What Bets Can You Make On Nathan’s Famous Annual Hotdog Eating Contest?

There are tons of different betting options at hotdog eating contest sportsbooks for Americans. There are many very entertaining bets that will keep you invested in the contest from start to finish. Line shopping odds is a good idea, as different legal online sportsbooks offer similar betting options and different odds for the same bets. It is ideal for you to look around and find which odds for the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest you think could benefit you the most.

Nathan’s Famous Annual Hotdog Eating Contest

Betting On Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest Prop Bets

Prop bets for Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest are what the fun is all about when betting on it. These bets could be based on anything from the contest itself to fun things surrounding the contest. The Hotdog Eating Contest props range from the number of hot dogs the winner will eat to whether or not there will be an eat-off, or a tiebreaking head-to-head contest. Prop bets are a great way for casual bettors to engage with the Hotdog Eating Contest, as well as a way for more knowledgeable fans to profit off their expertise. Here are a few prop bets from past contests:

Will There Be A Recount?

Will There Be An Eat-Off?

Betting On Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest Over/Unders

Placing an Over/Under bet on the contest is another fun way to get invested. On this bet, you are betting on if a specific contestant will eat Over or Under the number of hotdogs projected. You can find odds also for how many hotdogs the contest winner has eaten. An example of the Over/Under would be if the winners projection was 77.5 and the Under was favored at -120 and the Over at -110. That would mean that whoever wins the contest is favored not to eat over the 77.5 mark. You would win the bet if the winner stayed under the projection.

Total Hot Dogs Eaten By Winner – Women’s Contest

Total Hot Dogs Eaten By Winner – Men’s Contest

Betting On Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest Spreads

Betting on the spread of the hotdog eating contest is different than betting on the spread of a regular sporting game. The spread here is betting on how many more hotdogs one person eats than the other. You can also bet on if a person eats fewer hotdogs than someone else. For example, a spread that you would find between two contestants like Darron Breeden and Matt Stonie could be set at -4.5 in favor of Breeden. That would mean that Darrion Breeden is favored to eat 4.5 more hotdogs than Stonie. If you bet on that spread, Breeden would need to eat five total hotdogs for you to cash out.

How To Make Money On Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest Betting

If you follow Nathan’s Famous Annual Hotdog Eating Contest each year and have never bet on it, you would need to start by creating an online sportsbook account first. Once you have your account, you need to choose which of the sportsbook deposit methods you want on your account. You can choose from a money order or everyday credit or debit card or even a form of cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

When cashing out from your real money sports betting sites, you have different options as well. If you used a money order or credit or debit card, you can get your money sent to you via a wire transfer or a check in the mail. If you used a bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, you can it sent back to your cryptocurrency wallet. When using the best Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest betting sites for 2024, cryptocurrency will be your fastest transactional method.

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