Legal Arkansas Sports Betting

In the past, legal Arkansas sports betting seemed like an impossible adventure. The state was generally seen as an anti-gambling state with laws preventing many forms of gambling. However, law changes both on the federal and state level have reduced this mindset and brought more of an accepting approach towards the industry. PASPA was a federal law that was repealed in 2018 but originally made sports betting illegal throughout the country with the exception of a few states.

Now that this has been overturned, it has opened up the ability for each state to determine their own laws and regulations for legal sports betting and Arkansas has moved toward that quickly. It is important to understand the past when discussing the gambling industry as well as your rights and locations to engage in the hobby. Our goal is to ensure you are knowledgeable on the topic and feel confident moving forward. In-state sports betting as well as online options are available for you and there are no longer laws preventing you from safely and legally getting started.

Is Land Based Sports Betting Legal In Arkansas?

Yes, it is. Sports betting in Arkansas became legal in November 2018, when voters approved the amendment titled “Issue 4” on the mid-term ballot. This came after a petition of over 80,000 residents to have the amendment listed on the ballot, which passed with nearly 55% approval. Southland Racing Corporation and Oakland Jockey Club, Inc. were automatically granted a license to conduct legal sports betting​ when Issue 4 passed. Two other licenses were made available for Pope and Jefferson County, but so far only Jefferson County issued one out. Oaklawn launched a retail sportsbook on July 1, 2019, and The Quapaw Nation in Jefferson county launched a sportsbook at their Saracen Casino Resort location on October 1, 2019. Those are the only two places to bet on sports in Arkansas for now.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Arkansas?

There is absolutely nothing in Arkansas law that specifically mentions any form of online sports betting (or even online casino gaming). Thus, there is enough gray area there – and a distinct lack of legal precedent or prior recorded offenses – to conclude that it’s likely quite safe to partake of online sports betting in Arkansas. Hundreds of thousands of state residents do it on a daily basis and as long as you yourself are not a bookie, you should be okay. Betting with an offshore operator gives you immunity from sports betting laws in the U.S.; however, attempting to wager with an unlicensed operator located within the state can land you in trouble.

Can I Legally Bet On The NFL In Arkansas?

We can confirm that it is completely legal for you to bet on sports while you are in Arkansas. But the options are extremely limited in Arkansas right now. You will have to go to Oaklawn or Saracen Casino to bet on NFL games. Mobile sports betting was not approved in Arkansas, so that means that these are the only state-based sportsbooks available in Arkansas. But if you do not live near these two locations, have no fear, because online offshore sportsbooks are available. They can be easily accessed using your computer or mobile device. That means you can bet on any NFL team from the comfort of your own home.

Arkansas Sports Betting And The Coronavirus

Arkansas sportsbooks were sidelined by the Coronavirus pandemic and nationwide mandatory closures as well as most major sporting events around the world being suspended to stop the further spread of COVID-19. This really magnetized Arkansas’s lack of a legal mobile sports betting market as the state could still have had some form of revenue coming in by the industry if they had state-sanctioned mobile sports wagering platforms. The three casino venues in Arkansas began reopening in May while only one sportsbook really came back to the scene until July. While the facilities are open, they are required to follow specific guidelines for the health safety of patrons and staff which includes facemasks to be worn by all, hand sanitizing stations, and social distancing that allows the operators to run at only 50% capacity. All three locations should be operational from their COVID-19 closures by the Fall of 2020.

Where To Bet On Sports In Arkansas

You can legally bet on sports in Arkansas, but not with a local bookie. In most states, it is a federal offense for any unlicensed entity, to accept a sports bet, and Arkansas is no exception. Although sports betting is now legal in Arkansas, there are only two sportsbooks taking bets right now. You’ll have to travel to either Jefferson County or Hot Springs, Arkansas to access sate-regulated betting lines. Southland Casino Racing will eventually open a sportsbook and the final sports betting parlor in Arkansas will be located in Pope county once a license can be issued out to a casino operator. But, technically you can bet on sports anywhere in Arkansas because you have access online offshore sportsbooks.

Moreover, because these legal sports betting sites are overseas and unbound by the dictates of American law, these companies can take your bets. It may seem like a questionable loophole, but it isn’t – Congress essentially crafted laws like the Wire Act and PASPA (which has since been overturned) to force sports betting to foreign bookmakers. As long as you bet online at sites like MyBookie, BetOnline, Bovada, and SportsBetting, you can do so with relative impunity.

Arkansas Sports Betting Revenue and Taxes

Arkansas’s three currently operating casino sportsbooks, at the Oaklawn, Southland, and Saracen Casinos, do not report financial data publicly. The state taxes sports betting revenues at 13% for the first $150 million and 20% for any additional revenue. While it is impossible to know for sure how successful the sports gambling industry has been in Arkansas, sources with knowledge on the matter claim that it is likely dead last in both revenue and total handle among states that have legalized the practice. That could change in 2020 with the addition of the last sportsbook and casino, which is being built by Dallas Cowboys owner and Arkansas native Jerry Jones. The best case scenario for Arkansas would likely be something like Iowa’s sports betting industry, which has well over a dozen operators and averages $40-60 million in bets every month. Sharing a border with Mississippi, one of the more well-established sports betting markets in the country, though does not help.

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Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada – The Best Sportsbook In Arkansas

Bovada sportsbook is the best option for bettors in Arkansas to place wagers on sports. The sportsbook has many different types of wagers available including moneyline, points spread, future and prop bets. The bet lines cover numerous professional sports from around the world and NCAA sports and teams. With online sportsbooks, players can take advantage of the promotions and bonuses that are offered when betting on the site. Bovada provides users with a $750 Bitcoin Sports Bonus that offers a 75% match of your first Bitcoin deposit on sports up to $750. The promo code of BTCSWB750 has to be put in to activate the promotion.

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BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline – Best Arkansas Odds

The Arkansas Razorbacks are going to be playing out this season, for better or for worse. The SEC is raring to go, and Razorbacks fans are looking for the best place to bet on their beloved team. Fundamentally, the best places to wager on the Razorbacks are going to be offshore, and of those, BetOnline stands out. BetOnline offers an unmatched combination of great bets, good odds, generous bonuses and a well-designed website. Between all of these things, the sports betting experience at BetOnline is second to none.

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MyBookie Sportsbook

MyBookie – The Best Sportsbooks For Arkansas Bettors

Arkansas bettors constantly rave about why MyBookie is one of the best sportsbooks in the entire state. MyBookie has thousands of bets to wager on every single day on the website. Whether you are a fan of the NFL or NBA, bettors in Arkansas have plenty to wager on thanks to MyBookie. Not only is signing up absolutely free, but Arkansas sports bettors also have plenty of promotions to choose from. For example, if you are a fan of Bitcoin, you can get up to $1000 in additional funds to bet with. That is an excellent way to get started betting on MyBookie.

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Xbet Sportsbook

XBet – Bet From Your Phone Anywhere In Arkansas

Arkansas bettors have been enjoying the fruits of sponsored sports betting since their state became one of the first to enact new sports betting law in November of 2018. While heading down to the sportsbook is a great time, some bettors are looking for variety in their lines, odds, and betting formats. Enter the international online sportsbooks, who offer tons of freedom for Arkansas bettors looking to shake things up. One of the best options available today is XBet, which has thousands of lines across all of the major leagues in the world. With XBet, you can access the full sportsbook from home, or even on your phone with no app download required. Be sure to check out XBet next time you are looking to diversify your betting in Arkansas.

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SportsBetting Sportsbook

SportsBetting – Bet On Sports Online From The Comfort Of Your Couch

It’s no secret that sportsbooks in Arkansas are live and taking in bets. But, there is only a limited number of casino sportsbooks and they could be too far away from where you live. SportsBetting in Arkansas allows you to simply go online and bet on any game your heart desires from the comfort of your own couch. Best of all, you’ll be able to bet on the Razorbacks without having to worry about weighted lines like you would if you went to Oaklawn or Southland Casino. Ditch standing in line and access better lines by using SportsBetting in Arkansas.

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Where’s The Closest Place To Me To Bet?

For now, retail sports betting in Arkansas is limited to just three casino locations, with a fourth on the way in the form of a Jerry Jones-built mega-casino. Right now, there are two casino sportsbooks in Hot Springs and one in West Memphis. There are also numerous available sportsbooks in Mississippi if you don’t mind traveling. The closest place for you to bet on sports will always be online from your own phone or home computer, but for those who prefer the brick-and-mortar sports betting experience, these are the currently operate sportsbooks in Arkansas:

Hot Springs Sportsbooks

Oaklawn’s Race & Sports Book

The Oaklawn is most known for its many horse races, including the Oaklawn Stakes, but it also features full sports betting in its casino. Oaklawn is located just north of Lake Hamilton along Highway 7.

Pine Bluff Sportsbooks
Saracen Casino Annex Sportsbook
West Memphis Sportsbooks

Betly Sportsbook at Southland Casino Racing

Southland’s main sports betting attraction is its on-site greyhound track, but it also offers a fully-featured sportsbook. Southland Casino is less than 10 minutes from downtown Memphis.

Arkansas Sports Betting Sites

If too many people or the distance from these locations is too much for you, you’re left with the Internet to provide your legal Arkansas sports betting sites. Good thing, too, because those sites are the real deal, and they serve up way more action than any brick-and-mortar sportsbook ever could. BetOnline gives its users the most financial options for both buy-in and payout, while Bovada – as the granddaddy of online sports betting sites – has the slickest UI and mobile experience. SportsBetting is another great choice, offering the same advanced payment features as BetOnline. You won’t go wrong with any of these sports betting sites that are legal, and you’ll never have to pay a signup fee to join.

Arkansas Sports Betting And Gambling Laws

Arkansas was seen as an anti-gambling state in the past as they hadn’t allowed many forms of gaming and gambling, in general, is almost completely illegal. Aside from a state lottery, a few bingo halls, and two “Racinos” that also offer some sort of imitation, pressed “poker” product (enabled by the Electronic Games of Skill Act, 2005), there’s nothing much in the way of actual gaming in the state.

However, sports betting became legal in November 2018 when the voters passed the agenda on their mid-term ballot. With a 55% pass rate, the residents proved they wanted Arkansas to be more of a pro-gambling state and follow suit with the nation. Now that there is legal sports betting, regulations are set to guide the two licensed Racinos and two future casinos and the potential for more lackadaisical gambling laws may arise.

What Teams Can I Bet On?

While there are no major professional sports teams in Arkansas, there are several collegiate and minor league teams to choose from when it comes to your sports betting slate. The largest Arkansas fan base belongs to the University of Arkansas Razorbacks, one of the winningest college football programs in the country.

Since the Razorbacks always make their mark on the yearly NFL draft, UA fans are particularly well-suited to stepping up to the NFL and predicting the impact that the school’s young graduates will have at the next level. With over 80 active players in the NFL, you’d better know your Razorbacks if you want to be any good at legal Arkansas sports betting.

Arkansas Razorbacks (NCAA) Arkansas State Red Wolves (NCAA) Arkansas Travelers (MiLB)
Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions (NCAA) Central Arkansas Bears (NCAA) Little Rock Trojans
Northwest Arkansas Naturals (MiLB)    

2020 NFL Betting In Arkansas

Betting on the NFL in Arkansas is easily done with the use of online offshore sports betting websites that are legal to use in the state. Of course, there are land-based options in Arkansas but those are limited in what they’re offering for the 2020 football season as the COVID-19 outbreak is still a hindrance to sportsbook establishments. However, the legal online sports wagering platforms are widely used in Arkansas and they offer every single NFL game that takes place with multiple bets on each ranging from the straight-up bet to props on all matchups this 2020 season.

Horse Race Betting In Arkansas For The Kentucky Derby

Arkansas has limitless ways to wager on the Kentucky Derby using online offshore racebooks that are completely legal to use for horse betting enthusiasts in the state. The Land of Opportunity rings true for gambling on the Derby. While Arkansas has their own horse racing tracks, many are not currently open due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. But that doesn’t mean that residents can’t gamble on what horse racing betting lovers call the biggest event of the year with internet racebooks like MyBookie and BetOnline among others. With the convenience of your mobile phone, you can sign up with one of these sites and find a mountain of bets on the 2020 Kentucky Derby to take part in all while sitting comfortably in your home in Arkansas. Put simply, betting on the Kentucky Derby in Arkansas this year is done best online for your safety, the safety of others, and for your overall convenience.

Daily Fantasy Sports In Arkansas

Arkansas has the distinction of being the first state of 2017 to legalize and regulate Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). The 11th US state overall to put the official stamp of approval on DFS, Arkansas saw HB2250 pass the state senate 25-5 and pass the house with a unanimous 85-0 vote, becoming law in April 2017.

Several commercial, paid-entry DFS leagues now do business in the state, with the largest two – DraftKings and FanDuel – making up about 95 percent of the market. In fact, these two leagues, with an estimated 15 million combined users, were instrumental in lobbying Arkansas to pass the publicly-supported legalization, and they continue to work with many state governments across America to promote the availability of and access to the DFS lifestyle.

Mobile Sports Betting In Arkansas

Mobile sports betting in Arkansas is legal for residents to participate in. At the moment, there are no mobile sports betting apps strictly geared toward the residents of the state but that should change in 2020. Until that time, the people of Arkansas have access to offshore mobile sports betting sites to use for all of the sports wagering needs. Wagering on sporting events with the use of a mobile device is the most convenient way for bettors to bet. It allows you to place your bets on any sports competition at any time from anywhere with the use of your cellphone. These offshore sportsbook platforms offer the best variety of odds and bets on anything sports-related on a global level. The people of Arkansas can rest assured that downloading and joining these applications is completely legal. Offshore sports betting sites are legal nationwide. Once you start betting on sports with a mobile device, you’ll never want to go to a casino again.

Arkansas Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Arkansas mobile sports betting apps should be coming to the state in the future. Until then, residents have the luxury of downloading offshore mobile sports betting apps to place all of their wagers. These mobile platforms are some of the best in the business and are legal to use. Some of the greatest sports betting applications available for download are SportsBetting, XBet, BetOnline, MyBookie, and Bovada. These sites are even better than any state mobile sports betting app. They have a wide variety of odds and wagers to choose from to make even the pickiest bettor happy. Their apps are free to join and you can become a member to as many of them as you want as their offerings vary. If you’re a sports bettor living in the state of Arkansas, offshore mobile sports betting apps are the way to go for all of your mobile sports wagering needs.

Legal Arkansas Sports Betting FAQs

Can I Bet Real Money On Sports In Arkansas?

What other kind would you bet? I kid, I kid. Yes, you can bet real money on sports in Arkansas. Just make sure that you use a trustworthy sportsbook to do so, as there are a lot of small-fry fraudsters out there looking to cut and run with your wager.

Luckily, between BetOnline, Bovada, MyBookie and SportsBetting, you have a plethora of payment options, both for buy-in and payout. You can use Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Litecoin, personal check, courier check, bank transfer, money order, Person to Person, Skrill, Neteller, and more. The one thing these sportsbooks don’t take, ironically, is cash. But you don’t want to mail that stuff overseas anyway.

Is Online Sports Betting Safe In Arkansas?

Provided you use a legitimate, reputable offshore sportsbook, online sports betting is absolutely safe in AR. These books are already pretty buckled down with industry-leading data security, and their privacy standards are first-rate.

Really, the only thing you need to concern yourself with re online sports betting in Arkansas is receiving your winnings in a timely manner. Because of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA, 2006), books sometimes have trouble working with banks in the US. This can slow down some forms of funds transfers, so you’ll need to adjust your payout options to your personal schedule. For example, Bitcoin offers the fastest transfers at one to two days, while courier checks are very reliable but can take upwards of two to three weeks.

Will Sports Betting In Arkansas Ever Be Legal?

The short answer to this question is that sports betting in Arkansas is already legal. That doesn’t mean that it is available everywhere, though. The Racinos in Southland and Oaklawn were automatically granted licenses to conduct sports betting when Issue 4 was passed by voters. Only Oaklawn has taken advantage of that freedom and begun to accept sports bets in Arkansas. Two other casino locations were also approved for construction and are able to offer sports betting. Those would be located in Jefferson and Pope County, though, only Jefferson County has opened up a casino with a sportsbook so far. These are the only retail locations that can legally offer sports wagering, but online offshore sportsbooks have always been legal.

Will I Get Arrested For Sports Betting In Arkansas?

As long as you limit your activity to online sportsbooks or licensed operators within the state, you won’t ever get arrested for sports betting in Arkansas. Now that it is legal within the state and federally approved, the crackdown of sports betting has decreased – at least through the approved channels. The biggest penalty on the books for a bettor who runs afoul of the law is a $25 fine, so even if you do get found out, you’ll likely never have to feel handcuffs on your wrists. Just be sure not to deal with unlicensed bookmakers.

What Is the Sports Betting Age In Arkansas?

The minimum age for players to wager on sports is legally 21 years of age. That’s the best metric to abide by, but some online sportsbooks that provide legal Arkansas sports betting set their minimum ages at 18. Whatever you do, just don’t lie about your age at these sites, as that constitutes a violation of their terms of service and may result in winnings forfeiture and account closure. Remember, in order to withdraw your winnings, you will have to prove your identity to your sportsbook, usually via a government-issued ID and a utilities receipt.

Are There Mobile Sports Betting Apps Available In Arkansas?

Most gambling services have embraced the smartphone revolution, and legal Arkansas sports betting vendors are no exception. While dedicated downloadable iPhone and Android apps do not exist for any of the major online sportsbooks (and anything you find on the app stores otherwise is a scam), these companies have spared no expense to make attractive, responsive mobile versions of their standard websites.

Just visit your sportsbook of choice through your smartphone or tablet browser, save the mobile page to your desktop, and you’ll be able to quickly launch this “web app” any time you want to place a bet or check on a line.

Additionally, with the advancement of mobile betting came live betting. Live betting is the ability to wager on a game or event after it has already started. Being decisive is a must as lines change ever so rapidly as each play/pitch/moment influences the outlook of the game. Payouts, however, can be substantial.

Where Is The Best Place To Bet On Sports In Arkansas?

You have two different options for this. Either at the Racinos in the state or on the internet. Both of the original licensed tracks are on opposite sides of the state and the future two are near the middle of the state, which will help accessibility. For the Internet, it is up to you to choose your favorite online sportsbook. Regardless of which one you choose, they all offer satisfactory privacy protections.

Should I Use An Unlicensed Local Bookie In Arkansas?

No! You cannot participate in legal Arkansas sports betting through the services of a local bookie. State law make accepting sports bets illegal, and Arkansas isn’t shy about punishing all parties involved in any unlawful betting activity, including the bettor. To stay legal, be sure to use a licensed operator within the state.

It is a much safer, better bet to limit your wagers to online sportsbooks. All the major sites offer top-tier privacy and encryption, and you can even pay in and out using Bitcoin or similar. You can’t leave a paper trail if everything is paperless!

Do Any Casinos In Arkansas Have Sports Betting?

Yes! There are actually two casinos now that have sports betting. Those casinos are Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort in Hot Springs and Saracen Casino Resort in Pine Bluff. Eventually, Southland Casino Racing will begin to accept sports bets but an exact timeline has not been set quite yet. The same goes for any casino that opens up in Pope County. The county has yet to announce which casino operator will claim the last casino license.

Can I Bet On Sports With My Friends In Arkansas?

Not legally, no. While private sports bets and poker games would be almost impossible for Arkansas law enforcement to monitor and/or prove, it is certainly within their legal purview to try. This authority is outlined in the Arkansas Code (§ 5-66-113) and comes with a fine of between $10 and $25. While this penalty is trivial, not all are. It is a Class D felony to operate a “gambling house” in Arkansas. Unfortunately, the standards for what constitutes a gambling house are quite vague, so you must always proceed with caution.

When Did Sports Betting Become Legal In Arkansas?

Sports betting has been legal for a couple of months now. Back in 2018, it was up to the voters living in Arkansas to legalize sports betting. In November of 2018, they voted on what is known as Issue 4, which asked voters if voters wanted to expand gambling in the state. An amendment was added to the issue to include the legalization of sports betting. With 55% of the voters saying yes to Issue 4, sports betting became officially legal in Arkansas that month.

How Many Sportsbooks Are In Arkansas?

Right now, there are only two sportsbooks that are actively taking sports bets in Arkansas. The Oaklawn Sportsbook launched on July 1, 2019, and Saracen Casino Sportsbook launched on October 1, 2019. Online and mobile sports wagering was not part of Issue 4, so no mobile wagering can take place in the state. If you do not live near Hot Springs or Pine Bluff, then using an online offshore sportsbook is a great alternative to traveling to bet on sports. You can easily and legally access these websites using your mobile device or your computer.