Last updated on: August 22nd, 2022

Saracen Casino Annex Sportsbook Review In Pine Bluff, Arkansas

The Saracen Casino Annex Sportsbook is an extension of the casino itself. The Quapaw Nation runs both the casino and its sports betting lounge. The annex section is open for legal sports betting to all patrons of legal age. The sports wagering lounge is equipped with 300 slot machines and one kiosk to take sports bets, although four extra kiosks will be added as construction continues. The annex is open to the public 24 hours a day seven days a week. They have a sports bar where games can be viewed as well as serve customers with food and drinks. Not only that, they may very well be the only sportsbook that has both a gas station and a convenience store on the premises.

It is a 15,000 sq foot space at the moment. After the full construction is complete, the casino is expected to be 80,000 square feet with a resort and over 2,000 slot machines. The summer of 2020 will see a complete overhaul of amenities offered by the sportsbook. Right now, there are no mobile wagers or live in game-betting offered and the maximum bet that can be placed at the one kiosk for sporting events is $500. This is all expected to change in the future, but for now, the Saracen Casino Annex has given the residents of Arkansas a place where they can go and place bets on sports and play the slot machines while they’re at it. And it’s especially good timing that its NFL season for both the patrons and the Annex.

Saracen Casino Annex Sportsbook

When Did The Saracen Casino Sportsbook Launch?

The Saracen Casino Annex Sportsbook launched in late September 2019 but this was considered to be a soft opening. While COVID instantly hurt the beginning states of the opened casino, in the following year, a 200,000 square-foot casino was opened to the public. Saracen Casino has about 80,000 square feet of gaming space which plays host to the sportsbook, 2,000 slots, a poker room, and a few dozen tables for gaming.

Where Is The Saracen Casino Annex Sportsbook Located?

The Saracen Casino Annex Sportsbook is located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The town is part of the Little Rock area. The Quapaw Nation developed the establishment on tribal land. Due to their location, the tourism is Little Rock is expected to rise for all of the neighboring states that do not offer any sort of legal sports betting to their residents.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet At The Saracen Casino Annex Sportsbook?

Arkansas state law requires that all residents that wish to gamble be 21 years of age.  The casino will verify a bettor’s age by way of an ID card before they can enter the premises. Offshore internet sportsbooks only require their players to be 18. However, if you’re a resident of Arkansas, it is best to abide by state law. This means that no matter which platform you choose for sports betting purposes, you must be at least 21 years old to participate.

Does The Saracen Casino Sportsbook Offer Full-Service Sports Betting?

Yes, the Saracen Casino Sportsbook does indeed offer full-service sports betting to its patrons for all sports that are being played. This means you will find all the betting lines, wager types, and sporting events to wager on that you would find at any Las Vegas-style sportsbook. Currently, there is only one betting kiosk available for self-service betting, but the sportsbooks betting counters are there to provide betting lines and any other assistance or sports bettors. Currently, the max on wager is $500 per bet. You will find betting lines for all the major sporting events throughout the year at the Saracen Casino sportsbook.

Mobile Betting At The Saracen Casino Sportsbook

Mobile wagering at the Saracen Casino Annex is not allowed. There is no mobile betting in Arkansas at the moment. For all residents that wish to take part in mobile sports betting, they will have to access offshore internet sportsbooks. These sports betting websites are legal for the people of Arkansas to join and place wagers on sports and other things offered by each individual site. Mobile betting is expected to become offered in the state at some point in the future.

Live Betting At The Saracen Casino Annex Sportsbook

Live in-game wagers are not yet available at the Saracen Casino Annex Sportsbook. For all patrons that would like to take part in live sports betting, they will need to turn to an internet sports betting website. In the future, live bets will become available to those living in Arkansas. Right now, all of the gambling done when it comes to in-game wagers must be done through an online offshore platform. This is completely legal to do.

What Promotions Does The Saracen Casino Annex Offer?

With a lot of different casinos out there for players to choose from, promotions and bonuses are something that most casinos have to get players to come there. Most players notice it and will check out what kind of extra prizes they can win by going into these casinos. So far, there aren’t any promotions here for players at Saracen Casino. However, there could be some new promotions on the way very soon.

Is There A Rewards Card For Saracen Casino Annex?

Again, this is something that could be offered by the Annex in the future when they have more to offer their customers. They are slated to be a fully operational resort-style business by the summer of 2020. Once this occurs, they, like most resort sportsbook and casino location should offer rewards cards or loyalty programs for their visitors.

Is There A Team Maximum On Parlay Cards At The Saracen Casino Annex Sportsbook?

Many sportsbooks tend to have a range of 4-10 parlay card caps. The Saracen Casino Annex has not verified whether they have a maximum on parlay cards but it should fall within that range. At the moment, the only thing that takes sports wagers at the sports betting annex is a solo kiosk. Going to the kiosk and reading all of the wagers being offered should give you a definitive answer about the parlay card maximum.

Name: Saracen Casino Annex Sportsbook ​

Date Opened: Sept 2019

Location: 3512 Market St, Pine Bluff, AR 71601

Phone: (870) 686-9001

Players Club?: Yes

Mobile Betting: Yes

High Limits: Yes

Hours: Vary

Betting Age: 21

Hotel: Yes

Casino Attached: Yes