Legal Mississippi Sports Betting

As one of the most pro-gambling states in the country, citizens and lawmakers saw no problem with immediately making legal Mississippi sports betting the next step in gambling. The state has been approving of most forms of gambling as long as most can remember and it is this that helps build their tourism industry. The Gaming Control Act, which was passed in 1990, formalized the entire standards for the state which allowed riverboat casino in coastal counties and nobody ever looked back.

There are many laws that have changed over the past decade and regulations that are upcoming regarding sports betting in Mississippi and it is our goal to ensure you are knowledgeable in this aspect. We will discuss these laws for legal sports betting as well as locations to engage in the hobby both within the state’s casinos and through online licensed operators that are located offshore. Daily fantasy sports (DFS) has also been a thriving industry within the state and we will give an overview of who is allowed to operate within the state and discuss any future changes. There may be a lot of information; however, it is important to know all of the basics before jumping into sports betting in Mississippi which will only help you understand your rights and ease any doubt you may have.

Is Land Based Sports Betting Legal In Mississippi?

Mississippi became the fourth state in the nation to create a legal sports gambling industry and have been operating a well-regulated platform since late 2018. This all stemmed from a Supreme Court case, where SCOTUS determined the former federal law known as PASPA was unconstitutional against each state’s rights. After this successful appeal, Mississippi and other states were able to determine their own rules and regulations regarding legality, policy, and procedures of sports wagering within the state. Mississippi only allows for casino based wagering at the time; however, as one of the first states to move forward, it is likely we will see even further advancements and acceptance.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Mississippi?

Sports betting in Mississippi is fully legal and regulated within the state. This includes wagering on both professional and collegiate sporting events, even if the college program is located within Mississippi lines. Offshore betting is always legal within the state and they offer the same variety of wagers that casinos in Mississippi will, if not more. It is important to understand that only offshore sites that are fully licensed by their home country are the operators we suggest as they have a proven track record of reliability and trust. The only illegal act for sports betting in MS is if you use an unlicensed bookie which comes with harsh penalties for both the gambler and the bookmaker.

Is There Anywhere In Mississippi That I Can I Bet On Sports?

Mississippi is loaded with sportsbooks and casinos that will let you play the odds. Whether you are willing to drive to the Mississippi River or are cruising along the beach in the Gulf Region, there are always options to choose from. In fact, the Gulf of Mexico waterfront towns create the third-largest casino market in the United States thanks mainly to the tourist-friendly city of Biloxi. Of course, without a state-wide mobile version up and running, wagering from your phone is limited to being located on casino grounds, which somewhat defeats the purpose. Once this expansion happens to allow a state-run platform, there will be very few limitations of where you can bet in Mississippi.

Where’s The Closest Place To Me To Bet?

Those positioned close to the Mississippi River or the Gulf of Mexico are the most fortunate as state laws require casinos to be located within 800’ of these waterways. This law saw an expansion of distance away from waterways after Hurricane Katrina severely influenced the industry located upon the Mississippi Gulf Coast Shores, which is the most casino-dense area in the state. If you are nearing the Tennessee or Arkansas border, Tunica provides over a half-dozen casinos that provide sportsbooks as well. Two Native America casinos, located in Choctaw and Sandersville, are the only sportsbooks not located near the aforementioned bodies of water and are closer to those on the eastern border of Mississippi.

Biloxi Mississippi Sportsbooks Tunica Mississippi Sportsbooks
Vicksburg Mississippi Sportsbooks Laurel Mississippi Sportsbooks
Philadelphia, MS Sportsbooks Gulfport Mississippi Sportsbooks
Bay Saint Louis, MS Sportsbooks Other Mississippi Sportsbooks

Mississippi Sports Betting Sites

Every casino is made differently and many people have bad implications regarding infrastructures. In that case, don’t let that deter you from wanting to lay your money down as Mississippi residents are able to bet on sports using offshore licensed sportsbooks. Sites such as Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, and 5Dimes, all offer wonderful bonuses and promotions for new and existing members. They are all legal to use, providing excellent customer service to their clients over the past years. Operators, like the ones listed above, are regulated in their home countries and are the safest as many unlicensed sportsbooks roam the internet for anyone willing to give away their money.

Mississippi Sports Betting And Gambling Laws

Overseen by the Mississippi Gaming Commission, it is the duty of the MGC to promulgate all rules and regulations for the gambling industry in Mississippi. The Magnolia State is very pro-gambling; however, there are certain things you must understand so you do not cross the line into a criminal offense. The easiest law in the state codebook to understand is entertaining the idea of gambling with an unlicensed operator. Unless you are gambling at a Mississippi casino (which must be within 800’ of a waterway) or using a licensed offshore operator, you will be going against Mississippi gambling laws. More information about general betting and wagering can be found in Miss. Code Ann. Title 97, Chap. 33.

Mississippi doesn’t have a state-run lottery nor do they allow for horse racing; however, casino gaming and sports gambling are the two leaders of the legal industry. The minimum age to participate in these activities is 21 and law officials and casino operators do a fantastic job of ensuring they are not breaking this rule. You will be asked the leave the premises, have any winnings forfeited, and are subject to misdemeanor charges and fines if you attempt to wager underage. There are no restrictions of teams, sports, or events you may wager just as long as they are not on the youth level – collegiate sports, though given amateur status, are legal to wager on.

What Teams Can I Bet On?

Mississippi is known for its love for sports – even without being a host to any professional team. In Mississippi, you can wager on any professional or collegiate team per state laws, even if that collegiate team is located within the Magnolia State. You are not stuck just only betting lines on local teams as you can choose any posted line to partake. Every casino will have different odds so you can always do your research and determine how certain sportsbooks view certain teams for better payouts to you.

University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) Rebels Mississippi State University Bulldogs University of Southern Mississippi (Southern Miss) Golden Eagles
Alcorn State University Braves Mississippi Valley State University Devils Jackson State Tigers

Horse Racing Betting In Mississippi

Even with the pro-gambling mindset of the residents and legislators, horse racing is not legal in the state of Mississippi. They even prevent the wagering on horses by using simulcast. Only if you are on a casino cruise would you be able to wager on horse races as they take you off of state lands where federal and state gambling laws do not apply. If you are looking to bet on horses in Mississippi, you may have to venture to Louisiana as it is an accepted form of gambling in that state.

Daily Fantasy Sports In Mississippi

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) became legal in 2017 after the “Fantasy Contest Act” determined the state regulations for the industry. MS House Bill 967 was agreed upon after the state had accepted a temporary method during the battle of DFS’s legality. This game is considered one of skill and not seen as gambling in the eyes of the country which is the reason it was accepted across the nation. In this game, you draft a team with a select number of players staying under a set salary cap and battle for the most points versus opponents all over the country. This was brought forth after many season-long fantasy football players grew tired of paying attention to their league after a few losing weeks.

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Legal Mississippi Sports Betting FAQ’s

Can I Bet Real Money On Sports In Mississippi?

You can certainly bet real money on sports in Mississippi. At the casinos, they will only accept cash when making a wager; however, they have many ATMs and other resources for you to withdraw money. For the online sites, they accept various forms of payment (with the exception of cash) such as credit card, wire transfers, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies as well.

Is Online Sports Betting Safe In Mississippi?

Online sports betting is extremely safe as all of the operators we recommend have years of experience and reliability. These sites have been tested by the masses and have consistently proven to be worthwhile. If you are still concerned about your privacy, you can always purchase a VPN as well. It is important to know you can run yourself into trouble if you use an unlicensed or unregulated operator whether offshore or hosted within Mississippi. These ways can lead you to problems such as identity theft, stolen money, or (for the latter) criminal charges.

Will Sports Betting In Mississippi Ever Be Legal?

If this question was asked a few years ago, it would have been more difficult to answer as federal laws would have prevented Mississippi residents from truly enjoying the sports betting experience. However, as PASPA was overturned in 2018, it gave each state their own choice in determining their laws about the industry and Mississippi has chosen to approve and regulate sports betting. It is unlikely they will take a step back and attempt to make it illegal again as they are already reaping tax benefits from it.

Will I Get Arrested For Sports Betting In Mississippi?

In short, no. By using a licensed casino for your wagering needs, you will never be breaking the law or getting into trouble. The only methods of getting arrested are if you attempt to gamble underage, are operating an unlicensed sportsbook, or are using an unlicensed bookie. These three ideas can certainly land you in trouble with the law; however, if you follow all of the proper protocol in this guide, you will not be putting yourself at risk.

What Is the Sports Betting Age In Mississippi?

The minimum sports betting age in Mississippi is 21. Casinos and sportsbook will not let you place a wager unless you can prove your age and most times will not even let you enter a casino floor as they sell alcohol; however, we do not recommend attempting to beat the system. For online sports gambling, some sites only require a minimum age of 18 to participate; however, we recommend following Mississippi state laws and waiting until you are 21 just to be safe.

Are There Mobile Sports Betting Apps Available In Mississippi?

Mobile betting is only an option if you are located within the sportsbook or casino grounds and unfortunately, there are no mobile sports betting apps that are state-run in Mississippi. On the flip side, the offshore sportsbooks each have their own app which is available for download where you can track your wagers. Additionally, you can simply log-in to their mobile webpage version and start betting on sports from your mobile device.

Where Is The Best Place To Bet On Sports In Mississippi?

This all comes down to preference as some people like the high-tech lounges with monster televisions and full-service bars while others like the low-key to the point sportsbooks. Down in Gulf Shores, there are plenty of sportsbooks where you can jump from casino to casino and find the best one. If you are located anywhere along East Mississippi, you may have to venture into a Native American casino in Sandersville or Choctaw as the others are located near the Gulf of Mexico or along the Mississippi River. For online sports betting, each site offers many promotions and packages which are constantly changing. Discover which one you like the best and what will benefit you the most.

Should I Use A Local Bookie In Mississippi?

Only unless you want the possibility of being arrested. Sports betting in Mississippi is legal so there is no need to use an underground sportsbook who is unlicensed and unregulated. There is nothing stopping your bookie from taking your money and running and even further, there are no legal actions you would be able to take as you would have been participating in an illegal act. Be sure to stick with licensed operators within the state or offshore sportsbooks to keep yourself in-line with the law.

Do Any Casinos In Mississippi Have Sports Betting?

Every casino in Mississippi has been licensed to offer sports gambling. All of these casinos are located along the Gulf of Mexico or Mississippi River in accordance with the laws that state the county must be touching water. The Mississippi Gulf Region is the nation’s third-largest casino market and a major tourist draw making it the prime the location to engage in the hobby. They all have lounges that offer games on big-screens so you can track your wagers as well as couches and alcohol for your enjoyment.

Can I Bet On Sports With My Friends In Mississippi?

Even though Mississippi is a pro-gambling state, betting with friends in Mississippi is considered social gambling and is not legal. Even doing something like a March Madness bracket or pool selling is against the code; however, it is unlikely you will come across anyone policing this law. The entire gambling laws can be found in §97-33-1 – 97-33-217 of the Mississippi Code if you want to do any further research.