Fitz Tunica Sportsbook Review

The Fitz Casino and Hotel (aka Fitzgeralds Tunica or the Fitz Tunica) is one of the top sports wagering venues in northern Mississippi. However, given the venue’s overall diminutive size and presence in the region, some folks will overlook the great betting lines and odds values you can get at the Fitz Tunica sportsbook. Simply called the “Sports Book At Fitz”, the venue is one of Mississippi’s more straightforward places for legal sports betting.

In order to bring Tunica-area bettors the best, most comprehensive lines possible, the Fits Casino partnered with the Foundation Gaming Group, a full-service gaming management brand based out of Gulfport, MS, with tons of local experience serving Mississippi casinos with all their gaming needs. While most competing casinos in Tunica are going with big brands and operators to host their sportsbook services, the Fitz is keeping things local. In addition to adding a certain level of charm to the venue, this also guarantees a sportsbook with drastically different odds than you’ll find elsewhere. When you’re shopping around for the best sportsbook in Tunica to maximize value, be sure to check out the Fitz.

When Did The Fitz Tunica Sportsbook Launch?

With the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA, 1992) overturned in May of 2018, the race was on to become the first casino in Mississippi with customer-facing sports betting open to the public. Of course, given that sports betting was nominally legalized before the PASPA overturn in a forward-looking piece of 2017 daily fantasy sports (DFS) legislation, there wasn’t much standing in the way of Mississippi’s many casinos looking to open their own books. Some venues played pre-empted PASPA and started work on their betting lounges before the federal ban was stricken, while others opted to take a wait-and-see approach.

As one of the smaller gambling destinations in Tunica, the Fitz Casino sportsbook wasn’t the first sports betting product to launch in the area, with that distinction belonging to the Gold Strike just a couple of miles down the Mississippi River. In fact, there was no great hurry for Fitzgeralds to get its sports wagering product up and running, as the Fitz Tunica sportsbook opened on September 28, 2018, nearly two months after sports wagering first went live in MS on August 1.

Fitz Tunica Sportsbook – COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the Fitz Tunica Sportsbook to close briefly but the casino is now open with a few slight changes to its operations to ensure a safe environment for patrons as well as employees. Before entering the casino, guests must answer a five-question survey about if they’ve been around anyone with COVID-19 or if they’ve experienced any symptoms in the last 48 hours. To enter Fitz Tunica all guests must wear face coverings or masks and those that refuse will not be allowed in the casino. There is a three-chair limit at the table games in the casino including three people per max on each side of the craps table. Futz Tunica has also closed their valet and bell services in conjunction with the Mississippi Gaming Commission’s regulations to remain open.

Where Is The Fitz Tunica Sportsbook Located?

The Fitz Tunica sportsbook is located in the rear of the main casino floor, right next to the Stage Bar. While most casino sportsbooks have restaurant tie-ins and generally cater to the casual sports fan (with tableside food and drink service and so on), the Fitz foregoes many of those amenities to bring you the region’s most dedicated sports betting experience. At the Fitz, you get a ticket counter, 28 screens, a number of sports betting kiosks, and movie-theater-style lounge seating front and center.

The floorplan of the Fitz betting lounge is open yet intimate, with the focus being on the games and the digital odds boards. Sure, you can grab a bite at one of the Fitz’ several nearby restaurants, but that isn’t the point. The Sports Book At Fitz is clearly for the serious sports bettor, and that makes it unlike any other book in Tunica. The Fitz sportsbook’s hours of operation are Monday – Sunday, from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. (These hours are subject to change to accommodate different sports, events, and seasons.)

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet At The Fitz Tunica Sportsbook?

In order to legally bet at the Fitz Tunica sportsbook, you have to be 21 years of age. This is a Mississippi state law, and there are no workarounds when it comes to local sports betting. However, it should be noted that online books located overseas will take MS resident customers at just 18 years of age, though it is advised that Magnolia State gamblers err on the side of caution and only sign up with such vendors after they meet the state’s legal sports betting standard. Thus, whether you bet in person or online, you will need to be 21 to legally do so in MS.

Does The Fitz Tunica Sportsbook Offer Full-Service Sports Betting?

If the Fitz Tunica sportsbook did not offer full-service (aka Vegas-style or “single-game” betting), there would be little need for a review of the thing. Fortunately, the Fitz sportsbook does in fact offer a full, robust wagering menu. At the Fitz Tunica, you can bet on pretty much any professional sport you wish, whether it’s an American mainstay like the NFL or MLB or an international league sport like soccer, rugby, or cricket.

You can place all kinds of bets on every game offered, too. The Fitz sportsbook supports straight bets, point spreads, totals (aka over/unders), prop bets on players and teams, specials, futures, and any parlays you wish to submit. On any given day, you will be able to place literally thousands of sports wagers on a world full of athletics action. Perhaps best of all, because MS has no restrictions on NCAA betting, the Fitz hosts wagers on all local college clubs like the Bulldogs, Rebels, Golden Eagles, and more.

Mobile Wagering At The Fitz Tunica Sportsbook

Mobile wagering is not yet offered at the Fitz Tunica sportsbook, though it is allegedly in the works. However, thanks to current MS laws that only allow mobile sports betting to occur on casino property grounds, the feature isn’t all that useful, and there is no real hurry to get a Fitz sports betting app off the ground. That said, Mississippi legislators have already introduced measures to expand MS sports betting to the wider Internet, allowing casinos and sportsbooks to offer their lines to anyone in the state.

Once such a law is passed (which could take up to two more years, by some accounts), this will give every sportsbook in Tunica the motivation to put together a world-class sports betting website and mobile experience. While this should come to pass sometime in 2021, if you simply can’t wait to wager online, you can always use a legal offshore Mississippi sportsbook in the meantime.


Live Betting At The Fitz Tunica Sportsbook

Live betting is available at the Fitz Tunica sportsbook, and that’s no surprise. As one of the most sought-after features of any Tunica sportsbook review, live betting is considered by many industry insiders to be the future of the industry. Yes, you can wager on all the day’s sporting events before the games get underway, but live betting allows you to bet on all the main lines and game props while the matchup is ongoing, in real-time!

Because live betting at the Fitz is handled by the Foundation Gaming Group’s proprietary technology, lines are updated within just seconds, with winning wagers credited instantly so you can carry your funds over to the next wager or wagers you wish to place. Live betting at the Fitz Casino Tunica sportsbook is an immersive experience unlike any other, and it’s something that no true sports enthusiast should pass up!

Are There Any Sportsbook Promotions Going On At The Fitz Casino Hotel?

Yes, there are promotions at the Fitz Sportsbook in 2021 but unfortunately, there isn’t really any targeted toward the sportsbook specifically. The casino does have a special going on this month including a 2.8 million dollar wheel of fortune jackpot which will help to sure get people in the door. There is also a $170,000 Cash giveaway this month every Friday and Saturday night. A total of $500 will be awarded to lucky casino guests throughout the weekend night so it gives you plenty of chances to win some free money.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Key Rewards Member with The Fitz Casino Hotel?

When you become a rewards member with the Fitz Casino Hotel, you will see a slew of benefits. Joining the Key Rewards program is free, and there are three levels to the player card that are determined by how many points you garner. 0-3,999 points to qualify for many complimentary meals, birthday offers, and hotel rooms. This is free stay and food for simply gambling and betting on sports. The 4,000-9,999 points bracket gives embers upgraded versions of all the other benefits. Any points 10,000 or higher puts you in VIP status which opens up even more benefits. There is no shortage of opportunities for Key Rewards Members.

What Parlay Odds Does The Fitz Casino Hotel Offer?

Parlay bets are when you pool multiple different wagers into a single bet, increasing the risk thus increasing the potential reward. In order to win on a parlay bet, every single wager has to win. If you have six games in a single parlay you must win on all six of the games for it to be a success. If even one of the games in the parlay does not win, then your entire wager parlay is a loss. The risks are far higher in this case than with traditionally betting, but the possible wins are massive.