Ameristar Vicksburg Sportsbook Review

The Ameristar Vicksburg has a unique history among Mississippi casinos, and it’s been known for some time as a more local destination. Located on the western border of Mississippi, Vicksburg is smack dab in the middle of the road from Biloxi to Tunica, and it’s MS’ third-largest gambling city. As one of the founding casinos in the area, the Ameristar – a proper, old-style riverboat casino with the aesthetic stylings you expect – opened in 1994, and it’s regarded as the best casino in Mississippi’s central region. However, due to its “local” vibe, a lot of tourists overlook the Ameristar Vicksburg, which is a mistake – particularly now that legal sports betting is finally on the menu.

This review of the Ameristar Vicksburg sportsbook, however, will focus only on this newest offering. As stated, the spot is already known amongst regulars and MS residents as the best gambling hotspot in the area, and the new book simply ups the ante. Now, you’ve got more ways to game at the Ameristar than ever before, and that’s a very good thing. Read on to learn more about the Ameristar Vicksburg sportsbook and why you should make a point to visit the venue the next time you’re in the area.

Ameristar Vicksburg Sportsbook And SB54

The Ameristar Vicksburg Sportsbook in Vicksburg, Mississippi will be accepting wagers on Super Bowl 54. This sportsbook will have plenty of odds and bets to be had for the Super Bowl. Mobile wagers can only be done with the casino if you’re on the premises. So, for everyone that would prefer to gamble on the game using a mobile platform, offshore internet sportsbooks are what you’re looking for. These sports betting sites will have all of the information and odds you will need to place as many wagers on the Super Bowl as you’d like from wherever you are.

Remember that using these outlets are legal as they are licensed and regulated businesses. Joining is a free and easy process. Once you’ve become a member, you will then need to make a deposit into your account and can begin betting on SB54 immediately. The game kicks off on Sunday, February 2, at 6:30 p.m. EST.

When Did The Ameristar Vicksburg Sportsbook Launch?

In Mississippi, sports betting was technically legalized the second that the US Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA, 1992) on May 14, 2018. However, it would take MS casinos another few months, with the first two books opening on August 1. The Ameristar Vicksburg took a little longer to get off the ground, launching on August 31, 2018, with the sportsbook being run initially by Pinnacle Entertainment. Pinnacle was bought out by Penn National Gaming later in the year, and the sportsbook at the Ameristar Vicksburg was taken over by renowned UK bookmaker William Hill (who handles all PNG sports betting products). Interestingly, former Ole Miss and New Orleans Saints running back Deuce McAllister placed the very first bet at the venue.

Where Is The Ameristar Vicksburg Sportsbook Located?

The End Zone, located accessibly in the Ameristar – just come in through the front entrance of the casino, go down the escalator, hang a right, and you’re there! The End Zone offers the most grandiose and lavish sports betting lounge in not just Vicksburg, but perhaps in all of Mississippi. There are four ticket windows, tableside “tailgating” service with all the best stadium-style food you crave, a full bar, more than 100 lounge-style seats, nearly two dozen HDTVs for all the day’s action, and the single largest viewing screen in the region. The End Zone is a can’t-miss spot to watch and wager on your favorite players and teams, all year long!

Monday-Thursday: 10 AM – Midnight
Friday: 10 AM – 1 AM
Saturday: 9 AM – 1 AM
Sunday: 9 AM – 12 AM

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet At The Ameristar Vicksburg Sportsbook?

In order to bet at the Ameristar Vicksburg sportsbook, Mississippi law requires that you be at least 21 years of age. That said, it is possible to wager at just 18 if you opt to use an offshore MS sports betting site, but this is not particularly advisable. Many states don’t have explicit sports betting age minimums, but when they do – as MS does – it is best to go with the state law even when using these Internet wagering services. Stay legal, stay safe, and when you’re old enough, head over to Vicksburg’s Ameristar Casino and pick your team!

Does The Ameristar Vicksburg Sportsbook Offer Full-Service Sports Betting?

The Ameristar Vicksburg sportsbook wouldn’t be the epic wagering venue it is if it didn’t offer a full, Vegas-style betting menu. Full-service sports betting – aka single-game wagering – is available every day of the week at the Ameristar, with William Hill offering up the best lines in the area. You can place all the wager types you’re used to (and then some!), from spreads and straights and totals to player and team props, futures, and an almost infinite selection of build-your-own parlays! Supported US and international sports and leagues include all of the major sports, guaranteeing thousands of daily wagers any time of the year:

Mobile Wagering At The Ameristar Vicksburg Sportsbook

Mobile wagering is legal in Mississippi, but only on the premises of the casino offering the physical sportsbook. As such, most MS books don’t offer mobile betting at all, likely holding out for when the state legislature finally passes a comprehensive bill allowing Internet-based mobile wagering state-wide. However, this will take at least another year or two to come to fruition. In the meantime, if you really wish to wager online (and who doesn’t, given the sheer convenience of it?), you can use a legal offshore sportsbook that serves MS residents. These are safe to use, deposits are easy, and payouts are guaranteed. After all, most folks living in MS won’t be able to get to the Ameristar Vicksburg – or any other formal gambling venue – on a regular basis, making online wagering your best bet.

Live Betting At The Ameristar Vicksburg Sportsbook

Live betting, aka in-game betting, is the new hotness in the sports wagering world, and it’s fast becoming the single most popular way to bet. Of course, that’s no surprise, given the hugely expanded number of wagering opportunities that in-game betting affords. Unlike traditional sports wagering that requires bettors to have their picks turned in before the game in question gets underway, live betting allows wagers to be placed on all kinds of different lines and props while the game is being played. Thanks to William Hill’s industry-leading live betting technologies, your account will be credited instantly, allowing you to be ready to place your next wagers as they flash across the ever-changing live odds board. If you’re a sports fan or a sports bettor, you owe it to yourself to try out live betting at the Ameristar Vicksburg sportsbook. There’s no more immersive way to watch your favorite players and teams in action!

Are There Any Promotions Associated With Ameristar Casino?

Ameristar does a great job of continually changing their promotions to keep everyone satisfied. If they are not running a slots promotion, they are running a cash giveaway promotion. If they are not running a cash giveaway promotion, they are offering additional points on your MyChoice card. With each season comes new giveaway drawings by Ameristar, the casino typically offers a $2,500 giveaway. Drawings are held every Friday and Saturday between 7 pm – 11 pm. Go to a MyChoice kiosk within the lounge between the hours of 5 pm- 10:59 pm and enter and your name may just be the one receiving the luck of the draw.

Does Ameristar Casino Have A Rewards Program?

Of course, Ameristar is operated by Penn National Gaming, who allows their MyChoice card to be utilized at over 35 casinos. Playing any slot or table game with earn you points. The more points you earn, the higher your tier, and being included in any of the 5 tiers can lead to prices, cash, comps, and additional luxuries. The entry “choice” tier gives you access to exclusive hotel sales and the lowest rate guarantee. Moving up the chain, the “preferred” middle tier allows for VIP benefits, 15% savings on Norwegian Cruise Line sales, and other entertainment discounts.

How Do Parlays At The End Zone In Ameristar Casino Work?

Having ten teams hit correctly in your parlay will give you the max payout for parlay cards. The odds nearly double with every standard bet added to the card, which you can use for football, basketball, or baseball. Any betting line that results in a push will be removed from your card rather than considering the parlay a loss. The sportsbook also allows for teasers which can move the betting line in your favor by a possession or two.