Last updated on: December 8th, 2022

Bok Homa Sportsbook Review In Laurel Mississippi

Mississippi has taken the world by storm and opened two dozen locations to legally bet on sports in the state. The sportsbook at Bok Homa Casino in Laurel Mississippi is just one of those locations; however, it is one of the few that is tribal-operated. Located on the outskirts of Laurel, MS, this smaller casino is operated by the Pearl River Resort and the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. This venue does not serve alcohol but they do offer the ability to play the odds both at their casino and their sportsbook.

Bok Homa

The venue may be a little difficult to get to for those in the more populated areas on the state, but don’t let the distance keep you from visiting. Their casino is kept extremely clean and their workers provide excellent service in ensuring every bettor is made happy. Because there is no national brand overseeing their operations, it comes with a homier feel in that almost anyone you talk to can be a friend in no time. This casino is laid back but don’t let that make you think the betting action at Bok Homa sportsbook is as well.

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When Did The Sportsbook At Bok Homa Casino Launch?

The Bok Homa Casinos Sportsbook was able to open solely from the changing of federal laws. Before its Saturday, September 1st launch, the Supreme Court was overturning a federal law known as PASPA only six months previous. This allowed Mississippi to begin its sports betting industry, which included both commercial and tribal casinos. The casino spent a few months building out the area where the cashiers and ticket takers accept your wagers.

Where Is Bok Homa Casino’s Sportsbook Located?

The sportsbook at the Bok Homa Casino is located just a few feet from the main casino floor. This puts it in a great location as the surrounding area is filled with amenities. The sportsbook is not that big, as the casino itself is one of the smaller locales in Mississippi. The sports lounge is home to 13 big screen TV’s that play all the major games live. There is also an odds board that shows the most up to date odds for all the betting lines on offer. Betting kiosks are planned for the future as well, giving more ways for players to get in on the action.

Monday – Thursday: 10 am – 9 pm
Friday: 10 am – 12 am
Saturday: 9 am – 12 am
Sunday: 9 am – 10 pm

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet At The Sportsbook In Bok Homa?

Mississippi laws only permit those who are 21 years or older to participate in gambling activities. You will be asked for ID when attempting to place a wager, so if you are underage, it is highly advised not to attempt to curtail the system. Moreover, those of legal gambling age should look into signing up for a Bok Homa Player’s Card. This will allow for a betting tracking of your wagers and can help you earn more perks and rewards with any of the Pearl River Resort casinos.

Does Bok Homa Sportsbook Offer Full-Service Sports Betting?

Yes, the Bok Homa sportsbook does indeed offer full-service sports betting to all its patrons. This means that the same level of betting that would be found at any Las Vegas-style sportsbook is found at the Bok Homa sportsbook. You will find the same betting lines, wager types, and odds on offer. The sportsbook even allows players to pool several unique bets into a single parlay. When you are betting on sports at the Bok Homa sportsbook, you will find betting lines for all the biggest sporting events and will not be missing out on all the potential winning available.

Mobile Wagering With Pearl River Resort

At the Bok Homa Casino, you have the ability to place your bets on your mobile devices. The land-based casino operator offers patrons the ability to wager using the PRR Sports app. The app requires a download and from the app, you will have access to all betting lines and odds available at the sportsbook. The mobile betting app will only allow patrons to place bets while physically at the land-based operator. Mississippi law only regulates mobile betting while at the casino, therefore you can only place bets from within the Bok Homa Casino. The good thing is that you can wager from anywhere at the Bok Homa Casino, but if you are looking for a mobile betting experience where you can bet outside of the Bok Homa location you still have options. Online sportsbooks allow you to bet on sports from anywhere in the state, and these sportsbooks work with your mobile devices.

Live Betting At Bok Homa Sportsbook

Possibly one of the best aspects of sports betting is the live in-play betting feature. PRR Sports allows for live betting which lets you place wagers once a game has already started. You can find odds that are more in your favor than the originally posted ones due to the gameplay. From straight bets to futures bets, spreads, points totals and more, there is definitely not a shortage of additional options to choose from.

What Bok Homa Casino Promotions Are Offered?

Bok Homa is known for giving out random promotions so be sure to check their event calendar but let’s start with The Tuesday Hot Seat. From 6 – 9 pm, a $200 BonusBet drawing will occur every half hour along with a $500 cash prize. Moving on to the largest promotion: The $12,000 Pot of Gold – where you can win a share of the total in cash and prizes. Be there any Thursday or Friday and let luck be on your side.

How Do I Get A Bok Homa Player’s Card?

Go to the casino cage and pick up your personalized card that will give you connections to all the right luxuries. Ranked on a tier system of silver, gold, and platinum, your range of benefits increase as you progress along the club’s status. Redeem your points for more gaming or use them for food and beverage deals or tickets to the entertainment that frequents the casino.

What Is The Maximum Payout For Bok Homa Casino Parlays?

Most casinos offer a maximum payout that you can receive off of parlays so you don’t take them for all they are worth. Bok Homa sets this odds level at 299-1, where betting on any more than eight teams is not worth the space. Parlay odds (at the standard -110 wager) start at 2.645-1 and nearly double with every added team. $5 is the minimum for parlay and teaser cards. Any other information about how the action at Bok Homa works can be found in the Pearl River Resort Wagering Guide.

Do I Need A Players Club Card To Place A Wager At The Sportsbook?

No Players Club Card is required for patrons to place bets on sporting events. However, they’re useful in racking up points for promotions and rewards as well as collecting wagering data if ever a bettor wants to look back on bets they’ve placed in the past. To place a bet on any matchup at Bok Homa, an ID of some kind is needed. Occasionally, if the gambler has wagered a certain amount on one game, a tax verification code will be required should they wish to continue betting further.

Name: Bok Homa Sportsbook

Date Opened: 9-1-2018

Location: 1 Choctaw Rd, Heidelberg, MS 39439

Phone: 866-447-3275

Players Club?: Yes

Mobile Betting: Yes

High Limits: Yes

Hours: 9AM – Midnight

Betting Age: 21

Hotel: No

Casino Attached: Yes