Last updated on: July 14th, 2022

Riverwalk Vicksburg Sportsbook Review

The Riverwalk Casino Hotel in Vicksburg is the sister property to Churchill Downs, Inc’s other MS venue, Harlow’s Casino in Greenville. Located about 80 miles due south of Harlow’s, the Riverwalk Casino is a large venue in Mississippi’s third-largest gaming region (only Biloxi and Tunica are larger). As such, the Riverwalk is something of a Mississippi flagship venue for CDI, offering a host of high-end gambling options in addition to their brand new venue for legal sports betting.

Powered by CDI’s in-house wagering software called BetAmerica, the Riverwalk Vicksburg is a one-of-a-kind sports betting destination along the Mighty Mississippi. While the Riverwalk is home to the newest, most luxuriously-appointed hotel rooms in Vicksburg, that’s just a nice perk compared to the brand new sports betting lounge on the property. Ever since its opening, people have been coming from far and wide to check out the Riverwalk BetAmerica sportsbook in Vicksburg, and you definitely don’t want to miss out.

When Did The Riverwalk Vicksburg Sportsbook Launch?

The Riverwalk, as a comparatively small, intimate venue, was not one of the first wave (August 1, 2018), but their BetAmerica sportsbook launched shortly thereafter, on August 23, 2018. Mississippi as one of the first to hop on the sports betting train allowed all of its casinos to offer a sportsbook. It only took a few months before Riverwalk became one of the best Mississippi sportsbooks that allows action on the SEC and pro football.

Where Is The Riverwalk Vicksburg Sportsbook Located?

Like its sister property Harlow’s, the Riverwalk Vicksburg Sportsbook doesn’t have a single location. Instead, the betting experience at the Riverwalk is kiosk-based, and the kiosks are all powered by BetAmerica tech and open 24/7. That said, you can definitely enjoy a few drinks and some stadium-style eats with your friends while you take in a game or two at the venue. If you enter through the south entrance, hang an immediate right, and there you’ll see a huge wall of HDTVs and rows of comfortable seating. So head to the Riverwalk sportsbook, place a few bets, pull up a chair, and enjoy the show!

How Old Do I Need To Be To Bet At The Riverwalk Vicksburg Sportsbook?

In order to legally bet on the Super Bowl, NBA, or other sports you must be 21 years old or older. Sportrsbooks in Mississippi strictly enforce the legal gambling age, if you’re not 21 and are found to be in at the Riverwalk Vicksburg Casino, you are subject to punishment by local law enforcement while also potentially facing a lifetime ban. You must show ID to prove your age even before getting into the casino but you must also do so again to get into the sports lounge.

Does The Riverwalk Vicksburg Sportsbook Offer Full-Service Sports Betting?

This Riverwalk Vicksburg Sportsbook review wouldn’t have much to actually talk about if the site didn’t offer a full menu of sports betting. So yes, the Riverwalk Vicksburg BetAmerica sportsbook is a robust product, boasting full-service (aka Vegas-style) sports wagering. You can bet on national and international sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, league soccer, rugby, cricket, golf, MMA, and more), and you can place every type of wager you can think of.

The BetAmerica Riverwalk sportsbook posts hundreds of spreads, straights, totals, props, and futures each and every day, giving you an almost endless selection of chances to win. You can even wager on NCAA games at the Riverwalk, which is a big deal given that many states don’t allow collegiate wagering on teams within their borders. As Mississippi has huge installed fan bases for their local NCAA teams, this is a definite plus for every bettor in the state.

Mobile Wagering At The Riverwalk Vicksburg Sportsbook

Mobile betting is a potentially highly lucrative revenue stream, but unfortunately the Mississippi Legislature has not yet seen fit to legalize online or mobile sports betting. If you want to bet with the Riverwalk Vicksburg Casino, you must do so in person. Riverwalk’s amenities are excellent and the casino does a great job of fostering an excellent in-person betting experience, but some bettors might feel alienated by the lack of convenient betting options. Compounding the issue is the fact that Riverwalk Vicksburg does not offer the option of mobile betting for players who are on the premises either. Other Mississippi casinos have invested in mobile betting apps that allow bettors to craft bets from anywhere and then redeem them with a QR code. Riverwalk Vicksburg still has a long way to go to match the mobile sports betting options of other sportsbooks.

Live Betting At The Riverwalk Vicksburg Sportsbook

Live betting is one of the more popular options at the Riverwalk Vicksburg sportsbook. The sports betting operator offers full-service betting, including live betting, to all its patrons. With live betting, sports bettors will have the opportunity to wager on their favorite sports teams and players during the game, match, or fight. There will be betting lines posted for every possession, leading to many opportunities to win big. With live betting, the action continues well into the game. This is a great way to win more on an initial bet or offset some losses. Live betting also brings more excitement to a game, because every play is now a win or lose situation. Live betting is one of the more intense and rewarding ways to wager at the Riverwalk Vicksburg.

Does The Riverwalk Casino And Hotel Have Promotions?

Plenty of them all the time! There is a reason for that as well and these bonuses will continue to draw a crowd. The $32,000 winning a hot seat is very popular and this is just one of the few promotions at Riverwalk Caino that they have. Knowing that many more will come, there is no surprise that more players will bring friends and family to join in on the fun. More prizes mean more money which means more betting opportunities for all of the players. Riverwalk is already popular enough but when they bring in different promotions, all it does is add more players and money to the bank for them.

How Can I Join The Riverwalk Rewards Club?

You can sign up for the Riverwalk Rewards Club by heading over to Casino Services at the Riverwalk Casino and Hotel. The best thing about this program is that it is completely free. There are four tiers in the program with great rewards just waiting for you to claim them. You can get jackpot party invitations and you can receive guaranteed valet service as well. There are also private events and you will have personalized host services too. If that sounds interesting to you, then make sure you head over to Casino Services to sign up.

Can I Get Into Parlay Betting At The Riverwalk Casino And Hotel Sportsbook?

Yes, the Riverwalk Casino and Hotel Sportsbook have parlay betting available for you. This allows you to bet on multiple games across different sports and predict the winner of each game. The more games you bet on, the better your payout will be. Just remember that if you lose even one of your games, you will lose the parlay wager. You can parlay up to 20 games at the Riverwalk Casino and Hotel Sportsbook. Of course, you can parlay less than that but if you want to dream big, you can go ahead and parlay bigger numbers.

Name: Riverwalk Vicksburg Sportsbook

Date Opened: 8-23-2018

Location: 1046 Warrenton Rd, Vicksburg, MS 39180

Phone: 601-634-0100

Players Club?: Yes

Mobile Betting: No

High Limits: Yes

Sportsbook Hours: 24/7 Kiosk

Betting Age: 21

Hotel: Yes

Casino Attached: Yes