Legal Super Bowl Betting – SB 55 Odds, Futures, And Where To Bet

As the picture of sports betting in the country becomes clearer and clearer each week, so do the increased options for legal Super Bowl betting. Only a handful of states have moved forward with laws supporting a legal sports betting industry; however, there are actually many other methods for betting on sports than you may have imagined. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-timer or an experienced gambler, there is always more information to know and explore.

In this guide, you will understand the basics between betting on the Super Bowl with an online betting site and through the licensed sportsbooks popping up amongst the country. Now that PASPA has been repealed by the Supreme Court, many gamblers are excited about their options but have no clue what all of the changes will entail. That is where we come in. With our help, you should confidently be able to wager on the big game, know exactly how to deposit and withdraw your money from your sportsbook account, and understand the benefits of mobile and live (in-play) wagering.

Super Bowl 55 Futures Odds

The Kansas City Chiefs (+250) have remained the Super Bowl favorites all throughout the season since the odds first opened. They were followed by the Baltimore Ravens (+2500) for a good portion of the season and even were tied with them at some point as well before their mid-season collapse. Following the Chiefs, however, are the Pittsburgh Steelers (+500) who are currently undefeated and the New Orleans Saints (+550) who are also on a hot win streak thus far. The only other two teams that have odds to win the Super Bowl under +1000 are the Seattle Seahawks (+800) and the Green Bay Packers (+950).

  • Kansas City Chiefs +250
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +500
  • New Orleans Saints +550
  • Seattle Seahawks +800
  • Green Bay Packers +950
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1500
  • Los Angeles Rams +1600
  • Tennessee Titans +1800
  • Buffalo Bills +2200
  • Indianapolis Colts +2400
  • Baltimore Ravens +2500
  • Arizona Cardinals +4000
  • Cleveland Browns +5500
  • Miami Dolphins +5500
  • Las Vegas Raiders +6000
  • San Francisco 49ers +7500
  • New England Patriots +10000
  • Minnesota Vikings +12500
  • Philadelphia Eagles +12500
  • New York Giants +15000
  • Washington Football Team +15000
  • Chicago Bears +20000
  • Dallas Cowboys +20000
  • Houston Texans +30000
  • Carolina Panthers +50000
  • Atlanta Falcons +75000
  • Denver Broncos +75000
  • Detroit Lions +75000
  • Los Angeles Chargers +75000
  • Cincinnati Bengals +200000

Where Can I Bet On The Super Bowl In My State?

Most states have begun the discussions to legalize sports betting in their jurisdiction but not every state has turned this discussion into law. For the over one dozen states that offer legal sports betting, betting on the Super Bowl is as easy as visiting one of the local sportsbooks that are licensed within the state. Keep in mind that if your state also has mobile betting, you do not have to visit the gambling establishment to wager, but you will have to keep your betting submission from within state lines only. This is just a federal law the sportsbooks must follow, which is known as the Wire Act.

For those who are traveling, live in a different state that doesn’t approve sports betting, or are just outside of the good distance from a sportsbook, their options are not limited. In fact, you will find the betting options on the Super Bowl increase, as offshore sportsbooks before the save haven for NFL betting. Though these sites are located outside of the country, they are licensed by their own gaming commission, allowing US bettors to sign up, wager real money, and safely withdrawal their winnings. Our favorite betting sites that are trusted and reputable include Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, XBet, BetDSI, and MyBookie.

Best Super Bowl Betting Sites + Online Sportsbooks

Below we have listed out the best Super Bowl betting sites that are legal for USA players. The limited amount of websites we list is because these are the only ones that we would trust using real money when betting on the super bowl. These sites have better odds, more futures, and all kinds of SB 55 betting props. You can already find all of the super bowl futures at any one of these sportsbooks. If you do not live in a state with legal land based sports betting, then these are the only options for betting on the Super bowl online.

Rank Sportsbook Bonus Offer Play Now
1 Bovada Online Sportsbook 50% Up To $250 Read Review Visit Bovada
2 BetOnline Online Sportsbook 50% New Member Bonus!Read Review Visit Betonline
3 MyBookie Online Sportsbook 50% Up To $1,000 Read Review Visit MyBookie
4 Sportsbetting Online Sportsbook 50% Up To $1,000 Read Review Visit Sportsbetting
5 Xbet Online Sportsbook 100% Up To $300Read Review Visit XBet

Can I Legally Bet On The Super Bowl?

Thanks to the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, better known as PASPA, there is no federal law that will prevent sports bettors from wagering on the Super Bowl. The law initially barred States from hosting their own local sports betting markets. Now, more than two dozen states have sports betting in their legislation, and residents and tourists alike are able to bet on the Super Bowl with no recourse. The Super Bowl is the biggest US sporting event of the year and is a major draw at sportsbooks. You can legally bet on the Super Bowl in any of the states with regulated betting.

Even if you are in a state that has yet to add sports betting to its laws, international sportsbooks are able to operate within those states, and residents can log onto these sportsbooks and bet on the Super Bowl. These betting sites offer the same odds, betting lines, and wager types that you would find at any land-based or regulated online sportsbook. No matter where you are in the country, there is a legal option for you to bet on the Super Bowl. You do not need to miss out on the biggest betting handle every year.

MyBookie Sportsbook

How Can I Watch And Stream Super Bowl 55?

The television station the Super Bowl is broadcasted on changes every year from NBC to CBS to FOX. For Super Bowl LV (55), the event will be shown on CBS this time around on February 7th, 2021. NBC And CBS decided to swap years so that NBC can have the olympics and the Super Bowl in 2022. From the time the broadcast starts (6 p.m.), through the halftime show, and to the postgame award show, all of the events will take place on CBS. Viewers can tune into their local CBS station to watch the Super Bowl, stream the event from their CBS Sports App on a phone or smart TV, or utilize unlicensed streaming sources to watch the game. For bettors, watching in standard definition as opposed to HD can help in gaining a live betting advantage of a few seconds due to the undelayed feed. It’s not uncommon to play a version of Super Bowl Squares when watching at a party.

NFL Playoff Dates

  • NFL Playoffs Begin: January 4, 2021
  • NFL Divisional Round: January 17, 2021
  • NFC/AFC Championship: January 24, 2021
  • Super Bowl LV: February 7, 2021

How Much Does A Super Bowl Ticket Cost?

Each year, fans of two NFL teams debate whether or not they should attend the biggest football stage in the world. Additionally, fans of other teams that live close to the Super Bowl venue also wonder if attending the Super Bowl is worth the price. On average, tickets range from $2,000 to $5,000 for the resale value. Obviously, depending on the location of the event and the teams in participation, the average price can greatly fluctuate. For example, Super Bowl XLVIII averaged a resale price of $2,600 while Super Bowl 50 (which was two years later and featured the Denver Broncos again) averaged over $2,000 more per ticket. Getting a ticket at face value is possible, but it is more likely you will have to buy your Super Bowl ticket on a secondary market.

What Differences Should I Expect Betting Online Vs Land-Based?

Aside from convenience, there a few differences when it comes to the sports betting lounge experience vs the online option. Land-based sportsbooks are only available in the legal sports betting states but can provide many betting options for the Super Bowl. Depending on the casino/racetrack, you will be able to place your wagers, while enjoying multiple TVs displaying live games and odds.

If you are looking into the online sportsbook method, you should expect the lines, bonuses, and extra features to more than make up for the missing lounge experience. Often, these online sportsbooks will post different lines that you have the ability to shop, ultimately earning you the better payout. With land-based sportsbooks, you are stuck with the only set of odds presented to you. When joining an online sportsbook, you will also be granted with a deposit bonus, often up to 100% of your bankroll. Local books cannot compete with these offers, as their overhead costs are much higher than their online counterparts.

Also prepared to be accustomed to having more betting lines at your disposal. Every state is under a different set of regulatory standards that may prohibit select styles or sports available to be wagered on. Offshore betting sites do not have any restrictions and will often post upwards of 2,000 lines every day. When it comes to betting on the Super Bowl, you can be sure to find various prop bets and other bets to entertain yourself for hours.

Will The Coronavirus Have An Affect On The Super Bowl?

As the Super Bowl is heading back to Florida in 2020 for Super Bowl LV in Tampa, there are reasons to be concerned. The number of confirmed cases around the United States continue to rise which could certainly play a role in the Super Bowl. There have been rumors for the capacity at the game which has been rumored to be around 20% in a stadium that holds a max of 75,000 people. At around 20% capacity, that would allow between 13,000 and 15,000 fans at the Super Bowl. The league is continuing to review its options ahead of the postseason.

Legal Deposit Methods For Super Bowl Betting

When depositing with an online sportsbook, there are a handful of deposit options to choose from. Make sure to do your research before the countdown of the Super Bowl because some of the deposit options may take a few days to process. If you use your credit card or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, your deposit is usually instant, having you ready to wager in no time. Be sure to check with each site before depositing, as bonuses and deposit fees may be in a disclaimer somewhere. Other options may include Money Orders, wire transfers, and cashier’s check.

When visiting a state-licensed sportsbook, usually cash is king. Some venues will allow you to use a credit card, PayPal or PayNearMe, but make sure to stop by the ATM before visiting to be safe. The land-based sportsbooks also may have an online sportsbook that you can sign up. Depending on the state, you might be required to sign up and/or fund your account from casino grounds only. These sites have their own established deposit options – just ask a cashier if you have a different method you want to use.

Super Bowl Betting Strategies

After you get your account funded, it is important to actually know what to do with your money. While there is no guaranteed gambling strategy, it is vital that you have a plan when you are ready to put action on the betting board. We will go over the three easiest betting styles to get your strategy on point: betting the spread, taking the over/under, or selecting the moneyline. If you have ever watched a sports coverage, it is likely you have heard of one or more of these, but we will review them, just to make sure you leave this page confidently.

Betting On The Super Bowl Spread

The spread is just a handicap for teams that are playing each other. If we take Super Bowl 53 as an example, the Patriots were favored by 2.5 points. This meant that the Pats had to win the game by at least three points to cover the spread. From the Rams perspective, at 2.5-point underdogs, a winning wager on them would have required the Rams to win the game, or lose by less than 3. The betting line looked like this:

 – Los Angeles Rams +2.5 (-110) vs New England Patriots -2.5 (-110)

The favorite is indicated by a minus (-) sign while the underdog is always represented with a plus (+) sign. The cost of the wager, (-110) in this example, is generally the standard across all betting boards. This indicates a ratio, which we will discuss further, below.

Taking The Over Or Under On The Super Bowl

When it comes to another easy wagering option, you can choose the points total bet, also known as the over/under. In this straightforward method, all you must do is determine if the actual final score will represent a number higher or lower than the projected total. Like the spread, every game will post a points total, which will look something like this:

 – Los Angeles Rams vs New England Patriots O/U 59.5 (-110)

Here, all you must do is select whether the score is likely to be over or under. Many bettors won a lot of money taking the under on this line, as the Patriots and Rams combined for a total of 16 points, reflecting a major difference from the highest ever Super Bowl over/under. Like spreads, these projections can be whole numbers. In the event of the projected total and the actual score being the same, all of your money on this wager would be refunded, to what is called a “push”.

Selecting The Moneyline On The Super Bowl

The moneyline is just a fancy way of saying you are going to bet on who is going to win the game – regardless of by how many points or the number of total points scored. To make the books even, sportsbooks will adjust the standard moneyline (-110) to something that reflects the outcome. For example:

 – Los Angeles Rams (+125) vs New England Patriots (-140)

Remember, the plus and minus? They are the same here as they were for spreads… the Patriots are favored. When taking the moneyline on the favorite, the number is a ratio for how much you must wager in order to profit $100. Here, a $140 wager on the Patriots would return to you as $240 (the original wager plus $100) should the Pats win. For the underdog, all you have to do is reverse it. Betting $100 on the Rams would result in a payout of $225 (the original wager plus $125). Keep in mind that these are just ratios, as you can bet as little or as much as you’d like – as long as you fall within the sites’ different minimums and maximums.

Super Bowl Futures Odds

When betting on the Super Bowl, using the futures odds is a bettor’s best friend. Immediately after the Super Bowl ends, the odds for the Super Bowl upcoming get posted. As the offseason, preseason, and regular season progress along, the odds are changed at least once a week – if not more for injury concerns or unexpected team records. Betting on a team when they are struggling is the best way to get the highest return on your investment but this also comes with the biggest risk. In short, always be aware of the futures odds for the Super Bowl and how they are changing. With this information, it can keep you ahead of the changes, landing you in the right spot.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

Though picking the winner of the Super Bowl can be exciting (especially if you get great value from a longstanding futures bet), betting on Super Bowl props are bar none the best. These types of wagers can be based around the outcome of the game, such as who will record the first touchdown, if a player will throw an interception, or when the first score of the game will be. Some of them are based as a yes/no or over/under type proposition but others can list a variety of options, giving bettors the ability to score big on a longshot (eg. Julian Edelman was +2000 to win Super Bowl LXIII MVP). Other prop bets can be completely outside of the game, such as the length of the National Anthem, the color of liquid tossed on the winning coach, or the number of songs in the halftime show.

Past Super Bowl Betting Odds

Using historical betting trends and data can help bettors understand how Super Bowl predictions generally play out. These trends should not be taken at face value but can help when bettors are unsure of which way to lean. Since 2000, there has been an even number of point totals going over as there have been that went under. Since Super Bowl XLIII, the over has been more common though, hitting seven (of 11 times). As for the point spread, things are not as even. In the last 20 Super Bowls, 19 have had a designated point spread (where only one was a “pick ‘em”). A dozen of those 19 saw the underdog cover the spread, as one Super Bowl resulted in a push, and six others went to the favorite. Since Super Bowl XLII, the underdog has covered the spread in eight of 11 contests.

Other Ways To Legally Bet On Super Bowl

Probably the most notable style of betting around Super Bowl time is prop betting. Whether you are betting on the team or player prop bets for the Super Bowl, both online operators and land-based sportsbooks will have multiple options for you. Again, the offshore sites are bound to have hundreds of more opportunities, but that is up to you with what you want to do.

Prop betting is similar to the three styles above, but your focus is solely on one aspect of the game. Instead of choosing a winner or the points scored, you will have choices like how many yards the QB will throw for, how many touchdowns will be allowed, if a fumble will occur, how far the longest field goal is, what the length of the longest completed pass is, etc. With so many options, make sure to do your research well ahead of time before trying to lock in a prop bet. Though the majority of them are simple yes/no questions with the standard cost, others may be more difficult options, such as will a team record a safety, which would see odds as high as “+300” for yes.

A final betting strategy we will discuss is futures betting. In this style, you simply choose a season-long question, such as who will ultimately win the Super Bowl. Taking a flyer from the start of the season or jumping on a team after a losing streak will result in higher payouts, as the odds are updated every week. The closer to the event (or end of the season) the worse the odds will become for you as the playoff picture is more than underway. Futures betting also creates a wonderful opportunity for hedging your bets.

Mobile Betting On Super Bowl

Continuing off of the lessened wagering options, there are also mobile restrictions * * that are in line with state-operated sportsbooks thanks to the Wire Act. In short, this prevents your local book from accepting your wager should you not physically be located in the state, even if you are betting from your phone on the Super Bowl. Some states have even taken it a step further and won’t allow the book to accept your wager unless you are on the casino grounds.

This restriction isn’t present with offshore sportsbooks, who have their own mobile betting platforms. Their mobile-optimized webpages will allow you to do anything you would be able to do from their main webpage: review lines, fund your account, and even place action. Best of all, you can be located in any state (though some books have certain states prohibited) and not have to worry about your travel plans.

Super Bowl Live Betting

If the game is getting out of hand or you have your bets in but are still itching for some action, you can always look into live, or in-play betting. Instead of taking the odds at the beginning of the game, you can determine how you want to bet once the game has begun. You must be quick with your wagers, as the betting lines are changed with every changing play. Options for live betting on the Super Bowl include spreads and totals by the quarter, half, or game, as well as prop bets such as who will score the next touchdown, what the result of a drive will be, or even what the exact winning margin will be. These betting options are available on every game, but for the Super Bowl, they generally post more than the standard amount.

Betting On The Super Bowl In NFL Stadiums

Depending on the locations of the Super Bowl, bettors might soon be able to bet on the Super Bowl while attending the Super Bowl. After the league reached a new CBA agreement, there are now going to be betting lounges allowed inside of NFL stadiums that are located in states that offer legal sports betting. The sports betting trend could go as far as allowing there to be betting kiosks in the stadiums as well. 

Super Bowl Betting Squares

One part of the Super Bowl that has been around for decades and decades to come is the betting squares that people bet on before the game. What this is, is a chart with different scores going across the top and the side of it and people can buy different squares depending on the score. After each quarter, depending on what the score is, whoever owns that Super Bowl betting square with the correct score wins the money until the final score of the game comes around for the bigger prize pool.

Super Bowl Betting FAQs

How Do I Sign Up For Legal Online Betting Sites?

Creating an account is always free with the licensed offshore operators that are favored amongst online gamblers. The process to sign up is as easy as signing up for a standard membership like Spotify, Hulu, or Pandora. Insert some information, fund your account, and get started – it’s really that simple. Be advised that to collect your winnings, you will have to verify your address and information. We advise doing this when you first sign up; therefore, you are not waiting on approval first before you can receive your money. 

Can I Shop Lines When Betting On The Super Bowl?

We encourage shopping lines on the Super Bowl and frankly, any sport or event you are wagering on. Shopping lines is simply reviewing the odds across multiple platforms to discover the best situation for yourself. As we posted the odds to win the 2020 Super Bowl above, we came across multiple sportsbooks that posted very different odds. For example, one sportsbook had the Patriots +450, while another had them at +900 to win the Super Bowl. These differences may account for much higher payouts (or much-lessened risk).

How Do I Receive My Winnings From Betting On The Super Bowl?

If you are to venture to a land-based sportsbook, cashiers will be located along the sides of the facility. Some venues also have self-service machines that can grade wagers or allow you to mail in your winning ticket as well. They will pay you in cash, but if you are betting with an offshore site, there are a variety of payment types. Aside from cryptocurrency, you can receive your winnings through Money Orders, check, or bank wires. Each site has different timeframes and (potential) fees, so be sure to check into all your options first before requesting a withdrawal.

What Is The Best Bonus Offered For Super Bowl Betting?

This all comes down to preference and your situation. New members, for example, are always rewarded with a first-time deposit on basically every single sportsbook you choose. Other sites will also allow you to have free mobile wagers, a risk-free betting option, or membership reward programs to join. However, it all comes down to what you are looking for. Be sure to read through all of the promotion’s terms and conditions, as some set standards for expiration dates of free play or policies about withdrawing.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet On The Super Bowl?

The minimum gambling age is actually determined on the state level, not the federal level. In other words, there is no set betting age across the country. However, the majority of states have adopted the policy that bettors must be 21 when taking action on sporting events. There are a handful of states that also permit sports betting at age 19. With this, check out our Legal Sports Betting Age By State page for more information.