Last updated on: October 3rd, 2022

Legal Super Bowl Betting – SB 57 Odds, Futures, And Where To Bet

Legal Super Bowl 57 odds have been available since before Super Bowl 56 even kicked off. The Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs opened as the betting favorites, with other teams such as the Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, and Green Bay Packers not far behind. The offseason caused a lot of line movement, with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Green Bay Packers specifically seeing their odds fluctuate the most based on the news and rumors coming from their star quarterbacks. Of course, betting on Super Bowl 57 does not only happen before the season, as Super Bowl betting odds fluctuate throughout the season.

Billions of dollars are bet at both state-regulated and internationally-sanctioned Super Bowl betting sites every year, with that number only growing each season. Betting on the Super Bowl is available legally in every state through the use of those international sportsbooks. With so much money at stake and so many betting options available, it is only right to have a page specifically for Super Bowl 57!

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Super Bowl 57 Odds

MyBookie NFL Betting


Bovada Sportsbook

Amazing Super Bowl Betting Promos

When looking for the top online sportsbook to bet on Super Bowl 57, Bovada has you covered. They not only have some of the best odds for the Super Bowl, but they also offer a variety of different promotions and bonuses for both new and existing users. New users can take advantage of their $750 Bitcoin Welcome Bonus where they’ll match 75% of your initial deposit up to $750 with code BTCSWB750. For those that aren’t involved with any cryptocurrencies, there is a promotion for you as well with their 50% welcome bonus where you can earn up to $250.

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BetOnline Sportsbook

Legal SB Betting In 49 States

BetOnline has been catering U.S. based sports bettors for over 20 years and has offered some of the top Super Bowl betting lines every single year. Although they are not regulated by one state in the country, they are licensed by the governing body in Panama City, Panama. For those questioning the legality of BetOnline, there should be no fear as sports betting is federally legal across 49 states which makes BetOnline accessible from anywhere you are, with the exception of New Jersey. The Super Bowl lines at BetOnline make finding any legal bet super easy.

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MyBookie Sportsbook

Great Super Bowl Prop Action

MyBookie offers some of the bets Super Bowl LVII lines in the legal sports betting industry. Super Bowl 57 futures bets at MyBookie can be on which team will take home the Lombardi, which team will represent their respective conference in the big game, and which conference will win the Super Bowl. Depositing into MyBookie’s Super Bowl worthy sportsbook is another reason why the popular site is so well regarded amongst futures bettors. MyBookie has increased both it’s depositing limits and depositing options over the years, with a specific emphasis now on including more cryptocurrencies. Bet early on Super Bowl 57 at MyBookie to secure the best possible odds!

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Super Bowl 57 Prop Bets

Though picking the winner of the Super Bowl can be exciting (especially if you get great value from a longstanding futures bet), betting on Super Bowl props are bar none the best. These types of wagers can be based around the outcome of the game, such as who will record the first touchdown, if a player will throw an interception, or when the first score of the game will be. Some of them are based as a yes/no or over/under type proposition but others can list a variety of options, giving bettors the ability to score big on a longshot (eg. Julian Edelman was +2000 to win Super Bowl LXIII MVP).

The Most Popular Super Bowl LVIl Prop Bets

The Super Bowl is notorious for having some of the wildest and most expansive lists of prop bets of any game each year. Not only are there tons of player props and team props, but there are also ones that involve the halftime show, the award ceremony, the broadcast itself, and more. Super Bowl sportsbooks usually list all of their prop bets two weeks before the Super Bowl after the conference championship games. Some of the most common Super Bowl prop bets are odds on the Super Bowl Halftime Show, the Gatorade color to be poured on the winning coach, the National Anthem, and the coin toss.

Halftime Show:

The halftime show alone brings dozens of Super Bowl prop bets that could include odds on the performers wardrobes, the first song that will be performed, and the most popular, the number of songs that will be played. However, with Pepsi ending their sponsorship of the Super Bowl Halftime Show – a sponsorship that focused heavily on acquiring big-name talent – it’s unclear what future iterations may look like.

Gatorade Color:

The odds on the Gatorade poured after the game are some of the most well-known Super Bowl prop odds each year. Blue Gatorade has been poured in three of the last four years, but consistently, Orange ends up near the top of the list. Some attempt to handicap this wager by looking at the colors of the teams in the game, although this has had limited efficacy.

National Anthem:

Betting on the time it takes to sing the National Anthem can be considered the inaugural Super Bowl prop odds as they are the first odds that will be cashed on the game. In 2022, Mickey Guyton performed the National Anthem and the line was set at 1 minute 35 seconds. Guyton completed it in 1:51, hitting the over for the tenth consecutive time.

Coin Toss:

The Super Bowl coin toss odds are some of the easiest odds to understand as they require little to no research. This is a pure lost value bet at every sportsbook, unfortunately, as you’re betting on something with a 50% chance of happening at -105 odds – so you’re losing to the vig in a very clear way.

How Super Bowl Winners And Losers Fare In Week 1

Week 1 of the NFL season brings incredible excitement each year. When it comes to betting on the Super Bowl winner in Week 1 (or the runner ups) there are trends that should be followed.

  • Super Bowl winners are 7-1 in the last eight opening weeks.
  • Reigning champs are 6-2 against the spread in last eight opening weeks.
  • Super Bowl runner ups are 1-6 ATS in last seven Week 1s.
  • Super Bowl losers are 4-18 ATS in the last 22 Week 1s.

Super Bowl 56 Betting Handle

Super Bowl 56 continued the trend of being the most bet on single sporting event ever that has been set by Super Bowls since 2018. An estimated 31.4 million Americans wagered a combined $7.61 billion on Super Bowl LVI. New Jersey, New York, and Nevada all saw billion-dollar betting handles in January with the bulk of the wagers coming from Super Bowl bets. Illinois saw over $60 million bet on the Super Bowl, Pennsylvania saw $68 billion, Colorado saw over $41 million, and Tennessee saw over $23 million. This most recent Super Bowl was a massive betting day for multiple markets, and the trend is likely to continue for SB LVII.

Where Can I Bet On The Super Bowl In My State?

People in the United States can legally bet on the Super Bowl no matter where they are in the country. Between land-based sportsbooks, state-regulated accounts, and Super Bowl sportsbooks, players can find a legal outlet no matter what the current status of gambling on sports is in their state. Even if sports bettors live in states with legalized markets, they can still use online sportsbooks to wager on the Super Bowl and these websites can all be accessed through the search engine on any cell phone with internet capabilities. However, almost half of the United States has legal sports betting open to their residents for the Super Bowl and beyond. At the moment, the only state with a complete mobile sports wagering industry is Tennessee. For those looking for outside outlets to join, shop lines, and place bets on Super Bowl 57, they’ve come to the right place to find top-notch recommendations.

Betting On The Super Bowl At Land-Based Sportsbooks

For those that enjoy betting on the Super Bowl in person, 29 states currently host retail sportsbooks to enjoy. All of these states have different laws when it comes to sports betting but they all agree that the NFL is a sport that can be wagered on and Super Bowl 57 is expected to be the moneymaker of the year for them.

States That Offer Land-Based Super Bowl Betting

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Dakota
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Washington, D.C.
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin

The Westgate sportsbook in Las Vegas is rumored to be the biggest in the world and they offer a quality luxury experience. However, quality retail sportsbooks do not limit themselves to just Las Vegas as there are others in Atlantic City, New Jersey in the Tropicana sportsbook, Albuquerque, New Mexico with the Santa Ana Star Sportsbook, and in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Harrah’s Sportsbook.

States With Online Super Bowl Betting

Online sportsbooks are available in all 50 states thanks to the wonders of offshore sports betting. You can find Super Bowl odds on these sportsbooks, no matter what state you’re in. As far as state-regulated options go, you have land-based and online sportsbooks. You can use these options to bet on the Super Bowl from home or on-the-go no matter where you are. You should be aware that the online sportsbooks outside the US will often have better hometown odds and more props available however.

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Washington, D.C.
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin

What Differences Should I Expect Betting Online Vs Land-Based?

Aside from convenience, there are a few differences when it comes to the sports betting lounge experience vs the online option. Land-based sportsbooks are only available in the legal sports betting states but can provide many betting options for the Super Bowl. The biggest difference between the two is that at land-based sportsbooks, you will enjoy watching the game on hundreds of TVs, however, you will have to wait in long lines to place your bets, pay for food to eat during the game, and struggle finding seats on arguably the busiest day of the year for the sportsbook. From home, you can sit right on your couch, in front of your TV with food laid out right in front of you, and can place bets in seconds with sports betting apps. Also, online betting sites offer some of the best promotions to their users while land-based ones might be looking to make a profit anywhere they can.

Betting On The Super Bowl In NFL Stadiums

Depending on the locations of the Super Bowl, bettors might soon be able to bet on the Super Bowl while attending the Super Bowl. After the league reached a new CBA agreement, there are now going to be betting lounges allowed inside of NFL stadiums that are located in states that offer legal sports betting. The sports betting trend could go as far as allowing there to be betting kiosks in the stadiums as well.

Legal Deposit Methods For Super Bowl Betting

Depositing funds into an online sportsbook is very simple. They all offer similar and popular methods to deposit into your account. Depending on the sportsbook deposit method that is chosen for Super Bowl wagers, there are different variations of fees, processing times, and total amount that can be deposited. For all of these categories, cryptocurrency is the most efficient method for funding a Super Bowl online sportsbook account.

How Can I Watch And Stream Super Bowl 57?

The television station the Super Bowl is broadcasted on changes every year from NBC to CBS to FOX. For the 2023 Super Bowl, it will be broadcasted on NBC. From the time the broadcast starts (6 p.m.), through the halftime show, and to the postgame award show, all of the events will take place on NBC. Viewers can tune into their local NBC station to watch the Super Bowl, stream the event from their NBC Sports App on a phone or smart TV, or utilize unlicensed streaming sources to watch the game. For bettors, watching in standard definition as opposed to HD can help in gaining a live betting advantage of a few seconds due to the undelayed feed. It’s not uncommon to play a version of Super Bowl Squares when watching at a party.

NFL Playoff Dates

  • NFL Wild Card Rounds: January 14 – 16, 2023
  • Divisional Rounds: January 21-22, 2023
  • AFC/NFC Championships: January 29, 2023
  • Pro Bowl: NA
  • Super Bowl LVI: February 12, 2023

How Much Does A Super Bowl Ticket Cost?

If you are planning on attending the Super Bowl, you better have some deep pockets. That is because the cheapest starting price for a Super Bowl 56 ticket was found at $5,000. The average price for this year’s Super Bowl is already higher than last year’s $2,000-$5,000 range as now fans are expected to pay roughly $8,500 on average. Those looking to ride to the game in style in the VIP/Club Level sections can expect to pay $78,000 per ticket when all fees are set and done. For the best deals, make sure to look at the NFL’s Super Bowl page; because on Ticketmaster, the most expensive seats listed are going for $79,000 including fees.

How Do I Receive My Winnings From Betting On The Super Bowl?

If you are at a land-based sportsbook, cashiers are along the sides or middle of the facility. Some venues also have self-service machines that grade wagers and pay you out in cash. But, if you are betting with an online site, there are a variety of payment types. Aside from crypto, you can receive payouts by Money Orders, check, or bank wires. Each site has different timeframes and (potential) fees. So, be sure to check into all your options first before requesting a withdrawal.

Past Super Bowl Betting Odds

Using historical betting trends and data can help bettors understand how Super Bowl predictions generally play out. These trends should not be taken at face value but can help when bettors are unsure of which way to lean. Since 2000, there has been an even number of point totals going over as there have been that went under. Since Super Bowl XLIII, the over has been more common though, hitting seven (of 11 times). As for the point spread, things are not as even. In the last 20 Super Bowls, 19 have had a designated point spread (where only one was a “pick ‘em”). A dozen of those 19 saw the underdog cover the spread, as one Super Bowl resulted in a push, and six others went to the favorite. Since Super Bowl XLII, the underdog has covered the spread in eight of 11 contests. Below you’ll come across past Super Bowl winners and their odds.

Year Super Bowl Super Bowl Winner (Preseason Odds) Runner Up Point Spread Result
2021 SBLVI Los Angeles Rams (+1200) Cincinnati Bengals Bengals +4.5
2020 SBLV Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1000) Kansas City Chiefs Buccaneers +3
2019 SBLIV Kansas City Chiefs (+600) San Francisco 49ers Chiefs -1.5
2018 SBLIII New England Patriots (+600) Los Angeles Rams Patriots -2
2017 SBLII Philadelphia Eagles (+4000) New England Patriots Eagles +4.5
2016 SBLI New England Patriots (+600) Atlanta Falcons Patriots -3
2015 SB50 Denver Broncos (+900) Carolina Panthers Broncos +5
2014 SBXLIX New England Patriots (+650) Seattle Seahawks Patriots +1
2013 SBXLVIII Seattle Seahawks (+800) Denver Broncos Seahawks +2.5
2012 SBXLVII Baltimore Ravens (+1800) San Francisco 49ers Ravens +4.5

Upcoming Super Bowl Locations

The 2022-2023 Super Bowl will be hosted in Glendale, Arizona at State Farm Stadium. Home to the Arizona Cardinals, State Farm Stadium proves to be an exciting venue due to it’s proximity to Phoenix and more importantly because of the stadium’s recent addition of sports betting. The NFL has announced other future Super Bowl locations, with announcements often coming a few years out.

Future Super Bowl Locations

Super Bowl 57 – Phoenix, Arizona
Super Bowl 58 – Las Vegas, Nevada
Super Bowl 59 – New Orleans, Louisiana

Mobile Betting On Super Bowl

Betting on the Super Bowl does not just have to be from your computer or from a land based sportsbook, you can also access Super Bowl betting odds from your phone. All of the online sportsbooks like Bovada double down as mobile betting sites – just use your smartphone’s web browser, access the site, and log in as you would on any computer and the odds will be presented to you within seconds.

Super Bowl Live Betting

If the game is getting out of hand or you have your bets in but are still itching for some action, you can always look into live, or in-play betting. Instead of taking the odds at the beginning of the game, you can determine how you want to bet once the game has begun. You must be quick with your wagers, as the betting lines are changed with every changing play. Options for legal online NFL betting include live betting on the Super Bowl from spreads and totals by the quarter, half, or game, as well as prop bets such as who will score the next touchdown, what the result of a drive will be, or even what the exact winning margin will be. These betting options are available on every game, but for the Super Bowl, they generally post more than the standard amount.

Super Bowl Betting Squares

One part of the Super Bowl that has been around for decades and decades to come is the betting squares that people bet on before the game. What this is, is a chart with different scores going across the top and the side of it and people can buy different squares depending on the score. After each quarter, depending on what the score is, whoever owns that Super Bowl betting square with the correct score wins the money until the final score of the game comes around for the bigger prize pool. For those that are looking to get in on the Super Bowl 57 squares action, they can make their way to MyBookie as they have been running squares tournaments all throughout the regular season and the playoffs. They offer payouts the traditional way at the end of every quarter and for the final score of the game.

Super Bowl Betting FAQs

How Do I Sign Up For Legal Online Betting Sites?

Creating an account is always free with the licensed offshore operators that are favored amongst online gamblers. The process to sign up is as easy as signing up for a standard membership like Spotify, Hulu, or Pandora. Insert some information, fund your account, and get started – it’s really that simple. Be advised that to collect your winnings, you will have to verify your address and information. We advise doing this when you first sign up; therefore, you are not waiting on approval first before you can receive your money.

Can I Shop Lines When Betting On The Super Bowl?

We encourage shopping lines on the Super Bowl and frankly, any sport or event you are wagering on. Shopping lines is simply reviewing the odds across multiple platforms to discover the best situation for yourself. As we posted the odds to win the 2021 Super Bowl above, we came across multiple sportsbooks that posted very different odds. For example, one sportsbook had the Patriots +450, while another had them at +900 to win the Super Bowl. These differences may account for much higher payouts (or much-lessened risk).

What Is The Best Bonus Offered For Super Bowl Betting?

This all comes down to preference and your situation. New members are always rewarded with a first-time deposit on basically every single sportsbook you choose. A great example of a Bovada Super Bowl bonus is where you can earn up to $750 on your first deposit. Other sites will also allow you to have free mobile wagers, a risk-free betting option, or membership reward programs to join. However, it all comes down to what you are looking for. Be sure to read through all of the promotion’s terms and conditions, as some set standards for expiration dates of free play or policies about withdrawing.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet On The Super Bowl?

The minimum gambling age is actually determined on the state level, not the federal level. In other words, there is no set betting age across the country. However, the majority of states have adopted the policy that bettors must be 21 when taking action on sporting events. There are a handful of states that also permit sports betting at age 19. With this, check out our Legal Sports Betting Age By State page for more information.