Legal Washington DC Sports Betting

Legal Washington DC Sports BettingLegal sports betting in Washington DC launched at the end of May 2020 with their internet/mobile application run by the DC Lottery called Gambet DC, powered by INTRALOT. The District legalized both retail and mobile sports betting in early 2019 and has since had a bit of trouble regarding geolocation tracking due to the two-block radius rule within the law given to all operating sportsbooks outside of Gambet DC. This was what originally led to a delay in launching the legalized sports betting industry. The law states that each venue serving as a sportsbook will get two blocks of their surrounding area to operate online platforms as well as be given the opportunity for alternate sports betting locations within that zone. The four licensed locations are all homes to popular professional sports organizations. However, these legal sports betting venues have not been able to open due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Gambet DC is the only sports betting platform available in the District at this time. No matter where sports bettors are within DC, they can use this application to wager on sports as the geofencing rule does not apply. All professional and collegiate events are open to receive bets once sports start back up again. Taxes are set at 10% on all revenue acquired from gambling on sporting events. The District is expected to gain over $17 million annually in sports betting revenue once the entire market launches by 2021. Internet sports betting sites will still be legal for residents to use should they not find all they’re looking for with local sportsbooks. The legal sports betting age for Washington DC sportsbooks as well as sports betting websites is set at 18.​

Is Land-Based Sports Betting Legal In Washington DC?

Yes! Land-based sports betting is legal in Washington DC. There are no actual casinos where sportsbooks could set up shop. Instead, DC has opted to have set locations that are equipped with sports betting kiosks. These kiosks act the way a ticket-window would and allow bettors to place their bets on the games themselves. Like self-check out at the grocery store, gamblers can self-check out their wagers at kiosk locations.

Other options include venues like stadiums and the surrounding areas to have legal sports betting open in their facilities for patrons to participate in. Currently, there are no set venues where these sportsbooks will open but the law states that sports betting will exist within businesses such as these. Self-service kiosks and a handful of betting locations will have land-based sports betting in Washington DC easily accessible to gambling enthusiasts all over the DIstrict.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Washington DC?

Yes! Online sports betting is legal in Washington DC.  Retail locations are allowed to offer their own mobile and internet platforms for gambling on sporting events. This means that operators like DraftKings and FanDuel can be used online through the land-based establishments they’re connected to. Certain rules on location will apply when trying to access these accounts.

However, the DC Lottery will have a monopoly on their very own internet and mobile sports betting application that all residents in the area can sign up for and use. This sportsbook app will include everything that all other sports betting applications in the District have without a certain restriction on location. The only location issue with the DC Lottery app would be that users must be in Washington DC to access it.

Where To Bet On Sports In DC

There are four Class A locations in the DC area. Capital One Arena, Audi Field, Nationals Park, and St. Elizabeths East Entertainment and Sports Arena. All of these facilities will have a two block zone surrounding their locations where sportsbooks have the ability to open with them for an added cost in licenses.

Capital One Arena is a 20,000 seat venue that is used for multiple sports organizations and their events. The NHL Washington Capitals play their games here. The Washington Wizards, the local NBA team also calls Capital One Arena home. Not only do these two professional teams use the venue, but it also holds college matchups for men’s basketball team, the Georgetown Hoyas. Sports fans that attend these events will be able to place wagers on the games and other sports competitions at the Capital One Arena sports betting venue.

Audi Field is home to Major League Soccer (MLS) team, DC United. The stadium seats 20,000 people at a time and will now have a sportsbook that will take bets on the games and other sporting events happening at the time. DC United has made a deal with Caesars Entertainment to be their official operator. This would allow Caesars to run their retail sports betting lounge within Audi Field as well as an online platform for the facility.

Nationals Park is home to Major League Baseball (MLB) team, the Washington Nationals. There is enough seating for 41,888 fans. A sportsbook area will be set up within the stadium that will accept wagers on the baseball games in progress as well as other sports matchups. Allowing an onsite sports betting space is expected to be a huge hit among fans that go to the games. They will be able to get some action in on the game they’re watching live, adding to the overall experience.

St. Elizabeths East Entertainment and Sports Arena is a stadium with 4,200 seats available for spectators. The venue holds many different events at this location but is best known for being the home court of the Washington Mystics. They will have a sports betting area within their establishment where fans can go and bet on the games. They can also open up other sportsbooks within the two block radius of exclusivity given to licensed venues.

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Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada – The Best Online Alternative In D.C.

While Washington D.C. has its new physical sportsbooks to serve fans, there is still plenty of betting action to be had on the international online sportsbooks. Out of these sites, the premier option is Bovada, which has been legally providing a safe and trustworthy betting platform for US residents for years. Bovada is a great alternative to the state-sponsored sportsbooks for bettors looking to shop their betting odds. Bovada also offers odds on many obscure international sports that might not be available at the D.C. books. Additionally, Bovada gives its users the option to bet with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and is constantly running promotions that give free betting money to any new users. Bovada should be the first website visited by bettors in DC looking to expand their options.

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Washington DC Sports Betting Sites

Washington DC sports betting sites will be available in a multitude of options for residents of the DC area. There is the DC Lottery sports betting internet and mobile application that can be used throughout the District. Then there are the separate online sports betting operators that are affiliated with the land-based sports betting venues. At the moment, Caesars will be one of these sports betting sites.

Outside of local options, bettors in Washington DC can access offshore internet sportsbooks. These online sports betting sites cover events happening all over the world that are open for wagers. If your local sports betting site does not have what you’re looking for, the online sports betting websites will. They are completely legal to use by the residents of Washington DC as many have been used for years by avid sports bettors in the area.

Washington DC Sports Betting And Gambling Laws

In December of 2018, Washington DC was introduced to sports betting legalization after PASPA was overturned. In early 2019, the law was passed to allow for legal gambling on sporting events. These events include both professional and collegiate teams. The DC Lottery will regulate the market and have their own online sports betting application for residents.

Sportsbook locations will be confined to areas like that of stadiums of professional teams as there are no casinos in the District. Each licensed location will be allowed to open up their own internet application for sports betting as well as have a 2 block radius where they could open other sports betting locations for an extra licensing fee per location. The launch of sportsbooks in Washington DC will take place in 2020, well over a year after its initial introduction.

Washington DC Sports Betting Revenue

Washington sports betting revenue has not been great as it only launched in May 2020 with one internet platform and sports matchups not happening because all major sports were suspended due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The fiscal year will end on September 30, leaving four months with one outlet to make the revenue for all of D.C. It is estimated that they will see $750,000 in total for the year with the 10% tax rate. This number is drastically lower than their original estimate of over $17 million. However, the D.C. legal sports betting market has fallen victim to a unique circumstance given that there is a Pandemic happening.  When sporting events start up again and retail locations, as well as other mobile platforms, are allowed to open, the District should see revenue much closer to the original estimates for their inaugural year.

What Teams Can I Bet On In DC?

There are no restrictions as to what teams can be wagered on in Washington DC. Both professional and collegiate level organizations are open for gambling. DC has some terrific home teams that local bettors will finally be able to bet on for their games. Some of these teams include:

  • The Washington Football Team
  • The Washington Nationals
  • The Washington Capitals
  • The Washington Wizards
  • The Washington Mystics
  • DC United
  • Howard Bison
  • Georgetown Hoyas

Legal Sports Betting in Washington, DC – Outlook for 2021

Washington, DC launched their first sportsbooks in 2020 but the industry will truly make its mark in 2021, as the initial launch occurred with the outbreak of COVID-19. This allowed only mobile sports betting by way of GambetDC, the DC Lottery’s sportsbook application, to be unveiled. Land-based locations were unable to open at the time because of the Pandemic.

However, since the Fall of 2020, sportsbooks like the one at Capital One Arena have opened and are doing business that has surpassed that of the GambetDC application. Once more and more sportsbooks open in 2021, the industry should begin to really find its footing and be on its way to becoming a very lucrative market. After all, the District is home to a number of professional sports organizations with diehard fans just itching to get some action in on the games.

Horse Racing Betting In DC

Horse race betting in DC is available for races that occur elsewhere. There are horse racing tracks in surrounding states where bettors can go. Through sportsbooks, horse races can be wagered on. Offshore internet sports betting sites are always the fallback when certain things are not covered within local sports gambling businesses. Internet sportsbooks are completely legal and offer horse race betting from around the world for sports bettors in Washington DC to gamble on.

Daily Fantasy Sports In DC.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is not regulated per se by the mere fact that there is no specific law for it. However, it is in fact a legal activity in the District, law or no law. Residents have the ability to participate in various DFS wagers and games through different sites. Doing so will in no way result in any kind of trouble unless of course you lose and then you’re out a few bucks that could’ve been used elsewhere. Other than that, it’s a perfectly legal and available pastime for fans of the game in Washington DC.

Sports Betting In Washington DC FAQs

Is Sports Betting Legal In Washington DC?

After reading through this entire page, that answer should be pretty clear. But if it’s slipped passed a few readers, yes, betting on sports in DC is completely legal. Both retail and mobile sports betting were legalized allowing residents to gamble on the games with the use of local platforms.

Are Sportsbooks Located Inside Casinos In DC?

No, there are no casinos in the Washington, D.C. area. This will make all land-based sports betting locations to be inside major league sporting facilities and the surrounding areas. There will even be a few bars that qualify for sports betting kiosks. But there will be no casino sportsbooks in D.C.

Can You Legally Bet Online In DC?

Yes! Gambet DC is an internet platform run by the DC Lottery that can be used anywhere in the District by sports bettors. Once land-based sportsbooks open, they will be able to operate online sports betting outlets as well. Not only can residents wager on sports with the use of local internet sportsbooks legally, but offshore sports betting sites are legal to use as well.

Is DraftKings Legal In DC?

As of this moment, DraftKings does not have any operations in DC. However, they can easily become partners with a land-based sports betting operator which would then make them a legal sportsbook in the District. This will likely occur as they are one of the top two sports betting operators in the nation.

How Will My DC Internet App Know Where I Am?

Sports betting applications are equipped with geofencing software to ensure that bettors are gambling within the borders of the District, allowing the books to know the location of the gambler. DC has a unique case where the Gambet DC app is the only platform that can be used anywhere in the area. All other internet and mobile sportsbooks will have their geofencing stuck with a strict 2-block radius where bettors will have access.