Legal Indiana Sports Betting

There are not many things better than watching the Colts or Fighting Irish win a game while winning some extra cash through legal Indiana sports betting. Thankfully, sportsbooks opened in time for the 2019-2020 NFL season kick-off, and you have multiple places where you can go to both watch the big games and bet big on all of them. That’s because Indiana legalized sports wagering in early May, and the Indiana Gaming Commission has begun to have most brick-and-mortar sports betting lounges up and running in the state’s many riverboat, land-based, and racetrack-based casinos by the fall. Online wagering at state-regulated sportsbook sites are also now legal and available. You can register and use them from anywhere within the borders of Indiana.

Of course, you’ve also been able to wager on sports in Indiana legally for some time now. All you have to do is sign up at any of several top offshore sites that offer legal sports betting (Bovada, BetOnline, SportsBetting, etc.). These brands have been serving IN residents for over 20 years, and they have always kept to the highest standards of customer service. They’ve got odds and lines on all the college and pro action you can imagine, from both national and international leagues. Joining is free, and these sites are great in their own right. To add to this, they also provide an excellent way to practice and brush up on your wagering skills while you wait for Indiana’s sports betting industry to take full shape.

Is Land-Based Sports Betting Legal In Indiana?

Yes! On May 8, 2019, Gov. Eric Holcomb (R) signed SB 552 into law. This law legalizes sports wagering in Indiana at any of the state’s 13 casino/racino venues (and any new riverboat casinos that open, as the law also eliminated the state’s cap on how many such barges can open for business). Several casinos launched their sportsbooks during the first week of September 2019 and more are expected to open through fall and winter of 2019. All 13 casino locations have received a sports wagering license from the Indiana Gaming Commission so it will be up to them to launch whenever they are ready.  

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Indiana?

Online sports betting was legalized by the passage of SB 552. The provisions for online wagering were initially removed from the bill during its progression through the legislature, but online wagering was put back in by the Senate. This is because the state knows full well that online betting is convenient – and therefore king! Legal sports betting states with both land-based betting and online betting typically get over two-thirds of their wagering traffic via mobile solutions. A few online sportsbooks in Indiana have opened up for business and you can register to use them from wherever you are in the state. However, in order to shop lines in Indiana, it would serve you best to sign up with multiple legal online sportsbooks, including those that are located offshore.

Can I Legally Bet On The NFL In Indiana?

Indiana has every kind of way for people to gamble on the NFL this 2020 season. There are retail sportsbooks that may or not be open due to the Coronavirus Pandemic but then they also have their own state-sanctioned mobile sports betting platforms. While state platforms are great, odds and wagers are even better when using offshore mobile sportsbooks. These operations are legal and safe to use by any sports bettor in Indiana. Sites like Bovada, BetOnline, MyBookie, SportsBetting, and more will list the top wagers and odds posted for every game on the 2020 NFL schedule for people in Indiana to get action in on. Some of the highest payouts for the moneyline, spread, props, and all other wager types for the National Football League can be accessed by football bettors in Indiana to bet and win.

These same sites are open for Indiana Super Bowl betting for Super Bowl 55. Anyone in the state can use either offshore or local sports wagering outlets to place all of their bets on the most-watched game of the year for the NFL. Prop bets for the Super Bowl in Indina include every facet of the game down to the very coin flip before the action begins.

Indiana Sportsbooks And COVID-19

Indiana land-based sportsbooks endured mandatory closures for months due to the Coronavirus pandemic but reopened their establishments in June. While most major sports were canceled until July, sports betting operations still managed to do well with online sports betting and obscure wagers. Since the reopening of brick and mortar sportsbooks, there have been some noticeable changes because of COVID-19. Face masks are to be worn by both patrons and staff while on the property.

Prior to entry, customers need to have their temperature taken to ensure they’re healthy. Social distancing indoors is required and hand sanitizing stations are set up within the space for use. Thorough cleanings are done in high traffic areas throughout the day in accordance with guidelines set by the CDC. Capacity is set at 50% to allow for social distancing rules to be properly enforced. Despite all of this, sportsbooks in Indiana and sports bettors haven’t been hindered by COVID-19 too much as the business continues to do well.

Where To Bet On Sports In Indiana

Sports betting is legal in Indiana as of May 8, 2019, but even though you will eventually be able to wager at 13 different casino venues (or even more, as the limit to riverboat casino licenses has been removed by the same law that legalized sports betting), not all of these legal sportsbooks have opened for business so far. The law also allows for Internet-based wagering statewide but only a few options have become available since sports betting was signed into law.

If you don’t wish to wait for the state to roll out its own sports wagering solutions closer to you or you don’t feel like using state-regulated betting apps, Indiana sports betting is possible right this moment, but you must use an offshore sportsbook to do so. When you join one of these sites, they offer great welcoming bonuses and constantly run promotions for existing players to keep you satisfied. Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline are the sites we recommend, as they have proven their reliability and are the best in the game. Each also offers a mobile betting interface to allow you to wager on the go. These offshore sportsbooks are all free to join and accept various deposit methods such as credit card transactions and even popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.

Indiana Sports Betting Revenue

Indiana currently has 11 operating sportsbooks. Because the first books did not open until September 2019, financial data is hard to properly assess. On the one hand, totals could be deflated because it takes time for a new industry to find its footing. On the other, September through January are the busiest time of the year for American sportsbooks because it coincides with the NFL season, so that could be inflating the totals. In five months of operation, Indiana sportsbooks have handled $606.8 million in bets, earned $54.2 million in revenue, and paid $5.2 million in taxes at a rate of 9.5% of total revenue earned. Over a full year, that would equal $1.46 billion in a handle, $130.2 million in revenue, and $12.4 million in taxes.

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1 Bovada Online Sportsbook 50% Up To $250 Read Review Visit Bovada
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3 MyBookie Online Sportsbook 50% Up To $1,000 Read Review Visit MyBookie
4 Sportsbetting Online Sportsbook 50% Up To $1,000 Read Review Visit Sportsbetting
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Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada – Indiana’s Sportsbook For College Sports

Indiana bettors have a plethora of sports available to wager on, and a plethora of offshore options to use. So why Bovada? Simply put, because Bovada is the industry standard, and they’re one of the absolute best places to wager, full stop. Bovada’s website is amazing, and their college football and basketball odds are second to none. When it comes to finding places to wager for Indiana bettors, Bovada will not only have better odds than most brick and mortar sportsbooks, but will provide them via mobile devices as well as normal computers. Bovada is an excellent sportsbook, and well worth checking out.

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BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline – Number One Indiana Sportsbook

BetOnline is an excellent sportsbook for Indiana bettors, and whether they want to wager on the Pacers or the Hoosiers, BetOnline will have the odds for them. BetOnline has some of the best odds around, and they supplement these odds with excellent signup bonuses as well. In addition to that, they have both mobile and live betting, so you can do everything at BetOnline from your phone, from betting on the Pacers to wagering on the Colts. Overall, BetOnline provides Indiana bettors with a safe and secure option for all of their sports betting needs in 2020.

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MyBookie Sportsbook

MyBookie – Betting Lines For Any Gambling Hoosier

Hoosiers are huge sports fans and what makes sports even better are the terrific betting lines from MyBookie to gamble on the games. No matter what a bettor is into, be it the NFL, the NBA, college sports, cricket, entertainment like TV shows, or anything, there will be odds and wagers posted on MyBookie for it for events that span the globe. This desktop internet sports wagering platform is safe and legal for Hoosiers to join and their entire website can be accessed via cellphone browser for a convenient way to gamble at any time from anywhere in case that last minute betting slip slipped your mind. Promotions at MyBookie are another perk of being an official member of the sportsbook. New players that make their first deposit after signing up for an account will receive a 100% match on their deposit of up to $1000 in free plays using the promo code MYB100.

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SportsBetting Sportsbook

SportsBetting – Indiana Has A Top Sportsbook In SportsBetting

A lot of fans know that when betting on sports, going to the same place to bet is better than finding random sportsbooks to bet on. SportsBetting is one of the few online sportsbooks that have all the betting options for bettors to skim through and choose what they want to bet on now that most players know this, it is best for them to take the time out and make sure to see what else that this site offers that is better than other sportsbooks. This is where live betting can be done and a mobile betting feature is here as well. This means that most of the time you have the option of placing wagers at any time on your mobile device which is a huge bonus for SportsBetting. Make sure to check out SportsBetting and see all the other things that they offer for their players!

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Xbet Sportsbook

XBet – Indiana Players Have The Best Sportsbook Available

There is one online sportsbook that fans should sign up for and that is XBet. Now there are plenty of sites to look out for but the one that offers the best and most bets are XBet. There are so many betting options here and that also comes with live betting and mobile betting features. These two features are just two of the few that are offered to players. With those features come major bonuses that can reward players all types of prizes. What makes more players sign up for XBet is the fact that all players have to be is 18 and older to have one. This means that all adults can have an account and place big time wagers on big games.

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Where’s The Closest Place To Me To Bet?

Indiana offers a dozen different brick-and-mortar sportsbooks all throughout the state. The closest place to bet will always be via your phone or computer with one of Indiana’s online sportsbooks, but some players still prefer an in-person sports betting experience. Thankfully, there are numerous locations all throughout the state to bet from.

Indiana sportsbooks have grown rapidly in popularity and the state is on track to be the fourth most popular gambling state in the country in 2020, if not the third. The availability of online betting has thinned out crowds at physical casino locations, but they still pack in fans for Colts and Pacers games. This can be either a detriment or a benefit, depending on your interest in watching games with fellow fans. Indiana’s current casino sportsbook locations are:

Anderson Sportsbooks

The Book at Harrah’s Hoosier Park Racing & Casino

The Book at Harrah’s features theater-style seating for dozens of patrons and easy access to a full-service sports bar. Harrah’s is one of the top sports betting brands in the United States, and its Hoosier Park casino provides the same quality of service players have grown to expect.

Clarksville Sportsbooks

Winner’s Circle Pub, Grille, Racing and OTB Parlor Clarksville

One of several licensed Winner’s Circle pubs in Indiana that offer a traditional sports bar experience with integrated sports betting. The food and beer are solid, but the winning is better.

East Chicago Sportsbooks

Ameristar Casino Hotel East Chicago Sportsbook

The Ameristar Casino is a subsidiary of the Hollywood casino chain—one of the largest gambling businesses in the country. Ameristar is located less than a half-hour from downtown Chicago, which makes it the perfect betting location for Chicago sports fans.

Elizabeth Sportsbooks

The Book at Caesar’s Southern Casino

Caesar’s offers fans the opportunity to reserve a VIP ‘fancave’ to create an unmatched gameday viewing experience for its bettors. Besides that, The Book at Caesar’s is relatively new and still finding its footing in Indiana.

Florence Sportsbooks

Belterra Casino Sportsbook

The Belterra is located on the southern Indiana border roughly equidistant from Louisville and Cincinnati. It offers scenic views of the Ohio River and full-service sports betting.

French Lick Sportsbooks

French Lick Casino Sportsbook

The sportsbook at the French Lick Casino is on the smaller side, with just a handful of betting windows and self-service kiosks available. The French Lick Casino does offer more TVs than you would expect for such a small sportsbook.

Hammond Sportsbooks

The Book at Horseshoe Hammond

One of seven Ceasars sports betting properties throughout Indiana. Like other Cesar’s properties, it offers spacious theater-style seating with huge LED video boards. It offers eight different betting and over a dozen 85-inch TVs.

Lawrenceburg Sportsbooks

Sportsbook At Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg

Another Hollywood Casino Property, the Hollywood Lawrenceburg property offers 16 different betting kiosks to help ease crowds. It is located near the intersection of I-275 and U.S. 50 along the Ohio River and features beautiful décor that would look right at home in Buckingham Palace.

Indianapolis Sportsbooks

Winner’s Circle Pub, Grille, & OTB Sportsbook

One of a handful of licensed Winner’s Circle Pub locations for Caesars Entertainment. It is essentially a high-quality sports bar with integrated sports betting, and it is the only sports betting location in Indianapolis. Clarksville also offers state-of-the-art simulcast racing.

Harrah’s Hoosier Park Sportsbook
Michigan City Sportsbooks

Blue Chip Casino Sportsbook

The Blue Chip Casino underwent a $165 million renovation in 2005 and is the second-largest casino sportsbook in Indiana. The Blue Chip Casino is located right along the southern shores of Lake Michigan.

New Haven Sportsbooks

Winner’s Circle Pub, Grille and OTB Parlor

The third Caesars Winner’s Circle property is in east Fort Wayne right next to Jury Park. Like the others, it is a traditional sports bar with integrated sports betting on major professional and college sports.

Shelbyville Sportsbooks

Indiana Grand Racing & Casino Sportsbook

The biggest draw of Indiana Grand is that it offers the only live thoroughbred and quarter horse racing in the state. It also offers a full-service sportsbook with bets available on all major college and professional sports, although it is smaller than some comparable sportsbooks.

Indiana Sports Betting Sites

Indiana only launched sports betting in Q3 2019, but it has already emerged as one of the top sports betting markets in the country, largely because of the way that it has embraced online and mobile betting. While international online sportsbooks almost universally offer a superior betting experience, some bettors prefer their money to stay in the state, which is completely understandable.

All casinos in Indiana are eligible to offer both retail and online/mobile betting, and there are a decent number of online sportsbooks to choose from, with more on the way in the coming months. Most of these books are third-party sportsbooks partnered with an in-state casino. Indiana’s current online sportsbooks are:

  • BetAmerica – BetAmerica is powered by SBTech and partners with Rising Star Casino Resort. BetAmerica is one of the smaller major online sports betting brands in the US.
  • BetMGM – An extension of the brand of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, BetMGM has quickly established a reputation as a top online sports betting option. BetMGM is partnered with the Belterra Casino in Indiana.
  • BetRivers – The first mobile sportsbook to launch in Indiana, BetRivers offers great features and a wide selection of betting options. BetRivers online sportsbook is affiliated with French Lick Resort.
  • Caesars – The Caesars brand maintains its own online sportsbook rather than partnering with a third-party company. Caesars online sportsbook is partnered with the Caesars Southern Indiana Casino.
  • DraftKings Sportsbook – One of the most recognizable sports brands in the country, DraftKings Sportsbook is a rapidly growing force in the market. It is partnered with Ameristar East Casino and is Indiana’s highest-grossing sportsbook.
  • FanDuel Sportsbook – Like DraftKings, FanDuel has leveraged its daily fantasy reputation into a lucrative online sports betting portfolio. FanDuel is sponsored with the Blue Chip Casino, and is Indiana’s second highest-grossing sportsbook.

The following companies have not yet launched but plan to launch sometime in 2020 or early 2021.

  • FOX Bet – FOX Bet is a newer brand, but its affiliation with the nationwide media giant should help it quickly find its footing. FOX Bet’s casino affiliation hasn’t yet been announced but will likely be the Hollywood Casino.
  • Penn Sports Interactive – Slated to partner with the Hollywood Casino. It is unclear if it will work in tandem with FOX Bet or if the two companies will run separate aspects of the casino’s sports betting.
  • PointsBet – Another sports betting company slated to work with the Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg. It is unclear how it will work in tandem with the others.
  • theScore – Only founded in 2012, theScore has quickly amassed a worldwide monthly user base of almost 4 million people. The company has plans to operate in Indiana but has not yet announced a casino partnership.
  • SBK Sportsbook – SBK Sportsbook is a property of Smarkets, a global gambling company that features prominently in foreign betting exchanges (think of them like the stock market). SBK Sportsbook will partner with Rising Star Casino
  • William Hill – William Hill is one of the top sports betting brands in the entire world. The company already runs the retail sportsbook for the Tropicana Evansville Casino and plans to launch online betting throughout Indiana soon.
  • Rush Street Interactive – Rush Street Interactive received approval from Indiana to develop its own sports betting app in May 2020. This app likely won’t debut until 2021.

Indiana Sports Betting And Gambling Laws

Indiana is seen as a pro-gambling state as they allow for various kinds of gaming. Riverboat gambling is legal along Lake Michigan, the Ohio River, and Patoka Lake; moreover, the two horse racing venues allow for pari-mutuel wagering. There is definitely not a shortage when it comes to accepted forms of gambling, and the industry’s rules and regulations can be found in Indiana Code § 35-45-5.

As for sports betting, the state has finally legalized the practice via SB 552, and the first sports betting parlors in the state launched during the very first week of September in 2019. State-regulated online betting platforms launched only a month after casino sportsbooks opened. However, you can still feel free to wager online with an offshore account at any of the top overseas sports betting sites. These sites are 100% safe, reputable, and legal to use. Generally speaking, Indiana does a great job of defining and explaining their state sports betting laws​, and if you have any questions that we haven’t answered here, you can check out the FAQs at the state’s Gaming Control website.

What Teams Can I Bet On?

Sports enthusiasts have many teams to follow in the state of Indiana, as the Hoosier State offers a few professional sports teams (like the Indianapolis Colts and the Indiana Pacers) and 10 Division I NCAA programs, including Purdue, Notre Dame, and the Hoosiers. Legal in-state sportsbooks will allow full collegiate wagering with no restrictions, but you’re almost certainly going to get lopsided lines on any hometown team. With online sportsbooks, you don’t have the problem of locals skewing the odds (which means you’ll usually find better, more valuable lines), and you can use these sites to wager on Indiana sports teams and other clubs across most US and international leagues. However, with the strong influence of sports in the state, we don’t blame you for wanting to root for (or against) the local teams.

Popular Indiana Sports Teams:

Indianapolis Colts (NFL) Indiana Pacers (NBA) Indiana Fever (WNBA)
University of Indiana Hoosiers (Big Ten) University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish (ACC) Purdue University Boilermakers (Big Ten)
Butler University Bulldogs (Big East)    

Horse Racing Betting In Indiana

Horse racing betting is a popular hobby in Indiana and is better known as pari-mutuel wagering which is actually not considered a form of gambling. The state authorizes this form of wagering and has two tracks: Hoosier Park located in Anderson and Indiana Grand located in Shelbyville. Both of these tracks offer simulcast racing, have food options, and provide entertainment on the casino floor. Although the racing months are short lived due to weather, this doesn’t have to stop you from betting on horses online as operators we provided are also racebooks. On these sites, you can wager on horses all over the world in just about any race like you would with sporting events.

Daily Fantasy Sports In Indiana

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) in legal and regulated within the state of Indiana. In 2016, legislators approved Indiana Senate Bill 339 which allowed for operators like DraftKings and FanDuel to continue their contests in the state. DFS allows you to set a lineup of athletes under a certain salary cap and compete against other players all around the world. These operators offer free contests and paid contests costing as little as few pennies and as much a few thousand dollars for entry. DFS has become a very popular hobby in the country as both DraftKings and FanDuel advertise promotions for new members and for referring a new member as well.

Legal Indiana Sports Betting FAQs

Can I Bet Real Money On Sports In Indiana?

Funding your online account is very easy, quickly allowing you to bet real money on sports in Indiana. The best Internet-based offshore operators accept many different forms of payment such as cryptocurrency (i.e. Bitcoin), credit card transactions, and more. They return your winnings via check by courier or wire transfer, and can also use crypto transfers for those who deposit using any supported digital currency. Be sure to stick with a reputable sportsbook so you don’t have any trouble when withdrawing from your sports wagering site.

Is Online Sports Betting Safe In Indiana?

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to legitimate offshore sportsbooks, and the ones we listed above in this guide are known for their security. These sites all encrypt their data with state-of-the-art technology, which makes betting online safe and allows your personal information and account balance to be kept in strict confidence. The top offshore books also provide customer service 24/7 to help you with any needs, questions, or concerns you might have.

Will Sports Betting In Indiana Ever Be Legal?

Yes. In fact, as of early May 2019, it already is! Indiana is a pro-gambling state and has the infrastructure and regulatory bodies in place to allow for a strong sports gambling market. Also, with the Midwest starting to realize the tax benefits of making it legal and doing so, Indiana is in a unique position to show its neighbors how it’s done. The first customer-facing sportsbooks went live in IN days before the start of the 2019 NFL season in September, with the state-regulated online books coming a bit later. Despite state-licensed betting being legal in Indiana, it’s also important to remember that the offshore books serving the state for the last couple of decades also remain 100% legal to use.

Will I Get Arrested For Sports Betting In Indiana?

No, you will not be arrested, fined, or otherwise legally inconvenienced for wagering on sports in Indiana at offshore sportsbooks. That said, if you decide to use an underground bookmaker within the state of Indiana, you can pretty much rest assured that you will find trouble one way or another, either with the law or – far more likely – with the bookie themselves.

What Is the Sports Betting Age In Indiana?

Indiana requires an age of 18 for betting on horses and charitable gaming but sets an age of 21 for casino-style gaming and sports betting. While offshore operators will accept players who are 18 years old, we highly recommend waiting until you are of the age the state law permits (21). Underage gambling is a serious offense and can lead you to fines, confiscation of winnings, and banishment from the online site forever.

Are There Mobile Sports Betting Apps Available In Indiana?

All of the sportsbooks we recommended have a reliable and user-friendly mobile version. You can access these by going to their mobile page via the browser on your iPhone, Android, or other mobile device. All the top offshore books offer the same betting lines and wagering options you will find on their desktop sites; moreover, the mobile features even include live in-play betting so you will never miss a second of the action regardless of where you are located.

Where Is The Best Place To Bet On Sports In Indiana?

This comes down to preference, as each sportsbook site provides different features to the user. Some people like operators that provide many reward programs like 5Dimes, while others look for a clean website design like Bovada offers. SportsBetting and BetOnline offer sports betting trends and statistics to keep you in the loop about the events you are putting your money on. Still other sites offer different features of varying value, depending on the kind of player you are (for example, BookMaker is the best site for high rollers). All of these top offshore sites are free to join and provide safe and reliable platforms for all IN residents.

Should I Use A Local Bookie In Indiana?

Go ahead and use a local bookie if you want. But be warned: Dollars to donuts, you’ll quickly learn exactly how bad an idea that is. Not only are there laws against such operators, but there is no support behind you should something go wrong. You can’t file a police report for theft when a bookie takes off with your money or refuses to pay you because you were engaging in an illegal act. You can’t complain to industry watchdogs or regulators, either. There is literally no recourse if you get ripped off. Stick with either the legal, regulated Indiana gambling venues or the trusted websites based offshore that have proven to be reputable and have customer service operators ready to answer all your questions and help you resolve any issues you may have.

Do Any Casinos In Indiana Have Sports Betting?

Yes, several of them do. The current casinos that offer the activity are Indiana Grand Casino, Ameristar Casino, Hollywood Casino, Winner’s Circle, Horseshoe Hammond Casino, Blue Chip Casino, French Lick Casino, and Belterra Casino, Caesars Southern Indiana, Harrah’s Hoosier Park, Indiana Grand Casino, and Tropicana Evansville. Also, since the casinos are located all over the state and are accessible for many Indiana residents, legal in-state wagering will be convenient for almost everyone. And now that online wagering is available you can bet from anywhere inside the state. Of course, per the Wire Act, Indiana sports betting will always be geofenced through these channels. If you travel out of the state or are frequently on the road, offshore books will remain your best bet.

Can I Bet On Sports With My Friends In Indiana?

Social gambling is a tricky situation as the state laws allow for gambling with friends but not on the performance of others. It is unlikely any law enforcement officer will book you for social gambling, but we advise to do so behind closed doors. There is no reason to risk a few dollars when you can use an offshore site that is trustworthy, reliable, and more importantly, safe.

When Did Sports Betting Become Legal In Indiana?

Sports betting in Delaware became legal after Governor Eric Holcomb signed IN H 1015 into law on May 8, 2019. Sports betting laws in Indiana allow for several sportsbooks to open throughout the state. On top of that, the sports betting laws allow for mobile wagering to be available statewide as well. Retail sportsbooks opened across the state on September 1, 2019, and online sports wagering launched on October 3, 2019.

How Many Sportsbooks Are In Indiana?

At the current moment, 11 sportsbooks have launched in Indiana during the first week of September 2019. We do expect there to be around 13 different sportsbooks that are going to be available by the end of the year. That means that sports betting will have a strong presence in Indiana. When it comes to state-regulated online sportsbooks there are only two. However, there are plenty of more online sportsbooks when looking at offshore options.