INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana legislature will examine a large gambling bill on Wednesday in the House Committee on Public Policy. The bill also includes sports betting. Lawmakers will have to sift through the massive gambling bill, deciding what can be kept and what can be thrown out. A large number of bills on the horizon has also led to other potentially important ones being forgotten about.

What Is The Sports Betting Bill?

The sports betting bill that was included among a myriad of other gambling bills would allow sports gambling at Indiana’s popular gambling locales. HB 1363 would allow wagering on sports at riverboats, racinos, and satellite facilities. The bill would also call for the taxation of sports wagering.

The House’s inactivity on the Indiana sports betting bill did not raise concerns for one representative though. Rep. Heath VanNatter was unfazed about the bill’s current status in the House.

“I think the only reason the House didn’t do it is we had a busy first half of the session and we knew the language was moving in the Senate bill,” said VanNatter.

The Effects Of Indiana’s Large Gambling Bill

A large gambling bill examined by lawmakers provides a great deal of opportunity for gambling expansion throughout the state of Indiana. Indiana lawmakers have a lot on their plates this session, and some bills may be left behind in the process.

“Everybody is in favor of the bill because there’s something for everybody,” said VanNatter. “But there’s no way it’s all going to stay in so, as soon as some of it drops out you’re going to have people dropping support of the bill.”

The Session Deadline

The Indiana Legislature has until April 29 to finish their legislative session. If the sports betting bill regains life in the House it could bring about a whole new slew of options for legal Indiana sports betting, like mobile wagering. Some disagree with whether mobile betting should be allowed in the state but there is still time until the session ends. Indiana residents will have to sit tight until late April to find out.


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