Last updated on: September 19th, 2023

Legal College Baseball Betting Guide In 2024

College baseball betting is not as lucrative or popular as betting on college football or basketball, but there is a definite niche market for it. Once the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament concludes, the American sports world hits something of a lull as the NBA and MLB regular seasons drag interminably onward. In recent years, betting on the college baseball postseason has become an increasingly popular pastime during these lean months, especially among diehard fans who understand that there are definite informational advantages to be found in such a niche sport. Some of the best legal sports betting sites in the US also offer moneyline bets throughout the regular season for the college baseball diehards.

Some legal sportsbooks that accept bets on college baseball will open up futures lines for the College World Series (CWS) during conference championship tournaments, but most wait until regionals are seeded and scheduled. Baseball is a sport that leans heavily toward chaotic parity, so even though elite programs and talent will win out more often than not, heavy underdogs always have a chance. Small programs like Coastal Carolina and Fresno State have come out of nowhere to win titles in the past. If you have a penchant for predicting the unpredictable, college baseball is the sport for you.

Betting On College Baseball

Top College Baseball Betting Sites

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Is It Legal To Bet On College Baseball?

USA Players AllowedYes, it is completely legal to bet on college baseball, as it is with all major college sports. You may not be able to bet on college baseball at many brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. Their infrastructure is generally too limited to accommodate sports that won’t draw a large volume of bets. Additionally, some states do have laws about betting on in-state college teams. All this red tape is easily sidestepped by using an online sports betting platform, however. Bovada is probably the best example for college baseball, as it allows fans from almost every state to bet on college baseball, whether the games involve in-state teams or not.

Betting On College Baseball: Online Vs. Land-Based

This comes down to a matter of personal preference, but there isn’t really a valid argument for land-based sportsbooks over legal betting sites for college baseball. Generally, they offer less variety of bet types, slower processing times, and fewer (on no) in-game betting options. With a lack of availability compared to their online counterparts, it doesn’t compare. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to bet on a minor game in the middle of March or Game 3 of the College World Series. Legal online sportsbooks in 2023 for college baseball are the superior option every time.

Depositing Into A Sportsbook To Bet On College Baseball

Depositing into legal college baseball betting sites has become easier than ever in recent years. The advent of the cryptocurrency era did wonders for the ease of managing an online betting account, improving efficiency and security across the board. But even for those of us that go into a confusion-induced panic when they hear words like “blockchain”, managing money in a college baseball betting account is simple and approachable. Every method of deposit has its own advantages and drawbacks, and many sportsbooks offer unique bonuses for certain deposit types. These are the most common deposit methods accepted at legal sports betting sites.

bitcoinCryptocurrency – Cryptocurrencies have become the gold standard for online money transactions. Using an encryption technology called blockchain, cryptocurrency securely stores and transmits financial data instantaneously. It is also untraceable, so using a legal Bitcoin sports betting site which is great for players who highly value anonymity and privacy. Another plus is that legal online sportsbooks for college baseball that accept cryptocurrency almost always make deposits free.

Credit/Debit Cards – Players are likely universally accustomed to using college baseball betting sites that accept credit cards. For many people, legal sportsbooks that take credit cards will be preferable. But, understand that you won’t be able to withdraw money from your account back onto your card, thanks to the Federal Wire Act. Payment card transfers can also be flagged as suspicious by the card issuer.

Money Orders – Online college baseball sportsbooks that take money orders for deposits are among the easiest to use, as money orders can easily be obtained from licensed Western Union locations, as well as other, similar money transferring services. Legal sportsbooks that take money orders will often require additional fees for money order transfers, and processing money orders can take up to 24 hours after receipt. They may take a while and could be a little more costly, but the reliability of online college baseball sportsbooks that take money orders is among the best, with decades of experience to prove it.

Peer-to-Peer – There are also a variety of legal sportsbooks for college baseball that allow players to transfer a portion of their own winnings directly to another player’s account. This is a great option for new players who have friends with more betting experience. There aren’t generally fees associated with peer-to-peer transfers but there are usually relatively high minimum transfer amounts.

How Do I Withdraw My College Baseball Winnings?

Withdrawing winnings is a very similar process to depositing money into an account. With most legal college baseball sportsbooks in the US, the sportsbook withdrawal options will be nearly the same as those for deposits, along with the associated fees and minimum and maximum amounts. Processing time for winnings can range anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks, depending on the chosen method of withdrawal. It’s clear though that the fastest sportsbook payout methods in the US are with crypto.

Cryptocurrency – The fastest and easiest method for deposit is also the fastest and easiest method for withdrawal at legal college baseball betting sites. Cryptocurrency ensures quick, anonymous transfers that can then be moved directly into your bank account at any time. Withdrawal requests are generally processed within 24-48 hours and come with no fees at legal betting sites for Ethereum, Bitcoin, or any other crypto.

Bank Wire – Traditional wire transfers generally carry high minimum withdrawal amounts and fees at legal sports betting sites that offer college baseball odds because of the costs associated with facilitating them. Legal online sportsbooks that payout with wire transfers are a good fallback option for big money bettors, but most users will default to more convenient and cheaper options when getting paid out from a bet on college baseball.

Cashier Checks – A cashier’s check is a check drawn up and signed by a bank and guaranteed using the bank’s own funds. There is a relatively high logistical cost to sending out these checks, so legal betting sites for college baseball that payout with cashier’s checks usually charge a fee of around $50. Payouts from legal sportsbooks that use cashier’s checks are usually received within seven days of processing.

Peer-to-Peer – As mentioned above, generous players can transfer a portion of their winnings directly to other players when cashing out. This is a great way to get new players started with low-risk bankroll. Peer-to-peer transfers will occasionally have fees, but these are generally less than the fees for cashier’s checks or wire transfers.

Types Of College Baseball Bets

The relatively niche nature of legal college baseball betting means that there are fewer betting options than other, more popular sports. But generally speaking, most of the usual options apply—futures bets, money line, over/under, and even spreads. Prop bets on things like an individual player or team statistics are rare because of their limited market, but the College World Series will occasionally have prop options.