Legal Missouri Sports Betting

Though legal Missouri sports betting has not been written into the law books just yet, the state is still full of eager sports fans. There is nothing better than watching your team play when you’ve also put money on how your favorite player will perform. Though there are not any land-based sportsbooks in the state, sports enthusiasts are still able to bet on games without violating any state laws. The key to betting on sports legally in Missouri is knowing where to place your bets.

Many residents are unaware of the options for legal sports betting in Missouri. A trip to one of the states that have brick and mortar sportsbooks is not necessary, as there are dozens of legal sports betting sites that offer the same betting odds and more. Understanding your betting options starts with learning some of the basic sports betting and gambling laws in MO. Once you become familiar with these, you will have no problem placing legal sports bets in Missouri. Our goal is to ensure you are fully knowledgeable of the industry before engaging in legal sports betting to reduce any fear or anxiety while trying to have some fun.

Is Land Based Sports Betting Legal In Missouri?

Unfortunately, land-based sports betting is not legal in Missouri. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) banned sports betting in the United States, granting exemption only to the states that had pre-existing sports betting laws written. However, this law was overturned in 2018 by the US Supreme Court stating the law unconstitutional against states’ rights. This opens up an opportunity for land-based sports betting with legislators able to discuss and regulate the industry coming to Missouri. The sportsbooks will be offered on the excursion gambling boats and likely through an online platform as well. In the meantime, legal sports betting with an online operator is always an option.

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Missouri?

When exploring the Missouri Revised Statutes, there is no mention of online sports betting to be found. In fact, there are no laws regarding using the internet for any type of wagering. This is not unique to the Show-Me State, as most states have not amended or written new laws that address the internet as a betting platform. The absence of legislation regarding online sports betting is what makes it generally acceptable to the use the internet for sports bets. There are no statutory penalties that casual sports bettors have to worry about and thousands of MO residents bet on sports online without issue.

Where To Bet On Sports In Missouri

You can bet on sports in Missouri, but not from a land-based sportsbook. The only way to bet on sports while physically remaining in MO is to use legal legal sports betting sites​. When you join an online sportsbook, you can bet on the Kansas City Chiefs from virtually anywhere that you have an internet connection. The only other option for betting on sports would be to book a flight to one of the several sports betting states that offer legal land-based sportsbooks. As far as where to bet on sports in Missouri goes, online sportsbooks are your only real option.

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Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada – Bet On The Buckeyes, Browns, And More

While lawmakers have been steady playing politics trying to get a sports betting bill passed, sports bettors in Ohio have been using Bovada in the meantime. In fact, Bovada even has odds for political betting lines like that for the presidential election and more. But what most Ohio sports betting enthusiasts are looking for is a place to bet on the Buckeyes, Browns, Bengals, Cavaliers, and other Ohio teams. Bovada has you covered on that front. Along with fair priced odds for Ohio-based sports teams, Bovada also boasts one of the most fluid interfaces of any sports betting website. That means finding the betting lines you’re looking for is easier to do on Bovada than just about any site thanks to the way the sportsbook is set up

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BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline – An All-Around sportsbook For Bettors in Missouri

BetOnline is an online sportsbook for residents and visitors of Missouri should become familiar with even when the state does allow land-based sports betting. BetOnline is one of the most comprehensive sportsbooks on the market that allows bettors to bet on game lines, player props, parlays, and even has live betting on some of the most popular sports. This sportsbook gives Missouri bettors the option to create their own bets and the sites will instantly generate fair odds for your prop. All things considered, BetOnline is one of the best online sportsbooks available to those who call Missouri home.

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MyBookie Sportsbook

MyBookie – Missouri’s Favorite Sportsbook

MyBookie Sportsbook is one of the best sports betting platforms for gamblers in Missouri to wager on games of all kinds. This legal operator offers numerous bets on all major sporting events and even minor events across the board from sports to eating contests happening worldwide. But the favorite for Missourians to bet on is their own teams like the famous Kansas City Chiefs or the Kansas City Royals. Anything out of Kansas City, really. MyBookie is a secure internet sportsbook that is accessible with any mobile device. Along with some of the greatest odds around and a plethora of betting options, they also have promotions for players in Missouri on their site. New members are given a 100% match on their first deposit that could equal up to $1000 in free plays aka free gambling money. The code to redeem this promotion is MYB100.

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Xbet Sportsbook

XBet – Missouri Has XBet For Players

One thing that is not hard for Missouri players to decide is picking XBet to be the sportsbook that they use to place the big bets on their favorite home town team. There many prop bets here for players to choose from and the great thing about that is, the odds will be set to where a lot of cash can be made. A lot of players have made an account and love the fact that they have a few banking options for them to choose from. This is just a few of what XBet offers and one of the main reasons that players not only come back to XBet but also bring new players back to XBet as well.

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SportsBetting Sportsbook

SportsBetting – SportsBetting And The Missouri Benefits

SportsBetting offers a legal and safe platform to place wagers on your favorite sports. There are a countless amount of the latest betting odds on professional sports and teams worldwide from Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Golf, all the way to Cricket, Darts, Table Tennis, and Snookers. Signing up for an account is quick and easy and can give you access to all of the bonuses and promotions available. The 25% Sports Reload Bonus allows you to earn a 25% bonus on every qualifying deposit all the way up to $250 worth of free play with the promo code of FORLIFE.

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Betting On The 2020 NFL Season In Missouri

NFL LogoFootball fans interested in betting on the 2020 NFL schedule in Missouri have only one way to legally do so- the offshore internet sportsbook. These sports betting platforms are safe, legal, and considered the very best at what they do, even besting the sportsbooks of Las Vegas at times. Sites like MyBookie, XBET, SportsBetting, Bovada, and BetOnline are a few of the top online platforms for Missouri residents to wager on the NFL.

These websites have every game on the 2020 National Football schedule listed with plenty of bets from the spread to props attached to each matchup. The odds found on these platforms are also top-notch as they use pure statistics and not an emotion to calculate their odds properly. While they are set up as desktop platforms, they can be accessed with a mobile phone making gambling on football even more convenient for fans statewide. When it comes to betting on the 2020 NFL season, gamblers in Missouri have tons of legal options available to them at their fingertips.

Missouri Sports Betting And Gambling Laws

Right now, Missouri sports betting and gambling laws are very easy to understand. Although there are casinos and horse race betting in the state, sports betting is not allowed. Most gambling laws in Missouri can be found in Chapter 572 of the Missouri Revised Code. The main reason for this is simply due to the fact that sports betting laws do not currently exist in Missouri.

Lawmakers did attempt to create new sports betting laws in the past, but the legislative session ended before anything could become law. But that does not mean the end for Missouri. Lawmakers in the state can easily try again and create new laws for sports betting in the upcoming months and years. It might take some time before anything concrete can happen though. But the door is always wide open for sports betting to become legal in Missouri. 

Status Of Legal Sports Betting In Missouri For 2020

Missouri was so close to sports betting legalization in 2020. Bill sponsors were confident that one of the two bills receiving the most attention would come to pass. But then COVID-19 hit and the Missouri General Assembly had to shut down. The Missouri Legislature failed to pass a sports betting bill before the 2020 legislative session ended on May 15. Seven total bills were proposed, but the only one that made any real headway was HB 2088, which still never made it off the perfection calendar for a full House vote. With the legislature adjourned, nothing will change until the 2021 legislative session at the earliest. Missouri could look to sports betting as a way to recoup the financial losses caused by COVID-19, but many conservative lawmakers remain steadfast in their opposition to the industry.

Where’s The Closest Place To Me To Bet?

You will be able to find places to bet in Missouri depending on the type of wagering that you are interested in. The state is home to several casinos that have traditional casino games such as slots, roulette, poker, and craps. Some of the most popular casinos include Ameristar Casino Hotel in Kansas City, River City Casino in St. Louis, and Harrah’s North Kansas City Casino. It is likely sports betting would start in these locations as they have a well-established infrastructure and are popular tourist destinations. Here are some of the biggest cities that you can visit to enjoy casino gaming fun:

  • St. Louis
  • Kansas City
  • Saint Charles

If being at a sportsbook is a must for you, there are many other options, but you will have to travel out of state. Online sportsbooks are far more convenient when attempting to place some money on the line and traveling adds extra costs. Luckily, the growth of legalized sports betting in the US is happening quickly so you won’t have to travel too far if you did so by car.

  • Crittenden, AR
  • Garland, AR
  • Tunica, MS
  • Biloxi, MS

What Teams Can I Bet On?

Missouri residents are able to wager on any team in any sport that they want to. For hometown bettors, there is no shortage of teams in the Ozark State to place your bets behind. Missouri is home to several universities, this includes D1 basketball, football, tennis, swimming, baseball, and softball. Missouri also has a professional team for many major sporting leagues, including the NFL, MLB, and MLS. You will be hard-pressed to run out of odds and betting lines for Missouri teams throughout the year. Missouri is one of the best places for the most variety in online sports betting.


  • University of Missouri Tigers
  • Missouri State University Bears
  • Saint Louis University Billikens
  • Southeast Missouri State University Redhawks
  • University of Missouri-Kansas City Kangaroos


  • Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)
  • Kansas City Royals (MLB)
  • Sporting Kansas City (MLS)
  • St. Louis Blues (NHL)
  • St. Louis Cardinals (MLB)

Horse Racing Betting In Missouri

Horse racing betting in Missouri is legal, but you will not find any live horse race tracks in the state. Though pari-mutuel wagering was legalized in 1984, there were restrictions put in place on when simulcasting could occur. Though there were talks of bringing tracks to the state and reviving the horse betting industry in MO, nothing came to fruition and the Missouri Horse Racing Commission (MHRC) has been inactive for years.

Even in states that do allow horse enthusiasts to enjoy a day at the races, patrons are choosing to use online racebooks to bet the ponies. There are perks that cannot be beaten when you bet on horses online, such as sportsbook bonuses, daily rebates and access to races at major tracks all over the world. Mobile betting sites for horse racing makes betting on horses even more convenient by being able to take your racebook with you wherever you go. Missouri horse racing betting is alive and well at online racebooks.

Daily Fantasy Sports In Missouri

Missouri was the sixth state to pass daily fantasy sports legislation. In May 2016, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon legalized daily fantasy sports by signing MO HB 1941. Known as the Missouri Fantasy Sports Consumer Protection Act, the law requires DFS operators such as FanDuel and DraftKings to obtain licenses. It also requires online players to be 18 years of age or older for online contests. Laws also permit fantasy sports at riverboat casinos; however, participants must be at least 21 years of age.

Legal Missouri Sports Betting FAQs

Can I Bet Real Money On Sports In Missouri?

Yes, you can bet real money on sports in Missouri by using an online sportsbook. At real money sports betting sites, you can make a deposit and place a bet on the St. Louis Cardinals within minutes. These sportsbooks make it easy to fund your account and request withdrawals once you start winning money. Betting real money on sports online makes rooting for your favorite teams that much more exciting.

Is Online Sports Betting Safe In Missouri?

Online sports betting is safe in Missouri as long as you go to the right place. Legitimate online sportsbooks put the safety of customers as a top priority, utilizing the latest sports betting software and technology. When you enter your credit card or banking information, all of the data is encrypted. Your personal contact info is also stored over a secure network. Using a reputable online sportsbook like Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, and 5Dimes, you can bet safely on sports online in MO.

Will Sports Betting In Missouri Ever Be Legal?

Sports betting in Missouri could be legal within the next few years. Though state officials have not formally discussed the possibility of legal Missouri sports betting, other states have been taking action on making the activity legal. As more attention is brought to sports betting on statewide and federal levels, MO lawmakers could begin to introduce sports betting bills or at least start to study its impacts.

Will I Get Arrested For Sports Betting In Missouri?

While we are not attorneys that can offer 100% guarantees, the chances of getting arrested for sports betting in Missouri are slim to none. There has never been a case where a casual bettor was arrested for using an offshore online sportsbook. There are no laws to prohibit it, and there are US-friendly sports betting sites that have been accepting MO players for years. As long as you use a reputable online sportsbook, you will be fine betting on sports in Missouri.

What Is the Sports Betting Age In Missouri?

The sports betting age in Missouri is 21 years of age. Once you are over this threshold, you are free to bet on sports in the state. Many online sportsbooks will start accepting players at age 18, but this is just their general betting age. You will still need to abide by the legal Missouri sports betting age to avoid getting penalized for underage gambling or having your account terminated indefinitely.

Are There Mobile Sports Betting Apps Available In Missouri?

Yes, any online sportsbook that you join will most likely have a mobile sports betting platform. The mobile sports betting apps available in Missouri are very similar to the desktop version of the sportsbook. You will have the same wide selection of sports to choose from and just as many wagering options. When you want to bet on the St. Louis Blues while on the go, just use a mobile sports betting app from one of the top sites. These mobile apps even have live in-play betting where you can wager on games and events after they begin for more lucrative payouts.

Where Is The Best Place To Bet On Sports In Missouri?

The best place to bet on sports in Missouri is from your laptop or mobile device. There are no physical sportsbooks for residents to visit, but online sportsbooks offer more than your traditional sportsbook would. You have thousands of betting options to choose from every single day, and more than just the typical popular sports to wager on should you want to switch it up. There is no better place to bet on sports than from the comfort of your home.

Should I Use A Local Bookie In Missouri?

You should never use a local bookie in Missouri. Using a local bookie is quite dangerous, not to mention illegal and punishable by law. There are too many risks when betting with a local bookmaker that are simply not worth it. Not only are you not guaranteed to get your money should you win, but it could also open a can of worms to other legal issues. To bet safely while in MO, stick to an offshore bookmaker.

Do Any Casinos In Missouri Have Sports Betting?

There are not any casinos in Missouri that have sports betting. The casinos in the state are legally only able to provide Class III gaming action which includes traditional casino games like slots, roulette, blackjack, etc. However, these excursion gambling boat casinos are the first location sports betting will be made legal once legislators agree to a set of regulations.

Can I Bet On Sports With My Friends In Missouri?

According to state laws, you cannot bet on sports with your friends in Missouri. The state does not permit social gambling, which means any type of bet placed could be considered illegal. While it is near impossible to police this and it is rare to be arrested or convicted in this manner, there is no reason to risk it when safe methods like using online sites are available. Sports betting sites offer you and your friends plenty of betting options across numerous sporting events.