Legal Hawaii Sports Betting

In the Aloha State, you can say “aloha” to legal Hawaii sports betting. And that’s “aloha” as in “goodbye,” not “hello,” because Hawaii is notoriously stringent in its anti-gambling laws, and no form of gaming is technically legal in the state. There are only a couple of actual workarounds or Hawaii sports betting “loopholes”: gambling ships and offshore sports betting sites. Re the former, there are – very infrequently – international gambling ships that stop at one or several of Hawaii’s islands. However, these aren’t really viable options for those who wish to wager on sports, leaving the Internet-based avenue the only legitimate and safe choice.

Why Hawaii has banned all forms of gaming in the state (there isn’t even a state lottery or charitable bingo available) has more to do with its unique societal culture among American states. (The same, for example, is true with Utah, which is heavily influenced by its Mormon roots in the way it opposes legalized gambling.) Hawaii residents are very family-oriented, and there is a strong local belief that the introduction of legal sports betting and other gambling will be a detriment to that way of life. While there is no empirical evidence that gambling diminishes any community’s quality of life, it is difficult to see legal Hawaii sports betting cropping up any time soon in any in-state, land-based fashion. Fortunately, the 200,000 HI residents who bet on sports have a safe haven online at offshore sportsbooks. Indeed, all the major sportsbook operators on the Internet – BetOnline, Bovada, BetDSI, SportsBetting, and BookMaker – accept HI residents as members, and signing up is secure, fast, and free.

Is Land Based Sports Betting Legal In Hawaii?

No, land-based sports betting is not legal in Hawaii. Whether or not this changes in the future has to do entirely with the state’s tourism revenue and how it wishes to balance that with its long-standing cultural aversion to gaming. There is some talk among state legislators that if the tourism industry continues losing money, the establishment of casino gaming and sports betting​ would be a shot in the arm for the local economy and promote wide economic growth across the board. However, this isn’t at all likely to happen any time soon.

Is It Illegal To Bet On Sports Online In Hawaii?

Technically-speaking, yes, it is illegal to bet on sports online in Hawaii. Hawaii’s blanket ban on gambling and bookmaking seem to preclude the lawful exercise of putting money on your favorite players and teams. While it is not that simple (as you will see), as a general rule, you need to view sports betting as generally illegal for those living inside the state. However, just because sports betting is not legal, it doesn’t mean that the law is enforced when it comes to individual bettors. In reality, that’s exactly the case, as no HI resident has ever gotten in legal trouble just for placing bets with an offshore sports wagering site. Still, caution is advised.

Betting On The NFL In Hawaii

NFL LogoFootball enthusiasts in Hawaii have access to a number of legal offshore sports betting platforms to gamble on for the 2020 NFL games. Hawaii is not yet home to their own sportsbooks so this is the only safe option for sports bettors to ensure they’re putting their money in the right hands when betting on the season’s matchups. Sportsbooks like MyBookie, Bovada, BetOnline, and SportsBetting accept Hawaiian players and each list all of the National Football league games for the 2020 season with a wide range of bets per game from the moneyline to the spread and all the props you could think up being open for wagers. Betting on the NFL in Hawaii has never been easier with the use of these outlets.

Is There Anywhere In Hawaii That I Can I Bet On Sports?

If you’re looking for a local sportsbook in Hawaii then you’ll be hard-pressed to find one. If you do, then that place is not authorized by the state government and you’d put yourself and them in trouble if you try to place wagers with them. In order to avoid any legal trouble, you’re only choice to place sports bets in Hawaii is to use online offshore sportsbooks like MyBookie, Bovada, and BetOnline. These legal sports betting sites have been accepting bettors from across the world for decades now and they provide odds for even teams located in Hawaii.

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Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada – Hawaii’s Best Sportsbook

Hawaii has some restrictions on sports betting that keep any local casinos out of the market, but luckily for Hawaii’s bettors, Bovada offers the full casino experience from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. Bovada offers a fully fledged casino and sportsbook, so you can wager on the NFL, the NBA, and much more. They offer both mobile and live betting, so you can place wagers at any time, from anywhere. Basically, they’re the industry standard, and perhaps the best place to start out when sports betting, for both new and experienced wagerers. When it comes to sports betting, stick to the best – Bovada.

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BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline – Excellent Hawaii Odds

Hawaii’s sports betting laws prove problematic for local sportsbooks, but not for the offshore sportsbooks like BetOnline. BetOnline’s website is excellent, and their odds are incredibly sharp. They have excellent bonus offerings, and mobile and live betting. Basically, no matter what you want to wager on, you can find it at BetOnline, and you can bet on it with the greatest of ease. You want to bet on the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors from your iPhone? You can do that with BetOnline. You want to bet on their basketball team from your computer? You can do that too. BetOnline provides all the best lines and the best ways to wager on them so you just have to worry about picking winners.

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MyBookie Sportsbook

MyBookie – Giving Hawaiians Their Best Bets

MyBookie Sportsbook is a top sports betting operator for sports enthusiasts in Hawaii. This offshore internet sportsbook is safe and legal for Hawaiians to join and wager on all of the top sporting events worldwide. From the NBA to the NFL, collegiate matchups, entertainment, and even politics, MyBookie provides lines and wagers for all of it so that their members will always have something of interest to gamble on. Allowing players all sports betting capabilities when using their cell phones only adds more convenience to the entire gaming experience that MyBookie offers its customers. Currently, they are running a promotion for when the first deposit is made to a new account, giving the account holder a 100% match up to $1000 using the promo code MYB100 when making the transaction.

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SportsBetting Sportsbook

SportsBetting – The Best Way To Bet On Sports In Hawaii

Hawaii sports betting is something that seems like it will never come to the islands. It’s mostly because the culture of the state won’t allow it. But, just because you’re vacationing in Honolulu doesn’t mean you should lose access to your online sportsbook. By using SportsBetting in Hawaii, you’re able to bet on all your favorite teams from the mainland while also enjoying the natural wonders of the Aloha State. SportsBetting can be accessed from your smartphone so you don’t miss any of the best betting lines. All you need is an internet connection and you can log on from your mobile browser to get started or keep wagering at SportsBetting.

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Xbet Sportsbook

XBet – Hawaii Fans Like XBet… A Lot!

There is always a lot of fans that love to place their bets on their favorite team. Here in Hawaii, XBet is at the top of the charts will all the betting options and features that players can pick and choose from. It is great to know that there are so many things that players can do on their account with XBet. The live betting options is one of the key ones that players like. Also, check out the mobile betting feature that lets players use their phone to bet on their games. Banking methods here on XBet are also something that is top tier for players as well. Soon as you sign up there will be bonuses that could possibly reward players money. Check it out fans!

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Where’s The Closest Place To Me To Bet?

Hawaii is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, so there isn’t anywhere “nearby” that offers legal sports betting. However, on the off chance that commercial gambling is ever successfully introduced to Hawaii, the most likely site of the state’s first casino would be in Waikiki, as there has already been lots of legislative chatter about putting a casino in this major Honolulu tourist destination. Of course, other cities and regions of other Hawaii Islands are also an option if legalized gambling ever gets off the ground in the state.

Potential Cities With Hawaii Sportsbooks

  • Honolulu (O’ahu)
  • Pearl City (O’ahu)
  • Hilo (Hawai’i)
  • Kona (Hawai’i)
  • Kahului (Maui)
  • Kihei (Maui)
  • Lahaina (Maui)

Outside of the state of Hawaii, in technical terms, there are other sports betting states offering wagering but Nevada is the closest place to Hawaii – 2684 miles away! – where you can place wagers on single-game sports contests. There are sports betting venues all throughout the state, though for traveling purposes, flights from Hawaii to McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas are the way to go.

Nearby Cities With Sportsbooks

  • Las Vegas, NV
  • North Las Vegas, NV
  • Paradise, NV
  • Reno, NV
  • Carson City, NV
  • Pahrump, NV
  • Searchlight, NV
  • Laughlin, NV

Hawaii Sports Betting And Gambling Laws

There isn’t too much to say about Hawaii state sports betting laws​. Hawaii Statutes § 712-1223 sums it all up: “A person commits the offense of gambling if [her or she] knowingly advances or participates in any gambling activity.” It’s really that simple. Fortunately, the penalty for gambling in Hawaii is a simple misdemeanor. The Hawaii statutes also define bookmaking as the advancement of gambling activity “by accepting bets from members of the public” on the future results of various events (including sporting events).

As stated, Hawaii legislators have been flirting with the idea of floating the casino gaming and sports betting concept to congress, but so far, there has been no action on this front, and there are currently no bills before the state legislature that propose any sort of legal Hawaii sports betting.

What Teams Can I Bet On?

Hawaii doesn’t have any professional sports teams due to its physical location in relation to the rest of the country. It falls under the same issues as Alaska in that sense. With online sportsbooks and mobile sports betting sports bettors in Hawaii are able to bet on any team they want. Locally there are the NCAA Hawaii Rainbow Warriors from the University of Hawaii a Manoa. The closest professional teams are the sports teams in California. T doesn’t matter who you wish to wager on, however, as you will be able to find betting lines with no issue in Hawaii.

Popular Hawaii Teams


Hawaii Rainbow Warriors (University of Hawaii at Mānoa)


San Francisco 49ers (NFL) San Francisco Giants (MLB) Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)
Anaheim Ducks (NHL)

Horse Racing Betting In Hawaii

Horse racing betting is illegal in Hawaii, and there are no horse tracks. Additionally, off-track betting (OTB) services are illegal, and there is no simulcast wagering allowed, either. However, this wasn’t always the case, as in the late 1800s and early 1900s, there actually were horse tracks in the state. In fact, Kapiolani Park (the largest public park in Hawaii, near Waikiki) originally had a horse track that was the basis for the park’s initial design! Still, that’s all ancient history, and there is no market for horse tracks in Hawaii, even if pari-mutuel betting were legalized. Fortunately, all the top offshore sportsbooks also have top-notch international racebooks you can access with your betting account, so fans of the ponies in other states can still enjoy the days and nights at the races.

Kentucky Derby Betting In Hawaii

The Kentucky Derby is known as the top horse racing betting event of the year and many people in the great state of Hawaii enjoy laying down a wager or two for the occasion. To be able to bet on the Derby, gamblers have to join a legal online international racebook. These racebooks are legal and safe to use and offer top-notch bets and odds for the race based on tons of statistics and data that they’ve gathered for their members. No matter what kind of wager you’re looking for, be it the straight up, the top three, or any other horse racing bet type, they will all be on these racebooks for the 2020 Kentucky Derby. Hawaiian horse racing fans only need to join one of the listed options on this page and within a few clicks, they’ll be able to bet on the Kentucky Derby which takes place on September 5.

Daily Fantasy Sports In Hawaii

Though daily fantasy sports (DFS) in Hawaii has its pundits, none of the major service providers – like DraftKings and FanDuel – operate in the state. This is because, back in 2016, HI Attorney General Doug Chin released a statement that Hawaii views DFS gaming as “gambling,” rendering it illegal in the state. As such, you will not find any mainstream DFS provider in the state. Whether or not DraftKings and FanDuel (and other bigtime DFS brands, like Yahoo!) will return to Hawaii in the future remains to be seen, but the prognosis for the medium-term future is not good.

Several commercial, paid-entry DFS leagues now do business in the state, with the largest two – DraftKings and FanDuel – making up about 95 percent of the market. In fact, these two leagues, with an estimated 15 million combined users, were instrumental in lobbying Arkansas to pass the publicly-supported legalization, and they continue to work with many state governments across America to promote the availability of and access to the DFS lifestyle.

Mobile Sports Betting In Hawaii In 2020

Exclusive to Hawaii mobile sports betting has not yet arrived in the Aloha State as of 2020. Different legislation is being written up daily to make it where Hawaiians will have their own local mobile sportsbooks. However, until that day officially arrives, sports bettors have their pick at a number of legal internet sports betting platforms. 

These operators are located in other parts of the world but are licensed and regulated to offer their services to the people of the United States legally which includes Hawaii. The mobile gambling on sporting events for the Hawaiian sports bettor has never been easier than it is in 2020. Gamblers in the Aloha State can simply join one of these sports betting websites and begin placing wagers on matches from around the globe from the comfort of their own Hawaiian oasis. 

Hawaii Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Hawaii mobile sports betting apps are nonexistent at this time. However, mobile sports betting can be done legally with the use of offshore mobile sports betting sites. These mobile-optimized sites are legal for the residents of Hawaii and offer more convenient platforms than having to download an app. There are multiple sites that are available to use when wanting to bet on some of the best sports competitions worldwide. These sportsbooks include Bovada, MyBookie, SportsBetting, and BetOnline. Each one of these not only offers mobile sports wagering but desktop sites as well. Once you’ve signed into your account from your phone, all the statistics and sports bets you could ask for will be at your fingertips to legally wager on. There is no limit to the number of mobile sports betting apps that the people of Hawaii can join. Look through some of the apps to find the one that best suits your needs and after joining, sports betting the legal way can commence on your mobile device.

Legal Hawaii Sports Betting FAQs

Can I Bet Real Money On Sports In Hawaii?

You can easily and safely bet real money on sports in Hawaii, provided you take a few extra steps to secure your actions. Remember, sports betting is not legal in the state, though HI authorities do not block access to offshore books, and they do not monitor residents’ browsing activities. To ensure smooth sailing if you choose to buck the law and wager anyways, the best course of action is to use only a top sportsbook like Bovada, BetOnline, etc., and deposit your funds (and request your payouts) in the form of Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

Is Online Sports Betting Safe In Hawaii?

If you take our advice and use only the top online sports betting sites as well as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to fund your accounts, then online sports betting is safe in Hawaii. Yes, the activity is nominally illegal, but the risks of participating via the above route are minimal, and there is no record of any HI resident ever being cited, fined, arrested, or even inconvenienced over using these offshore sportsbooks. They’re the closest thing to legal Hawaii sports betting that you can get, and countless HI bettors have used these services for years, without a hitch.

Will Sports Betting In Hawaii Ever Be Legal?

Because of the state culture on gambling, the answer is more than likely no. However, the state surprised everyone when it introduced a sports betting study bill in 2019. There is interest from state lawmakers, but at this time there needs to be more lawmakers on board to get anything passed in Hawaii.

Will I Get Arrested For Sports Betting In Hawaii?

You will almost certainly not get arrested for sports betting in Hawaii, and nobody has ever been tossed in the clink for wagering on their favorite teams at legal offshore sportsbooks. That said, it is a very remote possibility. Your chances of being arrested for sports betting in HI are akin to your chances of winning the lottery (and remember, there is no lottery in Hawaii). Only you can decide if it’s worth the risk, of course.

What Is the Sports Betting Age In Hawaii?

There is no legal sports betting age in Hawaii, nor are there legal ages for any form of gambling, as all gambling is outlawed in the state. However, all the top sportsbooks set their minimum age of membership at 18 years old. Please be advised that if you sign up and/or wager at these sites under the age of 18, your account will be permanently banned and you will have all of your funds confiscated with zero legal recourse to get them back. Books are reticent to ban customers, but when it comes to their terms of service, they are very diligent and strict.

Are There Mobile Sports Betting Apps Available In Hawaii?

There are no mobile sports betting apps in Hawaii, as the state has no legal gambling of any kind. Additionally, Apple and Google do not allow offshore sportsbooks to offer their official apps in the App Store or on Google Play. However, this is pretty much irrelevant, because all of the best sportsbook services have mobile-optimized sites that work perfectly on iPhones, Androids, and tablets. All you need to enjoy sports betting on-the-go in Hawaii is a mobile device, an Internet connection, and a little spark of rebellion.

Where Is The Best Place To Bet On Sports In Hawaii?

There is no “best place” to bet on sports in Hawaii, at least in terms of a brick-and-mortar, publicly-facing locale. However, because online betting is so secure, quick, and easy, anywhere you are at any given time – provided you have a data or Wi-Fi connection – is tops for putting money on your favorite matchups. In your hands, you hold the closest thing to legal Hawaii sports betting that currently exists.

Should I Use A Local Bookie In Hawaii?

You should absolutely not use a local bookie in Hawaii. While black-market bookmakers obviously exist in the state, most of them are either unreliable or connected to larger crime syndicates. In any case, if you use a local bookie in HI, you run a significant risk of being caught by law enforcement and charged with illegal gambling. When you consider how comparatively save online sports wagering is, there is no reason to flirt with such disaster.

Do Any Casinos In Hawaii Have Sports Betting?

No, due to the fact that there are no casinos in Hawaii. This could come as a surprise to someone who is looking to vacation there. You would think that such a tourist-heavy location would have some gambling options but there are none. Hawaii only has legal sports betting by way of online offshore sportsbooks.

Is It Legal To Bet On Sports With My Friends In Hawaii?

Yes, it is legal to bet on sports with your friends in Hawaii. Social gaming is allowed in Hawaii if certain specific criteria are met, though “bookmaking” is specifically disallowed. Note, however, that in a social setting (located in a private residence only), “bookmaking” is not the same as “sports betting,” and it is possible to bet on sports among your friends and acquaintances without the presence of a sportsbook or sportsbook service of any kind. Implicitly, if there is no house take or gambling rake, a sportsbook or gaming house cannot be said to be in operation. This, then, is the only truly legal Hawaii sports betting opportunity for HI residents.

When Will Sports Betting Become Legal In Hawaii?

Sports betting will likely not become legal in Hawaii anytime soon. The reason for this is the state has pretty strict laws against not just sports betting, but gambling in general. You will not find any gambling facilities in the entire state. The chances that they will legalize sports betting in Hawaii are minimal at best. Although there are some state lawmakers that are interested in doing so and the fact they want to bring as many tourists to the state as possible. There is a very slim chance that it could happen in the future, but do not hold your breath.

How Many Sportsbooks Are In Hawaii?

At the moment, there are zero sportsbooks in Hawaii. It is likely to remain like that for a while too. As we have mentioned before, Hawaii has a strict stance against gambling in general. It would be difficult for sportsbooks to open up in a state where casinos are not allowed. But sports betting happens in the state, just not through the state of Hawaii government. Many residents have opted to use offshore books, though the state laws are currently not in favor of the activity.