Last updated on: February 13th, 2024

Legal Sports Betting Sites That Take Chime

There is currently only one option for legal sports betting sites that take Chime and that is Bovada. Fans can use Chime at Bovada through MatchPay. MatchPay lets bettors use Chime to transfer funds from one user’s account to another. This allows bettors to fund their banking wallets without the use of credit cards and high fees when betting. The process of using Chime to bet is simple and easy as well. Once bettors make a MatchPay account, they can link their Chime account and easily deposit into the third-party company. Then those funds can be used to transfer funds at Bovada.

Chime Sportsbooks
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Bovada Sportsbook

Best Chime Sports Betting Sites

The best and only Chime sports betting site is Bovada. Using Bovada is fast and easy and comes with no fees per installment. Bovada also allows for unlimited daily withdrawals, allowing bettors to cash in their winnings as much as they want. Betting at Bovada with Chime is done through MatchPay, a safe third-party program that offers bettors the option to deposit without using credit or debit cards and for those who do not wish to use crypto. Bovada allows all bettors to wager how they want. Using Chime at Bovada is one of the best ways to play.

Rating: 5 Star Rating

  • Exclusive Bonus Code
  • 50% up to $1000
  • Use code BVD1000 in Cashier

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How To Deposit/Withdraw With Chime Sportsbooks

Depositing into legal sportsbooks that take Chime is a simple process. Fans deposit funds from Chime into their MatchPay account and then once the funds are there, it is easy to use those funds at Bovada. There are no fees associated with this and users can withdraw from Bovada using the same method. Bovada allows bettors to deposit up to $1,000 using the Chime/MatchPay method with unlimited daily withdrawals. The processing time also only takes a few minutes, allowing bettors to collect their wins in no time.

Chime Deposit/Withdrawal

Method Fee Processing Time Deposit/Withdrawal Limits
MatchPay Free 15 Minutes $20-$1,000/Unlimited

Is It Legal To Use Sportsbooks That Accept Chime?

Sportsbooks that accept chime are legal. Chime is a legal banking corporation and Chime sports betting sites hold licenses in their respective countries. These sportsbooks can legally operate in the US with no issue and offer odds for players in every state. Since these sites are outside the US, US gaming regulations do not affect them. So, they can legally provide odds to all. Users can wager at these legal sportsbooks that take Chime with no risk of legal persecution using one of the newer sportsbook deposit methods.

Are Chime Sportsbooks Safe?

Yes, sportsbooks that accept Chime are the same to use. Players do not need to worry about their information being stolen, winnings not being paid out, or funds going missing. These legal sports betting operators are trusted and have good track records, hence why bettors log on every day. Chime sportsbooks also host 24/7 customer service options that allow users to contact someone if they ever have any issue at any time of day. Players can wager comfortably at Chime sportsbook sites taking US players.

Mobile Betting With Chime

The great thing about Chime is the compatibility with US mobile sportsbooks, allowing bets to be placed on sports right from your smartphone. Chime does offer a downloadable app that you can directly link to the mobile betting platforms. The betting sites though do not have apps to download so the way you access them is through the web browsers on them. Some of the legal sports betting sites that take Chime allow you to bet on many mobile devices:

  • Apple Devices
  • Android Devices
  • Google Devices
  • Samsung Devices
  • Microsoft Devices

Pros And Cons Of Chime Sports Betting

Pros Of Chime Sports Betting

  • Chime sportsbook sites have quick processing times
  • Zero transaction fees
  • After withdrawing, you can transfer directly back to your bank account

Cons Of Chime Sports Betting

  • Can only be done on Bovada
  • Must have a Chime account
  • Can take time depending on how fast or slow you are matched with another user
Bovada Sports Betting

Does FanDuel Accept Chime?

For those wondering, does chime work with FanDuel, the answer is unfortunately, no. This is the same answer for does DraftKings accept chime or how to withdraw from MGM app. The only way Chime allows online gambling is with Bovada.