Last updated on: June 28th, 2022

Legal PGA Championship Betting Sites

The PGA Championship is one of the premier annual golf tournaments in the world and is one of the four major championships competed for on the PGA Tour. Originally, the PGA Championship took place in mid-August and was the fourth and final major championship of the Tour season. Back in 2019, the event moved to May and became the second major on the calendar year. Betting on the PGA Championship is just like betting on any golf tournament except with far more pressure on the players to perform and win. Major championships typically are the most-watched events with the biggest prize purses, holding the most prestige. This means that players in the lead in major tournaments are often victim to their own nerves. While the PGA Championship might not be as highly lauded as, say, the Masters, it is undoubtedly one of the best and most important events every single year. This is especially true for golf bettors, who tune in to the PGA Championship to wager on the best in the world at the highest level of competition.

PGA Championship

Is It Legal To Bet On The PGA Championship?

USA Players AllowedBetting on the PGA Championship in the US is completely legal as long as you understand the different betting options available to you. When betting on any sport in the US, there are two different avenues one can take to legally place wagers.

The first is through a state-sponsored sportsbook or betting platform. These are only available in states that have legal sports betting. They can be in the form of a brick-and-mortar style physical sportsbook, usually attached to a casino or an approved online betting system like FanDuel or DraftKings. Be sure to check out our site to see where your state stands on sports betting legality.

Outside of these states, bettors can wager on the tournament through online international sportsbooks like Bovada or BetOnline. These platforms are completely legal to use due to being based outside of the US. Under current law, it is only illegal to operate an unregulated sportsbook on US soil, not to use one. This means that users of these platforms have nothing to worry about when making wagers.

Best Sites To Bet On The PGA Championship

Once you understand how to bet on the PGA Championship, it comes time to choose a betting platform to use. If you live in a legal state, then you can find your closest state-sponsored sportsbook and head over there to place your bets. You can also see if your state has any online platforms available. If you live in an illegal state, then no worries, there are plenty of international sportsbooks ready legally accept your wagers.

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Depositing Into A Golf Sportsbook

After choosing your betting platform it will come time to deposit funds into your account. When using a state-licensed sportsbook, the only options available to you will generally be credit or debit card. When using an international sportsbook, there are a wide variety of payment options available to deposit funds into your account. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks in terms of minimums, maximums, fees, and deposit time. Here is a list of different sports betting deposit options:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin)
  • Money Order/Transfer
  • Bank Wire
  • Zelle

Withdrawing PGA Championship Winnings

When you win big betting on the PGA Championship, you will want to withdraw your bounty to enjoy your spoils. Withdrawal of funds can vary very differently depending on what sportsbook platform you are using. For state licensed books, they will pay you out via your credit/debit card, or in cash or casino chips for an in-person book. For the international sportsbooks, you can usually only be paid out in cryptocurrency, cashier checks, or bank wire. Due to the length of the time required for the other options, we highly recommend using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin for these withdrawals.

2022 PGA Championship Odds

The 2022 PGA Championship came to a close with Justin Thomas coming out on top. Thomas went into the tournament with +1600 opening odds and cut them in half throughout each of the first three rounds. In the fourth round though, he saw them jump up to +2800 odds before winning with -140 favored odds in the finale. This was Thomas’ second win on the PGA Championship after he won in 2017 with +3500 opening odds.

Golf Future Bets

When it comes to betting on golf, futures are the most popular and easiest to understand of all the betting odds available. The term “future” means that the bettor is wagering on a future event to take place. In the case of golf, the overall winner of the tournament is classified as a future bet since you are betting on the chance that any given golfer wins the tournament…in the future. The lexicon can be a bit confusing but the bets couldn’t be any simpler. When you look at the odds for a golf tournament, you will see a long list of names each with their own odds to win. Golf bettors will typically pick a few from the field and root for those players throughout the weekend. Due to the wide nature of PGA Tour event fields, each golfer has large odds to win, with the shortest odds usually still around +1000 for the favorites. Here is an example of a golf future bet:

2022 PGA Championship – Winner

  • Brooks Koepka +1000
  • Justin Thomas +1000
  • Jon Rahm +1200
  • Bryson DeChambeau +1400

Golf Prop Bets

Golf props are fun and exciting bets that take specific situations or categories and place golfers against each other for betting purposes. These props typically ask questions like “What will be the nationality of the winner?” or “Will there be a hole in one?”. Odds will then be listed for yes or no or any other appropriate answer depending on the question. These bets are great ways to focus on aspects of the tournament away from the leaderboard. Here is an example of a golf prop bet:

2022 PGA Championship – Will There Be A Playoff?

  • No -400
  • Yes +300

Golf Head-to-Head Bets

Another fun bet type that is unique to golf is the head-to-head bets. These are bets that match up golfers in pairs, or occasionally groups of three, against each other to see who will play better either that day or across the entire tournament. The matchups will typically be between players who are projected to perform similarly or players who are in the same playing group on the course that day. Head-to-head bets are great for tracking your favorite golfer during the PGA Championship, even if they are not on the leaderboard. All they have to do is finish higher than the person they are matched up against for you to win your bet. An example of a head-to-head bet looks like this:

2022 PGA Championship – Head-to-Head

  • Tiger Woods +106
  • Hideki Matsuyama -127

PGA Championship Mobile Betting

In the modern betting landscape, mobile sports betting is as necessary a feature as anything else for a dedicated bettor. Being able to bet on the go and from anywhere is a huge factor in many gambler’s betting experiences. Luckily, most major platforms have instituted a way to bet on golf from your mobile device. In legal states, betting companies have created dedicated apps that you can download to place wagers. In any state, the international online sportsbooks are fully compatible with mobile betting, with no app download required. Simply log on to the betting website from your device’s internet browser and you will be automatically connected to the mobile version of the betting site.

Live Betting On The PGA Championship

Live betting on golf events like the PGA Championship is a little different than live betting for other sports. Occasionally you may find live betting odds for things like if a player birdies the next hole, but typically live betting golf consists of betting on a winner after the event has already begun. Many golf bettors wait until after the first round to make their selections for who will win the tournament. There are many strategies that can be used to maximize value with golf live betting as players who have a bad first round can easily come back and win the whole tournament.