Last updated on: April 10th, 2024

Betting On The U.S. Open

U.S. Open golf betting is one of the biggest wagering draws in the country. The U.S. Open is one of golf’s four major tournaments, and one of three to take place on American soil. As such, it is one of the most prestigious golf events in the world and routinely draws tens of millions of viewers. The 2023 US Open begins June 15th and will take place at The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Anyone looking for how to bet on the US Open golf tournament year round should further explore this page. Sportsbooks around the world offer futures, prop bets, head-to-heads, and many more types of bets for golf fans. Legal sports betting on the U.S. Open is a great way to stay engaged with the event throughout its four-day span. And even though the U.S. Open field of golfers is massive, there are so many betting options that a knowledgeable fan can always find an edge to profit from. Whether you’re a casual fan tuning in just for the championship round or a diehard who watches wall-to-wall coverage of the event, there are several U.S. Open sportsbooks accepting U.S. players that cater to you.

Betting On The U.S. Open
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Current US Open Odds

Is It Legal To Bet On the US Open?

USA Players AllowedYes, it is fully legal to bet on the U.S. Open. Depending on what state you live in, there might be state-licensed casinos or online sportsbooks to bet with, but for most people, the primary U.S. Open betting options are major international online sportsbooks. States with legal sports betting have a few extra options, but for the most part, international online sportsbooks offer the best overall betting experience. Before registering to place your U.S. Open bets, double check a site’s terms and conditions to ensure both that you meet the minimum age requirement (usually 18 years old) and that you don’t live in a restricted territory.

What Bets Can You Make On the US Open?

Futures – Futures odds are exactly what they sound like: bets on the outcome of a future event. With the U.S. Open not typically scheduled until June, futures odds are the only betting odds that will be available for the event for quite some time. Futures bets are generally very broad because there isn’t much interest in betting on events that are still months away. The primary futures odds available for the U.S. Open right now cover only which golfer will win the event.

Props – Proposition bets cover a wide selection of different outcomes that don’t even necessarily have to be related to the sport of golf. Prop bets generally involve very specific criteria and their specificity limits the number of bettors for each one. One popular prop betting on the U.S. Open is whether or not there will be a hole-in-one at any point during the tournament. Other legal sports betting props can include things like the distance of the opening drive of the tournament, how many eagles a golfer will finish with, and more.

Head-to-Head – Head-to-head bets are a subcategory of prop betting. They are very popular for individual sports that pit all competitors against one another simultaneously. Rather than betting on which of the U.S. Open’s 156 participants will win the event, bettors can instead wager on whether one individual golfer will outperform another individual golfer. These head-to-head bets are a great way for fans to capitalize on their deep knowledge of the game and to stay engaged with the event even if their preferred golfer isn’t in a position to win the entire event.

Live Betting On The US Open

One of the best ways to cash in on US Open betting is through betting on live odds at online sportsbooks. Every whole for each round of the tournaments will see players’ odds shift heavily at sportsbooks. With the US Open ongoing, live in game sports betting will be a major draw throughout the event. Players can live wager on each stroke, betting on how well a golfer will do every time they tee up. Additionally, futures odds at online sportsbooks are greatly affected by live betting. Futures odds shift with live betting as well, making it easy for betting fans to hedge bets throughout the opening rounds of the tournament.

US Open Golf

How To Make Money From Betting on The US Open

bitcoinBefore you real money sports betting on the U.S. Open, it is important to understand the banking methods at your disposal. Depositing money into a sportsbook account is easy, with most books accepting traditional sportsbook deposit methods like credit and debit cards. While these options are the most familiar, cryptocurrency is usually the best option, as it is faster, more secure, and generally offer bigger deposit bonuses as well. While crypto is an intimidating subject for some, it’s worth researching to get the most out of your sports betting experience.

Withdrawing money from an online sports betting account after betting on the U.S. Open is slightly more complicated than depositing it, as banks cannot process transactions directly from an online sportsbook. Once again, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are the best way to withdraw money, as they offer more security and faster processing times than other methods. Once a player makes a withdrawal from a Bitcoin sportsbook into their crypto wallet, they can be immediately transferred into their bank account. If those options don’t work, players can request other withdrawal methods as well, including a courier’s check.

Biggest Longshots That Won The US Open

As you are betting on the US Open, it is worth taking note that the favorites are not always the ones that come out on top. Knowing that, it is worth sprinkling some risk on underdogs in order to maximize your profit incase one of them do come out on top. Right here are some significant underdogs that have won the US Open.

Year: Player: Odds:
2006 Geoff Ogilvy +8000
2007 Angel Cabrera +10000
2009 Lucas Glover +15000
2010 Graeme McDowell +6600
2012 Webb Simpson +5000
2014 Martin Kaymer +10000
2019 Gary Woodland +6000
2023 Wyndham Clark +20000

US Open Betting History

Year: Player: Odds:
2023 Wyndham Clark +20000
2022 Matthew Fitzpatrick +2200
2021 Jon Rahm +1000
2020 Bryson DeChambeau +2500
2019 Gary Woodland +6000
2018 Brooks Koepka +2500
2017 Brooks Koepka +3000
2016 Dustin Johnson +1200
2015 Jordan Spieth +800
2014 Martin Kaymer +10000
2013 Justin Rose +2500
2012 Webb Simpson +5000