Last updated on: July 22nd, 2022

Legal KBO Betting Sites

The KBO is the top baseball league in South Korea and features top-level talent, exciting, high-scoring games, and some of the meanest bat flips you’ll ever see. While betting on KBO legally is not widely followed by American audiences, a recent broadcast deal with ESPN is drawing in legions of new fans. Betting on the KBO is much like betting on any other baseball league, including Major League Baseball. The audience for the KBO hasn’t yet gotten big enough to offer the same expansive array of prop bets and futures, but it is still growing. Both in-state and international online sportsbooks are accepting wagers on the KBO, although the international books offer better infrastructure and higher payouts. LegalSportsBetting is here to give you all the information you need to bet on the KBO. This includes the types of bets available, legal restrictions on KBO betting, live odds, and answers to other frequently asked questions.

Is It Legal To Bet On the KBO In All 50 States?

Yes, it is legal to bet on KBO in all 50 states. Betting on the KBO through international online sportsbooks is legal regardless of individual states’ laws. If you live in a state that offers in-state KBO betting, it is worth looking at those in-state options before placing bets. If nothing else, doing so is a good opportunity to shop lines.

Where To Bet On The KBO

The KBO is a relatively niche betting option. Popular at the wee-hours of the morning or for the early risers on the East Coast, KBO is one of the major sporting leagues who never stopped playing live games. Most online sportsbooks categorize the KBO under either a general baseball tab, but if not, it can be found either under its own tab or an ‘international baseball’ tab.

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The Difference Between Land-Based & Online Sportsbooks

Besides the obvious operational differences, the biggest practical difference between land-based and online sportsbooks is that online sportsbooks are accessible in every state. State anti-gambling laws only apply to operators based within that state, so international operators are exempt. Aside from that, convenience and quality are two more major differences. Online sportsbooks can be accessed from anywhere using either a computer or a compatible mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet. Bets can be placed with an online sportsbook in a matter of seconds.

KBO Futures

Aside from betting on the gamelines that the KBO has to offer, you can also bet on futures odds for who will win the championship of the league. When betting on KBO futures odds you are going to want to get in on them as soon as possible being that they will shift as the season goes on. The current favorites of the KBO championship are the SSG Landers who have the best record in the league.

  • SSG Landers +165
  • Kiwoom Heroes +325
  • LG Twins +600
  • KT Wiz +700

    Shopping Lines At KBO Sportsbooks

    No matter what team you prefer to bet on, shopping lines is essential. If you don’t shop lines, you are simply leaving money on the table. Shopping lines, for those who don’t know, is the process of looking at betting odds for the same event on different sites and looking for incongruities. By betting with whichever site gives longer odds for your preferred outcome, you are maximizing your potential return on investment. Many websites use the same software to set their betting odds nowadays, which has made shopping lines more difficult, but it is still possible and highly recommended for all bets.

    Signing Up At Legal KBO Betting Sites

    Signing up for legal KBO betting is easy; it takes only a few minutes, an email address, a password, and some method of depositing money into your account if you plan to place bets right away. The only major restriction is that all KBO betting sites require players to be at least 18 years old. Even if they don’t require proof of ID to create an account, they will require players to present a valid, government-issued ID prior to withdrawing any winnings. Failure to do so will result in a total voiding of said winnings.

    When you create an account, make sure you check out your chosen site’s deposit bonuses to ensure that you are getting the most out of your KBO betting experience. Most major online sportsbooks offer deposit match bonuses that can be worth over a thousand dollars. For serious bettors, it also makes logical sense to create accounts with multiple KBO betting sites to quickly and efficiently shop lines to maximize their edge.

    Making Your Sportsbook Deposit

    The best sportsbook deposit methods depend largely on whether the gambling site you use is based in the U.S. or in another country. For domestic sportsbooks, traditional payment methods like credit and debit cards work fine, but for international sportsbooks, the best way to deposit is using cryptocurrency.

    Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are the fastest way of transferring money to an online sportsbook and offer the best deposit bonuses as well. Companies incentivize cryptocurrency transactions because they are easier to facilitate and more secure than other transaction methods.

    Picking The Right KBO Betting Bonus

    Most KBO betting bonuses center around matching a certain percentage of the player’s deposit. While all sportsnook deposit bonuses are designed to be flashy to get the player’s attention, it’s also important to read what’s in the fine print. A 200% deposit match sounds great, if you have to bet 40 times the original deposit bonus to unlock that extra money, it might not be worth it. This is called a rollover requirement. All deposit match bonuses will come with a rollover requirement, but some are much more forgiving than others. The best betting bonuses are free plays with no conditions. While the dollar amounts attached to these free plays are lower, they can be used right away.

    How To Bet On KBO Games

    Betting on KBO games using an online sportsbook is simple and takes only a few clicks. Depending on your level of interest and expertise, betting options for KBO games range from simple (money lines) to extremely minute and complex (in-game props). After you select a betting option, you will be prompted to input a wager, or the amount of money you’d like to risk. This wager combined with the betting odds combine to equal your total payout in the event of a winning bet. Here are a few of the most popular forms of KBO betting:

    KBO Money Lines

    Money lines are the best option for new bettors. When you place a bet on a game’s money line, you are simply betting on which team will win the game. No other data matters. When you bet on the money line, the favorite, or the team expected to win is denoted by a minus sign next to their odds, while the underdog, or the team expected to lose, is denoted by a plus sign. When betting on a favorite, the betting odds indicate how much money you will have to wager to win $100 (i.e. -150 means you would have to bet $150 to win $100). When betting on the underdog, the odds indicate the payout on a $100 bet (i.e., +150 means a $100 bet will net $150 if it wins). Here’s an example:

    Doosan Bears (-210) vs. SK Wyverns (+175)

    In this case, a bettor wishing to bet on the Doosan Bears to win would have to wager $210 if they wanted to win $100 from their bet. Conversely, a $100 bet on the SK Wyverns would net a $175 payout. Payouts would obviously be contingent on correctly picking the result.

    KBO Run Lines

    Run lines are baseball’s equivalent of the spread. Rather than simply betting on the winner of a contest, players who bet on the run line are betting on the final margin of victory. The run line always factors in the quality of the two teams, so payouts are always even or close to even for both sides of a run line bet. Like with the money line, when run line odds are listed, the favorite is denoted by a minus sign, and an underdog is denoted by a plus sign. Here’s an example of what a run line might look like:

    NC Dinos -3.5 (-110)
    Hanwha Eagles +3.5 (-110)

    To translate this for the uninitiated bettor, this run line indicates that the NC Dinos are expected to win by 3.5 runs. Obviously, you can’t score half a run in baseball, so in order for a bet on the Dinos to pay out, they must win by at least four runs. Conversely, a bet on the Hanwha Eagles would payout either if the Eagles won the game outright or if they lost by 3 runs or fewer.

    KBO Totals

    Totals, also known as the over/under, are a popular form of betting for people who don’t have a vested interest in either team. The total indicates the number of combined runs the two teams are expected to score during the game. It does not matter which team scores these runs, nor when they are scored. Bettors wager on whether the total runs scored will be over or under that number. On a sportsbook, you might see the total listed like this:

    Kia Tigers O13.5
    LG Twins U13.5

    Translating this, the betting total is 13.5, meaning that oddsmakers expect the teams to score 13.5 combined runs. If you bet the over, they will need to combine for at least 14 runs. If you bet the under, they will need to combine for 13 runs or fewer. If the Kia Tigers win 14-0, it doesn’t matter that the Twins didn’t score—the total went over. Likewise, if the LG Twins win 7-6 with a ninth inning rally, the total went under. Nothing matters but the runs scored.

    Other Legal KBO Betting Options

    For now, other legal betting options on the KBO are limited because of relatively low interest in the league, but with the KBO signing a deal with ESPN to broadcast six games a week, expect interest to skyrocket and for a number of futures and prop bets to emerge. In the meantime, live betting is available for all KBO games, with odds adjusting automatically over the course of the game.

    Live Betting On KBO Games

    Live betting on KBO games is exactly what it sounds like—betting during the games themselves. Major international online sportsbooks use advanced algorithms that adjust odds automatically over the course of a game. The most popular live betting options are the money line, run line and over/under, but some sites also offer live betting on smaller outcomes like the result of an individual at-bat. Live betting during a KBO game is a great way to stay invested in and engaged with the game.

    Betting On The KBO From Your Phone

    Betting on the KBO from your phone is as easy as opening a web browser app, entering the URL for your favorite online sportsbook, and tapping the screen a few times to place a bet. While some states offer legal mobile sports betting through domestic betting apps, all states can access international online sportsbooks, which maintain optimized mobile sites that are compatible with all major smartphone and tablet devices. The only difference between the mobile and desktop versions of these sites is the interface, and mobile users have access to all the same betting options and benefits as their desktop counterparts.

    KBO FAQs

    Can I Bet on Any KBO Game?

    Yes, you can bet on any KBO game online on either your computer or on any compatible mobile device. There are no restrictions on KBO betting with major international online sportsbooks. This includes all forms of KBO betting as well, from money lines and run lines to player-specific props and live betting.

    How is Betting on the KBO Different Than Betting on Other Sports?

    Betting on the KBO isn’t significantly different than any other sport. All the same betting options exist in the same format as they do for other sports. The biggest difference comes from baseball’s structure as a sport. Baseball is very situational, which is conducive to great live betting options. But provided you know and understand the rules of baseball, betting on KBO should be just like betting on any other sport.  

    What Are the Most Popular KBO Teams to Bet On?

    The most popular KBO teams are the Kia Tigers, who have won 11 total championships in their history, and the Doosan Bears, who have won the last two titles and are favored to win a third in 2020. The Lotte Giants are one of the most tradition-rich and well-loved teams in the KBO as well, even if their championship history is lackluster compared to teams like the Tigers and Bears. The KBO boasts 10 total teams throughout South Korea.

    Is it Safe to Bet on the KBO Online?

    Yes, it is completely safe to bet on the KBO online, regardless of where you live. While there are unscrupulous sportsbooks out there, the major providers like Bovada and BetOnline offer reliable, secure sports betting to players all over the world. There’s no legal issue with betting on the KBO online and all player account information is protected by world-class encryption and security.

    How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet On The KBO?

    You must be at least 18 years old to bet on the KBO with most international online sportsbooks. To bet with a domestic sports betting provider, the age requirement differs from state to state. In some states, 18-year-olds can bet, while in others, bettors must be at least 21 years old. If you meet the legal age requirement for a sportsbook, you can access all its betting options.