Last updated on: January 29th, 2024

Australian Open Betting Guide 2024

Australian Open betting sites that take US players make wagering on the first Grand Slam of the year easy and potentially very profitable. Players do not need to be on-site in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to bet on the Australian Open, with legal betting sites taking wagers from around the world. The iconic major has been home to many monumental events in tennis. Some of the best betting sites for the Australian Open have let players cash in on more than a few of them. Whether it was Ashleigh Barty’s win in 2022 right before her sudden retirement, the Stanislas Wawrinka win in 2014 with +4000 pre-tournament odds, or any of Novak Djokovic’s ten wins at the major down under, there have been many big winners. This page reviews the best Australian Open betting sites that accept US residents, with many other informative sections that can help players get in on the action.

Australian Open Betting

Top Australian Open Betting Sites

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2025 Australian Open Betting Odds

Australian Open Betting

We will provide you with odds on the 2025 Australian Open as soon as they are generated. As Jannik Sinner (+700) and Aryna Sabalenka (+450) both ended up on top for the 2024 tournament, expect them to bet at the top of the odds boards. Sabalenka will be looking to claim her third straight title.

Can I Legally Bet On The Australian Open?

When it comes to actually betting on the Australian Open, there a few different routes that can be taken. In the United States, a certain group of states has begun or has already legalized state-licensed sports betting. In that case, simply find the closest state-licensed sportsbooks, and you will be able to find odds on the Aussie Open. For those who don’t happen to live in those states, the best option is to use an international online sportsbook.

These sites have been around for a number of years, providing safe and reliable service to bettors around the world. The sportsbooks are located in countries where the regulations do not prohibit online betting like the US does, so they are completely legal to use by users around the world. The books are regulated and monitored to be completely trustworthy and safe, while providing accurate odds for thousands of sporting events around the world. These online sportsbooks will have great options for those looking to bet on the Australian Open.

The Difference Between Land-Based & Online Sportsbooks

The main difference between the land-based and online sportsbooks relies on the freedom of choice. Typically, the state-licensed books will all offer the same odds in a given state or area. This is due to a number of regulations and taxes that the books operate under. By keeping their odds uniform, they make sure the player pool stays even across the board.

When using online sportsbooks, you have much broader options when it comes to odds. Odds from any of the sportsbooks we recommended here can vary greatly from book to book, allowing you to shop for the best odds on pretty much any event. For an event like the Australian Open, this is especially true. It won’t be uncommon to see a future bet for one winner sitting at -+800 at one book, and +1500 at the next. Using these online sportsbooks allows you the option to pick and choose which lines you want to bet on.

Best Book For Future Tennis Betting

By always updating odds for all major events, Bovada has done a great job building its trust with bettors all over the United States, and has future odds for the Australian Open every year. In the past, there have been many underdogs win the event for the Men and Women’s events. With Bovada’s futures, bettors can take advantage of Rafael Nadal winning the event like he did in 2021, with +700 odds. By betting on the underdog with future wagers, Bovada can help bettors receive high payouts on one of the most exciting tennis tournaments in the world.

Legal Deposit Methods For Australian Open Betting

Once you have chosen your sportsbook, it comes time to actually deposit betting funds into your account. If you are using a state-licensed book, then you have limited options when it comes to depositing. Sometimes you might find the ability to use a credit card in person, or casino chips if the book is attached to a casino. It all depends on the specific limitations of the state you happen to live in.

For those using the online sportsbooks, you have a much wider variety of sportsbook deposit options. Most major sportsbooks will accept credit and debit card, however, these can come with a small fee from your bank depending on your regulations of international spending. Other options include an international prepaid gift card, a cashier’s check, wire transfers, or cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is becoming the increasingly preferred option for many users due to its lack of fees, high deposit limit, and transaction speeds.

How To Bet On the Aussie Open

Now that you have found your betting platform and deposited your money, it comes time to actually place bets on the  Aussie Open and watch some tennis. For those unfamiliar, the Australian Open is one of the four Grand Slams of the tennis world, meaning one of the four major tournaments hosted annually. The main difference is that the men in these tournaments compete in best-of-5 matches, instead of the typical best-of-3. The women still compete in a best-of-3 format. Besides that, the Aussie Open operates the same as other tournaments and sets a great stage for all different kinds of tennis bets.

Spread Betting

Betting the spread in tennis is similar to the spread in other sports, except here you are betting on whether or not the player will cover the amount of sets assigned to them. This means that, in Grand Slam events, the spread can be +2.5, +1.5, -1.5, or +2.5, based on the best-of-5 format. Here is what a tennis spread might look like:

  • Stan Wawrinka -1.5 -175
  • Gael Monfils +1.5 +145

In this example, Wawrinka is the favorite at -1.5, meaning he is expected to beat Monfils by at least 2 sets. Meaning the score would need to be 3-0, or 3-1. For Monfils to win the bet, he must win outright or lose by less than 2, such in a 3-2 result.

Betting the Money Line

Money line bets in tennis are just the same as they are in other sports. For money line bets you are simply picking the winner of the match. These come with heavier odds especially towards the favorites, but can net big winners on underdogs. Take this example:

  • Rafael Nadal -300
  • Marin Cilic +415

In this situation, Nadal is the heavy favorite at -300, meaning you would have to wager $300 to win $100. Cilic is the heavy underdog here at +415, meaning a $100 bet would net you $415 in winnings.

Futures Betting

Futures bets are simply bets regarding the possible outcomes of a future date. Typically, these will be the bets you make when deciding who will win a tournament or overall event, such as who will win the 2024 Australian Open. Favorites will have shorter odds and net the least money, while underdogs will have much larger odds and reward huge payouts if they come through. These odds also see a lot of change before the event, based on players’ performance and any player news.

Australian Open Futures

  • Novak Djokovic +110
  • Danili Medvedev +600

Parlay Bets

Parlays are great ways to win big when betting on the Australian Open. Parlays are a style of wagering that involves combining two or more different betting odds into one combined bet. In order for a parlay bet to win, all the combined bets of the parlay must hit individually. If any of the bets do not hit, then the parlay fails. The parlay acts as a sort of multiplier for the bets, taking small amount of money put down and amplifying it into a large payout.

Prop Bets

When betting on the Australian Open, another fun route to place wagers in is the propositional bets. Prop bets are similar to futures, in that you are wagering on the given chance of a certain event occurring, except these will not have to do with the specific results of any given match. Prop bets will have to do with certain events and will pose certain questions. Questions like “Will Serena Williams reach the quarterfinals? Yes or No” “How many aces will Roger Federer hit in the opening round?”, or “What country will the women’s champion be from?”. Each option or answer to the questions will come with its own odds. Prop bets are a fun way to bet on the tournament without betting on specific matchups.

Mobile Betting on the Australian Open

Betting from your phone has become one of the most popular forms of betting on the Australian Open. This is because it allows you to bet on the tournament right from the palm of your hand whenever you get the urge. These sportsbooks on a phone work on an iPhone, Android, Google Phone and more.

Live Betting the Aussie Open

Live betting on the Australian Open is the true test of a serious sports bettor. With an event like the Australian Open, the possibilities and amount of betting to be made through live betting is astronomical. Live betting is just like any other type of betting, except it occurs in real time while a sporting event is happening. There will be hundreds of different odds available regarding everything happening in the match, and it is your job to bet on what will happen, as it happens.

While watching a match you want to bet on, simply head onto your betting platform and navigate to the live betting section. Select your sport, and you will see all the options currently available for the match you are watching. These offers will vary but can contain things like how many games will be played in each set and total, which player will get to a certain number of games won first, what the exact score of a set will be, what the exact result of the match will be, how many games are won by each player, and hundreds more. The odds will be constantly changing in real time, giving you the ability to call a comeback before it even happens.

Legal Australian Open Betting FAQS

What Kind Of Bonuses Do Sportsbooks Offer For Australian Open Betting?

All of the sportsbooks we recommended offer various promotions and bonuses that can be used for Australian Open betting throughout the year. One that you can pretty much always find is a welcome bonus for new members. This bonus will typically consist of a match on your first deposit in betting credit anywhere from 25 to 100 percent. Deposit bonuses like this can even be higher for those using cryptocurrency. Before signing up for a site, browse and shop the different promotions that are available to you. Picking the best one can sometimes find you with almost double the amount of cash you deposit.

What Is The Best Way To Shop Lines For Australian Open Betting?

Shopping Lines for Australian Open betting is key to making the most money for your bets. Shopping lines is a betting term for simply comparing the odds between different sportsbooks. Just like shopping on the internet, you aren’t going to instantly buy a product from the first website you see. Most likely you would search around and compare prices. This works the same way in sports betting. Once you find a bet you know you are going to bet on, check a different online sportsbook for the same offer and see if they offer better odds. Chances are you will eventually find a different odds numbers the more you look around, giving you the best winning potential for your bets.

How Do I Receive My Money After Winning A Bet On The Australian Open?

After you have won a big bet on the Australian Open, it comes time to actually withdraw your winnings. This is a simple process that is done through the inhouse banker on the site. There are a few different options available for withdrawing, some of them better than others. One of the most common is by receiving a cashier’s check in the mail. This involves the sportsbooks physically mailing you a check with your winnings and can take up to 10 to 15 business days, sometimes with an added fee. We recommended withdrawal via cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. When withdrawing into crypto, there are zero fees, and you can have your money available to you in hours. Make sure to check out all the different options available to you on your individual betting site.

How Do I Know If My State Has Licensed Sportsbooks With Australian Open Odds?

Anywhere you are in the US, you will find a licensed sportsbook to bet on the Aussie Open. With almost 40 states having land-based books or mobile betting apps, the list continues to grow.